20 Places To Get Best Cookies In London

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Food is a crucial part of our life and travel as well. Whenever you decide to visit a new place, having the taste of its cuisine always tops the list of things you should try there.

Traveling to a new city or maybe country and roaming around its streets to have a taste of its culture and food is the perfect idea for exploring any new place.

Best cookies in london
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Have you ever been to London? Did you get a chance to explore its food? And if not yet, you must visit the place which is famous for many things. One of which is the cookies. You must try the best cookies in London.

During your travel, you must spare some time to taste the best cookies in London. Various bakeries in London offer delicious cookies in every flavor you want, from dark banana chocolate to white chocolate miso ones.

You can get different flavored vegan cookies at vegan bakeries in St London. Let’s explore places where you can get the best cookies in London.

Places To Get the Best Cookies in London

These places which any foodie can not miss out on. If you are visiting London and want to try the best cookies in London, here are the areas that you can see.

1. Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s cookies are one of the finest places where you get the best cookies in London. Their cookies are freshly made, and you can expect oozy chocolate with soft bites.

They make fresh cookies throughout the day with the ingredients of unsalted butter, wheat flour, fresh eggs, and cane sugar. The cherry on the cake is that they use chocolate chunks, not chocolate chips.

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The delicious cookie dough is prepared daily at their store, and they always try to keep up with the customers’ demands. The Ben’s Cookies recipe yields a decadent treat in every mouthful, gourmet with an unmistakably handcrafted feel. It goes well with coffee and is the ideal treat or sweet way to start the day.

Various flavored cookies like double chocolate chunks, triple chocolate chunks, white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, and dark chocolate chunk flavors are available at their stores.

You must have the taste of the cookies at this beautiful location. They have the best cookies in London. They also provide nationwide cookie delivery service.

2. Creme

One of the popular dessert shops in London which sell the best cookies in London. They are not only famous for their big cookies, but coffee and soft-serve ice cream are also available. The store is famous for their delivery service across the UK.

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The cookies made at Creme have a French twist as they are prepared by the chef Damien Leroux trained in a classic French patisserie. Their cookies are quite popular on Instagram, and the hype is worth it as they prepare the cookies with high-quality ingredients.

You will be lost in the taste of cookies, cakes, and milk chocolate chips. Various flavors are available at Creme, including white chocolate miso and banana dark chocolate. You must try these cookies in London.

You can choose to order these delicious huge American-style cookies blended with a French twist. The cookies are big and have a cake-like texture. These cookies are available in different flavors comprised of dark banana chocolate, which tastes like real banana bread, and double chocolate which tastes like an actual brownie.

3. Floozie Cookies

One of the best vegan cookies in London is found at Floozie Cookies. It is one of the people’s favorite vegan bakeries. Pastry chef Kimberly Lin founds the cookie shop.

They offer eight different flavors of delicious vegan stuffed cookies, including Pecan Pie (butterscotch cookie dough stuffed with soft date caramel and topped with toasted pecans), Chocolate Chunk (milk and dark chocolate chunks stuffed with smooth chocolate ganache and drizzled with chocolate melt), Cinnamon Crunch, Double Chocolate Chunk, and P&J, a gluten-free peanut butter cookie with homemade raspberry jam.

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The cookie shop is a dream come true for pastry chef Kimberly Lin and she put all her heart into making everything from scratch, which can be seen in the form of mouth-watering vegan stuffed cookies.

Floozie is a vegan cookie scratch bakery. Even their limited editions are vegan. You can also order an ice cream sundae ‘the plant-based (gluten-free) vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce.

You can choose and order from the signature vegan stuffed cookies available in seven flavors and the eighth option changes seasonally for autumn. It is pecan pie.

4. Crumbs and Doilies

It is one of the best bakeries in London and is the perfect place to taste the best cookies in London. Their products are freshly made every day, and they don’t use artificial flavors or additives in their goods.

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The best bake shop in Kinely also sells cupcakes and cakes and is one of the few independent vegan bakeries. They also have a nationwide cookie delivery service, so you can choose and order from the cookie with classic white chocolate, caramelized white chocolate, and sprinkles full of birthday cake flavor.

You will enjoy visiting store-filled sweet treats where you can choose from Nutella, birthday cake, Bueno, Biscoff, or their vegan raspberry dark chocolate chunk flavor cookies.

They make birthday cakes on order, or you can choose from the different birthday cake flavors, including mint choc chip cake.

5. Blondies Kitchen

A small bakery in central London owned by Chef Kristelle and Chelsie is another place to have the best cookies in London. The two friends are big foodies and a blonde named Blondies Kitchen.

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The mouth-watering cookies are freshly made by them every morning using high-quality organic ingredients like pure butter, unrefined sugar, Cotswold flour, and free-range eggs.

They make delicious cookie dough every day, and their cookies are very tasty. Their cookies have a bit of American touch and are trendsetters. You must try these delicious cookies in London.

They make online deliveries in the UK only. You can choose from big cookies, cookie dough rolls, and hot pots.

6. Miel Bakery

Miel Bakery is a French-influenced bakery owned by pastry chef Shaheen Peerbhai. She is a trained Chef at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and London and at Centre de Formation d’Alain Ducasse in France.

