Top 12 Breathtaking Anglesey Beaches

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Anglesey is home to some of the best beach areas in northern Wales and even England. This area has some of the country’s most dramatic coastline and some of the most spectacular cliffs. There is no better way to spend a fun day at sea.

With 125 miles of beautiful coastlines, there will be no better destination in this area than in Anglesey. Anglesey is known for its excellent beaches. Despite the number and diversity of beaches on the island, it may seem overwhelming to choose the best to visit.

12 Tremendous Anglesey Beaches

Below mentioned are the 12 best Anglesey beaches!

1. Borthwen Beach

Borthwen beach on Holyhead’s south shore is ideal for families, mainly those seeking something flat and sandy. A rocky headland protects the island from the southwest wind. Providing the best conditions to swim or paddle, this beach provides a very gentle current when tides go down.

Anglesey beaches
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Borthwen Beach provides hours of entertaining entertainment. Anglesey beaches offer great opportunities to explore the coastline by kayaking and canoeing as well as diving.

This beautiful and secure beach is busy all year. This beach is ideal for those who like windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, or sailing.

There are a few basic facilities as well, such as toilets and showers. Dogs are permitted, and dog bins are supplied; owners must clean up after their pets. There is parking for around 50 automobiles near the beach. Truly, it is one of the best Anglesey beaches.

2. Benllech Beach

Benllech beach is a large beach on the Llwyn peninsula. Several excellent amenities are available nearby.

Anglesey Coastal Trail runs along the shore and is incredibly beautiful looking toward the ocean. Kingfisher wagtail, or lapwing, are sometimes found in the shallow water near the shoreline.

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Several awards are granted to the beach in the area by Keep Wales Clean. The protected sandy beaches are ideal for families and are safe places to swim, snorkel or go sea fishing. Families love rock pools while the younger kids enjoy fishing on cliffsides.

Benllech, with its excellent fine golden sand, is one of Anglesey’s most popular beaches. At low tide, the beach spreads for kilometers, providing plenty of areas for small children to play or promenade.

The view from the Blue Sea and its Green Hills at Benllech Beach is breathtaking. The waters around the area are very safe to swim or sail though it may not seem so hot. Certainly, one of the best Anglesey beaches.

3. Traeth Bychan

Traeth Bychan is part of the Anglesey Coastal Trail which runs along the shoreline of this gorgeous island for 12 km. This stretch of sand near Anglesey’s southern shore offers access to lion sand and grey seal.

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Located within the beach there is a headland shield against the westerly winds and is ideally suited to children. Parking, toilets, and a cafe can be found in Rhosneigr Village about a half mile from town and 1.6 km away.

The huge sandy beach is part of the Anglesey Coastal Path at low tide; during high tide, the beach is divided into two distinct regions, a busy sandy side to the north and a calm isolated pebble beach to the south.

It offers spectacular views of Puffin Island and the Great Orme. If you like water activities, Traeth Bychan is the place to be.

Water activities such as paddleboarding, jet skiing, and sailing are particularly popular in this lovely small harbor. Hence, it is among the best Anglesey beaches.

4. Red Wharf Bay

Red Wharf Bay is a large beach northeast of Anglesey along the Menai River on the shoreline of the Menai River. This coastline is known for having over three miles of beaches, which makes it the best beach for tourists.

It offers many opportunities including beaches along the shoreline, shallow waters for safety, large grass areas, and spreading oak tree forests.

Red Wharf Bay has a good walkable coastline to glide along the lazy coastline. It is a wonderful sandy and cobblestone beach that has won a coastal award since 2004.

This part of Anglesey is highly popular with caravan and camping sites due to its natural beauty and sandy beaches. Which makes it one of the greatest Anglesey beaches.

5. Newborough Beach

Newborough Beach offers one of Anglesey’s best activities, with an amazing white beach at low tide and 60 feet of coastline to explore. It is the most beautiful beach in Anglesey offering space and comfort for everyone.

The beaches have sandy bays fringed by smooth clean pebbles and an accessible bathing place patrolled throughout the season by lifeguards.

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This is an area of the Newbrough Warren National Nature Area which includes bird habitats, rare animals, and plants. Nice beaches make it safe for children.

Situated on Anglesey’s southwestern tip, right around the corner from Aber Menai beach and Aber Menai point. Newborough Beach offers great parking facilities, with lots of accessible places.

If you become hungry after a day at the beach, there is a café in the parking lot. If you are a dog lover and you own a dog on top of that, you’ll be happy to know that dogs are welcome here all year long. The beach is well-known for its links to Llanddwyn Island.

6. Rhosneigr Beach

You will be Stunned by the scenes at Rhosneigr Beach. It is considered to be one of the best Anglesey beaches with many interesting things.

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A few miles west of Rhosneigr, there’s quick access to the beach via nearby stores and restaurants so stock up on snack foods before deciding on your favorite spot for sundown.

The beach is covered in gold sand, making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors. Continuing on the coast, find a stream where Afon Crigyll meets the sea, an ideal area for building dams. Rhosneigr, the Green Coast beach award winner, is located on Anglesey’s western coast.

