10 Most Exciting Things To Do In Canary Wharf

10 most exciting things to do in Canary Wharf
Photo by Images George Rex on Flickr, copyright 2022

Instead of being the most influential location in London, There are a lot of things to do in Canary Wharf that you must explore. I know, that if you start searching for the ideal location for your vacation, the city would not appear first in it.

In this shiny London corner, you must take a chance where you are going to find tons of things to do in Canary Wharf with its endless skyscrapers and other places that are worth taking your time.

Canary Wharf Is Famous For?

Canary Wharf is no longer for the city workers although it is London’s central business district. There are many notable landmarks that we are going to talk about. First, let us know a brief introduction about the city.

On the edge of East London, Canary Wharf is known as a part of the London Docklands and the new financial capital of the city. The place has the perfect combination of industrial, residential, and commercial space with great transport links, amazing leisure options, affordable properties, and local jobs such as over 150,000 people working here.

The city is built around the West India docks which is one of the busiest docks in the world from the time of the 19th century to the World War two outbreak. The city offers urban living such as world-class shopping centers, bars, gyms, restaurants, and other amenities. There are very exciting things to do in Canary Wharf as given below,

1. Roam around Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park
Photo by Matt Buck on Flickr, copyright 2022

Want to get a zone out from the daily stress of your life? This is a roof garden that is built over the top of the Canary Wharf station where you will feel instant serenity once you take an exit from the station. A raised serpentine water channel with a rough structure of the stone wall is the key feature of the place.

Jubilee Park is filled with trees, lots of grassy areas, and open space. You can sit down on the benches in every nook of the garden and take advantage of the stunning view of skyscrapers and water features.

Jubilee Park is a free public indoor oasis with an amazing performance space where you will love to watch dramas, music, spoken shows, and dance. It is actually a great place to roam around.

2. Explore Jubilee Place Shopping Mall

jubilee Place shopping mall
Photo by Mark Hillary on Flickr, copyright 2022

On the south side of Canary Wharf, there is an underground shopping mall that is called Jubilee Place mall which offers a great choice of fashion, cafes, restaurants, and pharmacies. There are two main shopping complexes in shopping canary wharf, Canada Place shopping mall is the largest of the two that runs from Westferry Circus that is underneath Canary Wharf.

While Jubilee place mall runs from Montgomery Square. So, walking through the Jubilee Garden, you will find your way down to the amazing Jubilee Place shopping center. This is one of those wonderful things to do in Canary Wharf that you can’t miss doing.

This is the place that is filled with all kinds of shopping materials and food staples that can take your heart away. You are going to be a fan of extraordinary delicious hot chocolate when you go downside off the ground.

In short, Jubilee Place shopping mall is made for those who love to spend time with their family with some amazing desirable products and great food.

3. The Museum of London Docklands

the Museum of London docklands
Photo by The Postal Museum on Flickr, copyright 2022

The Museum of London Docklands is located in one of London’s oldest former port warehouses. It is a great way to learn about the beginning of West India Docks and the incredible transformation as a financial hub at present. This is a family-friendly museum of London Docklands that gives you major traveling goals.

The history of Docklands and Thames and a journey to be a trading center of London is the main focal point of the museum that you will love to explore. You will get to learn about it through a lot of exhibits and exhibitions floor after floor as these are arranged in chronological order.

There is also an amazing interactive space for young children who are up to 8 years old. It is called Mudlarks. This is the place where your kids would love to learn and discover the stories about the place in a fun way. This is one of the fun things to do in Canary Wharf not just for you but also for your kids too.

The interesting part is that the entry fee for the museum is free that opens every day so get ready to explore and learn about this beautiful heart of Canary Wharf.

4. Crossrail Place Roof Garden—You can’t miss

Crossrail Place roof Garden
Photo by Andrea Vail on Flickr, copyright 2022

If it comes to talking about one of the things to do in Canary Wharf that you will love to keep coming back to, this can be your latest spot of attraction. The Crossrail place is a 300-meter enclosed garden and a fabulous green space which is full of plants and trees against the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

Crossrail roof gardens can be considered a fabulous urban forest that is a part of the Canary Wharf Crossrail station. This lovely place offers a nice range of free events, performances, and workshops.

