The Top 6 Famous Pyramids in Cairo

pyramids in cairo
pyramids in cairo Photo by Simon Berger /Unsplash Copyright 2018

Egypt is an African country popular for the pyramids in Cairo. Due to the pyramids, the country is also known as the land of pyramids.

If you visit Egypt then you can see many pyramids in Cairo. However, here we will discuss the 6 popular pyramids located in Cairo.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Leonardo Ramos/Unsplash Copyright 2018

1. The Top 6 Pyramids in Cairo

We all know Egypt as a nation of pyramids and mummies. All around the nation, you see many large pyramids and deserts. The temperature of the nation is always hot.

If you book a package for a pyramid tour in Cairo then Giza pyramids will surely feature in most of the tour packages.

The Giza pyramids are regarded as the most famous place to visit. Besides, this trip step pyramids of Djoser is also there in the list. These two will surely be there in the list of tours along with some others.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Simon Berger/Unsplash Copyright 2018

After reaching Cairo if you want to add some extra places to visit then can do so. The trips are always arranged here in a very customized manner so that easily made changes to the packages.

During your visit to Egypt, you may feel hesitant to get the best knowledge about where to visit and where will you find the most beautiful pyramids. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about the top six pyramids that are located in Cairo.

The top six pyramids are

  1. Pyramids of Pharaohs Khufu
  2. Khafre near Cairo
  3. Menkaure near Cairo
  4. The step pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara
  5. The Red Pyramid at Dashur
  6. The Bent Pyramid at Dashur

These are the most visited pyramids in Egypt. If you miss any of these then your trip to Cairo will not be complete. Below we will discuss these pyramids in detail

1.1 The Pyramid of Khufu

The Khufu Pyramid is also known as The Great Pyramid. The Khufu pyramid is the biggest pyramid among the three pyramids situated at the ancient Giza necropolis, on the border of present-day place Cairo.

The Great Pyramid is also the oldest among the seven wonders of the Ancient world. It is also the only pyramid that is still standing. Therefore during visiting Egypt, this place is a must to go.

The Pyramid of Khufu is also known as the Pyramid of Cheops. According to historians, this pyramid was built to provide the service of a burial tomb for the pharaoh Khufu.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Sumit Mangela/Unsplash Copyright 2021

The pharaoh Khufu is the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh. According to the reports from historians, it is thought that the pyramid was built over a time of 27 years during the 26th century.

The Khufu pyramid was actually cased in polished white limestone, nearly of those limestones are removed. However, the core structure that you will see there is made up of near about 2.3 million blocks of stone.

Therefore the total weight of this pyramid is almost 6 million tons. The actual pyramid’s height is near about 146.5 meters means 481 feet. Due to its height, it is the tallest manmade structure in the world.

It is a record that was held for the next 3,800 years. This pyramid of Egypt was robbed and looted like other famous pyramids of the country. The pyramid is always open for visitors.

As it is one of the most popular pyramids of the nation it features almost in all of the tour packages. Although, if you want to go inside the pyramid you need to buy an admission ticket from the site.

1.2 Pyramid of Khafre

After the Khufu pyramid, the pyramid of Khafre is the second largest pyramid of Giza. Like the pyramid of Khufu, it was also built to serve as a burial tomb for pharaoh Khafre.

It serve as the Fourth dynasty pharaoh who used to rule the country from 2558 to 2532 BC. Like the other pyramids at Giza, the pyramid of Khafre had everything in it that includes the pharaoh’s mummy as well.

It also got robbed and looted like other pyramids. When the Khafre pyramid was found and first explored during modern times in 1818. It was thought that the burial chamber would be founded sealed and still intact.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Siddhesh Mangela/Unsplash Copyright 2021

However, the truth is something else. Everything that remained in the burial chamber was fully empty and the lid is also broken.

As per the reports, the pyramids of Khafre were first opened at the time 19th dynasty, to take out some casing stones that were used for the Heliopolis temple constructions.

This was done due to the order of Ramses II. However, it is still not known when the other stones were taken off.

After the arrival at the Giza necropolis, the Khafre pyramid was thought to be the tallest among the three pyramids. Although, later it comes to know that it is just a wrong understanding.

This miss understanding is caused due to the fact that the pyramid was built on an upper section of bedrock, and also due to its steeper sides.

Like the Khufu pyramid, it is always open for visitors. On the other hand, if you want to visit the pyramid from the inside, you need to buy an admission ticket from the ticket office.

