12 Best Restaurants Near London Bridge You Must Try!

restaurants near London Bridge
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You’ll undoubtedly find some of the best restaurants near London Bridge, in London. Renowned for the infamous Borough Market, packed with fresh ingredients, London bridge restaurants have everything they need for their success.

Along the Shard, and other empty railways location, the London Bridge and the Borough Market have attracted a ton of tourists to this unique junction.

Apart from other places in London, like Soho, London Bridge has its own set of quirky and deluxe restaurants to offer. You may discover a few amazing diners near the London Bridge station as well, hiding in secret spots.

So, it’s no wonder that London has a few best London Bridge restaurants that you must check out, to devour the food authenticity in this area. Whether it is for the Borough Market, the Shard, or the quirky streets, you’ll always find your type of restaurant near London Bridge.

A few of them are experts in cocktails or a specific cuisine menu, but none of them will disappoint you, since they are an ideal spot for having a great day on London Bridge.

So, without further ado, let’s move ahead and discover some of the best London Bridge restaurants and Borough Market restaurants that London has to offer.

1. Best Restaurants Near London Bridge

1.1 Ivy Tower Bridge

Located in Tower Bridge Road, London SE1, this charming restaurant is among the well-known restaurants near London Bridge. With an elegant atmosphere, Ivy Tower Bridge offers the best views of the Tower of London, from its location.

It specializes in British cuisine of every kind, and it is one of the few restaurants near London Bridge that offers every meal of the day. Whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this exquisite restaurant covers you.

You can enjoy your brunch or afternoon tea, settling into this wonderful place, and watching over gorgeous Tower bridge views from the terrace of the restaurant. They also have private rooms for dinner and lunch, in case you’re with your partner, friends, or family.

They even serve exclusive delicious vegan options as well. Some of the great ones are Toosed Asian Salad and Truffled Wild Mushrooms. They also serve absolutely delish dessert items for sweet tooths.

Whether you’re up for a simple cocktail time, brunch, or even a full dinner, this glassy-windowed restaurant with a Parisian style, will steal your heart in no time. Pay a visit to this amazing gem of London Bridge, if you don’t want to miss the experience.

1.2 Restaurant Story

Situated on Tooley Street, London SE1, this is among the quirkiest restaurants near London Bridge that has a twist to its story. Restaurant Story is a two-timer Michelin Starred Restaurant with the aim of storytelling through food.

When you enter this gorgeous restaurant you won’t find a menu. Your meal would be tailored according to your personal preferences in food, which would ultimately express your story.

Starting with a starter, the main course, and finally dessert, this Restaurant offers up to a ten-course meal for telling your story. Isn’t this fascinating?

The ingredients they use are seasonally based, so it often differs. Their tasting menu is a daily changing menu, with expertise in British Cuisine. So, get ready for an adventurous meal time in the Restaurant Story.

It is beautiful how they would create a new meal only for you, according to your preferences and story, while using their seasonal ingredients. No wonder, it is one of the coolest restaurants near London Bridge.

If you’re out in London, eating some chili chicken wings, drop them all and rush into this breathtaking and creative restaurant on London Bridge.

1.3 Borough Market Kitchen

Being one of the very best restaurants near London Bridge, you can reach this destination through the Winchester Walk in London SE1. This place is basically a food court, located inside the Borough Market, stuffed with stalls and food centers.

Food stalls and restaurants like Tacos Padre, Mei Mei, and others are extremely popular. It is like going to the Borough Market Kitchen solves your appetite instantly since it is filled with street food and drinks.

Quite a great place to have a delicious bite in London Bridge, right? For Tacos Padre, that little food restaurant has decorated the place elegantly with potted plants and nature-related stuff.

restaurants near London Bridge
Image from Borough Market Kitchen

It makes the best tortillas in the entire city of London, and that is just amazing. With soft yet crispy meat and you’re assured that it has an absolutely mouthwatering menu.

So, if you’re roaming in the streets of London, pass by this food hub of Borough Market Kitchen, and satisfy your hunger with creamy, delish, and crispy food like tacos and tortillas.

1.4 Bar Douro

Situated at the Flat Iron Square, London SE1, this place is a stunning wine bar with an extensive wine list. Due to its Portugal bloodline, this bar cum restaurant brings a few of the best Portuguese cuisine along with fine Portuguese wine.

Renowned for its Portuguese tasty food and cocktails, this restaurant is uniquely glamorous and charming with its decoration that is with the railway arch at London Bridge Station.

Enjoy some of the best tapas-styled drinks which are originally from Portugal. Some of the best classics are sausage croquettes and cod fritters.

