19 Fun Activities For Adults In London

fun activities for adults in London
By Pedro Szekely/ Flickr. Copyright 2022

There are thousands of fun activities for adults in London. The capital of England is one of the cleanest and oldest cities in the world. There is nothing but joy in the air of London.

As far as activities in London are concerned, the list has no end at all. There is so much to do in this beautiful vibrant cultural city. The vibe is just too good in this cosmopolitan city.

No matter what time of the year it is, there are always sufficient fun activities for adults in London, which is why it is one of the most visited cities in the world. This magical city has a fine history, intriguing culture, great food, and much more.

London has got some amazing museums, cozy theatres, theme parks, royal palaces, bars, elite restaurants, and numerous other attractions.

Stay tuned if you wish to know all the fun activities for adults in London.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Fun Activities For Adults In London

Before you go through the activities, have a look at some “did you know” facts about London.

  1. Over 300 languages are spoken in London
  2. The Tower of London has six ravens.
  3. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace.
  4. There are at least 170 museums in London.
  5. The Waterloo Tube Station is the busiest amongst public transport.

1- Spend Time At The Natural History Museum

This museum in London is simply magnificent. Apart from storing historical collections, it is also a leading scientific research centre. At this museum, the top attractions are a giant blue whale skeleton, fossils in a gallery, and meteorites from space.

There is also a section where you will find amazing photography of natural beauty across the world. There are more than 20 galleries at this museum and there is no chance for you to get bored. To refreshen yourself, you can try snacks and drinks at the museum’s cafe.

You need not buy a ticket to enter this museum but it is advisable to purchase a timed ticket to book your slot.

It is not much difficult to reach the Natural History Museum in Kensington as there is a tube station nearby.

Spending a whole day here is amongst the top fun activities for adults in London. Don’t waste your time thinking and visit this beauty in the heart of South Kensington.

2- Visit The London Zoo

fun activities for adults in London
By Mark Harkin/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

In the world, the London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo. You can become a zookeeper for a day during your visit. There is a package that permits one to take a closer look at penguins, giraffes, and other animals by becoming a zookeeper.

At the London Zoo, there are more than 750 species and approximately 17,000 animals. Yes, you read that right. It is a colossal zoo, arguably the most visited one in the world. You would not want to miss a chance of visiting this place.

Visiting this zoo is a great choice for a family day out and is considered one of the many fun activities for adults in London. However, kids too will fall in love with this place.

The zoo is spread across 15 hectares and there is an animal in each corner you head to. 

Skip the line and book your ticket for the London Zoo here.

3- Enjoy Exquisite Views of London Bridge And Discover Activities

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Mirko Toller/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Apart from the wonderful views of the city from London Bridge, there are also quite a few places to eat and hang out with your people here.

Borough Market is a 13th-century market located just below the London Bridge. This market is the most talked about in the country and is a favorite for foodies across England.

The Shard is one place where you can get a heavenly view of the city. You should definitely not miss this at London Bridge.

The leftovers of Winchester Palace can be seen just away from the Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral. This building was once known as the greatest in the country.

Looking for fun activities for adults in London at night? Bridge Theatre is your go-to place! It is one of the most classy theatres in London where regular performances are held for entertainment. This is a unique theatre that will deliver a different level of joy.

In addition to these, you can check the historic pubs, Maltby Street Market, Bermondsey Street, and Southwark Cathedral of course.

4- Try Harry Potter Walking Tour

This is a fun walking tour across the streets of London where a guide will walk you through the city and enlighten you with the knowledge of the Harry Potter series’ locations.

It is always exciting to visit our favorite movie’s or series’ shooting spot. Right? Ones who have grown up watching the story of Harry Potter would love to take a tour guide for this.

When we talk about all the fun activities for adults in London, getting to know the sites of the Harry Potter series is at the top. It is indeed entertaining, trust me!

Your guide will also take you to the Palace Theatre. Sounds interesting right?

As entertaining as this activity is, you will also be filled with information throughout the time. Book your tickets now.

5- Footgolf Anyone?

In a strange turn of events, football and golf have combined to form a new game called footgolf. Don’t worry. It is not hard to play or understand. You kick a football that has to land in the golf hole. Does that not sound interesting?

Footgolf is one of the top fun activities for adults in London. You can find this game on the outskirts of London.

This game will be quite fun for those who are already experts at kicking the football with precision. All you have to do is bury the ball inside the hole instead of the net this time.

For more information on this sport in London, click here.

6- Visit The Football Stadiums

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Herry Lawford/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Wembley Stadium.

London has some of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe. Football is arguably the most loved sport in London and England.

If you are in London and haven’t been to any stadium yet, then it is your loss!