During your trip to Egypt if your package includes visiting pyramids and you want to go inside them then you can customize it, even after the completion of booking.

1.3 Pyramid of Menkaure

The pyramid of Menkaure is also known as Mycernius. It is the smallest among the popular pyramids of the ancient Giza necropolis. It is situated on the border of present-day place Cairo.

The reports suggest it was built to provide service for the Menkaure pharaoh, as a burial tomb. It is a fourth-dynasty pharaoh.

However, it is not known when the pharaoh Menkaure started ruling, and that’s why the actual time of construction of this pyramid is not known.

pyramids in cairo
Screenshot from Tour Egypt

Like the other two pyramids of Giza, the Menkaure was also looted and robbed as well. When the pyramid of Menkaure was explored in modern times, a coffin with some human bones was discovered.

Therefore by using radiocarbon dating it came to know that the bone was 2000 years old, which means the bones were not pharaoh Menkaure. Besides, a stone sarcophagus was also found very deep that contain the remaining body parts of women.

If you visit the Menkaure pyramid you will see a vertical gash towards the north side. This vertical gash is a symbol that describes the attempt to destroy the pyramid.

In the year of 1196 AD, the Sultan of Egypt ordered the destruction of the popular pyramid of the country. However, the workers were only able to take out two stones a day, and after just eight months of work, the project to destroy it was abandoned.

As we already told you that every tour to Egypt includes a visit to the pyramids at Giza. They also provide a short stand-alone tour of the Giza pyramid that contains private transport as well as the service of an expert guide.

Like other pyramids at Giza if you wish to go inside the pyramid you have to buy a ticket at the site.

1.4 Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser

The Djoser Pyramid is also called the Step Pyramid. It is a pyramid of ancient Egypt situated at the ancient Saqqara necropolis. It is exactly located 30 kilometres away from Cairo.

The pyramid was built in the 27th century BC. It provides service to the Djoser pharaoh as a burial tomb. This is a third-dynasty pharaoh of Egyptian.

The step pyramid of Djoser was the first ever pyramid built by the ancient Egyptians. It is also the first notable stone structure built in the country.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii/Unsplash Copyright 2021

This is a very beautiful 6-tier, 4-sided pyramid. The height of this pyramid is 62.5 meters. The pyramid was reopened in 2020 March, after 14 years long repair projects.

Most of the step pyramid complex is situated below the surface. On the below surface, you will find a grand gallery and tunnelled chambers covering an area of almost 6 kilometres.

The whole pyramid complex cover an area of near about 37 lands. After the reconstruction of the Djoser pyramid complex was completed, the size of it is 2.5 times bigger than the ancient Old Kingdom town at Hierakonpolis.

But one thing is always happened to the pyramids of Egypt, that is they got looted and robbed. Although, archaeologists did get some ancient aircraft, that includes more than 40,000 stone vessels.

Many vessels among them pre-dated the pharaoh’s reign. The tour packages of Egypt that have a trip to the Step Pyramid of Djoser usually also contain a trip to the ruins of Memphis.

The ruins of Memphis provide the capital of the Old Kingdom.

1.5 The Bent Pyramid

Bent pyramid is situated in the royal ancient Dashur necropolis in the desert on the western bank of the River Nile. The pyramid is situated about 40 km away from the south side of present-day Cairo.

The Bent Pyramid was built in 2600 BC by the order of Sneferu. It is also a fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh.

The bent pyramid was the second pyramid that was built by Pharaoh Senferu. In this pyramid, you will see the transition from stepped pyramids to smooth-sided pyramids.

The lower portion of the pyramid was built with 54 degrees of inclination, however, the upper portion of the pyramid was built with just 43– degrees of inclination.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Jens Aber/Unsplash Copyright 2021

Due to this structure, the pyramid has a unique bent look. Another reason why the Bent pyramid is special compared to other pyramids of Egypt is that the outer limestone casing of the pyramid is still intact.

However, in the tour packages, the Bent Pyramid and some other pyramids of Dashur might not be included. In 2019 of July the Bent Pyramid was opened officially for visitors, after a long time since 1965.

1.6 The Red Pyramid

Another well-known pyramid of Egypt is the Red Pyramid. The pyramid is situated at the ancient necropolis of Dashur. It is very close to the Bent Pyramid.

Another name for Red Pyramid is North Pyramid. Red was also built between 2575 and 2551 BC at the time of pharaoh Senefru. After the Bent Pyramid, it is the third pyramid built by the pharaoh of Senefru.

