16 Best Places to Visit in Glasgow

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With beautiful heritage and fine agriculture, Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde. You will appreciate this amazing place to visit in Scotland as there are many places to visit in Glasgow. It is a famous tourist destination and attracts tourists throughout the year.

It is rich in history and heritage, preserved by art galleries and museums, with magnificent architecture, scenery, cultural activities and leisure, perfect for spending a great time with your friends and family.

Glasgow was earlier famous for its sugar, cotton, and tobacco business in the American colonies.As a result of industrialization, its reputation as a world-class shipwreck spread around the world, and Glasgow began to know as “The Second City of the British Empire.”

Today, the city has changed and rebuilt into the modern century, while still preserving its history. There are more than 20 museums and galleries, including the world-famous Burrell collection, hence visitors can explore the city’s rich cultural and industrial heritage.

Similar to Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago, Glasgow’s most known son Art Nouveau architect- Charles Rennie Mackintosh has displayed his unique style in the city at stunning buildings such as Glasgow School of Art and Queen’s Cross Church.

Mackintosh is also celebrated at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, House for An Art Lover and the Hunterian Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow. You should not miss the attractions on the surprisingly long list.

Nightlife is a combination of beautiful cafes, bars, restaurants and cultural offerings. The town is home to Scottish national opera companies, ballet and theatre and is a UNESCO City of music. So, enjoy the events of local and international artists.

Glasgow film theatre is among the places to visit in Glasgow that you should not miss. Visiting this theatre during the film festival is an experience worth experiencing because Glassglow film theatre features various films.

16 Best Places to Visit in Glasgow

1. Walkthrough of The Gallery of Modern Art

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Out of all the famous places to visit in Glasgow, the Gallery of Modern Art lays out a thought-provoking program that includes both local and international works of art from the city collection as well as temporary exhibitions and events showcasing artists. There is also a permanent display showing the history of the building.

GoMA is part of the Glasgow community museum service and has a flexible program for collecting museums, and borrowing exhibitions and related community programs. You can visit their website for the full program.

Outside the gallery sits a statue of the Governor of Wellington, who is often decorated with a traffic cone. Sometimes confusing with the installation of the art Gallery, the cones in Wellington’s statue are placed by brave passers-by, usually very late at night. It seems to be happening for 30 years since it happened.

2. Visit Royal Exchange Square

Royal Exchange Square is a public place in Glasgow, Scotland. The square is located between Buchanan Street and Queen Street. It is also easily accessible from Buchanan Street on the west side of the square, through two prominent arches at Royal Bank Place.

The square is historic because of its unique architecture that attracts many visitors. Royal exchange square is one of the places to visit in Glasgow if you are someone who is interested in historical things and events. It is one of six squares in the centre of town. There are shops and offices, as well as plenty of rooftop restaurants and cafes.

3. Look at The Scottish Football Museum

football museum
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The Scottish Football Museum is located in the centre of Hampden Park and this is one of the well-known places to visit in Glasgow if you are a football enthusiast. The Scottish Football Museum in Hampden will take you on a football tour that you have never been to before.

Based inside Hampden Park, the museum offers a great day of relaxation for fans of the best game. There are thousands of exhibits, tracing the history of football in Scotland and there is a video highlighting some of the most memorable games with some of the best players.

Space is full of great things that tell the story of Scottish football. The glittering gems in the galleries never capture the spirit of visitors in amazement. Memorial times for ‘Good Game’ are well illustrated and assigned to the ever-present museum staff.

Inside the museum is the Scottish Football Hall of Fame which brings together people who have made a significant contribution to Scottish Football.

4. Stop by Glasgow Science Center

The famous Glasgow Science Centre is a major tourist attraction located on the south bank of the Clyde River. It is one of the popular places to visit in Glasgow with family.

It has many functions to keep guests of all ages happy for many hours. There are two hectares of interactive exhibitions, workshops, exhibitions, works, a planetarium and an IMAX cinema.

Science Show Theater is a live science exhibition space full of thrills, bangs pops and flans, showing the Big Explorer and play all around the Waterways show, putting on a cartoon show and becoming a champion on the wall of bubbles.

Relax in the precious heavenly realm of the planetarium and explore the wonders of the night sky. Check out behind the scenes in the science centre ‘Sight to See’ area where your mind will play with you in the Ames Room or in the Whacky salon. People are amazed by the 3D effects of IMAX.

Get paid for a trip to brighten the Future, a whole family show to explore how energy is formed, converted, stored, and transferred – find out what’s going on at the back of the power switch.Control things with the power of your mind, build a rollercoaster and look to the future. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use with the Science Mall.

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5. Look at The Glasgow Tower

Glasgow Tower is the tallest independent tower in Scotland. It is the only tower structure on earth that rotates entirely from the ground to the top and is the only one that can constantly track the wind and change the direction accordingly.

The amazing Tower starts at the bottom, where you can learn about the history of Glasgow and the site on which the Tower was built.

View archival images as you navigate the timeline, highlighting important events in the city over the last 100 years. You will come to a 5-meter-long Clyde map where you can see historical photos and view photos of how the landscape has changed over the years.

This iconic tower pushes the boundaries of engineering and is one of the amazing places to visit in Glasgow. People will be there to give you an understanding of the intricate design and amazing science behind the structure of change.

