10 Best Places To Visit In UK: The Most Wonderful Places

places to visit in UK
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A self-reliant European country embodying four constituent countries like England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland offers world-famous attractions with beautiful architecture.

When it comes to prime visitor destinations, the UK is never behind; it offers many places to visit in UK. The UK consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is the right mix of modern attractions and historic buildings.

Places To Visit In UK

The UK is filled with various tourist attractions. Whenever you plan your next trip to this place, visit all these places to make your trip memorable.

1. Lake District

Lake District is located in Cumbria, northwest England and is about 4 hours away from London by train and about 2 hours from Manchester international airport.

It is a very popular holiday destination. It is famous for its rugged beauty, making it top of the list of the best places to visit in the UK.

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Since 2017 it also has been a UNESCO world heritage site, in the glory of its unique hill farming culture. It’s filled with tranquil lakes, rolling hills, and a heap of quaint villages.

2. Cambridge

Relatively a small city, but a treasure trove of a historic town, rich history and historic sites. It’s a one-day trip to travel the entire Cambridge.

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Alongside excellent transport links such as bus tours from central London, one can be punting along the river past the world-famous places in around an hour. Cambridge has probably the best picturesque towns.

3. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is the best places to visit in the UK, known best for its medieval castles, just like the majestic Edinburgh castle. 

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Some major highlight is the Scottish Crown Jewels in the royal palace. From the palace, one can easily navigate other most important sites in the city, like the Old Town’s royal mile with its fine architecture, restaurants, colorful cafes and art galleries.

4. The University Towns of Cambridge and Oxford

Oxford highlights include the Carfax tower, splendid views over the city center, and the several fine former buildings of the town’s high street.

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Both Cambridge and Oxford offer various attractions for those visiting these places. You will find the largest collection of historic buildings in the UK in Cambridge. Most of these buildings are located near the university. Apart from that, you can also look at the famous River Cam, one of this place’s major tourist attractions.

5. Micheldever Forest, Hampshire

Want to see blueberries in Hampshire? Well, we got just the place for nature lovers to visit in the UK.

About 5 miles northeast of Winchester, it is home to diverse meadows of birds and insects. Butterflies, wildflowers, and the spectacular muntjac deer are a real treat to gawk at.

From April to early May, the Micheldever forests’ grounds are filled with beautiful blueberries all over the place.

6. Cardiff Castle

Cardiff is surely on your bucket list with more than 2000 years of history in people’s hearts.

Located in the city center of Cardiff, Wales, it is an authentic castle of Norman origins. Many events take place throughout the year in the castle. But one such event that catches the largest crowd is the awful festival celebrated in late Spring each year for about a week.

7. Scottish Highlands

Home to stunning scenery, completing leisure activities such as rock climbing, wild camping, and mountain biking is the best activities to do here.

No course, the time of year, the beauty of these highlands in the Scottish city is unfailingly invincible.

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An interesting fact about these highlands is that trees are sparsely populated here. Due to the continuous wet and soggy weather, the grounds lost their capability to produce trees, so there are no trees. Beautiful places to visit in the UK are waiting for you to explore.

8. Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike is England’s highest mountain at 978m above sea level. Located in the national park in Cumbria.

Scafell Pike is famous for its national 3-peak challenge and its natural beauty. Hikers climb these cliffs for exploration and charity; it’s one of the best places to visit in the UK.

9. England Coastal Town

A 2800-mile-long path covers the coast of England with cobblestone streets, entailing the east coast and sandy beaches.

On the way to this old town, one can find famous cathedrals, and a holy island which nothing loch ness than one of the most beautiful places you would have ever seen.

10. Yorkshire

Yorkshire is one of the very famous countries in UK. The country has amazing places to visit where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Some of the amazing places to visit in Yorkshire are the museums, the botanic gardens, and the parks.

It is the best place for history buffs as it has many museums and historical places to visit. The tour to Yorkshire can also be an educational tour for the children as they will be able to learn a lot about the ancient culture and history of this place.


Whenever you plan your next trip to the UK, keep these places to visit in UK on your list. All these places are amazing as it makes your travel experience great.

You can come here with your friends, family, or even your loved ones and make your trip memorable.


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