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Miel Bakery has a permanent menu, and many sweet treats are added according to the season. There are various delicious cookies that you can have here.

7. Humbledough

Humbledough is London’s first plant-based cookie bakery. They have a wide range of vegan breakfast cookies and vegan cookie dough. They offer unique cookies, cookie dough pots, and ice cream.

This is a vegan cookie scratch bakery. Every product offered at Humbledough is gluten-free and plant-based. The delicious cookie dough is prepared every day and is available for order.

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The other things you can have at Humbledough are Ice cream serve, cookie monster, cookie shake, and ice cream cookie sandwich. This place surely offers the best cookies in London.

8. Le Choux

You must visit this place which owns the best cookies in London and many more sweet treats. The mouth-watering cookies, crisp from the outside, have a chocolate fudge and are prepared using the best Valrhona chocolate chunks. The cookies are best to be eaten warm.

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The varieties of cookies available at the bakery are mixed box cookies, butterscotch, Valrhona chocolate cookie, hazelnut, gianduja cookie, etc. This cookie is rich enough to satisfy even though it is little, thin, and delicate.

It is made with caramelized white chocolate and roughly chopped peanuts. The other desserts offered are cakes, patisseries, chocolates, and spreads.

9. Crosstown Doughnut

Crosstown is a bakery that started from scratch and opened in 2014. You might think the bakery only offers the best vegan doughnuts, but that is not the case. It is just that its cookies are not advertised as much as its doughnuts.

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This is one of the best places to get vegan cookies in London. They roll every dough by hand and use homemade jams, compotes, fillings, and toppings.

The Satongo dark chocolate and Papouasie milk chocolate used in the cookies’ creation are all vegans. These are extremely rich ingredients, and Satongo is melted into a premium, rich, dark chocolate body.

However, the Papouasie cocoa beans have a flavor and aroma similar to fruity hazelnuts with a hint of caramel.

10. Cookies And Scream

One of the best vegan bakeries in London, Cookies and Scream, was established in 2010.

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They use the best vegan cookies recipe to prepare the cookies. The ingredients used are organic and of the best quality. They use gluten-free, egg, dairy, and wheat-free ingredients, and all the cookies contain Soya and nuts.

The popular vegan cookies at Cookies and Scream are the oatmeal hombre, hot Mexican, and chocolate chip cookies. They also sell peanut butter chico, a gooey cookie frequently topped with fruit preserves or choc chips.

11. Pearl And Groove

Pearl and Groove are one the top picks by many cookie lovers. It is a healthy vegan cookies bakery. Pearl and Groove are located at Exmouth Market, one of London’s coolest and most underappreciated shopping districts.

Pearl and Groove use gluten-free, vegan recipes to make delicious vegan cookies. The bakery provides some of the greatest vegan cookies, including vegan breakfast cookies.

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If you get a chance to visit the place, then don’t forget to try their best-selling item, which is a vegan chocolate chip cookie.

If you have the chance to stop by Pearl & Groove, take it. You may either order or take it out. The recipes are incredibly intriguing, and those vegan cookies are unlike any you have tried and are the best cookies in London.

12. Copperhouse Chocolate

Copperhouse Chocolate is another place to get vegan cookies in London. They provide delicious vegan cookies, and it is one of the healthy vegan cookie bakeries.

The different vegan cookies available at Cooperhouse Chocolate include snickerdoodles and brown butter chocolate chip cookies.

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There are many other sweet treats that you can try at Copperhouse Chocolate, like double fudge brownies and vegan and gluten-free Original Cinnamon Rolls.

No deliveries are available from Copperhouse Chocolate, so you may eat there or stop by while walking around London. If you want anything special to be prepared, contact them directly. The bakery is usually open from Monday to Friday and the working hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

13. Arome

Arome is a famous Covent Garden bakery established by French chef Alix André and his wife. Chef Alix has trained at The Dorchester and Yauatcha.

The delicious cookies with a French twist are the highlights of the Arome. The other things you can get at Arome bakery are traditional French pastries and 16-biscuit sablés tin, which can be purchased on Slerp, and available in different flavors.

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Chef Alix’s fascination with traditional French baking provides you a chance to get the greatest of traditional French bread, such as Croissant 1930 and Pain Au Chocolat at Arome.

Arome is a place where you can taste unusual delicacies like a fusion of eastern flavors can be seen in dishes such as  Miso Bacon Escargot and Gula Melaka Coconut Twist.

Chef Alix’s obsession with finding new foods has led to eclectic concoctions that combine traditional French techniques with delicacies from Asia. These different flavored sweet treats are the soul of Arome and make it unique.

14. Baked By Steph

Baked by Steph is a dream project for Stephanie Giordano, who earlier used to work in fashion and web designing. She brought this dream to life and established a restaurant in east London.

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The place produces very unique and one of the best cookies in London. You can order custom-made cookies from the shop. Their custom-made cookie box includes dare-to-eat letter box cookies, personalized scaredy cat letter box cookies, etc. You can get anything you like, and they will make it possible.

