15 Best Places To Visit In Kent

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Kent is additionally alluded to as “The Garden of England” since it has countless incredible normal scenes, lovely sea shores, sensational precipices, authentic palaces, enchanting towns flowery towns with peaceful scenes of duck lakes, and bars, parks, and Norman places of worship. thus substantially more.

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There’s the delicate provincial Kent of rich towns, National Trust houses, and curious towns, and afterward, beachfront Kent braced to shield the entranceway to England yet in addition adjusted for shoreline fun in the nineteenth 100 years.

There are lots of mesmerizing places to visit in Kent. There is something magical in the Kent wide open that you won’t see elsewhere “oast houses”, outbuildings, and houses on bounce ranches with cone-like rooftops covered by a white vent to attract air and dry the jumps that would be put away on the upper floor.

Best And Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Kent

A portion of these spots makes wonderful day trips from London via train, while others make fast day trips from London via vehicle. Even more are great for visits, end-of-the-week trips from London, or multi-day escapes, places to visit in Kent have so much to offer.

Kent Downs AONB

Places To Visit In Kent
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Let’s begin with places to visit in Kent with Kent Downs with its outstanding natural beauty, extending from the Surrey Border to the White Cliffs of Dover and Folkestone. For nature lovers, there are countless activities in Kent Downs AOB, particularly.

There are awesome walking trails through woods which are canvassed in bluebells in springtime, over chalk cliffs and seaside sea shores, through nature saves reestablished for the assortments of orchids developing here and even sparkle worms.

Kent Downs AONB with its outstanding natural beauty makes one of the perfect places to visit in Kent to encounter the nearby nation life and its produce. The verifiable towns and houses of worship in Kent Downs are an extraordinary option in contrast to the stuffed Cotswolds and make a decent break from the quick speed of London or an enormous city.

Kent Downs AONB is for certain one of the most lovely places to visit in Kent. The new Kent Experience Project is elevating manageable the travel industry to the Kent Downs and the actual district, by associating guests with the serenity that nature offers, nearby private ventures, and moving moral exercises.

Botany Bay

places to visit in Kent
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The best places to visit in Kent is Botany Bay is a public unexpected, yet invaluable treasure, with quite possibly of the most lovely sandy beaches close to London. Botany Bay is known for its lovely white cliffs, which were the setting for the vast majority of music recordings and movies, for example, Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”.

There are a lot of activities on a day trip to Botany Bay other than sunbathing and partaking in the stunning ocean side. During low tide, a wonderful “way” shows up between Botany Bay and Kingsgate Bay.

The close-by Joss Bay, where it is enthusiastically prescribed to stop when visiting Botany Bay, is well known for its waves. Many individuals come here to figure out how to surf or oar board. Natural science Bay is situated along the Viking bay Trail, a roundabout 32-mile trail that can be either climbed or cycled.

Botany Bay is only among many places to visit in Kent that has something for golf players, the nearby golf club offers two 18-opening courses, with flawless perspectives over the straight. Botany bay is a fun place among many places to visit in Kent.

The White Cliffs of Dover

Of the multitude of wonderful places to visit in Kent, are the famous White Cliffs of Dover. Transcending a strong 350ft above ocean level and expanding 16 miles along the coast, these lofty chalk bluffs are an incredible sight.

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From Stone Age Settlers to Roman intrusions and the arrival of protected fighters during the second world war, these stupendous chalk monsters among the best places to visit in Kent have been at the front of British history.

As well as a brief look into the past, the White Cliffs of Dover offer various lovely strolls. Crossing the chalk meadows on the precipices, compensated with staggering encompassing perspectives over the dynamic blue waters of the English Channel. Seeing France on a crisp morning is even conceivable.

One of the most well-known courses on the South Foreland Lighthouse trail places to visit in Kent. This simple 4-mile return walk gives stunning panoramic views of South Foreland Lighthouse from the National Trust vehicle leave.

The White Cliffs of Dover additionally structure a piece of many longer walking trails, including the England Coast Path (2795 miles), so there are likewise innumerable different paths on offer. The most stunning landscape is offered within every walking distance in England.

