Waterpark in Manchester: 5 Best Places To Visit

waterpark in manchester
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So, what are your upcoming plans this summer? According to most of us during summers, visiting any waterpark in Manchester will be the best option to have fun and as a result, get relax by focusing on your mental and physical health.

Manchester is known to be the UK’s first city based, among the industrialized cities in the world. In fact, Manchester is not only famous for its museums but also for its spectacular waterparks. For example- The Wave, Calypso Cove, The Water World and so on.

Here, is the description of 5 water parks in Manchester.

1. Here are the 5 Best Waterparks in Manchester

1.1. The Wave Water Park

The Wave is located in Coventry in England. It is an indoor water park. In fact, this water park also has the largest wave pool in the UK, with a capacity of 20 million litres of water. To clarify this place is mostly famous for its six high-octane slides namely –

  • The Cyclone
  • The Crestar
  • The Cascade
  • The Rapids
  • The Riptide
  • The Torrent
    waterpark in manchester, the wave water park manchester
    Courtesy: The Wave

The water park also has a gym and a wellness centre a wellbeing spa, on-site cafes, pools and splash zones, jets, slides and a climbing area that can be enjoyed by the visitors during their visit.

However, visitors can visit this waterpark by personal conveyance because the parking facility is free.

In summary, families with small children can enjoy safely enjoy in this indoor pool water park.

1.2. Water World: Tropical Waterpark in Manchester

Water World is UK’s No.1 indoor tropical waterpark in Manchester. It is situated in the city centre of Stoke-on-Trent, England.

This water park is open almost for the whole year and it also provides an epic experience to enjoy and have fun. But as a result, it is mostly visited during the summer season by visitors.

Nonetheless, it also has a wave pool with a beach effect that offers a relaxing feeling. Both indoor and outdoor pools are there, and as a result in the summer, families can have adventures in the outdoor pools also.

However, there are three water slides that are of normal sizes but they offer an incredible splash.

waterpark in manchester, water world
Courtesy: Water World

There are about 30 different types of rides in World Water. However, some of the latest rides and features in this water park are –

  1. Black Hole
  2. Outdoor Pool
  3. Wave Pool
  4. Bubble Pools
  5. Jungle House
  6. Jungle Flumes
  7. Slides for Toddlers including boat slides
  8. Relaxation Areas
  9. Space Bowl
  10. Super Flume
  11. The Lily Pads
  12. The Rapids
  13. Hurricane
  14. Multi Slide for Family
  15. Nucleus
  16. Cyclone
  17. Thunderbolt
  18. Stormchaser

Apart from this, there is a ground for golf, spa and fitness facilities. If you are planning for birthday parties, this place also offers the option of hosting private birthday parties despite the fact that it is a waterpark.

1.3. Calypso Cove Water Park

Calypso Water Park is a themed waterpark in Ontario, Canada. It covers an area of about 100 acres and this waterpark offers a wide variety of fascinating features for visitors.

It has 2 theme rivers, 100 water games, 3 pools, 2 children’s areas and 35 water slides. Additionally, it also has 2 VIP Zones, the best restaurants and the largest wave pool that is the largest in Canada.

waterpark in manchester, calypso water park
Courtesy: Calypso Park

Each season approximately 400,000 visitors visit the waterpark and per day it can accommodate 22.000 visitors. During the summer, the number of visitors is usually high.

Some of the interesting attractions of this place are –

  1. Calypso Palace
  2. Boomerango
  3. Family twisters
  4. Zoomerang
  5. Vertigo
  6. Blackhole
  7. Canyon Rafting
  8. Pirate’s Aquaplay

The premises of this theme park is smoking-free. The bus parking facility is available along with paid parking and also, there are on-site restaurants.

1.4. Alton Towers Waterpark

Previously Alton Towers Waterpark was known as Cariba Creek. It is situated in Staffordshire, England.

It has 10 water slides with 7 outdoor and indoor pools along with steam rooms.

The theme of this waterpark is based on a tropical lagoon along with splash landing hotels.

waterpark in manchester, alton towers
Courtesy: Alton Towers Resort

The rides and attractions of this waterpark are –

  1. Volcanic Springs
  2. The Little Leak
  3. Flash Floods
  4. The Tipping Bucket
  5. Rush & Rampage
  6. Calypso Creek
  7. The Master Blaster
  8. Bubbly-Wubbly Pool
  9. Lagoona Bay
  10. Wacky Waterworks Treehouse

1.5. Therme Manchester: Upcoming Waterpark in Manchester

Apart from previously discussed waterparks in Manchester, a new waterpark is certainly becoming famous among visitors because of its highlighted features.

Therme Manchester is an upcoming waterpark in the UK. It is situated in Greater Manchester, England and currently, it is under construction and the total estimated cost of this project is £250 million.

In fact, Therme Group UK is planning to soon open its biggest waterpark in 2023, which is built next to the Trafford Centre. It is located in the northwest of England. Indeed this is being considered the first city-based well-being resort.

There is a wellness centre that opened in 2016 in Bucharest that was worth watching, but the Therme Manchester will be double the size of it.

To clarify, Therme Manchester will be benefitting the visitors with mental and physical health. It will offer the visitors well-being spa treatments, water-based fitness classes, and warm water lagoons.

waterpark in manchester,therme manchester
Courtesy: Therme Manchester

Despite this, Therme Manchester will also be providing its visitors with a wide variety of adventures in its several areas. For example- spectacular botanical gardens, swim-up bars, an on-site urban farm, wellbeing treatments, an all-season urban beach, steam rooms and immersive digital art.

In fact, the visiting families can also expect a dedicated family zone and dedicated adults area in this waterpark by Therme Group.

Richard Land who is the chief development officer for Therme Group UK, said: “We’re delighted to see the demolition works completed.

It defines a key milestone for us as we continue our journey to bring Therme Manchester, a perfect location for our first facility in the UK.”

In summary, it can be said that the project Therme Manchester, near Trafford Centre by the Therme Group will surely redefine the city’s wellbeing through its immense architecture.

2. Additional Questions That Might Arise 

2.1. What is the biggest waterpark in the UK?

Sandcastle Waterpark is Britain’s biggest indoor water park located in Blackpool.

2.2. Does Manchester have a water park?

The upcoming Hotel Therme Manchester has 35 pools, 20 pools, and an impressively spacious spa.

2.3. Does the Trafford Centre Waterpark in Manchester have a swimming pool?

There are 5 pools across Trafford suitable for everyone of any age. The swimming session will last 45/60 minutes to ensure a clean change-up facility. Despite this, swim sessions are available online or by contacting the site here.

2.4. Why did Aqua Splash close down?

A chemical reaction between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydrochloric acid in the watershed was detected in Hemel Hemphouse. As a result, the Aqua Splash closed down. 


Finally, it can be concluded that there are several waterparks in Manchester to enjoy a perfect weekend with the family.

As previously discussed, despite there being many waterparks in Manchester, the upcoming Therme Manchester will surely attract a large population through its awesome avenue as soon as it opens.

So, why are you thinking twice? Choose an attractive waterpark from the list above and then try to visit the place to get yourself relaxed this weekend.

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