Which Is The Cheapest Place To Live In UK? – Your 8 Options!

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Living in the UK is difficult because of the high expense of living. In the UK, numerous charming towns and villages have high property prices and excellent lifestyles. Scotland and England have a distinct culture that makes England fantastic for the nation. The whole British Empire is often referred to as British.

Every year millions of tourists travel and stay in the region. London is the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the major commercial banks and cultural centres. British cities are thriving, house prices have climbed by about 50%, and the average cost of living reflects the high cost of living in the UK.

The average British double-earner household will pay four times their average monthly wages to buy their first home for £266k in 2021. As the house prices in England rise significantly above our income, it becomes harder to get by.

Here is a list of the cheapest place to live in UK, regardless of whether you want to purchase or rent.

Things To Consider When You Relocate To The UK

With rising fuel prices and rising inflation, everyone is facing pressure. Working on affordability means examining the issue from several different perspectives. This is a major problem for anyone looking to move and start looking for the cheapest place to live in Uk.

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This is also one of the most significant factors to consider when moving forward. 2022 has proven to be one of the most economically difficult years for the British economy. As is typically the case, the cost is the most important factor to consider before relocating.

Your transportation alternatives are an often-ignored cost consideration. What will the monthly cost be? Will you use public transportation? What are the related expenditures for petrol, parking, and other expenses?

1. PE – Price to Earnings Ratio

The ongoing living expenses are important, but the ‘bar of entrance’ costs of migrating to another place are the home prices. The Price/Rewards ratio, or PE, compares the average value of rental land to that of a typical region. This Affordability data helps buyers make educated judgments about where their money should be spent.

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PE is often expressed as X multiplied by average earnings. A PE ratio of 5 indicates that property prices in certain places are five times greater than resident income. Between 2012 and 2022, the home price ratio in the UK varied. This factor must be noted while searching for the cheapest place to live in UK.

The ratio gauges the evolution of home affordability and is computed by dividing nominal house price by nominal disposable income per person in 2015, when the index was 100. In the first quarter of 2022, the UK’s index score was 121.7, indicating that home price increase has surpassed income growth by 21.7 percent since 2015.

Cheapest Place To Live In UK

Here is a list of the cheapest places to live in UK for you.

1. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Doncaster, named after the river Don, which runs across the county, has its airport. Northern England is notorious for its terrible weather, yet Doncaster has a marine climate, which means its temperatures are often comparable to those in the Southeast.

This would be excellent if you’re terrified of the cold and wish to leave your nation for an inexpensive journey north. St. Georges Minster, located just above a stunning skyline, is a fantastic option for nearby activities.

Doncaster is a significant Minster town in South Yorkshire, an honourable designation that refers to towns in the United Kingdom whose churches have a long history.

It is worth living here since it offers several popular attractions, including Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Because of the size of its market centre and the fact that it has held a market charter since medieval times, it is also considered a market town. When you consider Doncaster’s gorgeous parks and countryside, it’s evident that this town is ideal.

Doncaster is a reasonably priced town, with average house prices of £174k. A freshly constructed house costs £203k.

2. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

The region has become a growing investment hub in the UK. Middlesbrough is the largest city in historic North Yorkshire, nestled on the bank of the Tee.

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New jobs, better leisure opportunities and homes make this once-industrial city an attractive local area for living. Middlesbrough lies right at the heart of The Tees Valley, just a 15-minute drive to the coast.

It’s in an excellent location, with connections to York, Manchester, and Sheffield. The lure of cheaper housing costs is one of the main reasons people migrate to Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough has a high proportion of social housing and reputed social landlords.

Massive investments and rehabilitation programmes have helped the town. Terraced houses in Middlesbrough sell for roughly £81k, while semi-detached houses sell for around £140k. The average house price in Middlesbrough is £134k.