The amazing fact about the place is that the plants are arranged in a meaningful manner; they are from which hemisphere? The garden represents the history and the geography of Canary Wharf which makes it a wonderful attraction for the visitor.

As this is also the fact that the place doesn’t have such visitors as it must be because of the overpowering popularity of Sky Garden but this is a spectacular place that must have a special mention.

The inspiration for the wooden and glass structure surrounding the garden comes from the Wardian case to propel a ship loaded with exotic specimens back to London. So, This is going to be a great experience to visit this amazing garden.

5. One Canada Square—Worth Visiting Place

one canada square
Photo by Elliott Brown on Flickr, copyright 2022

One Canada Square is named for Canada By Olympia and York who are the original developer of the complex which is owned by the Richman family of Toronto. It is served by the Canary Wharf underground station on the Jubilee line.

It is a skyscraper in Canary Wharf, London which was constructed in 1991. The square contains 50 stories with 770 ft. height from ground level that making the building 3rd tallest building in the United Kingdom. One Canada Square is used for offices.

As the building gets much attention through films and television, it is also recognized as a London landmark along with the title of being the tallest building in the UK.

It has a distinctive pyramid roof with glass and steel-made structures. Level39 incubator is the most exciting area of the building and the ground floor of the building offers regular art exhibitions. The place is also the home of the One Canada Square Bar.

But it is a little bit unfortunate that it is not for public viewing. So, if you wanna visit this wonderful place you must come during one of London’s annual open house weekends or for public talks at Level39 incubator through the invitation.

6. Billingsgate Market

Billingsgate market
Photo by HannahWebb on Flickr, copyright 2022

It sounds crazy suggesting you visit Billingsgate Market but this can be one of the craziest things to do in Canary Wharf. Yes, You heard it right! It is the largest inland fish market in the United Kingdom since 1982 that is a wholesale market covering a large 13 acres of area.

The place was known as Blynesgate before settling the name into its present form. The origin is still unclear of it but it was a general market originally for wine, salt, corn, coal, iron, and miscellaneous goods. After passing the act of Parliament in 1869, it was made a free and open market for all sorts of fish.

The ground floor of the market complex boasts 98 stands and shops that are 30 in number which include two cafes, cold rooms, and freezer stores. Around 25,000 tons of fish and fish products are sold every year and it is just an average amount of it. For Fish lovers, it is no less than heaven.

Restrictions to Know Before Visiting the Place

  1. Children under 12, are not allowed to visit the market floor.
  2. Items with wheels such as trollies, carts, and suitcases are not allowed to be taken on the market floor.
  3. Non-slip footwear is advised to carry because of maintaining your comfort level.
  4. Strict rules are applied concerning photography or filming by the city of London Corporation whether it is for any purpose.
  5. If it is important to take photos whether you are a student or a visitor, you must fill out a mandatory application form and you can’t use these photos for any commercial purpose.

7. Artistic Charm of Public Art

public art
Photo by Loz Pycock on Flickr, copyright 2022

Let me introduce you to the largest art collection in the form of art and sculpture, dotted around the Canary Wharf estate. A huge amount of surprising art is one of the amazing things to do in Canary Wharf which is just incredible. You are going to witness around 75 sculptures throughout the estate along with outdoor art exhibits.

It is important to grab a copy of the art trail map to start a wonderful journey. The obvious effort of the Canary Wharf group can be seen that adding artistic charm to the financial hub that gives you a solid reason to visit Canary Wharf. There are a lot of things to do in Canary Wharf but this one is something exciting.

