11 Best Beaches in England

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The splashes of diverse deep waters drive us crazy and fascinating when it comes to beautiful beaches in England. The sandy beaches splashing its water to the deep coasts of this magnifying place enrich you with the flavor of love and peace within your soul.

beaches in england
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The touching of waves of water to walking across the best beaches gives you amazing joy and happiness. The sandy beaches to the finest beaches make us experience the feel of coral pebbles and the beauty of nature. So, let us dive into the 11 best beaches in England and experience their colors.

Beaches In England: The Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe beach
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Woolacombe Beach is immensely wide, giving you a scenery view of sand and sky at low tide. It’s popular with families and surfers, and there’s a separate section of the beach for dog walkers.

In summer, it’s a lively and beautiful beach that comprises many features, where we find restaurants, washrooms, and a comfortable place to spend your holidays.

Here the coastal town is surrounded by a hilly area which gives anyone a natural feel to the beautiful beach.

Woolacombe beach is known for its best beaches of all time. It’s so loving with visitors and tourists which attracts hundreds of people in summer across the beach and Woolacombe town. The everlasting surf brings thrill to the vast stretch of ocean to golden sands. 

Surfers from all over the world gather here in the summer to enjoy the magnificent splashing waves as lifeguards play a safe game. An excellent destination for a family vacation, a surfing excursion, or a pit stop along the South West Coast Path is Woolacombe itself, a bustling community with fantastic pubs, restaurants, and places to stay.

There is a friendly atmosphere where visitors come to enjoy themselves. While visiting the best beaches in England and you will admire people who come to visit the golden beaches back summer after summer.

Beaches In England: The Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach
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Whitby beach is known to be the best beach in England where surfing, kite flying, and fossil hunting are done for fun and enjoyment. Whitby beach is an interesting coastal seaside town with beautiful scenery and an amazing view. It is known to be a small place, clinging to the coast on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, but here in the village, you will find diverse characteristics of character.

Here one can visit the beaches in England each year, where visitors could enjoy there holidays in beach huts while chilling out there with fascination and fun.

These painted beach huts are present here across the beach area. It is known to be the most perfect place on the beach where visitors come and become an attractive view for visitors. Here you will come across the vibrant tide which is a far distance from the water. But it makes sure that kids play with positive vibes out there.

There is a number of steps that makes a way to the beach making it the perfect beach for families and kids who can have several adventures in splashing waters.

Beaches In England: The Bamburgh Beach

Bamburgh Beach
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Bamburgh Beach is known to be the best beach and is a rugged and iconic stretch of coast in northern England. It is located 20 miles south of the Scottish border, where the wind whips in off the coast, making it a popular spot for surfing.

This vast beach is the best place to go for a walk on a sandy beach across the town of Bamburgh. The beach flows its colors down the surface of the coast, which is popular as the everlasting castle in England.

Here, the most fascinating beaches can be idealized with the golden sands and provides you with a walk to the coast. The admiring features of the beach indulge you in playing on the soft golden sands and enjoying a joyful picnic on the beach and paddling in the sea.

The beaches in England draw you to the most beautiful beach which is Bamburgh beach. It is also known for varied surfers and horse riders, which make an impact on many travelers out there.

Here on this beautiful beach one can explore the beach and walk south to Sea houses, where it’s rockier and there are unusual shells, and where you can have a glimpse of the grey seals. It’s great bird-watching territory too.

Beaches In England: The Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach
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Bournemouth Beach has one of the most pristine beaches in England, with wide and soft golden sands stretching its coast for miles. It’s known as the best beach in England where one can spend some quality time exploring the place full of joy and adventure. Every section of Bournemouth’s beach offers a different experience, so here don’t forget to try out one of many superb water sports or enjoy plenty of family attractions with outstanding natural beauty.

It’s situated in a South Coast area of England with the perfect view, there is number of things to do in Bournemouth Beaches in England. Here the sun is approached with its vibrant rays, where Bournemouth comes up with shining views and it’s great to enjoy the experience that this beautiful beach brings to us. It’s known to be a fascinating beach in the summers with numerous thrills and breathtaking activities.