Rhosneigr’s beach is ideal for strolling, with rocky outcrops and stunning dunes. Rhosneigr has beaches on beaches with all you need close at hand.

During the summer, the soft sand towards the back of the beach heats up well. Rhosneigr Beach is thus, one of the best Anglesey beaches.

7. Moelfre Beach

Moelfre Beach Park is a very famous spot that can be visited during any season. The beach has an active and lively feel because they are located next to the harbors and the station. It is a simple level and a nice walking route to shops, shops, toilets or showers.

The bay is relatively protected, and the slipway makes it a popular place for boat launches. This beach is modest and made mostly of huge round stones. Moelfre Beach Park is a popular destination at any time of year.

Because of its proximity to the port and lifeboat station, this beach offers a crowded and energetic environment. Truly, one of the best Anglesey beaches.

8. Porth Swan (Church Bay) Beach

Porth Swan is an excellent beach in Anglesey if you want an unspoiled, remote place for relaxation. Nestled at the north coast of Anglesey the Blue Flag beach takes its name from the St Rhuddla church in Llanrhuddlad, which appears from southeastern Llan.

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This sand beach has rocky walls lined by boulder pools that face the shores and provide a stunningly scenic landscape. The Coastal Path of Anglesey follows the tops of the cliffs and can be entered from the beach via a steep footbridge.

The beach is large at low tide, with occasional boulders but mostly flat sand stretches and shallow water. It is popular, yet it is typically quite clean. The beach has clean water and is popular for swimming, sailing, and fishing.

9. Lligwy Beach

The Lligwi beach reflects what makes Wales special. A beautiful long sandy beach located by spectacular dunes.

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There are plenty of waves breaking near Llanddwyn islands near shore. Families go out to enjoy the gentle waves and safe swimming but return home to tell amazing tales.

Two kayaks at a beach near the village of Moelfre are situated at Lligwy Beach, a protected bay on the eastern shores. It is about half a mile wide and has plenty of space for any kind of activity on the coast. This is a beautiful beach surrounded by dunes, with a huge parking lot and a seasonal café.

You can have fun windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, or canoeing. Lligwy Beach is a wild and open beach that has a natural, open feel.

Keep an eye on dolphins and porpoises jumping out of the water and catching an incredible sight. Traeth Lligwy beach also is backed by low sand dunes. A must visit in Anglesey beaches.

10. Beaumaris Beach

Beaumaris beach has a beautiful small bay that provides enough room for relaxation perfect for families. It’s the perfect place to camp with your folding chairs and umbrellas and enjoy a beach day. The beach is monitored regularly and is ideal for swimming.

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Beaumaris beach is fairly accessible, but you should arrive early in the day since it might fill up rapidly. This place is among the most enjoyable place to visit on Anglesey beaches where you can hire vehicles.

The best fishing can be found at the pier at the beginning of the summer months. The beach is directly adjacent to the car park and overlooks the Menai Straits, with views of Snowdonia and the Great Orme at Llandudno.

Along the clifftops and beaches of Beaumaris, a pedestrian and cycling track runs the full length of the coastline. Undoubtedly, one of the best Anglesey beaches.

11. Penmon Beach

Penmon is an excellent coastal destination on Anglesey and can be reached by either car or ferry. The beaches are also famous for their famous Penmon Lighthouse, and they also have a resident Puffin bird colony.

You can enjoy spectacular views while you go swimming, snorkeling at the rockpool, or fishing.

Anglesey beaches
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The Café sits on the foreshore offering light refreshments as well as toilet facilities. Penmon Beach, although not as beautiful as some of Anglesey’s other blue flag beaches, continues to draw people year after year for a variety of reasons, including its rather distant position.

This lighthouse’s striking black and white stripes make it a favorite Instagram subject. The beach has some spectacular rocky outcrops, especially between the pebbles of the main beach and the length down to the lighthouse. A must-visit among the Anglesey beaches.

12. Llanddona Beach

The spectacular coastline of North Wales’ Eastern Coast is centered along the edge of the Anglesey coastal pathway. The parking lot and toilets are easily accessible from the beach.

Playgrounds are nearby that children can enjoy. The beach is long and wide and a fully furnished cafe offers bathrooms to use during the summer. Dogs can be brought along at any time of the year.

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The Llanddona Beach is a protected golden sand beach that runs from the shores of the rocky dunes on both sides with an extensive promenade leading into Rhosneigr Beach. The beach is also a blue flag beach but is located on the southern shoreline of Anglesey Beaches.

Located in the heart of the Newborough Natural Area it is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida. The beaches are perfectly located and are perfect for kite-surfing and windsurfing.

A walking path leads from the beach to the forest where you walk through the bare grass. Llandwyn Island is probably the most picturesque and the most famous place to visit in Anglesey.

Conclusion – The Best Beaches in Anglesey!

Anglesey beaches
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It depends on what you require and preferences like isolation, water quality, facilities, and finances. Anglesey offers an ideal location for anyone wanting an adventure with their family. Anglesey beaches are among the finest and many choices can be made.

This island’s beaches have many qualities, from its beautiful rural areas to the literary stars that live there. Anglesey boasts a magnificent shoreline and is the ultimate destination for relaxing beach vacations.


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