It is also claimed it is the most successfully completed pyramid built by pharaoh Senefru along with a smooth side.

The Dashur Necropolis is the largest pyramid and the third largest pyramid after the Khufu Pyramid of Egypt as well as the Khafre Pyramid at Giza.

pyramids in cairo
Screenshot from Egypt Tours Portal

It is the best-preserved pyramid in the country. Like the other pyramids of Egypt, it also provides the service to pharaoh Senefru as the burial tomb.

The red pyramid had a very shiny look due to its polished limestone outer casing. Unluckily, the casing of limestone was removed during the Middle Ages period.

Later those limestones were used to construct the buildings of Cairo. Therefore, if you go for a visit to Egypt, then must go to this beautiful pyramid.

2. Other Popular Pyramids of Cairo

Besides, these top 6 pyramids of Egypt you can also visit some other popular pyramids of Cairo.

2.1 Meidum Pyramid

This Egyptian pyramid is situated exactly 100 kilometres south of present-day Cairo. According to archaeologists, this is the second pyramid built after the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

The reports also suggest that it was the first try to build a smooth or flat-sided pyramid. Archaeologists also believed that the construction of the Meidum Pyramid started during the period of Huni.

Huni was the last phase of the third dynasty of pharaohs. However, the construction didn’t stop even after the death of Huni, and the construction was completed under the Senenfru pharaoh.

pyramids in cairo
Screenshot from Egypt Eye Tour

This popular pyramid of the country was actually built in the form of a stepped pyramid. However, during building the pyramid at some point they change their decision and fill the step sides to make it a smooth-sided outer casing.

Although, even before the completion of construction was finished the outer walls were broken down. At that time the construction was abandoned.

Many visitors who visit the Meidum Pyramid while staying in Cairo also visit some other places as well like the Cairo Citadel as well as the 14th-century Kahn el Khalili Bazaar.

2.2 Pyramid of Unas

The pyramid of Unas is also a good place to visit during your trip to Egypt. It was built in the 24th Century in Plateau. It serves as a burial tomb for Pharaoh Unas.

The height of this pyramid was 43 meters when it was created but now it is ruins. The structure of this pyramid is very significant.

pyramids in cairo
Screenshot from Egypt Tour Portal

This pyramid is the first to represent the hymns carved on the walls. Later, in the 19th the pyramid was rediscovered. During that time a mummy was also recovered from the ruins as well.

2.3 Pyramid of Sahure

This is a very beautiful pyramid situated in the Abusir area, that is close to the temple of The Sun. Like Unas, this pyramid also lies in ruins.

While archaeologists have found some interesting artifacts that attract visitors to Pyramid of Sahure. The blocks that were used to build this pyramid were different as compared to the quality used in the 5th dynasty.

pyramids in cairo
Screenshot from Egypt Tour Portal

Here the archaeologists also found pink granite under the ruins that lead them to a small entrance. The open courtyard of the Mortuary temple towards the eastern side of the pyramid consists of 16 monolithic pink granite columns.

The shape of the pink granite is like a palm grove. The pyramid is situated just half an hour’s distance from Cairo.

2.4 Pyramid of Ahmose

The Ahmose pyramid is the only known pyramid of Egyptian. This pyramid serves as a burial tomb for the Ahmose pharaoh.

However, the pyramid collapsed because it was built with bricks of mud instead of stone blocks. It was built in the 18th century.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Ahmad Ajmi/Unsplash Copyright 2017

After the 12th dynasty, Pharaohs were laid hidden in underground tombs such as The valley of the Kings. It is situated in Abydos.

3. Some Unknown Facts About The Egyptian Pyramids

The pyramids of Egypt served as the burial tomb of the pharaohs. Their personal belongings as well as the essentials for their afterlife were put down near their tombs.

As per Egyptian mythology, the north-face pyramids as well as the associated Mortuary Temples were built.

pyramids in cairo
Photo by Hossam M. Omar/Unsplash Copyright 2020

The shapes of the pyramids denote the sun’s rays while the steps with the dead ascending denote the life after death. Benben is represented through the pyramids of Egypt.

According to their mythology, Benben means, a mound of earth that rose from primordial water upon which God himself stood up and created humans in the earth.


Egypt is a country of pyramids. Here you will see various shape of pyramids that represents something. The pyramids were built to serve as burial tombs for the different pharaohs of the country.

By visiting this pyramid you will some to know about the history of Egyptians. The pyramid shapes and the facing side also represent the mythology of the country.

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