Where to stay in Malta?

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Malta is an island nation situated in the mediterranean sea and is one of the favoured tourist destinations. It is also famous for its sunny beaches, warm climate, and majestic landscapes due, to which it has been the most preferred film location.

This archipelago is home to many old temples, such as the Megalithic temples of Malta. And is also famous for its rich culture, historical past, architectural structures, heritage sites, beautiful coastline.

Valletta is Malta’s capital city which is counted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage City. In 2018, Valletta was introduced as the European capital of culture.

This tourist place has always welcomed visitors with open arms. There are so many restaurants, hotels, beaches, historical locations that provide are a great getaway to this beautiful island nation.

There are so many things to see, places to visit, beaches to enjoy if, you are visiting Malta. Malta is also known for snorkelling and swimming. So, firstly let’s explore the shores of Malta to spend your beach holiday.

Malta Beaches

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Malta is a paradise for people who are suckers for beaches. The coastline is all hemlined with majestic views of beautiful sandy beaches. If you don’t want to mix up with the crowds, you can choose to spend time privately at some of the private beaches in Malta.

But before exploring the shores of Malta, you should be aware of the flags on those beautiful beaches.

Coloured Flags as a Sign

The beaches at Malta use different coloured flags to define the condition of the beach, keeping in mind the visitors. Some Flag colours to remember is:-

Green – Safe to bath. Ready Dive Enjoy!

Blue – Beach is environment-friendly and sustainable with all the facilities.

Yellow – Low danger, precaution needed.

Purple – Danger of marine pests ( such as jellyfish)

Red – Dangerous due to high currents.

Double Red- Extreme danger, do not swim!

These may change due to environmental conditions, beach conditions, marine life, and current variations so, you need to keep a check on these situations!

Golden Bay Beach, Malta Island

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The golden bay is a sandy beach that got its name because of the golden brown colour that gives the beach its shiny appearance. The blue-green waves of the ocean make a magnificent view along with the surrounding cliffs and dunes.

You can view the beautiful sunset with your loved one! This beach excels in hospitality to its visitors. You can also prefer to stay in golden bay resorts to spend your perfect vacation in Malta! Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay are within walking distance of each other. Golden Bay is a certified blue beach concerning all the basic facilities.

Ir-Ramla-il-Hamra, Gozo Island

This beach is in the fertile valley of Gozo island. It is all covered with historical architecture and greens. It is perfect for family holidays, with all the basic facilities whether in winter or summer vacation.

Photo by Hasmik Ghazaryan Olson/Unsplash

This red sandy beach is one of its kind on Gozo island. Ir-Ramla-il-Hamra is a certified blue beach with regard to all the amenities.

Ghajn tuffieha, Malta Island

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This beach is also known as Riviera Martinique or Riviera bay. It is a red sandy beach also known as Apple’s eye. You can enjoy great family time by exploring various activities like cliff walks, and birdwatching is one of them.

Or you can also build castles with your little one! The tranquillity of the beach makes it a serene place to enjoy. It is a certified blue flag breach. It is also referred to as the best sandy beach in Malta.

Mellieha Bay, Malta Island

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Mellieha Bay is on the outskirts of the beautiful village of Mellieha also known as Ghadira bay. It is one of the most visited beaches in the world and it is known as Malta’s largest sandy beach in Malta.

You can enjoy quality time with your family by enjoying various adventurous sports like kayaking, waterskiing, windsurfing, and many more. This beach provides all the facilities to its visitors and that is why Mellieha Bay is a certified blue flag beach.

Gnejna Bay, Malta Island

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It is one of the quietest beaches in Malta. It is a lovely beach that gives your photography passion a chance to click some beautiful pictures. You can windsurf, swim or snorkel in the water or enjoy your vacation just by sunbathing! Other facilities are also available at the beach.

Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

It is also known as the most beautiful attraction in Malta. If you want to imagine heaven on earth this is it! What can a visitor ask for more than pristine blue and clear water and glittering waves?

Comino Island
Photo by Mike Nahlii/Unsplash.

Snorkelling is the best thing you can enjoy here, or you can swim through the water and notice the beautiful local marine life. Blue Lagoon is a beautiful place to spend your vacation with your family.

