Where Is Hot In November In Europe—19 Incredible Places You Must Explore

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Where is Hot in November in Europe is a tough question indeed. Europe is a traveler’s joy most of the year, and the difficulty is to ensure you include the greatest places and activities to do here in the European trip. During November, Europe begins preparation for wintertime and is in the midst of fall, when the beautiful leaves begin falling. Northwest of Europe, in places such as France, England, and Germany, the chill has indeed set in, and snow is expected by the end of November.

Southern Europe is a very different thing altogether, with bright towns like Rome, Catalonia, Valencia, and Madrid experiencing nice weather interspersed with showers. It is a great time to visit if you can’t stand the steamy Mediterranean heat. However, the location or towns you choose, you will reap the benefits of reduced peak season, such as reduced flights and lodging rates.

Let’s admit it: summertime is the peak travel season for Europe, particularly during the summer vacations. So, if you want deep discounts and somewhat nicer temperatures, consider visiting Europe in the fall – there are several fantastic places to visit in Europe even during September, October, and November.

1. Cote d’Azur

The Cote d’Azur is a breathtakingly beautiful region. The magnificent hills, mountains, seas, and skyline attract thousands of people each year. This is why going in November is a great idea. The temperature remains great, but the number of visitors is decreased.

Not only are the seas still hot enough to dive in, but all costs are also lowered. October and November are the finest times to travel if you want to genuinely chill and appreciate the French Riviera.

2. Granada, Spain

Granada, the last stronghold of the Moors, is dotted with Islamic architecture, lending an unusual feel to the Spanish city nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The Alhambra attracts visitors, but the Alcazaba, Nasrid Palaces, and Generalife Gardens keep them coming back.

The weather in November is great for day visits outside of the city, and you must walk the historic Caminito Del Ray route, see Cordoba’s mosque, or stroll the Alpujarras. Granada’s mixed heritage is best appreciated in Albaicin, the Arab neighborhood.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Not only is the architecture of Granada noteworthy, but so is gastronomy! Don’t miss out on any of these incredible excursions in the most glorious sunshine Granada has to offer. As you walk through small passageways and verdant gardens, see its wonderfully preserved mosques. Then, at Carmen Verde Luna, order sangria and savor the complimentary appetizers.

3. Madrid, Spain

Follow that up with a visit to Spain’s capital, where the temperature isn’t quite warm, but it’s still bearable. Temperatures hover around 10°C, but you won’t feel the chill because the sun shines for approximately 5-6 hours every day.

Madrid, being a major metropolitan area, is teeming with activity, and as a result, there is never a shortage of activities to do and sights to visit. If you enjoy museums, this city is a must-see. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Museum of Romanticism of Madrid, and House-Museum of Raton Perez are just a handful of the numerous museums in Madrid where you may spend hours upon hours.

Madrid is also recognized for its vibrant party scene, which features some of the world’s most prominent nightclubs and eateries. Apart from the normal, Madrid holds its yearly Carnival in February, which is a major festival with spectacular marches, musical concerts, exciting activities, and a gorgeous, cheerful mood across the city. Don’t miss the legendary sardine burial.

4. Spain, Seville

The scent of orange groves in the Mudéjar Palaces travels much farther along, and the Andalusian sunlight seems hot in November in Seville. Andalusia’s capital is one of the greatest locations to visit in Spain in November since the weather is spectacular! This is the only period of the year when you can stroll outside without feeling overheated.

It’s a great chance to observe the town’s colourful Islamic art inside the Seville monuments, as well as the Gothic style in the Seville Abbey. Take a guided tour through the ancient passageways that seem to be frozen in time and sample the genuine food. Don’t forget to see a Flamenco performance!

5. Budapest, Hungary

Nothing beats bathing in a hot thermal springtime bath in Budapest to combat the cold on a wintery November night. There are plenty of reasons to visit Budapest all year, but its lively attitude and calendar of events make it one of the greatest locations to visit in Europe in November.

The architecture of Budapest will astound you, and a walking tour is the finest way to see the Hungarian Parliament and the cities of Buda and Pest. November is one of the rainy months, so put on your rain clothing and board a HOHO tour to see the attractions. On St. Martin’s Day, enjoy traditional Hungarian food and experience the greatest wine and cheese.

