Zoos in Liverpool: 7 Famous Zoos to Check Out

zoos in liverpool
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Liverpool, Merseyside, has fourteen zoos and wildlife parks for its visitors. Each of them is very well maintained and has varied attractions. Liverpool is home to some of the most fascinating zoos in the UK with a blend of entertainment and educational activities. Here is a list of some of the most phenomenal zoos in Liverpool.

1. Best Zoos in Liverpool 

Aren’t zoos an interesting place to visit when you want to spend some extra time close to nature? Zoos offer cool interactions between humans and a variety of animal species. They exhibit different animal behaviours and furnish a delightful encounter for everyone.

1.1 Knowsley Safari Park

Knowsley Safari Park is one of the most renowned zoos in Liverpool. This park features a lot of breathtakingly iconic animals, ranging from white rhinos and antelopes to bald eagles. They also host animal talk shows for their visitors to enjoy.

The safari park is known for its five-mile safari drive over 550 acres and its foot safari. One can also find African lions and Siberian tigers in this zoo. The tourists can easily board ‘The Lakeside Railway to do sightseeing.

zoos in liverpool
Courtesy – Knowsley Safari Park

1.1.1 More About It

In fact, the Junior Ranger Programme is specially designed to attract the attention of kids and inculcate a spirit of animal care. Knowsley Safari Park is even a very important research center for some of the most valuable and vulnerable species of animals.

Therefore all in all, if you are someone who is looking for some close animal experience and adventure, then you must tick off this safari park from your bucket list. 

1.2 Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is one of England’s largest zoos, with an area of about 51 hectares. The zoo is based on modern lines, marking a sharp departure from the traditional Victorian-style cages with iron bars to captivate the animals.

The zoo mostly exhibits beautiful monsoon forests, painted parks, the realm of the red ape, and majestic animals like jaguars. With over 500 different animal species and well-acclaimed gardens, this zoo is the perfect place to spend fun time with family and friends.

zoos in Liverpool
Courtesy – Chester Zoo

1.2.1 More About It

The zoo offers a bundle of activities to engage kids and adults. You can also take a monorail to travel conveniently within the zoo. A tour of the Oak Field House becomes mandatory if you are someone who is interested to know about the 85-year-old local history of this spectacular zoo.

This zoo is quite renowned for its global conservation efforts and limitless passion for protecting wildlife.

1.3 Welsh Mountain Zoo

Just when you think of a great family outing and a spring afternoon, there is no place better than the Welsh Mountain Zoo. This mountain zoo has some excellent photographic views, especially a look over Colwyn Bay.

The zoo has a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains and is one of the most visited by guests in North Wales.

zoos in Liverpool
Courtesy – The Welsh Mountain Zoo

1.3.1 More About It

Did you know that previously in 2006, a pair of endangered snow leopards arrived as an addition to the zoo? Finally, yes, you can take a lazy day off to take an educational visit to this zoo to learn more about several such rare breeds.

The dreamy wooden paths around the zoo are indeed going to excite your little one and get you lost in this wonderland.

1.4 Windmill Animal Farm

This is a great place to explore for all animal lovers who wish to have hands-on experience working on a farm. From eating freshly cooked local meals from farms to indoor play-stations, the farm has it all covered for kids and adults of all age groups.

Visitors need to pre-book their tickets to enjoy them, irrespective of the weather.

1.4.1 More About It

The farm is well-sheltered and has some exotic and rare breeds. The farm also consists of pretty coffee and ice cream joints that surely hit the right picnic mood. Missing the miniature railway can make you regret the site of Lake View Station.

zoos in Liverpool
Courtesy – Windmill Animal Farm

1.5 Blue Planet Aquarium

The Blue Planet Aquarium is the largest aquarium in England. It is known for its non-saline water and marine richness. It has several themed areas such as tropical rivers, ponds, seas, oceans, etc. You can watch the most famous underwater shark tunnel through a kaleidoscope here.

Nonetheless, you can experience the flooded Amazon rainforest, freshwater rivers and fish of the Northern Stream, cichlid species of Lake Malawi, a frog exhibition, a coral cave, life along rocky shores, a pelican cove, an ocean exhibition, etc. all under one roof.

zoos in liverpool
Courtesy – Blue Planet Aquarium

1.5.1 More About It

The whole enterprise is one of a kind. In summary, this aquarium is a “sea of fun” in the truest sense.

Blue Planet also offers a series of educational activities that help spread awareness regarding the conservation of marine life due to anthropogenic factors.

1.6 Walton Hall and Garden

A free-entry park with an Elizabethan-style hall and well-decorated gardens makes for an apt picnic hosting area in the United Kingdom. If you are an outdoor activity enthusiast, then you must certainly check out Walton Hall and Garden.

The garden has so much to offer its visitors indeed. You can play various sports like bowling, golf, high ropes, and short games like pitch ‘n’ putt.

1.6.1 More About It

You can also plan a visit to the children’s zoo on a fresh summer morning and pet the animals. The place is a huge attraction for its extensive gardens with exotic flora, alpaca walks, portrait paintings, and so much more. However, even if entry is free, parking charges are applicable. In summary, the freshness of nature and luscious lawns will surely put you in awe of their beauty.

1.7 WWT Martin Mere Wetland Centre

As the name suggests, this center is a hub for wetland wildlife. The center has adventurous activities for kids under 3 years of age too. You can go for the fun-filled pond dipping to see life underwater.

Certainly,  the center is a marked spot for its big treetops, playgrounds, animal feeding, etc.

1.7.1 More About It

The wetland center is also home to pink flamingos, white storks, kingfishers, mallards, etc. In fact, a walk in the wild can calm your mood and bring you a little closer to nature.

Finally, the area also contains zip wires! Do not forget the thrill of water splashing if you plan a day off to visit this mesmerizing wetland center soon.

2. Conclusion 

Zoos in Liverpool are extremely abundant in their natural charm. These zoos work actively to spread knowledge and teach people about the importance of optimum utilization of forest resources and their subsequent conservation to maintain ecological balance. Most of the zoos in Liverpool are important because they provide informational tours and entertainment spots.

These zoos provide a safe space for breeding and nurturing wild animals that might become vulnerable in the future. Visiting a zoo can be a lovely experience, especially if you travel with your family and friends.


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