Pretty Bay in Birzebbuga, Malta Island

It is an artificial sandy beach. Though this beach is “pretty” in every season, the best time is to visit is summer. This artificial beach is man-made by collecting the sand from the ocean, and this bay is no less than any beauty. Apart from beauty, this beach excels in all its facilities. Ghar Dalam is a cave that has the signs of the earliest inhabitants. It is a must-visit place in Malta if you plan to stay in Malta.

Armier Bay, Malta Island

Armier bay consists of two beaches, and the water of this bay just resembles the exact pristine and clear water like the blue lagoon. You can find several boat tours at this bay. It is a beautiful beach. Though this is not a modern place still it has basic facilities like bars, small restaurants, and barbeque places to enjoy your day.

St.Peter’s Pool, Malta Island

This place got its name from its natural shape of a pool. It is not a sandy place but a rocky surface platform where you can enjoy the scenic magnificence of the pool.

St. Peter
Photo by Karl Muscat/Unsplash

If you want to find an excellent jump height, then is it! With a great height of 6 meters. It is worth visiting the place.

The Blue Grotto

The perfect cobalt blue colour is reflected by the water, thus naming it Blue Grotto. This beautiful place is situated on the southeastern coast of Malta. This is not any beach, but a beautiful cavern. This cavern is counted as a private beach to enjoy on your own to beat the crowds.

Blue Grotto
Photo by Rick Barton/Unsplash

The brown, orange, red, and purple hues reflected on the walls of this cavern are worth capturing. You can enjoy this place when the sun shines high in the sky reflecting all the colours of water and the walls by enjoying the boat trip by exploring the beautiful coral reefs underwater.

The Point Shopping Mall

Situated in the heart of Sliema. This is the perfect shopping hotspot for visitors as it also provides free private parking, restaurants, wifi, cafes, and bars for the shoppers. You can notice various international brands under one roof. And if you think this is a female’s favourite destination then, you should correct yourself! As fashion needs no age this mall also sells not just female brands but also clothes for newborns to your grannies and grandpas!

Nearby Places to stay in Malta

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St. Paul’s Bay

It is said that Saint Paul’s shipwrecked at this bay, thus naming it St. Paul’s Bay. It is a welcoming place to stay in Malta. St. Paul’s Bay is a quiet town unlike its nearby towns, those within walking distance. It is counted as one of the private beaches in Malta. Earlier it was just a fishing village but now it’s more like modernity. If you want to enjoy your quiet holiday and Maltese culture St. Paul’s Bay is your place! Although there is nightlife to enjoy, resorts here are quieter than their neighbours. There are other accommodation options available for staying in Malta.

St. Paul Bay’s Neighbors

If you plan to stay in Malta, you shall not miss out on exploring St. Paul and its neighbours. St. Paul Bay along with its neighbours provides budget accommodation to the tourists visiting Malta.


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It is a vibrant town compared to St. Paul’s Bay. There are lovely beaches to enjoy your vacation, St. Paul’s Bay Church, and the main square where you can stroll around in the evening and sip a few drinks.

You can also live the traditional Maltese life by conversing with any of the locals or trying something Maltese do explore out few restaurants, go shopping, try out some adventurous sports, and go on boat tours to beaches.


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This place is home to Malta’s many popular resorts and luxury hotels next to St Paul’s Bay. You can also enjoy the perched beach, aquariums, cafes, and restaurants. You can enjoy other adventurous sports on the shores of Qawra along with the good taste of luxury.


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It is also known as the Resort town as, you can find Malta’s largest resort in Sliema and a touch of modernity in all of its architecture, like wine bars, cafes, restaurants, modern hotels, and shopping which also has a flavour of St. Paul’s Bay. It is just a fishing village but, the nightlife is a great thing to enjoy here. You can also enjoy snorkelling, swimming, diving, and boat trips.

St. Julians

Located in Malta’s centre and on the right of Sliema and the capital city Valletta. This place is perfect for people who want to enjoy the high life yet want to try local Maltese cuisines.

Photo by Paula De La Pava Nieto/Unsplash.