Hever Castle

Another places to visit in Kent is Hever Castle and Gardens situated around 30 miles southeast of London, this Tudor-style palace encompassed by wonderful formal gardens offers a few fun places for a day trip in the Kent countryside.

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This palace was generally broadly the home of Anne Boleyn in her experience growing up, and it was widely re-established in the mid-1900s by William Waldorf Astor.

Cross the channel to enter the palace and visit a few wood-framed rooms which show noteworthy furnishings, different embroideries and collectibles, and an outstanding assortment of Tudor pictures.

Families with kids could appreciate getting themselves away from the customary yew labyrinth or getting sprinkled by the venturing stone water labyrinth, simply make certain to carry a towel to get dry!

Arrow-based weaponry and safeguard painting are accessible during the pinnacle summer Christmas season, and there is an all-year palace-themed jungle gym and nature region to empower inventive diversion for more youthful guests.

Chiddingstone Castle

Chiddingstone Castle is a wonderful place to visit in Kent. One of the numerous authentic palaces specked around this province in South East England, yet not at all like its renowned neighbors Leeds castle, Hever, and Scotney palaces, Chiddingstone is outside of what might be expected and accordingly draws in fewer groups.

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Chiddingstone Castle began as a lodge at the focal point of the middle age town and was redesigned during the 1800s to seem as though a palace, complete with turrets. Truth be told, aside from the British Museum, Chiddingstone has the main assortment of Egyptian antiquities beyond Egypt.

In the town, claimed by the National Trust, to see unique Tudor outlined houses and stop for rewards in the fifteenth-century seventeenth-century Castle Inn once visited by Anne Boleyn’s dad who possessed the shop nearby.

A short time later, walk a little further through the town passing the seventeenth-century church of St Mary’s to visit the Chiding Stone, said to be a position of love by the Druids and the spot from which the palace and town take their name.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is perhaps of the loveliest castle to visit in Kent England. The enormous channel that encompasses it and its lovely green spaces draw nature lovers from everywhere in the count.

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Places to visit in Kent include the palace which is found near Maidstone and close to Leeds town. The nearest train station to stroll there from (~30mins) is Hollingbourne.

Guests to the palace have various activities, and can undoubtedly go through a day (or more) there. From palace presentations specifying the historical backdrop of the spot to falconry shows to outside exercises, there is something for the entire family.

To have an additional opportunity to investigate this great spot, think about booking holiday cottages for a couple of evenings on the palace’s grounds. There are occasion cabins, informal lodging, and glamping choices. Visiting Kent becomes total with evening tea and night supper at the palace’s eatery.

Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle is a fabulous fascination with a visit in Kent and is an underestimated visited city. It is situated in Tunbridge Wells and is a brilliant illustration of Victorian imprudence.

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The domain is overseen by the National Trust and elements not one, yet two palaces. The “New” Castle was worked in 1843 to supplant the Old Castle that traces back to 1380. The proprietors went above and beyond and deliberately demolished the Old Castle to transform it into an imprudence and a component inside their sweeping nurseries.

The home of Scotney Castle is a fabulous spot to visit in Kent. In addition to the fact that it has two palaces to visit, with awesome displays in the “New” Castle, it likewise has far-reaching nurseries and land which can be investigated. It’s ideal for a day trip or even a cookout, with stunning panoramic views. With north of 780 sections of land to investigate across the whole of the home, there’s a lot to do and see at Scotney Castle.

Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle is another places to visit in Kent, it is quite possibly of the most established palace in England tracing back to the 1080s. It may not be perhaps the best-protected palace in Kent, yet its set of experiences is entrancing.

Everyone must know about the early parts of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, and learn about the sloppy river Medway, regardless of whether the creator never referenced it by name.

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Dickens grew very close by in Chatham and moved back to Gad’s Hill Place, a chateau right external Rochester further down the road, where he died.