There are a handful of teams from London playing in the English Premier League. Chelsea Football Club, Arsenal Football Club, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and Crystal Palace Football Club. The other clubs are in the second division.

Some of the greatest legends in the history of this game have played for London clubs. You would not want to miss the vibes of these stadiums.

It would be a magical feeling to attend a live match but if your timings don’t match, you can still take a tour to any stadium you like.

A stadium tour is available for all the stadiums. You just need to be aware of matchdays and timings.

Paying a visit to these legendary stadiums is among the fun activities for adults in London, especially for the die-hard football fans.

7- Get To The London Eye Ride

fun activities for adults in London
By Martie Swart/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

This gigantic London Eye is the hugest structure of its kind in the world! With a height of 135 metres, London Eye is an incredible landmark in the city.

There’s no better place for a panoramic view of the city than the London Eye ride itself. It is just impressive and it will leave you completely flabbergasted.

Your ride will take up to 30 minutes and every moment spent will be absolutely worth it. You might want to book tickets ahead of time to skip the line ticket at the location.

There is no way I was not going to talk about the London Eye under “fun activities for adults in London”.

London Eye is a major tourist attraction in the city and has never let the expectations down. You can visit this mammoth wheel any time you want after 10 AM but the vibe hits different at night!

8- Explore Activities At River Thames

River Thames is an important part of England’s history. This is another destination in the heart of London where you will be experiencing some scenic views. Make the most out of your time while visiting London by living the moment rather than capturing it all the time.

No doubt capturing the moment is essential to mark a memory for the future but there is nothing like living the moment whilst enjoying such gorgeous views.

One activity that you can try here is clay shooting. It is a fun experience for both first-timers and talented shooters. You will have a chance to go against your friends to shoot clays during the day. Although expensive, it is worthwhile.

Other than this, you can try dragon boat racing, raft building, archery, orienteering, rowing experiences, and a few others at River Thames.

At this river, these are some fun activities for adults in London. Make sure to enjoy your hearts out.

9- Have The Experience Of The Rooftop Film Club

You wouldn’t have guessed how amazing it feels while watching a film on a rooftop. Gear up, this is going to be spectacular.

The Rooftop film club brings to you an extraordinary experience of cinema. Something you would have dreamt of!

In addition, the panoramic views of the city are going to drive you crazy! This place is one of the many reasons why tourists love London.

Without a doubt, this is one of the top fun activities for adults in London at night. It doesn’t get any better. So, what are you waiting for? Just get a ticket and bless yourself with an elite outdoor cinema experience.

10- Explore The Hampton Court Palace

The home of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is a 500-year-old palace in the heart of London. There is so much to explore here. 

Starting from knowing the history of Henry VIII and his family life to check the kitchens, hall, and baroque palace, you need plenty of time to explore the place where Shakespeare once hosted a show.

Other than that, you would not want to miss out on the tricky maze in the garden. Getting out of the maze will require enough effort, luck, and tactics from you. Good luck with that. However, the entire activity is pure fun!

When mentioning—fun activities for adults in London, it is a shame to not discover the historic building and gardens in the city.

11- Go To Notting Hill

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Robertsharp/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Notting Hill has got to be one of London’s most popular areas in terms of the busy market and creatively colored houses.

At this place, there are multiple events held regularly. There are also quite a few restaurants and theatres as attractions.

You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the Portobello market. Other stuff at this place will excite you to the level that you are not going home empty-handed.

Go for a walking tour and you might bump into a celebrity. Nevertheless, Notting Hill provides great entertainment to its visitors.

You’d be lucky enough to witness the biggest street festival in Europe every August bank holiday if you are present in time.

Notting Hill has plenty of fun activities for adults in London. There is so much to see here. I suggest you take a whole day off and just roam around this place.

12- See the Windsor Castle

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Mike McBey/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

Looking for more fun activities for adults in London? This castle in London is the oldest in history as well as the biggest. You’d be amazed to see the royal castle and its supreme architecture.

Windsor Castle is home to Queen Elizabeth II and is open to tourists seven days a week.

You can take an audio-guided tour for the day to know the elegance of this castle and admire the hard work behind it.

The beauty of semi-state rooms inside the castle will blow you away. And on the outside, the gardens are just as beautiful as the castle.

To know more about Windsor Castle and the British monarchy, Please visit the website.

13- Explore Madame Tussauds

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Karen Roe/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

You finally have a chance to see all celebrities in one place. The waxwork of famous personalities is stored here.

Madame Tussauds is a top tourist attraction in the city and hence it is among the fun activities for adults in London.

There are more than 250 wax figures here. You’d be delighted to find your favorite superstars there. Also, don’t forget to experience the great 4D cinema.

