17 Amazing Things To do in Waterford Ireland

Waterford Ireland
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One of Ireland’s oldest cities, famous for its glass manufacturing. The place is amazing, and the beauty is exaggerated by nature itself; the site will make your heart crystal clear when you go there. With the cold breeze and sunlight through those crystals, welcome to Waterford Ireland, the oldest, quiet, and a most popular spot for tourists, explorers, and historians. With the cold breeze and sunlight through those crystals, welcome to Waterford Ireland, the oldest, quiet, and a most popular spot for tourists, explorers, and historians.

With various activities, festivals, and a new different culture, one of Ireland’s oldest cities, the place oozes history, philosophy, and adventure. With exclusive and unique restaurants and eye-catching museums, this place will surely make you dive into unparalleled worlds of culture, a place with heartful travel inspiration. Before we get into activities, let’s see some important information regarding the site.

Waterford City

Waterford is a city in the southeast of county Waterford, in the province of Munster. It is situated by the Waterford harbor, and it is just an amazing place to live and go and have some fun around.

The city of Waterford Ireland, offers some of the best sunsets and peaceful vibes you can find in Ireland. The museums, art galleries at the front of the Vikings’ place, and churches serve the eyes and hearts of the tourists to the maximum of their ability.

The place has quite a history and a story of when the Vikings came and established this place being one of the oldest cities of Waterford Ireland.

With theatres and arts along the way, the city of Waterford offers the best worth of your time for wherever your interests lie, from crafts to Waterford crystal. You name it.

The city is filled with a culture you should experience if you have a chance. Waterford city will surely quench your thirst for that medieval museum or civic museum; you name it.

The place offers you events, coast, and amazing Irish food, which will surely satisfy that taste for delicious food.

Waterford Ireland
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Ireland’s oldest city

Established in 914 AD, the place was founded by the Vikings and showed lots of architecture from around the 18th century, when the architecture of Waterford Ireland, had the best boom ever.

The place oozes art and buildings, which display the deep culture. Waterford Ireland has and that every inch of the city is available to explore by tourists, historians, and people to understand that this city’s existence came from a long lineage of wars and blood and that what you see now is those building blocks of the historical significance of Waterford Ireland.

County Waterford

“The Déise,” the name more prominent than the county Waterford itself. The place is southeast of the region and part of the province of Munster.

The county Waterford Ireland is a piece of history and can be said to be established based on people Déise, the ones who found it first.

The Irish Times had seen a lot of happenings like all the other countries, and you should visit Waterford Ireland not only on this particular accord but also because the way they have respected and represented the place with everything is just marvelous.

Waterford Ireland
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Now let’s look at some of the activities and places you cannot miss in Waterford Ireland, the oldest city of Waterford:

Places to visit in Waterford Ireland

1. Waterford Greenway

This 46 kilometers stretch alongside the rail is such a treat for the eyes and gives a peaceful vibe for those long morning and bike rides.

The view of the mountains and the bay is just mesmerizing and makes you crave for the early morning just to come here and relax, stare at the scenery or have a nice and pleasant morning sitting.

Everything adds up with the view and everything you will love, so it better not miss this place on your to-go businesses if you visit Waterford Ireland, the calm Waterford greenway.

2. Viking triangle

The place has Reginal’s tower, a medieval museum, and Bishop’s palace Museum, which are called the Viking triangle. These places are historical, and the culture embedded in them serves as quite popular tourist spots.

Everything from the walls displayed to the artifacts from the Viking era takes you to a different time showing you the history and heritage of the place.

3. Reginald’s tower

This landmark monument on the Waterford quay from Waterford Ireland, is a stepping stone for its historical significance. Being the apex of the Viking Triangle, The place is now used as a museum and shows you the artifacts from the Vikings’ time and is something you should go for this place.

The place is historical, gives you the knowledge, and shows you good Viking stuff which will surely indulge your interest or maybe of your kids, serving as an exciting place for everyone, a great place to visit in Waterford Ireland.

4. Bishop’s palace

Showing you everything from history to Waterford treasures from the olden time, the place offers you everything about the Waterford crystals and how history has shaped the present era of Waterford and is one of the unique and significant museums of Ireland’s oldest city. The place, by the looks of it, is beautiful and is a must-visit for anyone who is visiting Waterford city.

The view around the place is also quite a spectacle; the eyes will be delighted if you are a fan of historical monuments or just someone curious about the beauty of the different architectural wonders.

A must-visit place for anyone, Waterford City, Ireland’s oldest city.

5. Medieval Museum

The historical part of this museum shows the times and how the people lived during the previous era of this beautiful Ireland’s oldest city. From the discoveries to significant artifacts, Waterford treasures, all can be found here.

The place will surely bring a smile to your face for all the ancient times and how things worked. A must-visit place. Go for it the moment you get a chance.

6. Waterford film festival

One of the international events in Waterford Ireland, is an amazing festival; you should not miss this chance.

If you have the opportunity to go to this event, please go for it. The films are showcased worldwide, from young to experienced filmmakers and directors who want to make their name.

The festival also helps you in the field of photography with its various competitions in different categories, which can be a really good experience for you and anyone looking for something different in art and cinematography.

The festival is one hell of a place, and you should not miss it by any chance with the influence and celebrities and the world coming together with young artists and directors. Go for it.

