Waterparks in Salou: 6 Best of Them

Waterpark in salou
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Are you tired of spending days planning a perfect vacation for your kids? Do you want to surprise your kids with the best and most affordable vacation they could have? Well, what’s better than spending your hot summer days at the best waterparks in Salou? Here is a list of the 6 Best Waterparks in Salou that would make your summer vacation an unforgettable one!

Here Are The 6 Best Waterparks in Salou

1. PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Waterpark 

This waterpark allows you to immerse yourself in a world filled with fun and excitement. Moreover, it has waterfalls, with huge pools to jump into where you can cool off.

And not to mention, for those who love the greenery, it also has lush green areas filled with tropical plants and palm trees.

1.1 Indoor Zone 

Don’t your kids just love to throw themselves in the water splashing all the water over you? This is a special zone for your little ones. It is filled with not only water jets, pistols, aircraft, nets, ball pools, and slides but many more surprises!

So book your tickets right now to surprise your kids with a fun-filled visit to zona indoor.

1.2 Junior Body Slides

Specially designed for younger children to experience a thrilling adventure in the beautiful setting of a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea.

Its cheeky water slides with splashing slides will make it a place worth visiting! 

1.3 El Rio Loco

Do you also seek the thrill of the raging current filled with surprises along the way? In this fun-filled and surprising journey through el loco, be ready to encounter great adventure.

Furthermore, Its screens of falling waters, refreshing vapours, pressurized jets, unexpected bubbles and above all many cross-currents are fantastic.

If you’re someone who gets goosebumps just by hearing the word adventure, then this is the perfect place for you! You might go loco at El Rio loco!

1.4 Bahama Beach

Longing for a relaxing adventure? Someplace where the sun throws its rays on your body and your toes get filled with grains of sand? Bahamas Beach at Caribe Aquatic Park might be what you’re just looking for.

This beach allows you to bask in the warm sun rays and indulge in its beauty. This beach is a paradise for all the beach lovers.

1.5 El Triangulo De Las Bermudas

Waterparks in Salou
Screenshot captured from PortAventura world

As the name suggests, this is the most challenging wave pool and home to the most action-packed waves in all of the Caribbean.

Anyone familiar with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle knows exactly what I’m talking about. This pool is a tribute to the legend, allowing you to experience the deadly exciting waves. 

2. Aquopolis Costa Dorada Waterpark in Salou

This waterpark offers you entertaining waterslides and luxurious hotels with rooms perfect for relaxing. Additionally, Its waterslides promise an adrenaline-pumped adventure leaving your heart racing with excitement.

2.1 The Black Hole

Waterparks in Salou
Screenshot captured from Aquopolis costa dorada

This deadly slide will take you on a journey filled with mystery and uncertainty. It adds an extra layer of thrill to the excitement.

What’s more is that with its route and end unknown, this slide offers you a fantastic experience.

It gives you an electrifying rush from the moment you sit on its slides. Not to mention, its hair-raising switchbacks, fun jumps and twists evoke a delightful blend of emotions. It creates a truly memorable vacation.

2.2 Boomerang

Waterparks in Salou
Screenshot captured from Aquopolis costa dorada

This V-shaped slide allows you to throw yourself on an unparalleled ride filled with a spine-chilling experience.

Moreover, It looks just like the ramps on which bikers ride which makes you feel like you’re flying into a void. 

2.3 Speed Race

This gravity-driven slide has several lanes that you can slide through at top speed. If you’re someone who loves to race, then this is perfect for you. Get ready to race with your family and friends on this swooping water slide.

So what are you waiting for? GET, SET, AND GO!

Waterparks in salou
Screenshot captured from Aquopolis costa dorada

2.4 Zig Zag

Don’t you just love to slide on one of those spilling slides leaving you breathless and craving another exciting ride? Well then, you’ll certainly love to get on this slide.

This twisting gravity-defying slide takes you through a gushing experience with unexpected twists and turns. 

3. Hotel Best Sol d’Or

This hotel is right next to the Aquopolis water park and just 3 km away from port aventura theme par. Furthermore, it makes it convenient for the visitors to relax after having a soaking adventure at the waterpark.

Also, this hotel has a 24-hour reception service and all the rooms are fully air-conditioned. Not only does the hotel has a swimming pool for its visitors but also a mini club. Furthermore, it also holds night shows for its visitors.

Additionally, For all the internet maniacs whose world stops revolving without the internet, the hotel also has a free wifi connection for its visitors.

Moreover, it also has a playground where you can enjoy and have fun with your kids.