They provide a nationwide cookie delivery service, which means you can have delicious bakes at home. Other items at Baked by Steph are birthday cake flavors and macarons.

15. Chewy Cookie

Delicious cookies are available in the bakery in some varieties, including Rye, Malt, Chocolate Chip, Orange with Miso, and Macadamia, which you may have with White Chocolate and Goji Berries.

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They deliver these mouth-watering delicacies to your doorsteps, primarily in South London. The best quality cookies are the main aim of Chewy Cookie. The cookies are baked fresh before the dough is matured for 24 hours. Their cookies are available in Battersea at a new establishment Nostsos Coffee.

The bakery was started by bakers Mathew and Andrew. They met in Melbourne and decided to start their firm in London. This store must unquestionably be your destination if you are looking into your selections for the best cookies in London.

16. My Cookie Dough

My Cookie dough is a very popular dessert shop in Westfield, London, which is in love with the cookie dough concept. The shop is famous for its cookie dough; you can get it at your doorstep.

On a platter, the store once invited passersby to sample their delicious cookie dough. And if you ever tried it, it was a foregone conclusion that you would want more. This restaurant features one of the most wonderful cookie doughs you’ve ever tasted, but it’s unclear when this option will be offered once more.

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They have special bake-it-yourself packs, perfect for delivery to homes. These packs have raw cookie dough with toppings and sauces. You can get these unbaked cookie dough bases and bake them yourself.

Their new product, known as stackos, is outstanding. Stacked stuffed cookies in different flavors like red velvet, cream, etc.

17. Lola’s Cupcakes Selfridges

Lola’s Cupcakes is a dessert shop that sells many sweet delicacies like cupcakes, cakes, and brownies. The flavors available are Red velvet, chocolate orange, caramel popcorn, cookies & cream, mint chocolate, coconut, and raspberry.

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The dessert shop also provides many cookies option. You can get cookies and cream kits, cookies and cream cheesecake, and cookies and cream cake. Another bakery that has embraced its brownie flavor profiles is Lola’s.

They make nationwide delivery and also have vegan options available. If you want to send a buddy a fast pick-me-up who might not be able to finish an entire tray, their boxes are letterbox-friendly, and they also make single brownies.

18. The Polka Dot Bakery

The Polka Dot bakery, founded by Ceila in 2016, is another place to get the best cookies in London. The bakery is vegan and provides gluten-free products. The products offered at the bakery are Cookies, brownies, and blondies.

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Some of the tastiest vegan sweets in the city’s capital may be found at The Polka Dot Bakery. This completely vegan and gluten-free bakery is happy to serve the general public with its delectable products.

These baked goods are available only every Saturday and Sunday at Old Spitalfields Market and are well worth the wait.

19. The Hummingbird Bakery

The Hummingbird Bakery is one of London’s premier sources of high-quality American baking. Today, the bakery has three locations in London and is quite famous across London for its delicious cupcakes and other sweet treats.

The various type of cookies available at the Hummingbird bakery is Birthday cookies, Chocolate chip cookies, and double chocolate chip cookies. This store must be your must-visit place if you are researching alternatives to locate the best cookies in London.

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The main purpose of the bakery is to bring the genuine flavor of American home baking to London. The business established its initial location on Portobello Road in Notting Hill in 2004.

Since then, it has added two more locations in London’s South Kensington and Spitalfields, and more are scheduled to open in 2023. With two branches already open in Dubai, it also has a franchise presence in the Middle East.

Hummingbird Bakery’s philosophy that cakes taste best when they are freshly prepared using the same ingredients and processes used in home baking has been one of the main components of the bakery’s success.

Because of this, a few Hummingbird Bakery locations have kitchens and staff of in-house professional bakers and cake designers. Because of this, the bakery can fulfill orders and only provide customers with freshly baked cakes from the same day.

The Hummingbird Bakery offers a wide selection of baked goods and desserts in the American style, including cheesecakes, layer cakes, brownies, pies, and cupcakes. Here, you can have a taste of American-style cookies.

20. Aries Bakehouse

Aries bakehouse is a dessert shop which is located in Brixton, London. The bakery sells various sweet delicacies like pastries, artisanal loaves of bread, cookies, cakes, and pantry items.

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Their products are freshly baked with high-quality ingredients. They are normally open from Wednesday to Sunday. If you are exploring your options to find the best cookies in London, this shop must surely be your destination.


Photo by Jade Wulfraat on Unsplash

If you plan to visit London during your next vacation, this article will solve one of your major problems, i.e., The food. The fabulous places listed above are perfect for enjoying the best cookies in London, and a few places will also solve the problem of brunches.

The places mentioned above are where you can get the best cookies in London. If you are a foodie, you must try out the sugary sweet cookies at these places in London. There are many vegan bakeries for vegans.

There are options for everyone. The one who wants fuss-free cookies to the one wanting delicious flavored vegan cookies.

You can have the vanilla cookie coated with crispy cinnamon cereal and stuffed with rich speculoos cream sound, simply a dark chocolate cookie, pecan studded butterscotch cookie, pecan pie, milk chocolate chip cookie, or white chocolate miso ones.


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