Places that Offer Outdoor Cinema London

outdoor cinema London
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Outdoor cinema London offers you a great combination of films, and leisure time with your family, friends, or loved ones in a splendid natural ambiance. Experience the gushing breeze, and the warmth of snuggling together under a blanket with your finger foods and beverages while watching the great movies.

Places that Offer Outdoor Cinema London

Outdoor Cinema London is a great mode of entertainment for city dwellers and tourists during the cozy weather all year round. Let’s have a look at the places that offer the best outdoor cinemas, London-

1. St. Katharine Docks

St. Katharine docks, central London’s only marina offer outdoor cinemas screening and live sporting action. Dock’s West basin has a floating pontoon with comfortable deck chairs, tables, and benches for sitting. Foods and drinks from outside are allowed but alcohol is prohibited here.

Enjoy the Outdoor Cinema London in their annual floating film festival in July. It held screenings of classics like Pretty woman, King Richard, Belfast, Mamma Mia, and new releases like The Boss Baby 2. They also show live Wimbledon tennis matches on its big screen. Tickets start from 16 pounds.

2. Vision Cinema, Woolwich Arsenal

Vision cinema is a great place that offers Outdoor Cinema London. They have a weekend screening in summer and is a good way to gear up for your summer holidays. Here experience open-air cinema with screenings of classics like Pretty woman and Lion king, and new releases like Spider-Man’s No way home or Clifford the big red dog. You can have delicious snacks served to your chair to ramp up your experience.

open air cinema
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3. Greenwich Peninsula Summer Film Festival

The Greenwich Peninsula summer film festival takes place every Saturday from the last week of June to August. The Design District area is transformed into an outdoor cinema. They held screenings of famous movies like King Richard, Respect, The BFG, Dune, and Cruella.

The canteen and its six independent vendors are available here to provide you with yummy street food, beverages, and cocktails. You can buy the tickets on Eventbrite, free goodie bags are given with each ticket.

4. Summer Showtime, Battersea Power Station

Battersea power station is a unique place that offers Outdoor Cinema London with the river Thames flowing beside the Arches area. You can enjoy movies with a fresh breeze and refreshing ambiance.

They held screenings of blockbuster, family, and indie films on their six acres of Power station park in July and August. Indulge yourself in the great views of the station with your favorite movies while munching delicious food and drinks.

5. Luna Cinema

Luna cinema is one of the popular names that offer Outdoor Cinema London. Luna cinema’s main motive is to offer its viewers a classic film in a beautiful or prestigious setting. This cinema chooses some best illustrious venues for its alfresco screens, some locations are Kenwood House, the Old Royal Naval College, Kensington Palace, Kew Gardens, and Westminster Abbey.

Luna cinema has two versions, one is Luna kids for children and the other for adults. They have almost 50 screens all over London, which offer Outdoor Cinema London.

Luna cinema screens are there in North, South, East, and West London. Classics like ‘Pretty woman’, Labyrinth, and new releases like ‘Westside Story ‘and ‘King Richard’ are shown here.

On-site food is also available, or you can bring your food also. Prosecco, wine, and hot drinks are available at the on-site bar. A Luna kid’s bar offers a range of soft drinks, juices, and water. Here at Luna cinema, you have the option of drive-in cinema too, you can enjoy the movie from the comfort of your car.

6. Rooftop Film Club

cinema on rooftop
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Rooftop film club is located in ‘Roof East’ Stratford and ‘Bussey Building’ of Peckham in London. Rooftop film club offers its viewers a handpicked collection of cults, classic, and new releases cinema in a comfortable chair, with amazing, spectacular views under the stars and an incredible sound system.

Cinemas of different genres like The Big Lebowski, Grease 2, The Northman, and Everything Everywhere All at Once, Notting Hill, Top gun- Maverick are shown here. You can get wood-fried pizza, burgers cocktails delivered to your chairs.

7. Beckenham Place Park

Homestead cafe in Beckenham place park in Southeast London offers a great Outdoor Cinema London. There is a giant outdoors screen placed on the massive walled patio of the cafe with luxury chairs in front, this arrangement is nestled in the middle of the plush, green, vibrant park.

You can enjoy the films in great surroundings. Screenings are held on every Friday and Saturday night from July 15 to September 20. Advance ticket booking can get you some discounts. Group tables and concessions are also available.