There is number of places to experience its colors with lot of museums, amusement parks, golf areas, parks and beach huts. Here you can also enjoy so much from hiking, walking, or cycling in the most beautiful countryside and gardens or head to the seaside for paddling, swimming, and a bit of sandcastle building.

It’s the most relaxed place to visit and go for hiking and camping activities to explore the place fully. Bournemouth beach is naturally an active place. Where we can find golf courses, gyms and leisure centers, bowling lawns, tennis courts, and an adventure to try beach sports.

Beaches In England: The Weymouth Beach

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The Weymouth beach comes among the best beaches in U k known as the old historic town with a beautiful sands beach and attractive harbor.

These are spectacular beaches in England with their diverse beauty and picturesque town, seaside town, is famous for its vast stretches of sands. The beach is known for thrilling adventures and fun with near and dear ones across the beach surface.

Here one can find traditional entertainment along all the edges of sand, which makes it beautiful and playful in all colors.

This place is filled with children who are happy to view the fairground, donkey rides even the sand sculptures of all time which could be more relaxing to enjoy. Here you will come across the eastern side of the beach with slow vibes which are full of water sports to enjoy and have fun.

This amazing beach drives you to the golden sand and makes you experience its colors besides the colorful beach huts to relax and have fun.

Weymouth has a car park facility for the maximum people out there. It is also fascilated by park and travel service which is a easy way to move away from busy place. Dogs are found here  on the beach, but some sort of restrictions are followed there.

They are known as the best beaches in England one can visit and explore the spectacular beach in one go.

Beaches In England: The Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach
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It is known as the best beach in England as Fistral Beach makes it for surfing, Here it makes us feel blessed and peaceful, with the vibrant waves of the coast driving each and every aspect of our lives magnifying.

This beach takes us to idealize the adventure of sandy surface to waves touching your feet beneath you in more thrilling way. Its water waves are surprisingly strong at times and thrilling to see which attracts plenty of weekend surfers where there is also a lifeguard tower for a cup of peace out there.

It is idealized with its outstanding natural beauty where you will find a collection of restaurants and bars at the far end of Fistral Beach which makes it a fun place for a meal and a few beers. The best beaches in England collaborate with Fistral beach which is one of the world’s top surfing destinations, it’s backed up by high cliffs and sand dunes.

Fistral Beach is the playground for hundreds of enthusiasts who come to visualize the splashing waves on the beach to explore its thrilling surfing activities within it. These beaches in the UK are famous for competitive surfing competitions that thrill you with magnificent adventure and fun.

It is the best family beach which drives your soul and mind crazy with number of facilities like restaurants, food cafes, washrooms with rest rooms and vast car parking areas.

Beaches In England: The Cromer Beach

While we have so many attractions, it’s no surprise that this Norfolk coastal town is the first choice of holiday destination for many families, and Cromer beach is one of the main reasons why this Norfolk town gets importance for holidays time and time again. Here, time seems to stand still in Cromer Beach with its amazing positive thrilling vibes.

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Even though Cromer Beach is very popular in the summer, you will still get huge pleasure from this lovely and very unspoiled beach. This beach binds you with its original charm and makes you feel like an old seaside resort, waiting for you to come and experience its colourful beach huts out there.

When the tide is out at Cromer beach, we come to these amazing stretches of beautiful sand and sand dunes where there is plenty of room to play, walk and build sandcastles to have fun.

The beach is surrounded by lifeguards in the summer months, so it’s nice to be at Norfolk beach for enjoyment. Going for a ten-minute walk can be much more relaxing on this beach, whether going east or west. 

It’s known as the best beaches in England where you will find a magnificent place to chill and go for outings with your loved ones. Cromer beach is one of the few Blue Flag beaches along the Norfolk Coast which becomes the ideal place to stay and explore its bright beach huts.

Cromer beach has quite a few beach huts along the promenade on the east side of the beach. And is facilitated by seaside resorts which makes it easy for families to spend their time on sandy beaches.

It takes you to the peaceful beaches and crystal-clear rock pools aside, the magnificent Victorian pier is the main attraction here. Refreshingly, it’s home to a thriving theatre, where regular soul nights, comedy shows, and original productions keep tourists and locals entertained.