St. Julian’s is the best place to stay in Malta because of its modernity. It contains several lovely beaches with luxury hotels, bars, restaurants, boutiques. You can enjoy the cool nightlife here.

Bays in St. Julian

St. Julian’s in Malta shows modernity in every form because this town is famous for tourism, business, bars, cafes, restaurants, and many more things which marks that it is a developed bay with facilities! There are many neighbouring bays to St. Julian’s and each of them is different in its terms.

St. George’s Bay

According to the legends, this is the place where St. George slew the dragon at a grotto with seven caves and then washed his hands which locals believed to be a holy place for granting their wishes thus, naming it St. George’s Bay! St. George’s Bay is situated in St.Julian’s famous for its nightlife, beautiful blue-flagged beaches, hotels, and restaurants. St.Geroge’s Bay is also known as the mecca of entertainment in Malta.

St. Balluta Bay

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St. Balluta Bay is situated in St. Julian’s in Malta. This bay is famous for being a tourist hotspot. It is best known for recreational activities like swimming, diving, and water sports in balluta bay beach with restaurants within walking distance. It is a triangular piazza surrounded by cafes. You can try the local Maltese local cuisines, shop in shopping malls, and enjoy the nightlife in wine bars and nightclubs.

St. Spinola Bay

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It is situated on the east coast of Malta. It is also popularly known as the “Heart of Malta” because of its Love Statue where lovers secure their love as love locks. St. Spinola Bay is famous for sculptures, fancy restaurants, and open-air terraces to enjoy your stay in Malta. The statue of “Fishermen and the cat” shows the deeply connected roots to fishing as their primary economy.


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The capital city of Malta is not less than in any term whether it is palaces, architecture, structures, art events, or any beautiful stops to drool. If you have a hunger for a great getaway this is a place for you! Valletta is the smallest European capital. Valletta started just like a fishing village but the modernity around the place shows how much this place has developed over time.

Must-Visit Places in Valletta

St.John’s Co-Cathedral

St. John’s Co-Cathedral is located in the centre of Valletta. This church was designed by Girolamo Cassar. This cathedral church is built in a Mannerist style which is reflected by the richly decorated and intricately carved walls, and side altars with scenes from St.John’s life.

Photo by Mike Nahlii/Unsplash

There are eight chapels, from which one is dedicated to Our Lady of Philermos, and the rest are dedicated to the patron saints of each of the Order’s eight divisions.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

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Upper Barrakka Gardens is a beautiful site to explore if you are planning to stay in Malta. These gardens are for the public. There are statues of prominent personalities. Upper Baraka Gardens provides a clear view of the grand harbour, The three cities, lower barrakka gardens low-lying areas of the shipyard through its terrace.

The Grand Harbour

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The Grand Harbour is popularly named the Port of Valletta. This is a natural harbour on Maltese island. It is facing northeast towards Marsa. The Grand Harbour has been modified because of various dockyards, wharves, and fortifications through the years. The southeastern shore of the grand harbour is joined by various inlets and headlands.

If you are planning a great stay in Malta then, you should also check out a few restaurants and budget-friendly resorts to explore traditional Maltese life. Along exciting your taste buds with Malta’s street food.

Valletta’s City Gate Square

It is also known as the “Door of the city.” Valletta’s City Gate Square is the entrance to the city of Valletta, Malta. The present gate is the fifth gate that stands firmly designed by Renzo Piano. The earlier design or structure of the gate gave rise to many controversies.

Traditional Art Museum Muza

MUZA itself stands for National Museum of Art. This museum is not any typical museum where artefacts and collections are placed chronologically. The artefacts are placed based on four narratives (which are Mediterranean, Europe, Empire, and the Artist) related to the history and religion of Malta. This traditional art museum muża aims to empower the participants to engage, experience, and contribute to the narratives.

Hotels and Resorts in Malta

If you are confused after planning beaches, and selecting places to visit, but confused about where to stay in Malta, you can try out many of the hotels and resorts present on the main island.

Photo by Ostap Senyuk/Unsplash

You can go from luxury to budget accommodation here. Here’s a quick look at the hotels and resorts this island nation offers for various accommodation options.