Waterparks in salou
Screenshot captured from hotel best sol’dor

Additionally, the rooms in the hotel are fully furnished with double rooms. What’s more, is that they have queen size beds that can accommodate up to 4 people. Not only do they have a television and full bathroom but also a terrace.

Additionally, the hotel also has a swimming pool for both adults as well as kids.  Not only this, but the hotel also has a separate splash pool for all its visitors.

This theme pool with several games for the kids makes their visit an exceptional journey!

4. Hotel Oasis Park

From swimming pools and spas to luxurious bedrooms, this amazing hotel has it all. Its have-all rooms are equipped with a tv, fridge, and dryers as well as an optional electronic lock.

Further, Its double bedrooms can accommodate up to 4 people and may have 2 queen size beds in it.

Waterparks in salou
Screenshot captured from hotel oasis park

It not only has swimming pools with fun slides for your kids but also a relaxing spa for adults.

Additionally, it provides them with a soothing experience while their kids jump into the sparkling water pool.

5. Hotel Regente Aragon

If you’re just tired from all the hustle and bustle of the city, this hotel is just for you. Specially designed for relaxation, its quiet rooftop and outdoor pool offer a chance to have a fun peaceful evening to its visitors.

Not only this but they also have a heated swimming pool with a solarium and views of the port salon. 

5.1 Golf Course

Furthermore, for all the golf lovers out there, it also has 420 acres of courses with 42 holes and 2 clubhouses.

What’s more is that the options to practice golf also include three other different courses, club de Golf Bonmont, club de Golf Aiguesverds and Club De Golf costa dorada. All the perfect courses make it a paradise for those looking for a place to hone their golfing skills.

5.2 Restaurant

Waterparks in salou
Screenshot captured from hotel regente aragon

Moreover, for all the breakfast lovers whose only motivation to get up in the morning is the delicious breakfast waiting at their table, this hotel provides them with all kinds of succulent dishes.

From freshly cut fruits to homemade yogurt, they provide you with a healthy breakfast so that you don’t get any excuse to cheat on your diet.

Not only does it have a free wifi connection and a gym but also private enclosed parking.

Furthermore, if you’re someone who loves reading books, they also have a library for bookworms like you!

6. H10 Mediterranean Village

This iconic four-star hotel is located in the Cap De Salou just metres away from the beach. Additionally, it has comfortable rooms with a wide range of dining options and an array of facilities. 

6.1 Rooms and Restaurants

The rooms in this hotel are equipped with all the amenities one can need. From double rooms to family rooms, they have it all!

Additionally, the restaurants and bars have the best kinds of cuisine ranging from a buffet of cold and hot dishes.

Not only this, but they also offer show cooking. The food here will make your tongue tickle with all the luscious dishes it offers you. 

Water parks in salou
Screenshot captured from h10 Mediterranean village

6.2 Pools and Spas

Furthermore, it also has 2 outdoor pools and one children’s pool as well as an indoor heated pool. It gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the glistening waters of the pool and enjoy.

For all those who would always choose a long relaxing massage over a wild crazy night at a bar, they also have a sauna and a Turkish bath. 

6.3 Daisy Club

Additionally, for all those mischievous kids, they also have a daisy club. It is an entertainment programme for children and adults. What’s more, is that it includes a wide range of activities and services for all ages. 

  •  Mini Club

For kids aged 4-8, they have a mini club, where they can have fun with arts and crafts and other entertaining activities. In addition to this, they can also enjoy a mini disco accompanied by their mascot Daisy.

  •  Junior And Teen Club

 For kids aged 9-12, they have a junior club where their teams organize a wide range of activities and competitions. It provides your kids with an environment that allows them to grow and thrive in a healthy manner.

What’s more, is that they also organize various scavenger hunts for the kids. And for kids with age 13 and above, they have a teen club too. 

  •  Daisy Adventure

This is an entertainment programme for your kids with large pools. Here, they can enjoy pirate boats and various water activities.

Moreover, It includes gliding water slides and water jets as well as a mushroom waterfall for the kids. This will give your kids an experiment of their lifetime.

6.4 Children’s Water Park and Jungle Park

Waterparks in salou
Screenshot captured from h10 Mediterranean village

Yes, you heard it right! The children’s water park is where your kids can enjoy thrilling water slides. They can splash around in the pool and have a splashing good time all day long.

Furthermore, they also have a children’s jungle park. Here, you can encounter exotic wildlife and immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature.


So to sum it all up, Salou is a great place to visit where you and your family can have a thrilling adventure in one of the best water parks and hotels there. If you’re planning a getaway, then this is the perfect place for you. It offers you an unimaginable experience with lots of unforgettable memories to create!

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