However, Rochester has more letting it all out; the palace has a twelfth-century keep with city walls and pinnacles that are practically finished regardless of their incredible age.

It’s a stunning sight, equaled by the Norman and Gothic Rochester Cathedral, which was implicit the eleventh hundred years however is the seat of a see that goes right back to 604, making it the second-most seasoned places to visit in Kent England after Canterbury.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle is among other fantastic places to visit in Kent. This town has forever been the entranceway to the British Isles from mainland Europe and is the primary ship port for intersections from France and Belgium.

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Drawing nearer to the water, the main thing which is visible are those lifted-up white chalk cliffs. Ashore taking a walk along the verdant white cliffs tops of dover castle , on a course that will move to Kingsdown eight miles away.

As the nearest port to France, the town should have been strengthened, and Dover Castle took its ongoing structure in the twelfth hundred years, during the rule of Henry II.

There’s a mind-boggling measure of history on this site from the Roman Lighthouse (perhaps of England’s most seasoned working), to the eighteenth century gunnery emplacements and the mystery WW II burrows.

East Sussex Railway

Places to visit in Kent is a east sussex train line that served Tenterden from the turn of the twentieth century was shut in 1961 and presently fills in as a legacy rail line with working steam trains and a museum.

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East sussex can be a feasting experience with a distinction, book a seat on the Wealdon Pullman among April and October. To enjoy feast which is served in the impeccably safeguarded Pullman vehicles by Pullman specialists in valid clothing.


Traditional fishing town Whitsable is one of the places to visit in Kent that is popular for its yearly clam celebration and new fish. With its pastel-shaded shop fronts and colourful beach huts, it’s a truly flawless seaside town.

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Add to that an inviting local area feel and a solid social scene, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why Whitstable is a particularly famous UK list of must-dos objective.

Walking around pebble beach while eating frozen yogurt and selecting a colourful beach huts during Kent visit is truly seaside fun .

Meander around the curious town and examine the different shopping outlets, including autonomous stores, vintage shops, peculiar stores, and amazing foundation shops. The town has a refined side as well, with various charming art galleries.

As far as for the food lover, Whitsable is among the favourite places, basically can’t pass on without indulging with fried fish and French fries on the ocean front. There’s The Forge on the seafront, or The Whitstable Oyster Company for a more proper café experience.

One more allure of the town is that Whitstable West Beach is a rare example of sea shores in the UK with a pubs galore. Called the Old Neptune, it is quite fantastic place for wine tasting .

Obviously, visit in Kent for such an engaging little town Whitstable can get very occupied, particularly during ends of the week, bank occasions and when the weather conditions is warm. Attempt to stay away from these busy times where conceivable.

Canterbury Cathedral

Places to visit in Kent and want it to be a memorable one, remember one fantastic place and most visited cities is Canterbury cathedral.

This medieval city has one of the most renowned and wonderful basilicas in the UK, as well as additional verifiable and strict structures than individual might perhaps find in one visit.

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Established in 597 A.D, Canterbury started as a journey objective during the Middle Ages. Presently, it is the home of the Church of England and the city is loaded with significant strict locales which is the reason it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The greatest among many places to visit in Kent (in additional ways than one) is Canterbury Cathedral, simple to recognize from a long ways off, and certainly worth a visit to see inside. It’s a functioning Church, and is shut to guests during administrations.

To see significantly more established structures, go to St Augustine’s Abbey, which traces all the way back to 613 AD! Fascinated by history From Chaucer’s Canterbury tales to the Cathedral to different Roman Museums, this places to visit in Kent England.

For less strict, yet no less memorable contributions, make time to see the Westgate Towers, England’s biggest medieval city passage, worked about quite a while back. Visit Eastbridge Hospital, the medical clinic of the Pilgrims, which traces all the way back to 1190.

As well as this unimaginable history, there are bounty more present day exercises in Canterbury. The cobbled roads in the middle are fixed with present day shops (and a few extraordinary stores), and there are a lot of bars and cafés to unwind and loosen up in.