Radisson Blu Resort & Hotels, Malta Golden Sands

This resort is situated on the cliff of a golden beach surrounded by the pristine water of the Mediterranean sea. It is a five-star hotel which includes all the facilities like spa facilities, modern rooms, and outdoor swimming pools.

You get a golden view of the beach in the morning, which sets your day right and fills you with a punch to explore Malta. Radisson blu resort also offers free wifi, air-conditioned rooms, minibars, and many other services to its customers.

The Phoenicia Malta

If you are getting live piano music then you must be sure you are at The Phoenicia Malta a five-star luxury hotel at a little distance from The Grand Harbour. You can notice all the hues of colours and brightness. This hotel also offers an outdoor swimming pool, Maltese tiled floors, a business centre, a garden, and lots of arts and architecture. It is counted as one of the best boutique hotels.

Golden Sands Resorts and Spa

Here’s adding one more five-star hotel to the list. This resort excels in everything from modern rooms, a swimming pool, spa, gym, self-catering apartments, and a private beach to breathtaking views of the beach, beautiful sunsets, and horizons with crystal water waves to make you go woo-hoo!

Malta Golden Sands is located near Mellieha Bay. This is a popular tourist resort among visitors because of its facilities and iconic location.

Juliana Boutique Living

This is a mixture of lovely and lively both at a single time. It is counted as one of the best boutique hotels. It provides its guests with free wifi, a kettle desk, a swimming pool family rooms, a private bathroom, an open sun terrace, and a minibar. This hotel is a few kilometres away from St. Julian’s.

AX, The Victoria Hotel

Treats you like royalty! As its tagline goes, it has all the modern facilities for your stay in Malta. It is a fancy hotel yet, it is a fully victorian style which makes your relaxing holiday a remarkable one! Victoria Hotel is abundant in bars and restaurants and also provides elegant rooms, a gym, a spa, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool to their visitors.

Holiday Inn Express, The IHG Hotel

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If you are visiting Malta with your family, this is a great family restaurant. This hotel won’t create a hole in your pocket because it is budget-friendly. Holiday Inn Express also offers air-conditioned rooms, bars, a gym, a terrace, comfortable rooms, and many more. This holiday inn is at a little distance from St. Julian’s.

Hotel San Lawrenz

This hotel lies the beautiful sister of Malta which is Gozo. Hotel san Lawrenz also offers free wifi, an outdoor swimming pool, luggage storage, an open terrace, a garden, free parking, and comfortable rooms to its customers. If you are travelling with your friends this is the hotel to stay in Malta and enjoy this place!


Photo by Vlah Dumitru/Unsplash

It also has the Mediterranean’s largest Ayurveda health centre. This resort architecturally fits in the beautiful limestone surroundings.

The Grand harbor hotel

This hotel is situated near to The Grand Harbour. This hotel offers free wifi, free parking, a rooftop terrace, contemporary rooms, family room services, and majestic sea views to visitors in a budget-friendly way. You can have access to their neighbourhood through their various services. To entertain their guest’s hotel already provides a lively environment.

Seaview Hotel, Malta

This hotel is on the seaside of St. Paul and Qawra island. This hotel is counted among the budget hotels provide all the facilities of superior rooms, an indoor pool, rooftop terrace, gym, bars, and restaurants. This hotel is a great getaway for charging you up away from your hectic schedule. It also ensures an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. This hotel is the perfect place if you visit Malta with your friends!

St. Patrick’s Hotel

The hotel is situated in the majestic Xlendi island on Gozo, which is voted as the most secret island in the world. This hotel is in the picturesque beauty of the island. St. Patrick’s also provides comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, sun terrace to its guests. This seafront hotel provides all the relaxing and quiet holiday. Along with a great getaway, you can also plan a great destination wedding here!

White Stallion

If you call it majestic, it wouldn’t be wrong because it provides all the basic facilities like a roof terrace, swimming pool, spacious rooms, private parking, spa, free wifi and many more to count! This resort is just a few minutes from Ghadhira bay which means you can have fun with relaxation.

I hope this article will be helpful for a great getaway to Malta!

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