The town hosts the beloved Middlesbrough Fc team, who became the original member of the English Premier League in 1992. Middlesbrough’s rich cultural heritage has a huge leisure centre, a year-long Mela Festival, Art Weekender Festival and leading universities.

With a large recreational park, musical legacy, an annual Mela festival, and the Art Weekender event, there are a lot of cultures. Middlesbrough’s average wage zone is roughly £26k.

3. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Hartlepool, County Durham

Golden beaches, a rich maritime heritage, and an ambitious new multimillion-dollar marina complex may all be found at Hartlepool, a city on the Northeast coast. Tall Ship racing is one of the city’s annual celebrations honouring Hartlpool’s historical history.

Hartlepool, Durham, has a strong feeling of community. Durham Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers breathtaking views of the city. Durham is built on a hill and is surrounded on all four sides by the River Wear, making it an important defence against the Scottish invasion of England in the 1600s.

The Durham Cathedral, located in the centre of Durham Cathedral, served as the backdrop for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. County Durham boasts almost 1000 years of English culture and is one of England’s most beautiful and affordable towns.

On average, house prices in Durham are cheaper than in the rest of the Northeast of England. Durham’s average house price is £136k. Durham is a lovely and peaceful city noted for its cathedral, castle, and one of the country’s oldest colleges. It is home to friendly inhabitants and provides a peaceful lifestyle, selling houses for roughly £73k.

Durham is 32 metres above sea level. In the summer, the average daily temperature is from 6 to 7 degrees Celsius, reaching 19 degrees Celsius. Durham is the cheapest location in England for students to reside.

A one-bedroom apartment costs about £650 per month on average. Durham’s economy is prospering, with many employment possibilities in several sectors. The cost of living is moderate.

4. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Bradford, West Yorkshire

Bradford, an English Greenbelt town that offers fantastic outdoor recreation and magnificent landscape is a rural community. It was formerly the first filming location designated by UNESCO, with cobblestone alleyways brimming with many cultures.

cheapest place to live in UK
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Since Bradford’s inception, there has been a legacy of creating movies, and it has been recognized for this heritage for 10 years. One hour and a half to the northwest of Doncaster lie the popular tourist resort of Bradford.

The average home cost in Bradford is £154k. The size and quality of Bradford’s houses make them simple to sell when it’s time to relocate. One of the most popular marketplaces in the nation is Bradford and for a good reason. This city is going ahead with strength and vigour, as seen by rising prices and a strengthening economy.

Bradford is a lovely city with a long history and a lot to offer. Bradford has a lot of charm and residences that are relatively reasonable. Bradford also takes pride in having a kid-friendly city centre and a park that has won several awards. In terms of road connections, particularly for Yorkshire, it is well linked.

The city, which began as a centre for textile production and has since grown to rank among the most important in the UK, is located on the foothills of the Pennine mountains. One of the major cities in the UK, Bradford is the second-largest urban area in West Yorkshire.

5. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast seems to have calm weather; February is the coolest month. In August, temperatures are typically 2 C, but in July, they soar to 17 C. In Belfast, living expenses are not too expensive. In Buba and other parts of town, there are shops, gyms, and restaurants that are reasonably priced.

cheapest place to live in UK
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Another cheapest place to live in the UK, Belfast has a connection between Metro buses and City Center, making transit simple. The elevation of Belfast is 12 metres above sea level. In Belfast, a 1-bedroom flat is around £400.

The cost of living and working in Belfast is the lowest in the UK. Belfast has developed into a major European tourist destination by building on its turbulent history.

A lot is happening in such a small community, from Game of Thrones to music festivals to wall art. The people of Belfast are kind and knowledgeable. Shipbuilding in Belfast has a long history, and the city’s docks are where the Titanic was constructed.

Although the city’s skyline is dominated by two Harland & Wolff cranes known as Samson and Goliath, the Titanic Building is the place to go if you’re interested in the ship. Walking is simple and sometimes the most fun form of transportation in Belfast because of its modest size.