Amazing public art is accessible easily without any tickets and tours. Plenty of benches to sit on and amazing takeaway food and drinks are available to make your journey more comfy and enjoyable. You are going to be confused as there are plenty of things to do in Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf possesses many beautiful sculptures, mosaics, and paintings from all kinds of places that are commissioned across the world such as Gile Penny’s Man with Arms Open and another one is, Two Men on a Bench, which are roughly hewn Bronze figures.

In the list of iconic public art, Henry Moore’s Draped Seated Woman has also its remarks. The list is too long as I mentioned some of them but all kind of work is tremendous and gives you the reason to visit the place.

8. Visit West India Quay

West India Quay
Photo by Geoff Henson on Flickr, copyright 2022

If we start talking from the beginning, In 1802, West India Docks opened which were divided into two separate things—Import docks and Export docks. As the phase throughout the century was a challenge because of the difficulty of increasing competition and financial crisis.

It became a reason of happening of the most significant event for enlarging West India Docks. Although many West India docks were wretched during the second World War.

Heron Quays and South Quays were redeveloped in Manhattan-style. The surviving warehouse of North Quays was re-branded as West India Quay.

A Docklands light railway station and its immediate surroundings are located in the northwest corner of the isle of Dogs and are named after the docks that occupied the site over the past two centuries. So, it is a landmark which is situated just north of Canary Wharf in East London.

If we talk about the things to do in West India Quay, The Museum of London Dockland is located here and two remaining traditional warehouses are also located here in West India Quay and West India Quay DLR station. The famous Cineworld cinema and Marriott hotel add beauty to the place.

9. Where to eat, is not a big deal!

One of the most desirable things to do in Canary Wharf, having delicious food of your choice as this city offers something for everyone. There are a lot of leading restaurants and cafes that suit all tastes.

Big easy
Photo by Robert Pittman on Flickr, copyright 2022

Big Easy on Crossrail place is the main center of attraction if you want to have an American diner experience. Being a business district, it is awesome to have the food of your choice which is just amazing.

Well, the list is long! as the other name comes is, Manhattan Grill at London Marriott. It is also a great option for you to pick. The Breakfast Club is another spot for having food according to your American taste.

There are a lot of choices if you wanna choose; British, Asian, or American cuisine to make your time more memorable in Canary Wharf. The Kerb West India Quay in Canary Wharf is also the place where you are going to have the great flavors of the area.

And how can we miss talking about the Street Feast? As it is also the place to have some great street food with the best filling and great pricing that you love to have always.

So, you are going to experience the best street food of Canary Wharf while crossing over the South Quay Footbridge, you must give it a try for sure!

10. Places to Stay—An Amazing Experience!

Most of the people who plan to visit London; might be attracted to the more famous neighborhood such as Kensington or Westminster. I prefer to stay at Canary Wharf.

According to my point of view, This is an ideal location to stay if you are with your family. Although it might not be your first choice Canary Wharf offers great accommodation, shopping, dining, and first-class leisure service.

There are many more things to do in Canary Wharf and the city has much more to offer. I can help you find out the leading hotels at Canary Wharf; DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London with some dazzling views would give you the right reason to stay there.

Novotel canary Wharf
Photo by Matt Buck on Flickr, copyright 2022

Now, I am going to talk about the only boutique hotel i.e Lansbury Heritage hotel which is a luxury hotel with smart modern amenities. The other great option to stay at is Novotel London Canary Wharf Hotel with its excellent rooftop bar and sprawling views.

The list is too long, If I start mentioning every hotel but the place is just outstanding and pocket-friendly sometimes in comparison to the other famous neighborhood.

Wrapping up

Canary Wharf is a great place if you are planning for a vacation whether it is for London city, but you can’t ignore this one too. The art and culture events are held every year that are famous among the visitors and the netizens as well.

There are plenty of great attractions to see and many more fun things to do in Canary Wharf that you will love to explore. For the next time, I hope you will not recognize this city not only as a financial hub but also because of its attractive centers through this guide.

If you like this post, don’t forget to go through our other blog post if you want to explore London as well and the fun things that you must do in London. I hope this is going to be a lovely experience through this ultimate guide.






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