Along with a stunning terrace that serves a marvelous view of the London Bridge, is an ideal location to sit back and have some delicious Portuguese cuisine.

Just being inside Bar Douro would fill you with the ambiance and authenticity of Portugal’s vibrancy. What could be better than experiencing Portugal through its cuisine in London?

So, don’t sleep in this fascinating restaurant and bar, if you’re up for a finger-licking Portuguese meal while enjoying the views of the London skyline, from the terrace.

1.5 Aqua Shard

Situated at Thomas Street, London SE1, it is another one of the famous London Bridge restaurants in London. By far among all the restaurants near London Bridge, Aqua Shard is still the most glittery and richest restaurant.

Situated on the Shard’s 31st Floor, the place serves authentic and diverse British cuisine with a wide 360-degree view of London city. Not only can you enjoy quality time with your friends or family, but you can also treat this place as one of the best diners for a romantic date.

Along with great British seafood and other meals, Aqua Shard is bound to keep you head over heels for its hospitable service and friendly staff who are always helpful. Offering exclusive panoramic views of London city, the Aqua group is indeed fascinating.

It has a wine bar, afternoon tea services, and lunch and dinner meals as well so that you can enjoy any drink, snack, or heavy meals at any time of the day, whilst witnessing the beauty of London.

Some of the best afternoon tea treats are Lost Boys Sandwich, Fairy Dust Cocktail, and Tinkerbell Dessert with Adventure Tea. Yes! Did you notice something?

All of the dishes on the afternoon tea menu are Peter Pan-themed, which is a real gem for children. With creativity and high food quality, Aqua Shard is renowned as one of the classiest restaurants near London Bridge.

So, make sure to pay a visit to this outstanding restaurant whenever you visit the London Bridge restaurants. It is undeniably among the best restaurants in London.

1.6 Breakfast Club

Being one of the most colorful restaurants near London Bridge at Southwark Street, London SE1, it has a lot to offer to tourists and residents. If you’re looking for a grand way to begin your day, this place is the one for you.

Packed with delicious eggs and pancake snacks, the breakfast club will keep your tummy full from breakfast to dinner. With a strong quality of meals including brunch and afternoon tea, the club also offers vegan options.

Enjoy your delicious meal under a dim light arrangement with pink-lighted ceilings and a warm classy atmosphere. If you’re up for continuing the fun with your friends, then there is also a secret bar, inside.

Special for its tequila cocktails, this secret bar is called ‘Call Me Mr. Lucky’. The interior design is glitzy and fancy, definitely perfect for a sizzling party mood.

The club also offers a special kid’s menu alongside other offers. Since this place is known for its exquisite breakfast, there are a few musts that you should try here. A few of the best breakfast items are Blueberry Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs on Toast.

Frankly, everything on their menu list is delish and mouth-watering. Having a full meal breakfast at this place will only make the rest of your day even better.

So, don’t forget to stop by this elegant and fun place to start off your day successfully.

1.7 The Roast

Situated at Stoney Street, London SE1, Roast is another one of the greatest restaurants near London Bridge with unique services and offerings. It is located at the Floral Hall, to be exact.

Heavily renowned for making the best roast dinner in the entirety of London, this place surely is worth visiting in the Borough Market. It serves British cuisine which is authentic in every way.

It doesn’t even take 2 minutes from the London Bridge Station to reach this wonderful restaurant with dazzling city views from atop. They use seasonal ingredients for their outstanding British cuisine, which has won awards as well.

Like any other great restaurant, they have a lovely breakfast, afternoon tea, and lunch menu along with a kid’s menu as well. They make no compromise when it comes to the taste of their food, so you certainly will be very pleased.

With a classy wine list as well, the Roast shines with its contemporary European cuisine. A few of the infamous dishes here are Rib-Eye Steak, Old Spot Pork Belly, and Wild Mushroom Risotto.

If you’re up for a quality Sunday with a roast dinner, look no further because this place is the perfect destination for that, in the city of London. No wonder it is one of the best restaurants near London Bridge.

1.8 El Pastor

Situated on the same street as Roast, Stoney Street – El Pastor is worthy of being among the top-notch restaurants near London Bridge, for a reason.

El Pastor is renowned for its outstanding Mexican cuisine, so it is definitely among the most favorite restaurants near London Bridge. Special for its tacos and tortilla-like meals, this place brings fresh ingredients with exotic flavors to the table.

The Spanish term, ‘El Pastor’ means the Shepherd, which makes it obvious since a bunch of tourists are always inside the restaurant enjoying their meal of the day.