They offer a diverse range of Brit flicks, from classics like Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times”, cult classics like “My Beautiful Laundrette”, “Withnail and I”, and family favorites like “Labyrinth”.

8. Adventure Cinema

outdoor cinema
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Adventure cinema is quite a well-known name that offers Outdoor Cinema London. They have more than 200 screenings every year. Venues like Beckenham Place park, Charlton house, and Osterley are included in the screening of open-air cinema. Ticket for kids below two years of age is free. You will have to bring your blanket, chairs, and anything warm if you are going to evening shows. Own food and drinks are allowed here.

These cinema nomads are paying their attention to the 50th anniversary of pop titans ABBA and the 75th birthday of music icon Elton John this year. Hence, you can enjoy films like Mamma Mia, Rocket Man, Grease, The Greatest Showman, Pulp fiction, Dirty dancing, Harry Potter, and Jurassic Park.

9. Barbican 

Here at Barbican, the screen is positioned among the amazing Brutalist surrounding of the Sculpture court, offering a great ambiance and atmosphere. Headphones are provided to enhance your zoned-in experience in the movie. Tickets start from 18 pounds and seating arrangements are on a first-come, first-served basis. The cinema screening is from August 23 to 28.

Screening of the iconic concert film ‘Pink Floyd live at Pompeii’, Studio Ghibli’s fantasy “Princess Mononoke”, Japanese production “Mothra”, and French animation “La Planete savage, shows you the diverse range of movies screened here.

10. Summer On-screen

Wembley Park held free, open-air cinema screenings in summer. Enjoy Outdoor Cinema London with family, and friends here.

11. BST Open house, Hyde Park

BST open house offers free outdoor screenings of famous movies like Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Never-Ending Story.

BST Open house offers Outdoor Cinema London with other activities like live music shows from Adele and The Rolling Stones, HIIT workout with the Joe Wicks. Workshops on yoga, crafting, and circus skills. It has a family theatre too.

12. Rooftop Cinema at Bar Elba

Here at the Rooftop cinema at Bar Elba, you can indulge yourself in the boozy big-screen cinema in an amazing ambiance. Every person gets their own set of wireless headphones to maximize their experience. Films on offer are Black Panther, The Dark Knight, and Bridesmaids. The ticket price starts from 10 pounds.

13. Pop-up Screens

outdoor cinema
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Pop-up screens offer by Outdoor Cinema London at various locations. Pop-up screens are celebrating their 10 years of completion, so they are offering all films at 10 pounds this year. The Goonies, The Greatest Showman, and Grease are some of the films on offer. Pop-ups outdoor film screenings were held at seven parks and open spaces in London from July 22 to September 18. The London venues are-

  1. Fulham

  2. Brockley

  3. Sydenham

  4. Hither Green

  5. Hammersmith

  6. Greenwich Peninsula

  7. Holborn

14. Backyard Cinema, Wandsworth

Backyard cinema starts as a grassroots project, offering you a festive atmosphere. They focus on venues made of recycled wood and sofas. Their proposed future venues may be in Miami or Los Angeles. You can reach West coast beach by Backyard Airlines plane and enjoy the screening. The movies on offer are Cruella, Cyrano, and “The Batman”.

15. Secret Cinema

Secret cinema’s fantastic, immersive world is a must thing to experience in London’s summer. It is best known for offering Outdoor Cinema London in its wonderful atmosphere. This year secret cinema is back in a partnership with Marvel studios and will be showing life in the universe of ” Guardians of Galaxy” in their secret undisclosed location till now. Another movie showing is “Dirty dancing “.

16. Summer by the River

During the three months of summer, you can enjoy Outdoor Cinema London. Outdoor screenings are held by the river giving you entertainment with mesmerizing views of the city. You can enjoy movies and key Wimbledon matches.

17. The Screen on the Canal

At King Cross, free outdoor screenings of films and sporting actions are held. You can enjoy cinemas like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Free Guy, Dune, and an Encanto sing-along.

18. Summer Screens at Canary Wharf

Summer screens at Canary Wharf held free open-air screenings of films, Formula 1 racing, cricket, and Wimbledon matches. Family Film Club shows films like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Encanto. It is loved by kids and families too.

During summer when the sun is out, it is better to cozy up outside rather than hide inside a dark room. Outdoor cinemas in London are quite the best option for entertainment under the stars or with a sweet summer breeze waving your hair. Outdoor cinema London is a must thing to experience with your loved ones.


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