Margate is one of Britain’s most popular ocean side retreats, places to visit in Kent situated on the north coast of Kent. This Victorian seaside town has had a new trendy person renaissance which draws numerous jet-setters from London, and is in some cases alluded to as ‘Shoreditch-on-Sea’.

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There are what should be done in Margate during visit in Kent, and the fundamental draw is the huge sandy ocean side which gets loaded with sunbathers on bright summer ends of the week. In any case, perhaps of the greatest fascination around is the redesigned retro amusement park Dreamland, with its vivid carnival rides and roller disco is a places to visit in Kent.

Worked in 1870, it was affectionately reestablished with £25m of Heritage Lottery Funds and once again opened in 2015 in the wake of being shut for quite some time. In the late spring months Dreamland additionally has celebrations, gigs and other famous occasions.

Margate likewise has a developing expressions scene and The Turner Contemporary art galleries p display is a new expansion to the town, with a mix of long-lasting and impermanent presentations (and free entry).

The bustling primary strip that runs lined up with the ocean side is loaded up with various frozen yogurt and fried fish and French fries shops and entertainment arcades, yet on the off chance that heading further inland ‘ll find visitor centre of the town place with limited roads. With various kind of vintage shops selling retro garments, furniture and homewares, in addition to numerous charming free bistros and store B&Bs.


Ramsgate is a kent coast town, with a popular harbour, one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Kent. Ramsgate Harbour or Royal Harbour, Ramsgate serves more modest working and joy creates.

It was opened in 1850 and has some fine Victorian engineering including a clock tower, harbor structures, port workplaces and beacons. It has seen a great deal of history including what should be its best hour, as an organizing post for the Little Ships of Dunkirk.

In 1940, during the Second World War, around 850 confidential boats cruised from Ramsgate to Dunkirk in northern France (26 May and 4 June) as a component of Operation Dynamo.

Their sacrificial activity assisted with safeguarding in excess of 336,000 British and Allied troopers who were encircled on the sea shores at Dunkirk. The Sundowner is one of those little ships and can in any case be visited at Ramsgate harbour. Encompassing the harbour are a few wonderful bistros and eateries, including the Little Ships Restaurant and Café.

Near the harbor places to visit in Kent are the Ramsgate Tunnels, a wartime complex of passages that shaped a powerful air strike cover for the town’s populace in Second World War.

The passages were at first brought into the world from the neglected Ramsgate Cliff Railway. The rebuilding of rail line lines in Ramsgate in 1926, prompted the line among Broadstairs and Ramsgate Harbour, including a passage to the seafront at Ramsgate, shaping a free line.

With the exception of two stations at each finish of the passage, the line was underground. It was open for quite a long time prior to being changed over completely to a significant air-strike cover during WW II. The mind boggling runs under the town through the limestone bluffs and during wartime administration, gave insurance to nearly 60,000 individuals.

Ramsgate is an extraordinary objective for a long end of the week in visit Kent; there’s a decent selection of lodgings and self-cooking convenience. The town place lies one street inland from the harbor, so wherever is inside strolling distance.

The Historic Dockyard

places to visit in kent
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Presently an oceanic gallery, the Historic Dockyard Chatham was laid out in the sixteenth hundred years as a Royal Naval dockyard and filled in as such for many years.

It’s a truly fun places to visit in Kent with kids in light of the intuitive and instructive exercises accessible, including the astounding Victorian Ropery which is still being used today. There are likewise some exquisite play regions for youngsters including a delicate play region for little ones.

No. 3 Covered Slip historic dockyard where many boats were constructed traces all the way back to 1838 and was the biggest broadest lumber outlined structure in Europe. It has an astounding cantilever rooftop and today houses loads of fascinating curios.

Final Thoughts

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There are lots of mesmerizing places to visit in Kent. Visiting Kent coast could be overwhelming, it has so much to offer from traditional seaside fun to woodland walk, art galleries to outstanding natural beauty, Kent countryside is full of colorful beach huts to traditional fishing town. Kent coast has so much to surprise everyone from young to old from wine lovers to history lover.



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