10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations Europe

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Are you someone who loves to visit new places, get to know more new people, and try fresh, delicious food? Do you love exploring new and unique places? Then this list is for you to learn about unusual and unique honeymoon destinations to visit in Europe. This list will give you unique honeymoon ideas.

Europe is a place with many beautiful, unusual and mesmerizing places. They have many romantic places, beautiful beaches, and old places that will help you learn more about the site’s history. Other areas are so full of natural beauty and wonders. If you are one who loves adventures and unusual places, then this list is for you.

Unusual Honeymoon destination
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Check out the list below to know more about the unusual honeymoon destinations in Europe.

10 Unusual Honeymoon Destinations in Europe-

1. Tromso, Norway

Tromso is a big city in northern Norway. It is one romantic and unusual honeymoon destinations. Tromso is one of such main places where you can see the infamous northern lights- Aurora Borealis. It is so famous for the sighting that they have a festival for northern lights- (Nordlysfestivalen). It is an extravagant musical that happens every year from January- February. All the famous symphonic artists and orchestras from Scandinavia participate in this festival.

unusual honeymoon destination
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It is one of the highest points where you can experience the midnight sun from Mid- May to Mid-July.

Tromso also has a great place in history. Tromso has a rich Norse and Sámi heritage. Historians even noted it. One of the main Norse chieftains lived in the area of modern Tromso. It is also a frontier city against Russia. It was announced as a municipality in 1838. By the 19th century, it was called ‘Paris of North’.in. In the later 19th century, Tromso was a major trade center. The war and fights affected the town, but no loss of people and land was found.

Many mountains increase the serenity of this place, but please be careful with the climate as the cold here can be brutal and go below the negative numbers. There are various Fjords located across the town. Today Tromso city is a great, unique, and unusual honeymoon destination. This place is so magical, and you experience many new things. Isn’t this enough to put this place on this list?

2. Ice Hotel, Sweden

Have we ever thought of a night in an igloo or a luxurious ice room? Is it possible to stay a night in a place of ice without freezing out? Well, if you want to know how to do it read more. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, is an attractive option but an unusual honeymoon destination. It is nothing like what we’ve experienced in our life. It is situated in the arctic circle of the northern part of Sweden. It is one such most famous tourist destinations in Sweden. You can call it a winter wonderland.

Unusual honeymoon destinations
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Ice hotel was first opened in 1990, and since then, it has been a constant place of amusement for people. It is built completely with ice from the river Torne nearby. The ice here is pure and crystal clear without bubbles and cracks, making it perfect for sculpting. The ice is harvested in late March. This ice doesn’t melt that fast, thus it sustains throughout the summer season.

Even though the hotel is open through the year, if you visit between April and November, you will get to see ice sculptures and a bar of ice. The sculptures are always new every time you visit, as the old ones melt in the spring. This is yet another place where you get to see the Northern lights.

If by chance you go in the summer, there is hiking, river rafting, fishing and many more activities to do. You can even sculpt and go for a ski trip. You can live in glass igloos.

Not to mention the ambiance of the place is so beautiful and romantic. All these reasons make this perfect for this list of unusual honeymoon destinations.

3. Perast, Montenegro

This is a small town consisting of a mere population of 247 people. It is a beautiful and pristine place with small islands.

There are many churches on these islands. There is a bell tower like the ones in the movies and series. You can also have a great boat ride in the waters and have a great swim. Fishing, enjoying the view of the waters, visiting museums, having a tour across the ruins in the city, and visiting the palace.

The city has many ruins of the old times. According to the history, the town dates back to Neolithic times. Some monuments belong to the Romans, early Christian, and Illyrian times. In the later times, this town was prosperous and had a successful trade history. The churches in this town are situated in the middle of the waters and are beautiful inside out. The seas and the ruins are a great addition to the great food available, making this one of the best and most unusual honeymoon destinations.

When you plan to go to Perast, make sure you do the hike to our lady church and have a romantic walk at the peaceful and pristine beach of Perast. The nearest international airport is Tivat.

4. Positano, Italy

This is yet another gem of a place. It is a place known for its spectacular Mediterranean view, and the beaches are so beautiful and mesmerizing with their pebbles, white sandy beaches, and blue-green waters.

unusual honeymoon destination
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The steep streets and livelihood of the people are so good and happy that you feel the instant charge. Some stairways connect the upper part to the beach. Positano is one of the best instagramable destinations. This place further stretches to the Lattari mountain ranges. Positano is seen in various movies and series. Positano is also known as the pearl of the Amalfi Beach.