6. Canary Islands

Fuerteventura inside this Archipelago of Spain we can have the hottest November weather in the entire of Europe, with higher temperatures and plenty of sunlight. Because the Coastal Regions do not have a true winter, you may enjoy numerous outdoor sports in November similar to what you would in the summertime. In November, Spain is the hottest nation in Europe, with lots of wonderful places on the island to soak in the winter sun.

The Canary Islands are an exotic country not far from home, with spectacular vistas, idyllic beaches, and lush island charm. These Spanish islands, located just 100 kilometers off the coast of Morocco, have year-round warmth and excellent sunshine. Each island is distinct and has its distinct personality.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Explore lunar-like volcanic vistas, eye-catching dunes, and breathtaking crystal-clear waterways. Not only that, but the islands are full of exciting activities such as astronomy, scuba diving, dolphin gazing, mountain climbing, trekking, volcano excursions, ancient landmarks, wine tasting, and simply sitting on the lovely beaches. We suggest visiting the Canary Islands in November. Tenerife is an excellent choice for a beach trip.

7. Malta

Quality vacations to Malta are ideal for experiencing the magnificent sights and sensations of Maltese culture. Only a few northern European countries have such variance per person as Malta. This little and sunny archipelago, only 15 miles by nine, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, flaunts its numerous attractions.

An exquisite and noble capital city built from creamy, golden limestone stands proudly over Valletta’s gorgeous big bay. There’s a lot to see and do in this part of the Mediterranean, especially because neighboring Gozo is so close.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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When you’ve had your fill of Malta’s past era, there’s still much more to do. The underwater environment is alive with fish, old shipwrecks, and enticing tunnels, making diving here world-renowned. If you want to remain on the surface of the water, the short ferry cruise to the neighborhood of Gozo is worthwhile both for the route and the destination. Malta’s calmer neighbor has rural appeal, historic towns, and beaches ideal for resting, sunbathing, and diving.

When you walk through the twisting alleyways of Malta and Gozo, you’ll notice the aroma of freshly baked bread floating enticingly through the air. You will undoubtedly be tempted to dive into the freshly baked products of the bakeries anytime you come across them as a complement to many lunchtimes on the islands.

Malta’s food has its distinct style that is inspired by both Italian and North African cultures. You may anticipate rustic stews and substantial sauces, as well as spaghetti, soups, and pizzas. Choose from fancy dining venues to low-key seaside cafés – you’ll always find freshly acquired seafood and catch on the plates.

8. Turkey

Turkey. It’s one of the largest tourist accomplishments in recent times, with over a million British tourists lured in by the nation’s enticing blend of stunning landscape, crystal waters, delicious food, and a culture that’s just distinct enough to seem unique without being too difficult. Turkey is such a large and diverse nation that there are continually new locations to discover and new things to appreciate no matter how many times you come. Turkey has some extremely spectacular beaches.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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The lengthy curving of the beach at Olu Deniz is arguably the most famed, but Patara, an hour west from the coast, is as beautiful. Except for one basic café, the 22km length of sand serves as a nesting area for sea creatures. There are few nice places to stay, so the best bet is to stay in Kalkan, which is about a fifteen-minute bus ride away.

If you want to spend a week combining excitement and spills with sunbathing, travel to Kas, a charming old Greek seaside hamlet that has become Turkey’s excitement capital. Teens will like the Energetic Adventure Week, which includes kayak tours, mountain climbing, sledging down a gorge, and a tour through the beautiful Saklikent Gorge.

If you prefer water-based sports, a gulet trip is ideal: a week spent cruising up the coast on a traditional Turkish sailboat, with lots of opportunities for sunbathing, diving, and scuba, as well as visiting the charming cities that populate the shoreline.

9. Greece

Greece is among the top European vacation spots. The uniqueness of the islands – and the mainland – as well as the excellence of the lodgings and the hospitality of the people, continue to lure us back.