7. Theatre Royal

You are in for some good musical time if you come to visit this. This victorian theatre from the 1800s is a marvel for the eyes and the ears, and you might not want to miss this one.

If you are a fan of music and old classics is how you want to enjoy your time. You can also find the international festival of light opera hosted by this very theatre.

The place is beautiful and elegant, and in no way will you be disappointed if you get a chance to visit this. Come by, listen, enjoy, bring your friends and family or come by yourself, a worth-it trip to this musical dish.

8. Comeragh mountains

The hype and the hike of this place make your heart dance around the mountains, and the lakes, which your eyes see and your heart feels.

Welcome to the Comeragh mountains, the walk up to Mahon falls makes your heart and mind fall in love with the beauty of this place. The mountains have different places to visit, and if you want, you can have a 2 to 3-day trip to enjoy this amazing delicacy of nature.

Whether the Coumshingaun lake or Croghan walk, the place will hypnotize you and make you fall in love with nature throughout your journey.

The world and its wonders are amazing, and this country has lots and lots of them, and you are finding your way to this masterpiece from this beautiful country, Ireland. Visit this, pack your bags, and hold your heart close cause it might fall for this place.

Waterford Ireland
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9. Dunmore east

Dunmore east, a small town in co Waterford Ireland, has an inexplainable beauty of its own. The city in the hills going towards the sea has 2 very beautiful beaches worth visiting for your time.

Dunmore strand and counselor’s strand are two beaches that should be on your list to visit. The beaches are amazing and beautiful. The place gives you a sense of joy and peace when those waves hit your feet while you watch that beautiful sunset staring right back at you, slowly moving closer and making you good about life.

Visit Dunmore east. It is amazing.

Waterford Ireland
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10. Copper coast

Copper coast in Waterford Ireland, is a treat for the eyes. The place oozes good vibes and aesthetics.

The location is just amazing from east to west along the coastline of these amazing beaches. The vibe is completely different and offers you an amazing time with your friends and family if you plan to visit this place.

Waterford Ireland
Image by Howard Walsh from Pixabay

11. Tankardstown

This Engine house is something to look forward to. If you enjoy looking at history and like visiting places that show you the legacies of past times and how things used to work back in the day, then this place is just for you.

The Tankardstown is a historic marvel providing insight into the work given because of this mining work offered to people. The place is historic and beautiful, do give it a visit no matter what if you enjoy history and its artifacts.

12. Waterford Crystal

The way to a Waterford heart is through the crystal they make. The Waterford crystal, with its unique shape and textures, which they are famous for, is a must-see for anyone who is visiting Waterford city.

The whole process can be seen in the factories, and the tour will give you something out of the ordinary by seeing how this beautiful glass is made in the hands of skilled people working so diligently.

The elegance and the heartful craftsmanship shown by the crystal makers should be seen as how such beautifully crafted glass is made and what makes it so popular worldwide.

13. Port Láirge

This town which is quite old yet quite major can be an amazing place for you to take a stroll if you want to experience some city vibes, enjoy some cafes and take some time to explore the Irish culture. Ireland’s oldest city Waterford and its major town, Port láirge, are worth a visit.

Enjoy the peace and the coasts. The vibe is calm and peaceful. This place is something you will love, and the beauty of this historic town is tough to comprehend in words, so give it a visit and see it for yourself.

14. Christ Church Cathedral

With remnants from gothic culture and amazing architecture, this church is definitely with your visit. The place is a great historical piece and should be visited if you have a chance.

The ceiling is a work of art and makes your day visiting it. Amazing church, unique and good vibe, a must-visit.

Waterford Ireland
Image by mkozemchak from Pixabay

15. Curraghmore House and Garden

This house spread across 2500 acres of land in county Waterford is a must-visit. The La Poer family owns the place, but they have allowed the public to see it.

The place is beautiful and quite huge. The aesthetics are great. The garden and the surrounding atmosphere make you want a place like this of your own. If you have a chance to visit this place, just go.

16. Mount Congreve

With an elegant pond right in the center of this garden like a beautiful crux of a thrilling drama. Mount Congreve is an amazing place to visit if you love plants and nature.

This garden’s botanical diversity is deep and immensely populated with many different plant species.

If you are interested in plants and want to have a good time while strolling around this beautiful garden with flowers and new ones popping into your heart, well, this place is for you.

Do visit this place if you get a chance.

17. John Roberts square

Named after John Roberts, also called Red square is a commercialized place, and if you want to shop, try out different kinds of food cultures or sit and wish to have a nice chat, the site has restaurants and cafes for you.

The market held at this place is a spectacle, and you should go here and see it for yourself.

The place is filled with people, and people come from all sorts of places like London to sell or try different food and cheese, I mean, the site has just a lot to offer, and you should take that.


From the beaches of co Waterford Ireland to amazing gardens and beautiful mountains, the place is filled with activities and places you can visit any time of the year. From the historic Viking times to today, you can glimpse all the ancient times from the museums and the cathedrals.

The churches and their walls and ceilings show the depth of culture and amazing Irish people with their lovely accents; this city is something to look forward to and should not be missed at any cost.

The beaches are amazing, and the sand beneath your feet gives you a good cuddle for life. The world with beautiful hearts and amazing sceneries is here, and you should visit it for the places, the culture, and the Vikings.










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