Their exquisite wine list also consists of Mexican-styled cocktails which are very popular in the El Pastor like tequila and mezcal.

The staff of the restaurant is amicable and the overall atmosphere of El Pastor is really charming and warm. They even allow pet dogs if they are calm and well-mannered, and big dogs for the terrace region.

They have a kid’s menu as well, like many other restaurants near London Bridge, so it is a great choice to visit this lovely restaurant, whilst roaming down the streets of London.

1.9 Pizzaro

Situated at Bermondsey Street, London SE1, Pizzaro has among the top restaurants near London Bridge that offers great food along with exotic wine classics.

Heavily Spanish-styled in their cuisine, Pizzaro is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a real large meal to satisfy their appetite with some substantial dishes and Spanish cocktails.

It has an extensive list of tapas-styled cuisine and wine, along with delicious desserts as well. With a classy and fancy interior that is simple yet elegant, you can enjoy a peaceful time with your family or friends.

The names of their dishes are all in Spanish since it is an authentic Spanish restaurant so expect some killer dishes and cocktails to keep you entertained the whole time.

1.10 Santo Remedio

Santo Remedio is among the warmest restaurants near London Bridge that you could dive into for an excellent Mexican meal anytime. Famous for its tacos and hibiscus enchiladas, this wonderful restaurant is simply gorgeous.

Situated on Tooley Street, like the Restaurant Story – Santo Remedio is a stunningly colored and vibrant restaurant with a warm and cozy atmosphere. Among all the restaurants on London Bridge, it has the most charming interior that will dazzle you.

On weekends, bottomless brunch is available for having a great time with your family or close friends. Apart from that, the bar ad cocktails are tailored in a Mexican style, so you can taste the flavor of Mexican authenticity.

This restaurant was originally founded by a husband and wife, called Edson and Natalie Diaz Fuentes. A few of the best cocktails here are Mezcal Sour, Coconut Margarita, and Don Julio Silver.

It is undeniably a must-visit restaurant in London Bridge that you just cannot miss out on!

1.11 Arabica Bar & Kitchen

It is among the infamous restaurants near London Bridge that is situated in the Borough Market. Looking for a middle-eastern themed food cultured restaurant to dine in? Arabica is the one!

Filled with extensive mid-eastern cuisine, the restaurant is packed with marvelous homemade meat recipes that are equally delicious just like that of a professional restaurant.

restaurants near London Bridge
Image from Arabica

With desserts, cocktails, and mezes, Arabica has become one of the most demanded catering food services across London. You can also book their recipes and order your menu online amongst some of the most diverse food meals.

A few of the best meals here are, Feta and Spinach Boregi, Grilled Haloumi Salad, and Lebanese Spice Wings.

So, get ready to spice up your mood with these delish finger-licking meals from the Arabica Bar of Borough Market.

1.12 Coal Shed

If you’re a big fan of non-vegetarian food like meat and fish, this place is the perfect heaven spot for you, situated just a few minutes walk from Tower Bridge Road.

Known for its naturally flavored and cooked meat over charcoal and fire, the Coal Shed uses the traditional way to cook your order, to retain the raw smell and authenticity for carnivores.

With a stunning interior with classy lighting and seating arrangement, this fascinating place is a delish spot for all meat lovers out there. If you’re seeking the best meat items, this place is among the top-rated restaurants near London Bridge.

Food cooked with seasonally natural ingredients over coal is their specialty. They have an ever-changing menu and ingredients depending upon the event days and seasons.

You cannot do takeaway here, since they only offer dine-in services for authentic charcoal-roasted meat food. Like many other restaurants, they too offer a kid’s menu as well.

A few of the best steaks and meat here are Herb Crusted Chicken, Ribeye Steak, and Smoked Beef Short Rib.

For the desserts, there are Apple Crumble Tart, Spumoso Coffee, and the special Coal Shed Chocolate Truffles, which are absolutely delicious.

Coal Shed has earned the name of being the most-loved steakhouse in London, so look no further if you’re up for some greasy meat time on your weekends.

2. Conclusion

restaurants near London Bridge
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Finally, the list of the best restaurants near London Bridge has come to an end. These mentioned restaurants are the most reputable and popular restaurants near London Bridge, but there are also a few more great restaurants on London Bridge that you cannot miss.

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Some of them are – The Wright Brothers, where you can find the best seafood in London, and other restaurants like Arthur Hoopers and El Vino. Restaurants near London Bridge are worth mentioning since each and every one of them is quirky and amazing.

So, which London Bridge restaurants did you like the most? Comment down below about your favorite restaurant in London Bridge! We would love to hear from you.



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