It’s such a scenic beach, with pristine sands to explore where you will find yourself overwhelmed that you visited this one. 

The lovely wet sand as the tide goes out is so pretty to visualize and feel the low tide within just a short walk. There are car park facilities in Cromer which we require a short walk to reach the beach. 

Beaches In England: The Blackpool Beach

Blackpool Beach
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There’s nothing quite like a day at the seaside, and Blackpool Beach is one of the best beach resorts you will find in the UK.

With nearly 7 miles of golden sandy beaches, and Blackpool sands complete with lifeguards keeping watch, the beach alone is a draw for both holidaymakers from the UK and around the world. 

On this beach, the area comprise of 3 different aspects where you will come up with most  entertaining activities, here many visitors come across the Blackpool Pleasure beach which is known for its huge thrills of magnifying rollercoaster rides across the renowned park.

Here you will get a glimpse of Blackpool Tower right off the beach which offers an adventurous view of a circus.

These gorgeous beaches take you to amazing activities for fun and adventure off the sand as well. This beautiful beach comes up with The Blackpool Winter Gardens area which is a place to cherish, and the Sandcastle Water Park is an indoor aspect of offering a day of adventure for the whole family.

These incredible beaches make you love to relax in the sun, taking a foot in the sea is almost fascinating and loving. There you will spend your time making sandcastles, and playing games, so you really can make a day of it.

Beaches In England: The West Wittering Beach

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West Wittering Beach is a beautiful vast expanse of golden sand where you can enjoy a day on the beach, walks, or watersports. It’s known as the best beach in England where you will like to enjoy and have fun. The sloping sandy beach is lined with multi-colored beach huts in a relatively flat coastal area.

Here the thrilling and magnifying beach takes you to most natural vibes of this place making it a favorite place for  families out there who come for relaxing holidays.

The grassy dunes are found to be near the beach which makes it for parking and picnic spots. The beach is idealized with attractive surfers and sports activities giving it a most recognized spot for enjoying and having fun.

Beaches In England: The Formby Beach

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The stunning views of the Irish Sea are reason to glance at the place as it’s mesmerizing and delightful. Everyone can find fun at this beach, from adults who are looking to relax to kids who would rather run around a bit on the sand.

The erosion activities at Formby Beach are one of the most iconic places to visit and view the natural erosional process. This beach comes up with stunning views that make you view the dynamism of the Irish Sea.

On especially clear days, you can view the peaks of Cumbria. Several picnic spots are found along the beach as well, where you come across the surrounding woods and wildlife habitat.

The town of Formby takes just a short walk to the western coast offering shops and restaurants away from Liverpool’s town center. Formby beach is a spectacular expanse of beach, sandy dunes, and pine trees on the edge of a metropolis.

Formby Beach is idealized for families, with huge space for car park, picnic spots, and different ways to the beach. Here the coast undergoes erosion with various tides which highlights many features of human and animal remains.

The rolling dunes take you on an amazing adventure on the sandy shore in a diverse way and indulge you with joy and a thrilling experience.

Beaches In England: The Scarista Beach

Scarista Beach
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The Scarista beach comes up with covering the sandy surface to the coast where its all thrilling to take a walk along the beach where stunning views of the South Harris hills are depicted out there.

This is an amazing beach on the west coast with lovely white sand and breathtaking views from all sides of the place putting you on the best beaches in England. Here, Scarista House is a small hotel with a restaurant serving local dishes and a beach bar.

The beaches in this area are popular with surfers who indulge in white sand and golfers are also found to be in this amazing beach area. Scarista is a nice place for exploring the surrounding spots with great adventure and fun.

It’s fascinating and attractive for its pretty seaside town where children on the south coast play with white sand make sandcastles and enjoy walking at low tide.

Final Words

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As a whole, we come to experience the thrilling water waves which splash their colors deep within the surface in the beaches of England. The adventurous sports make it more fun and joyful in every aspect of life at the most beautiful beaches throwing its sandy shores to magnified beaches altogether.


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