This place is not just for adults but for all age groups. Explore all the areas and click good pictures with the celebrities. It is worth it. Arrive early to avoid the rush.

14- Refreshen Yourself up At Camden Town

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Daniele Faieta/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

It is a sin to not talk about Camden Town under—fun activities for adults in London. As legends say, the best is yet to come.

Get to this place and watch the street performers and quirky street art to fascinate yourself. It will surely be entertaining.

Take a walking tour, grab some food, go through the busy stalls and get some cute little stuff for yourself and your loved ones.

Do not forget to experience the nightlife of Camden Town, as the market seems even more lively at night.

The atmosphere is great and if you want some real city vibes, Camden Town is the place to go!

Try something different from theatres, castles, or museums and visit this place for the real London street vibes.

15- Attend The Ceremony Of Keys

When near Tower Bridge, you are tipped to buy tickets for the ceremony of keys. This ceremony is an age-old tradition where the Tower of London is secured.

The Ceremony of Keys is informative, private, and historic. You’d get to experience something unusual which is quite fun.

There will be a guide to help and explain things to you at all times. If you want to immerse yourself in British history, go to this ceremony. It is more interesting than it sounds and has to be on your list of—fun activities for adults in London.

The ceremony begins at 9:30 PM every day. Book your tickets accordingly.

So, just click here to book your tickets.

16- Visit The Science Museum

This one is for all museum lovers out there. Science Museum is not just informative but interactive and entertaining at the same time. You wouldn’t want to miss this one!

It would be better to book tickets well ahead of time to avoid any last-minute chaos. Kids will love the space area, basement with a garden which is quite interactive and fun.

Apart from kids’ attractions, this museum has got fabulous exhibitions, collections with stories and achievements from the past which you will love.

In addition to these, there is a Wonderlab, Imax theatre, a cancer revolution exhibition, science fiction, and a vaccination centre as the most recent addition.

Visiting this museum is very much on the list of fun activities for adults in London. Here is where you can book your tickets for the museum.

17- Visit Sea Life Aquarium With Your Family

Fun Activities For Adults In London
By Domenico Convertini/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

This aquarium in the heart of London has around 5000 creatures in it. You are in for an amazing underwater world experience at Sea Life Aquarium.

People try their luck with scuba diving which is quite fun to experience. You can swim with sharks, dolphins and hundreds of other beautiful fishes.

It is a must-visit for kids and adults who love aquatic life. Spend hours there and you will be impressed with the beauty of each creature that meets your eyes.

You will be able to watch penguins play and entertain the visitors. Also, don’t be scared when sharks swim under your feet.

Visitors are in for a lovely experience as the staff is cooperative and helpful. All in all, it will be an enjoyable day out with family. It would be a joy to include this aquarium in your list of fun things for adults in London.

18- Pay A Visit To St Paul’s Cathedral

This is an Anglican cathedral that is a national treasure in London. St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most historic buildings in London city. 

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer tied the knot in a royal wedding at this cathedral. It is famous not only among locals but tourists also love spending time here.

It is open to people from all faiths, and the tranquil atmosphere inside the cathedral will make you spend hours there without a second thought.

There is also a whispering gallery within the cathedral that permits visitors to take a magnificent bird’s eye view of the city.

St Paul’s Cathedral is a wonderful landmark in the city and is surely on the list of—fun activities for adults in London.

To view the activities and happenings at the cathedral, click here.

19- Try The Silent Disco Tour

You must be wondering what would this offer be. Well, you can travel around the city as much you want, while singing and dancing, not having to worry much about the happening around.

This ghost tour might sound weird but in reality, it is quite engaging.

There are mainly two tours offered, they are West End Musicals Silent Disco Tour and Drag Queen Disco Diva Tour.

This is definitely worth doing as the host will still be there to guide you and make sure the whole event is organized well.

This can be a fun night for you if you are a music lover. What else does a disco lover want than to hear their favorite music and enjoy it freely?

Without a doubt, this is amongst the top fun activities for adults in London and you should certainly give it a try!

Final Note

There are thousands of fun activities for adults in London. It is a city where all kinds of fun are guaranteed. Doubtlessly, there is something for everyone here.

Other than the ones already mentioned, you can visit the national gallery, Churchill war rooms, sky garden, treasure hunt (which is one of a kind), go for a food tour, fetch the afternoon tea, shop till you get satisfied, check art galleries and other famous landmarks in the city.

You can also try the escape room experience which is a fun activity in itself.

Now that you know all about fun activities for adults in London, have a look at 8 Best UK Attractions for Families

That’s it from my side. Hope you get to discover hidden gems in the city and enjoy your hearts out!

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