The city has a history of many centuries. The oldest is from the roman era. In the later centuries, Positano became a trade center and, thus, became famous across the globe. In medieval times, the Amalfi coast became a port. You can always take a small flight from the nearest town.

If you’re going to Positano, make sure to visit the Mar (Roman Archaeological Museum), Positano, The Marina Grande beach, and the church Santa Maria for sure. These things make this place one of the great and unusual honeymoon destinations.

5. Asitz Mountain, Austria

This place was a recent find. It is still being explored, which makes it more perfect as one of the unusual honeymoon destinations. It is in the Austrian area of Saalfelden Leogang in the Austrian Alps. Most of us think Austria is the ideal winter ski destination, but it is more of a summer destination. Just like it should be. There are log cabins to stay in if you want to.

This area includes two towns. The first one is Saalfelden which is more urban, while Leogang is more rural with natural beauty oozing. The entire valley is stunning and can make you want to stay there.

This is a destination for skiing and is known for intense biking routes. But the main attraction of the goal should be the mesmerizing experience on the lofty peaks of Asitz Mountain. The highest peak reaches 655 meters.

We get to see the natural habitat. They have natural swimming pools. There is an art and sculpture trail through the forest, water features, herb gardens to calm our bodies, and a natural theater where outdoor concerts are performed with a mountain lake backdrop.

If you want to enjoy nature and have a romantic getaway, try to stay in the great wooden huts on the mountain. It is a great option for a honeymoon getaway. The nearest international airport is Salzberg airport.

6. Calabria, Italy

The most southern area of Italy is a rustic but beautiful place. This place is blessed abundantly with serene beaches, rocky hills, castles, and vast wilderness. A great place to explore and have great food, this honeymoon destination is Calabria, Italy. This place is one such most overlooked places in Italy, as this has a less sophisticated vibe. It is more like a relaxed, adventurous and bubbly vibe.

Calabria is one of such oldest towns. It has witnessed the development of many civilizations and dynasties. There are still ruins and beautiful architecture that will remind us that this is an ancient and rustic town.

The beaches are very beautiful, serenely surrounded by the cerulean blue sea. The sandy beaches, palm trees, and luxe resorts will give an exotic feel. Some restaurants and hotels have live music, dancing, and delicious food. With all the adventures and the beauty, this makes it a better choice as one of the unusual honeymoon destinations.

There are three national parks in its wilderness. This wilderness is covered in mangroves, steep roads, and green hills. You can also see the deserted village of Pentedattilo top of rocky cliffs, symbolizing the bloody invasions of Southern Italy.

If you love to have epic hikes, there is hiking done in the wilderness of Calabria. This place is the mystic land we read about in books.

7. Vipava Valley, Slovenia

If you’re looking for budget traveling, this is the perfect place. The country, Slovenia, only got its moment of fame in recent times. Various locations are now being found and explored in Slovenia, like the capital Ljubljana and the mystic Lake Bled.

The Vipava valley is one such hidden gem. This is so blissfully blessed by nature, and if you want an adventurous and close-to-nature getaway, then this place should be on the list.

unusual honeymoon destinations
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Vipava valley can be mistaken for Tuscany with its greenery, hills, and vineyards. There are adventures for people who want them.

There is cycling, hiking through the various villages to the mountains, paragliding with the famous wind, going horseback riding, and trying different wines made in their vineyards. This valley will give you the New Zealand vibes.

Many wine cellars can be seen across the valley as all the villagers seem to have one or more in their house. Some homes also work as a restaurant serving local delights and homemade wine.

This place is so beautiful and calm, which will help us enjoy and relax and will leave you with blissful happiness and freshness. These things make this one of the perfect unusual honeymoon destinations.

8. Cuenca, Spain

This city might be the most underrated and unusual honeymoon destination on this list. Most of you might not have heard of this place. It is one of Europe’s best-hidden gems. The architecture in this place is awesome. The most talked about this medieval place is the hanging homes on the Casa Colgados. This old city is very magical and beautiful. This city was awarded its UNESCO world heritage status.

There are many things to do here, like cross-city hiking, mountain biking, tours, and sightseeing. The ridden-down city is perched on a rock, with a history that goes back to the 1300s. The architecture is mystic and stunning. There are castle ruins, colorful houses, and cathedrals spanning across periods of history. All these come together and make you feel like another world.

