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Is anybody up for pints? Octoberfest is a festival famous for beer and sausages. And even the beer festivals honor the nectar in pints, cans, and bottles with extensive work. If it’s a festival, then there is a variety of beers available.

Beer festivals offer you to taste the great taste of beers from different regions. They also offer street food or BBQ-style food and enjoy it with one hand while holding.

1. Great British Beer Festival

beer festival
Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The Great British Beer Festival annually is organized by The Campaign for Real Ale Ltd. It offers cask ales and some more beverages from UK and more. This Great beer festival offers the world’s best and largest beer and cider events.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) organized the event, offering a plethora of real ales, international beers, and perries under the iconic Olympia roof.

Moreover, there is a huge selection of street drinks, food, and snacks. And the ticket price also consists of a value for entertainment such as live music in the evenings.

You can try your luck at playing some traditional pub games. Try some festival shops for books on the brewery, and CAMRA merchandise. You will also notice beer experts conducting beer tastings and make you learn more about the special craft of brewing Britain’s best beers.

In the end, the CAMRA the Britain beer champion is announced from the vast great British beer festival. And this festival is held in the first days of august and hosts Champion Beer of Britain awards. Furthermore, the collected fund raised goes to charity and a good cause.

Take a look at the beer festivals celebrated in different regions.

2. Tynedale Beer & Cider Beer Festival

It is considered the most massive and possibly the best beer and cider festival to taste in the Northeast! It got its name from its surroundings you see it is an annual event held at Tynedale Park in Corbridge, home of Tynedale Rugby Football Club.

They have it all best in the region for June along with some great wine and memories. Enjoy you can with the live music and food. Its mission is to raise funds for charitable causes.

beer festival
Photo by Vijesh Datt/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

They do offer camping chairs but that’s not enough in a stampede, right? Get your tokens even before the food or beer gets sold. If you got a token from their website gets it exchanged at the event. You can use credit cards for the tokens. As many beers are of two tokens. Token numbers will be displayed on all food and beverages.

This fundraising event helps the organizers and the rugby club. The festival is run entirely by volunteers.

3. FyneFest Fyne Ales Beer Festival

Well, this is another three-day affair with a lot of food, beer, music, and scenic views to experience.

beer festival
Photo by Licor Beirão/Unsplash. Copyright 2022
Location: Cairndow, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

4. Wincle Beer Festival, Cheshire

Wincle Beer Company welcomes you with open doors and files every June at the prestigious beer festival.

You will enjoy the festive atmosphere and live music, games, food, and beers. You have to spend just £10 per night.

5. Keswick Beer Festival

Keswick is known for the well-known museum. The party which lasts two days held in the main site of the Lake District, on the grassy ground of the rugby club, and that too against the scene of fells and mountains.

One of England’s highest peaks, Overlooking Skiddaw, where live music and beer festival is hosted. Large row mainly for Cumbria’s brewery scene. A very lovely beer named after the crash of a speedboat in Coniston Water in the Lake District, everyone must have a taste of it when they come to visit here.

Location: Keswick, Cumbria

6. Cardigan Independent Beer Festival, Ceredigion

Pizza is also served by them in their riverside courtyard formed by a historic building, having a scenic view of the sunset.

Welsh craft beer is also unveiled every June by the Pizzatipi. Beers from Heavy Industry, Cwrw Ial, Polly’s Brew Co, and Crafty Devil, around 50 beers are exhibited. Challenges, music, silly games, and a big screen showcasing the Glastonbury festival are played at the weekend with the guests.

7. Bigfoot Beer Festival

Beer festivals miss great music and music festivals miss great beers for many decades. It is a three-day full-fledged event held on a 170-acre site.

You can get Happy Mondays will cover the comic acts on the main stage. You would also love the incredible food offering in the center on fire pit cooking and fine wines, and cocktails, unwind to the relaxation and yoga! You heard it right!

Location: Claydon Estate, Buckinghamshire

8. Craft Beer Festival in London

London breweries rule the world with their authentic beers. They export laden barrels of wines, consisting of Indian pale ale. The craft beer festival is a decade-old setup.

Don’t just stick pints, take glasses and roam around with unlimited beers to taste from microbrewing to large samples of UK.

Location: Tobacco Dock, Wapping, east London

9. Thornbridge Peakender Bakewell Beer Festival

What an awesome weekend beer and music festival! Setup in incredibly scenic places.  And, of course, a plethora of Thornbridge bottled beers.

Location: Peak District

beer festival
Photo by Louis Hansel/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

10. Indy Man Beer Con

Last but not least legendary people line up to grab one as the setting is done nicely to lure the enthusiasts.

Location: Victoria Baths, Manchester


If you want to taste beer every minute, beer festivals are your destination. Events frequently take place annually at different times. Enjoy the food, culture, beers, music, etc.

Every beer at every beer festival will differ from another. I hope the article will help you enjoy different beer festivals!

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