Major pick-up locations for the Metro bus services, which operate continuously throughout the day in Central Belfast, are on each side of City Hall. Here, taxis are reasonably priced. Certainly, it is a cheapest place to live in UK.

6. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Stirling, Scotland

Stirling is a sizable city situated in the centre of central Scotland, nearly halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. In Stirling, the summers are wonderful, and the winters are long and clear. The average winter temperature is 2 C, while May sees a warming trend. The average summertime temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.


Stirling is 13 metres below the surface. Stirling has been named by Scottish estate agencies as the cheapest city in the UK on several occasions. Residents may also take advantage of the city’s urban green space and breathtaking surroundings.

The cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Stirling is around £475. Stirling residents make around £25k a year on average. It is famous for its historic castle and charming old town, which annually draw thousands of visitors. Therefore, it is the cheapest place to live in UK.

The city is the ideal location for a calm existence, away from the noise and bustle of other larger cities, since it is never too busy or congested. Stirling is large enough to provide everything you’d expect from a contemporary city while maintaining a sense of community. Living in Stirling is not too expensive.

7. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Derry, Northern Ireland

In addition to being a fantastic tourist destination, Derry or Londonderry also provides its citizens with affordable housing. Derry is the second-largest city in Ireland. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around £564.

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The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of about 6 C. The summertime months of July and August are often rainy. Normal temperatures range from 11 to 18 degrees Celsius. Summer in July becomes hot. Derry has a colder maritime climate and is 54 metres above sea level.

The Derry region is the cheapest place to live in UK. An average home spends £85 per year on utilities. When comparing average income to housing costs, Derry is the cheapest place to live in UK. A significant British city, Belfast, is well linked to Derry.

Its medieval walls, which date back over 400 years, are steeped in history. 2013 saw Derry recognized as the UK’s most significant cultural city. In terms of money, Derry is difficult to beat. Hence it is the cheapest place to live in UK.

Derry is the cheapest place to live in the UK because of its unspoiled regions of natural beauty and renowned history. Here, the international eating scene is growing, and the café scene is continuously evolving.

One of the most affordable cities to live in in the UK, Derry has an average property price of £145k and an average monthly cost of living of £1261.

8. Cheapest Place To Live In UK – Newcastle, Tyne

The cheapest place to live in UK, Newcastle has mild cool weather from June through August, but pleasant for the rest of the year. The typical winter temperature is between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius. Newcastle is a low-cost, safe city with good healthcare and facilities.

cheapest place to live in UK
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Newcastle stands 11 metres tall. A one-bedroom flat costs little more than £650. The average monthly utility bill is about £130. Restaurants and fitness centres are both inexpensive choices. Transport in Newcastle is reasonably priced. It’s a prestigious area with a large population and a vibrant local vibe.

There are rivers and waterfalls to wander alongside and some of the best outdoor attractions. You should consider living here as a primary choice. The region also had a history in the mining sector, as did most of Tyne & Wear at the time. The average salary in this area is roughly £47k.

Newcastle offers everything a person might desire in a city. It provides the ease of city life without the hustle and bustle. Newcastle has an excellent quality of life since the average rent is 65% cheaper than in London.

The average property prices in this area are roughly £175k, with an average monthly rent of £1500. This regional city is ideal for individuals who like city living but want a bit more peace and a more leisurely way of life. All of these make it the most affordable city in the UK.


That concludes the list of the cheapest place to live in UK.

cheapest place to live in UK
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In return for cheap housing costs and high quality of life, the UK is home to many stunning towns and cities. The location of your potential relocation will depend on a variety of things. These little English villages provide first-class amenities without the high cost while still putting all of Britain’s natural beauty at your fingertips.

Despite its reputation as one of the best places in the world to live and study, the UK’s high cost of living is a drawback. The locations listed are some of the finest and reasonably priced for everyone. The north is the area with the cheapest place to live in UK, with low housing and daily living costs.


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