Theatres in Chester: 2 Best Theatres in Chester to Explore

theatres in Chester
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Do you want to experience the taste of live music from the corners of Chester? Then you need to know the best theatres in Chester.

Chester, a county town in England, is famous for its city status as a cathedral city in the United Kingdom. One more fame Chester has is related to its music festival. Chester welcomes tourists to have their popular music festival.

Are you interested in exploring the best theatres in Chester? Then, you are at the right place. Let us read about the two best theatres in Chester where you can have music, dance, plays, dramas, and so on.

1. 2 Best Theaters in Chester

Firstly, we will explore the most popular music theatres in Chester. These are the top 2 best music theatres in Chester –

1.1. Storyhouse Theatre

Storyhouse Theatre is the main theatre, located in the Chester City Centre. It hosts music, dance, drama, and comedy shows. And the main theatre has two auditorium layouts to host the shows. The small theatre of Storyhouse is known as Garret Theatre. Moreover, it is a kids’ theatre.

1.1.1. Infrastructure

To begin with, Storyhouse has three layouts. But it changes its layout throughout the year. Besides, there are three seating access levels in the current mode.

Presently, the three levels are stalls on the ground floor, a circle on the first floor, and a gallery on the second floor. This model is known as the proscenium.

Further, the second mode is the Thrust mode. The two seating access levels in Thrust mode include the stalls and circle on the first floor and the gallery on the second floor.

1.1.2. Access and facilities

First and foremost, the Storyhouse Theatre has two entrances at Hunter Street. Indeed, the building has a library, theatre, and cinema. Furthermore, kids can reach Garret Theatre using a lift.

The audience who come to this theatre should park their car in New Market Parking which is 200 meters away from the nearest exit. Storyhouse is differently-abled audience friendly as it provides wheelchair access and hearing assistance. And the stalls have wheelchair spaces.

1.2. Grosvenor Park Open-Air Theatre

Second, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre is located in the heart of Chester City Centre, exactly at Grosvenor Park Vicars Lane. In addition, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre is an open-air theatre that hosts comedy gigs, live music sessions, open mic nights, and more.

1.2.1. Infrastructure

Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre auditorium is located on grass. Hence, an audience can reach here without using the staircase. Grosvenor Theatre has four seating arrangements. Those are; Picnic Terraces, Covered Picnic Terraces, Picnic Chairs, and Premium seats.

Wide bench-style tiered terrace seats of three rows are known as Picnic Terraces. Covered Picnic Terraces are located above the Picnic Terraces with a Roman Style Canopy. Premium seats guarantee a reserved seat in either the front row of the Picnic Chairs or the back row of the Covered Picnic Terraces. Director’s style chairs on the ground level around the stage are known as Picnic Chairs.

Additionally, the audience can have seats unreserved in Picnic Terraces and can book their seats for Covered Picnic Terraces, Picnic Chairs, Open-Air, and Premium seats. Ticket prices and booking details are available on the official website of Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre.

1.2.2. Access and facilities

Now, Audiences can access the theatre area following the AA Road signs near Pepper Street. The nearest Parking area is NCP at Pepper Street. Above all, this theatre is the best choice for relaxing with informal performances.

In addition, Differently-abled people audiences can book their tickets either for the Picnic Chairs area or for Picnic Terraces. To be sure, if they book Picnic Terraces Tickets, then they can transfer from a wheelchair to Picnic Terraces. The theatre has a toilet facility.

2. Other Best Theatres in Chester

The Chester City Centre’s best theatres list is not short with only two best theatres.APart from the two mentioned in the list, the city also has other best theatres.  Like the top 2, the following are also the best theatres in Chester that host musicals, nightclubs, drama, and more events. Let us see them one by one.

2.1. Alexander’s Live

Alexander’s Live is another example of other best theatres in Chester. First and foremost, Alexander’s Live is an independent venue in Chester City which runs live music, art, and comedy shows. This music theatre was established in 1991.

Additionally, the hosting gigs in Alexander’s Live include amazing tribute bands, open mic nights, a local talented music scene along with great comedy. As a matter of fact, their unique events are Friday night comedy, live music arts, other Gigs, and festivals.

theatres in Chester
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2.2. Chester PlayHouse

Chester PlayHouse was established in 1939 in a Nova Scotia village. It provides a community gathering at 22 Pleasant Street in Chester. The playhouse hosting events include movies, music, theatre, and more events.

A small staff at the Chester Playhouse is also responsible for organizing programs and events. Audiences can have live theatre experience, a range of music performances, family and cultural events, and educational and participatory activities for youth and adults.

2.3. Chester Music Theater

Next, the Chester Music Theatre is another one on the list of the best theatres in Chester. The location of Chester Music Theatre is at Tarvin Road, Chester, England. Being a fully equipped performance theatre, this is a famous theatre in Chester.

Besides, the music theatre auditorium has a licensed bar, dance studios, and kitchen facilities. It is the perfect Fringe Theatre for any performance. Indeed, The Chester Music Theatre hosts events like meetings, celebrations, and many more.

2.4. The Live Rooms

To talk about, The Live Rooms in Chester is the largest independent live music venue and nightclub. In fact, this has hosted some of the biggest live entertainment and music events.

theatres in Chester
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The side rooms in this theatre are an ideal space for smaller shows. Furthermore, this theatre has an upstairs area, balcony features, a VIP bar, and seating areas.

2.5. Norma Terris Theatre

Next, Norma Terris Theatre got its name from an actress named Norma Terries. Goodspeed Musicals opened this theatre in 1984 to preserve and develop new musicals. Norma Terris Theatre is the second stage of Goodspeed Musicals. Above all, this was started to promote musical theatre.

2.6. Chester Theatre Company

Last, but not least, Chester Theatre Company is another of the best theatres in Chester. The founder of this theatre company is Vincent Dowling, former Artistic Director of Abbey Theatre of Dublin. To be sure, he founded this company in 1990.

Further, the earlier name was The Miniature Theatre of Chester. The location of this theatre is 15 Middle Road, Chester. Parking spaces are available in front of Town Hall for those having parking placards. Moreover, the theatre has hearing assistance.

3. Conclusion: Best Theatres in Chester

As you can see the best theaters in Chester, are not just two theaters. In short, all theatres in Chester are also equally important. Make your visit to these places. Experience the taste of live music, dance, concerts, and drama events in Chester.

Though we have covered all the best theatres in Chester, if you find something that we missed in this article, let us know about them through your comments.

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