Madrid is the nearest place with good connectivity. It is recommended to have a train trip from Madrid and spend 2 days enjoy more parts of the city. The Cuenca makes you feel like going back to medieval times with the surrounding natural beauty of the Karst Mountains with the crystal-blue river that provides a way for amazing water adventures along the city.

9. Nisyros, Greece

Are you looking for a place to escape everything and have a romantic honeymoon with your loved one? Are you also adventurous and want your partner also to experience it? Then this is the place for you. It is the Nisyros. It is a Greek island with volcano in the Sea of Aegean. It is situated between the Kos and Tilos islands.

The population of this island is very small. The capital of this island, Gyal, is polpulated with just 22 citizens. The island has a total number of 1,008 natives, making this a silent and peaceful place to escape reality. Thus, making this the most magical little town. As the island is in the middle of the sea, the only way to reach there is to fly to Kos Island and take a boat to Nisyros. There are no direct flights.

There is a crater where sulfur fumes bubble away, and this can be an adventure right down to it if you are all for the Greek lifestyle and the beauty of Santorini minus the bustling crowds and the noises. The white-washed place is unique as it are on the edge of a volcanic island with trademark blue framed houses and a close community. Even though this is a volcanic island, the last explosion was a steam explosion in 1888.

unusual honeymoon destinations
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To explore Nisyros better, staying for a few nights is recommended. There are small resort towns which you can visit. You can always hike and relax as you wish across the island.

The beaches are something else. Black sand and rocky shores add beauty to the island. You can go for adventure sports, paddle boarding, and many more. You can read a book and drink Greek coffee along the waters, which is more than enough.

The land of Nisyros can give you the most beautiful pictures. At the same time, you stroll between the mountains, villages, and beaches, which is a perk other than all the other perks which make it one of the most unique and unusual honeymoon destinations on this list.

10. Extremadura Region, Spain

I’ve kept the best for the last. Perhaps it is the least visited area of Spain. It is the Extremadura region. Extremadura means extreme-hard. At first glance, the image of wide-open plains and plateaus of olive trees can be seen. Extremadura is rich in culture, heritage, and gastronomy that can’t be under the radar for long. It is a perfect romantic escape for a honeymoon.

It is a picturesque and historic city. There is so much architecture, both modern and ancient. It feels great to walk in the town. You will also find the best ruins from roman times listed in UNESCO in Merida. The ancient amphitheaters, aqueducts and the museum of Mosaics will take you to the old times. There are two more UNESCO heritage sites. There are also many natural parks. The city has a great and rich history ranging from roman times till date.

There are many things to do in the place. You can go hiking and walks in nature. You can visit the old city of Caceres. It is the place where the Old Town mix up with the Gothic, Morish, Roman, and Renaissance architectural beauty. There is also a pilgrimage site known as The Monastery of Santa Maria De Guadalupe.

There are a many small villages which are famous for the Jewish quarter. There are also cities where small streets and big churches come together. There are many small places and shops to buy local produce and crafts, which are very beautiful.

When you finish gasping the history, remember to go through nature and enjoy the bird-strewn lands of Monfragüe National Park and other biospheres, which are equally romantic. Don’t forget to have a feast on the traditional Mouthwatering delights.

The best thing about Extremadura is its cuisine. It is the birthplace of the famous dish Jamon Iberico, local cherry beer, the creamy Torta Del Casar, and many dishes like breadcrumb-meat combined Migas.

It is good to rent a car to make the most of the trip. The history, beauty, and food add an extra point to the trip. Isn’t this reason enough to make this beautiful, historical place into this unusual honeymoon destination in Europe list?


These places are so beautiful and very romantic. These places are the perfect getaway for you and your partner. Some places have so much historic architecture and so much heritage. Some places are so blissfully blessed in nature. Some places are so calm and peaceful. Some places have so many adventures to do. Some places are great for nature lovers to animal lovers. Some places can be visited over the years, during all the seasons, which makes all these places the most unique and unusual honeymoon destinations in the world.

There is variety of delicious food and diversity in culture to learn from.

There are many other places, from the English countryside to boulders beaches, glass igloos, and overwater bungalows to places with more adventure like Machu Picchu. These things come together to give you an epic honeymoon.

The one thing similar about these places is that all of these destinations are romantic and unusual simultaneously. Some of the places are still so less explored, and there is so much more to see in these places. Some places have such pristine beaches and streets that come alive. I believe all these places are the romantic and unusual honeymoon places in Europe that you should visit at least once in your life.


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