But it’s the permanence and purity of unspoiled Greece that has a lasting fascination. The cuisine appears basic yet nutritious, which hasn’t altered significantly over the years.  Whitewashed buildings, squat churches, and windmills dot the landscape, speaking of heritage and peaceful confidence.

The Greek Island of Zakynthos is famous for its mythological shipwrecks, colorful landscapes, and delectable local food. It’s one of the greatest hot European locations in November because of the low cost of lodging and vehicle bookings, as well as the nice climate and lack of tourists.

You feel like you’ve nailed the spirit of a summer vacation whether you’re taking a ferry to an island, relaxing on a beach, or sitting at a sidewalk taverna with a Greek salad or a bottle of wine. A simple, leisurely, everlasting joy.

10. Cyprus

The towns and highlands beyond the busy shore are the island’s crowning glory. The average visitor mostly ignores these. The Troodos Mountains’ slopes are lush with vineyards, olive orchards, and carob trees, intermingled with historic, little-changed communities. Life is slower when compared to the coast, and agribusiness is the primary source of revenue.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Lower slopes are densely forested with almonds, hazelnut, cherry, apple, raspberry, grapes, and citrus trees, and the air is saturated with the sounds of running streams. The mountains above, which rise to 1,952 meters, are densely wooded with black pine, citrus, and plane trees, and are home to the rare Mouflon mountain sheep.

The almond blossom heralds the arrival of spring in Cyprus around the end of February. The months to travel are March through May and September to November, with seaside weather ranging from 19 to 24 degrees and mountainous weather ranging from 10 to 24 degrees.

11. Faro, Portugal

Faro is a lovely Portuguese city that is the capital of the Algarve, situated around 60 minutes from the frontier with Spain. The city has a lovely waterfront, several gardens and courtyards, a stunning old town encircled by medieval walls, and numerous delicious sushi bars. The average November temperature is between 13° and 19° C.

12. Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located on the southwestern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula. It is regarded as Europe’s southernmost tip and it’s one of the legendary Columns of Hercules. Gibraltar’s temperature is affected by its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures in winter range around 12 and 18° C. In November, temperatures might reach 19/20 °C.

13. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a stunning Greek island surrounded by turquoise seas, gleaming coastlines, and charming painted villages. The climate is still moderate and sunny in late October, making it ideal for enjoying native customs, a quiet beachfront, and peaceful tourist destinations. Mykonos is one of Europe’s greatest warm spots to visit in November due to its quiet tourist attractions.

Take shots without having to dodge tourists at the vibrant Panagia Paraportiani Church or the famed flour mills in Chora. Then, relax on Platis Gialos Beach. Little Venice in Chora is one of Mykonos’ most lovely nooks, with the most picturesque coastal views. Begin with brunch at Cosmo Cafe before strolling along the beachside walkways. Finish with a delicious seafood feast at Vegeta or Kastro’s overlooking the sea.

14. Florance, Italy

Florence is well-known for its poets and artists, scrumptious food, and ancient monuments. While this vibrant city is teeming with visitors throughout the summer, you may enjoy fewer lines at museums and eateries in November. November is an excellent time to see some of Italy’s most iconic landmarks. Enjoy a quiet visit to the Uffizi Gallery and get up and personal with Michaelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Don’t forget to admire the inside of the majestic Duomo. Softer November in Florence enables you to immerse yourself in the Italian way of life. Spend the day drinking espresso at a cafe in the iconic Piazza Della Signoria. Explore the Fountain of Neptune and the Palazzo Vecchio before dining on antipasto and wines at Vini e Vecchi.

Seek out Florence’s off-the-beaten-path cocktail bars for a different aerial view. Explore Sesto on Arno for upmarket drinks with a view of the Ponte Vecchio, and the Grand Hotel Minerva for a unique perspective of the Duomo.

15. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco, Monte Carlo is well-known for its lively nightlife, opulent seaside lifestyle, and active cultural festivals. The excitement doesn’t stop in fall, when big events begin and casinos remain open, making it one of Europe’s best places to go in November. The month of November is ideal for attending enjoyable Monte Carlo festivities.

