11 Amazing Palma Beaches To Check Out

palma beaches
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Palma also referred to as Palma de Mallorca, is the capital and largest city of an autonomous region of the Balearic Islands. It is located on the Bay of Palma on the southern coast of Mallorca. Geographically far from Palma, the Cabrera Archipelago is also included in the municipality officially.

Let us check out some of the best Palma beaches.

1. 11 Most Amazing Palma Beaches

We have planned for you today a ride on Palma de Mallorca’s top beaches that is rich in nature. These places will amaze people who enjoy white sand beaches, clean water and coves with blue, crystal-clear waves. Take a deep breath of the genuine Mediterranean aroma.

In fact, one of the key motives for visiting Mallorca is its Palma beaches.

1.1 Playa Del Mago, The Essence of the Mediterranean

Playa del Mago is one of the most beautiful beaches and has vegetation that reaches the coast.

The term comes from the fact that Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine’s The Magus were filmed on this beach. It is termed a tiny paradise surrounded by magnificent pine forests and clear streams. You should know that it is a nudist beach.

It is situated south of Palma de Mallorca, not far from Magaluf.

1.2 Es Calo del Moro

Calo del Moro is a stunning, undeveloped beach close to S’Almunia on the southern shore of the island. This Blue Flag beach has been conserved for all time by a private foundation and is undeveloped, natural, and raw. There is a tiny sandy beach surrounded by tall cliffs, and the water is a rich turquoise colour.

It is best to wear sneakers because there is a steep descent down a rocky slope to reach the shore. Es Calo del Moro’s beach can be found on the narrow side of the rectangular bay.

Es Calo del Moro, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Es Calo del Moro

The walls of the tiny bay are straight. It gives the beach the appearance of being at the mouth of a canyon. You can find the beach crowded during the busiest summer weekends. If so one can take a short stroll to Cala S’Almonia, a bigger nearby beach (bigger but less scenic).

1.3 Playa De Palma

The Playa de Palma beach is the longest, most developed and one of the best beaches in Palma de the Mallorca. It is more than three miles long and is located at the end of the city’s coastal promenade walk and cycling path.

Playa de Palma Beach, website screenshot
Courtesy – Playa de Palma Beach

There are several coffee shops, beach bars, restaurants, and water activities. There are facilities and showers and a lifeguard on duty.

Rentable sun loungers and umbrellas are also offered. Kids will love the shallow water.

1.4 Playa S’Amarador Beach in Cala Mondrago

Many pine trees and exceptionally clear turquoise seas are seen here. One can think of being at the sea or in the country, that depends on where you look. You can also enjoy the fine-grained sand beach in Mondrago Natural Park.

It is home to a major variety of unique flora and fauna. Less than a kilometre will separate you from the beach if you park your car in the free parking lot.

It is located in the southern part of the island and has every amenity a beach can offer. The amenities include a beach bar, swimming areas, and sun loungers.

Take a moment to observe your surroundings as you swim at S’Amarador, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

1.5 Cala Banyalbufar

This beach is one of Mallorca’s most beautiful and attractive ones. Two different beaches can be found here. The first is a sandy platform surrounded by rocks, whereas the second is a sandy beach area that becomes rocky at low tide.

If you wish to enter and explore the ocean, bring some form of water shoes because the ocean floor is also rocky. It’s a great beach for snorkeling even though the waves can occasionally be too choppy.

Cala Banyalbufar is a beach on Mallorca’s northwest coast that is adjacent to the same-named town. Bring food, snacks, and sunscreen because there are no stores nearby to buy supplies.

1.6 Es Trenc

The most stunning beach, with approximately two kilometres of white sand combined with a sea of pristine waters and a stunning range of blues. It’s essentially a tiny slice of the Caribbean in the Mediterranean: a secluded beach with no shadows or structures.


Arenal den Tem, Arenal den Tenc, and Playa de Es Trenc are the three beaches that make up the main beach. The final one is the one which is most convenient to Colonia de Sant Jordi. Its pristine surroundings will undoubtedly captivate you.

1.7 Formentor Beach, The Sierra de Tramuntana’s Sand Dunes

Given that the region is a protected harbour, the water is warm and tranquil. It’s enjoyable to unwind on the beach and enjoy the tiny boats anchored nearby.

You can enjoy lovely scenery since a grove of pine trees lines the back side of the beach. The trees also partially shade sections of the beach. There are lifeguards, restrooms, locker rooms, and even a few cafes and restaurants.

Palma beaches
Photo by Miquel Gelabert on Unsplash

Drive to the Faro de Capdepera. It is the island’s easternmost lighthouse. Also after spending the day at the beach, you can enjoy the beauty and of a stunning sunset here.

1.8 Magaluf

If your holiday aims are more sociable, and you’re a solitary or single traveller, Magaluf is a terrific spot to visit. It is a resort city, a well-liked vacation spot and a promenade front with a wide fine sand beach. Besides, it also has cafés, stores, hotels and restaurants. It shows a bustling, entertaining option for the quietest, far-flung beaches on the Island.

One can experience a lot of services here with the beach and water kept clean. People can spend the day at the beach club that has exclusive private sections to enjoy. Beach chairs and umbrellas can also be hired. A waiter service is also there to assist you.

1.9 Sa Calobra

The trip to this beach is one of the most challenging driving experiences. It is located on the western shore of the island and features switchbacks, hairpin twists, and dips. A tunnel that cuts across a mountain leads to the isolated beach. Taking a ferry from Port de Soller will allow you to arrive by sea as well.

Palma beaches
Photo by Andrea Junqueira on Unsplash

in Sa Calobra, you can also see a pebbly beach with blue water that is filled with marine life. High, rugged cliffs and rock walls encircle the shore. It is located at the mouth of the UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape Site also known as Torrent de Pareis. Hikers and cyclists like the canyon as a destination.

1.10 Cala Pi

Cala Pi is a wonderful illustration of one of the secluded beaches in Mallorca. It meets all the requirements. The beach offers parking services and is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes. It is a less crowded beach even on the most summery days.

The beach is deep and extends far from the water irrespective of its size. The sand here is smooth and white with the sea having amazing blue colour. It is amazing for water sports due to the shallow sea. There are restrooms and similar facilities with a little beach shack for food.

1.11 Cala Barques

Cala San Vicente is home to Cala Barque. It is another island beach that has earned the Blue Flag. Fronting the beach area is a fair-sized bay with a turquoise sea and a few dozen boats. The beach is never overly busy because of its size and abundance of hotels and resorts.

In addition to hiring umbrellas and sun loungers, one can also rent gear for participating in water sports. This location finds a nice balance between a lovely beach area and prudent beachside development. When you have enjoyed the beach, you can also spend some time exploring the neighbouring Hypogeum of Cala San Vicente. It is a Bronze Age cave shrine.

2. Conclusion

In the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca (also known as Majorca) is a stunning Spanish island vacation that’s close to Ibiza, its wilder neighbour. The island is one of the most well-liked beach destinations in the world due to its stunning Palma beaches. It is also famous for its accessibility to the majority of mainland Europe.

With around 345 different beaches, Mallorca has whatever kind of beach you like. Sa Calobra, among other isolated, secret beaches, is nestled in coves and valleys, while C’an Pastilla, a vast, sweeping beach, is bordered by promenades and rows of hotels, stores, and cafés.


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