Purchase Montecarlo Jazz Festival tickets at the Opera House and swing to the pulse of great jazz artists. Alternatively, attend the Montecarlo Gastronomy Festival to sample delectable world delicacies.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Are you visiting Monaco for the finest experiences in life? Play casinos at the Casino Cafe de Paris or enjoy a round of gaming and beverages at the grandiose Monte Carlo Casino.  

16. Porto, Portugal

Porto is a beautiful medieval city that attracts a lot of tourists, particularly during the summer months. Porto is a lot more enjoyable to visit in November since there are fewer tourists and shorter lines at attractions. Beautiful fall foliage adds to the allure.

The white and blue azulejos (traditional ceramic tiles) atop Porto’s many cathedrals and structures are a distinctive feature. Igreja dos Carmelitas, Igreja de Santo Anto Porto Cathedral, and So Bento railway station all have colourful artwork. 

A picturesque promenade from over Luis I Footbridge around twilight is a must-do on any trip to Porto. From there, you’ll have a spectacular view of the city’s old colorful buildings along the Douro River. This one has to rank among the most spectacular landscapes. 

You won’t be leaving Porto before sampling the delicious Crème pasties. There are several pastéis de Nata stores in town, but the greatest is the Nata Lisboa chain.

17. Rome, Italy

In November, Rome is without a doubt one of the nicest hot European towns. Summers in the Eternal City are extremely crowded and hot, while autumns are lovely and moderate, with fewer crowds, reduced hotel costs, and more breathing room amid world-famous sites. It is no secret that Rome is the premier destination for culture and history enthusiasts. But don’t stop at the well-known Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Where Is Hot In November In Europe
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Off the main road, see the intriguing Baths of Caracalla and the beautiful Doria Pamphilj Gallery. At dusk, the Terrazza del Pincio inside Villa Borghese gives the most magnificent views of Rome. There, talented musicians give the ideal backdrop to a dreamlike perspective of the Eternal City. Attempt to identify renowned landmarks from there.

While Roma Centro Storico is the best place to reside in Italy for any first visitors, but if you’re a frequent visitor wishing to explore the far more hometown team of Italy, consider staying in the most genuine establishments in the city.

18. Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia’s charming entrance to the islands, is surrounded by breathtaking maritime scenery and enticing antique architecture that blends the old and modern civilizations.

November is a wonderful time to visit Dalmatia because of the mild weather and affordable lodgings. Split’s throbbing heart is the Roman remains of Diocletian’s Palace. This sprawling wonderfully kept complex now comprises local stores, cafés, and restaurants.

where is hot in november in europe
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Cafe Kala serves Dalmatian coffee, while Fig Split serves a supper made with locally farmed products. Split has some stunning vistas and overlooks. Hike up to the lookout in Marjan Park; it’s especially gorgeous in November when the trees turn burned brown. Climb to the peak of the historical Cathedral’s spire.

If you fancy Game of Thrones or just want to learn more about old history, go to the Klis Fortress in the foothills above Split. Some sequences in the drama may have reminded you of its verdant terrace and stone structures.

19. Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve area of Portugal is known for its spectacular scenery and sandy beaches. This location is known as a surfer’s paradise, and November brings fantastic weather for riding waves, fewer crowds, and amazing hotel and resort deals. What makes the Algarve a surfer’s paradise? Because of its location in the Atlantic Ocean, you may expect to experience waves 365 days a year.

Few places on the planet can make this claim! Top-tier waves may be found at Arrifana Beach or Amado Beach. Visit Praia do Marinha, a stunning beach surrounded by towering cliffs and amazing rock formations. More amazing rock formations may be seen up close on Ponta da Piedade. Furthermore, really shouldn’t skip the magnificent and unique Benagil Cavern. 


It’s difficult to discover somewhere with pleasant weather in November, particularly if we intend to stay in Europe. Don’t expect to see temps exceeding 30° C or even 25° C. You’ll have to go a bit further to get there. Southern European nations like Rome, France, Madrid, Portugal, and Athens, on the other hand, can be a suitable balance.

If you are looking for the top locations to visit in Europe in November, this article contains a variety of places from beach getaways to balmy towns around the continent. You’ll also come across a plethora of hidden jewels – secret locations to appreciate warm conditions in Europe in November.

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