Take a journey to the Tower cabin and enjoy the incomparable views of the city, Clyde and beyond as the view from here is breathtakingly amazing.

6. Take a Glimpse at Kelvingrove Art Gallery

The Kelvingrove art gallery is among the marvellous places to visit in Glasgow Kelvingrove as collections are wide-ranged and important worldwide. They include natural history, arms and weapons, art from many works of art and historical periods and much more.

The most famous painting in Kelvingrove art gallery is the Salvador Dali art exhibition ‘Christ of St John of the Cross. Sir Roger- the Asian elephant is another attraction of the museum. There is even a Spitfire plane hanging from the roof of the western court.

The renovated building is an attraction in itself and Kelvingrove welcomes families, whose exhibits are designed with children in mind. In addition to all the shows, Kelvingrove has a restaurant, a cafe and a gift shop.

Places to visit in Glasgow
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7. Click Pictures in Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens has a variety of cool and tropical plants, a vegetable garden, a flower bed arranged in Scotland, a UK national collection of tree ferns, and a rose garden- officially opened in the year 2003 by Princess of Mikasa named Tomohito.

It is a must include in the list of places to visit in Glasgow. The Kelvin River runs along the northern side of the Gardens and continues through Kelvingrove Park, a Kelvin road that provides an unobstructed trail between the two green spaces.

8. Examine Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park is a large park (146 hectares) located on the southern side of Glasgow, Scotland. Park is one of the fun places to visit in Glasgow and have a fun time with your loved ones. It is best known for many reasons including the home of the dog unit, the Burrell Collection and the famous Pollok House.

It also has a lot of open spaces ready to capture Outlander scenes. Along with showing the surroundings of Doune Castle, the scenes recorded here include a duel between Jamie and Black Jack.

Pollok Country Park is located southwest of Glasgow City – just 3 miles from the centre. It was formerly part of the Old Park Estate and is now involved in rural history. Pollok Country park offers a wide range of activities and the opportunity to explore gardens, woodcuts and various cycle paths.

Pollok Country Park is one of the easily accessible places to visit in Glasgow by bike or local link routes and is easily accessible by Route 7 and 75 of the National Cycle Network.

You can also take your bike on the train to Pollokshaws West station on the Glasgow Central line to Barrhead and East Kilbride, and within 5 minutes drive to Shawlands and Pollokshaws East stations on the Cathcart Circle line.

Bicycle training can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of the sport, and what better place could you have than in the exciting non-traffic area of Glasgow’s Pollok Country Park.

Cycling Scotland and Glasgow City Council conduct courses for accredited trainers who can deliver a variety of training from basic management skills to road trip planning or mountain biking.

9. Examine The Glasgow Cathedral

One of Scotland’s most magnificent buildings, Glasgow Cathedral is the only country in Scotland that survived the 1560 Revolution. The marvellous Glasgow Cathedral was built on the site where the St Kentigern and Mungo are believed to be buried in AD 612. This is one of the very famous places to visit in Glasgow.

St Kentigern was the first bishop in the ancient English kingdom of Strathclyde, and the present cathedral was built during the 13th and 15th centuries. They have introduced sculptors of stone carvings on the roof of Blackadder Aisle, as well as one of the most beautiful post-war glass stained collections in Britain.

Glasgow cathedral
Photo by Kamyq  from Pexels

10. View Glasgow Green and The People’s Palace

The People’s Palace is set in the history of Glasgow Green and recounts Glasgow and its people from 1750 to the present day.

The history of the city community can be traced back to a wealth of historical artwork, paintings, prints and photographs, film and interactive computer displays. The exhibits provide a wonderful insight into how Glaswegians lived, worked and played years ago.

Outside of Winter Gardens, the restored Doulton Fountain represents a place of pride in Glasgow Green. This is one of the famous tourist places to visit in Glasgow and the oldest public place in Glasgow.

The objects have been on display for 20 years and are currently being cleaned and secured for further display by conservation professionals at the Glasgow Museums Resource Center.

People’s Palace is home to a collection of objects, photographs, prints and a film that gives a different perspective on how Glaswegi lived, worked and played years ago to this day.

Photo by MusiCelt  from Pixabay

11. Tour The Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum is an award-winning travel museum and secures a position in the list of famous places to visit in Glasgow among people. With over 3,000 items on display, there is everything from skateboards to trains, drawings to prams and cars to Stormtrooper.

There are more than 90 large touch screen panels filled with pictures, memories and films that tell exciting stories behind the scenes. A visit to Riverside offers the last day out. Riverside is a multi-award-winning museum on the banks of the Clyde River, with more than 3000 exhibits from the rich past of Glasgow.

You will find many beautiful things from skateboards and vintage cars to prams and powerful trains. You can even walk along the old Glasgow street with shops from 1895 to 1980.

12. Experience The Tall Ship

As a tourist attraction with a variety of events and activities throughout the year, Tall Ship Glenlee is a treasure trove of maritime history that has something for everyone and is among the exciting places to visit in Glasgow. A visit to Glenlee takes you back to experience what life was like at sea. You can also visit the galley, ring the bell, and check the depth of the ship.

Where did Glenlee go? What burden was carried to many parts of the world? What was it like ordering a ship in the middle of the ocean? Enjoy a fun and exciting day, and discover what life was like on a longship. Restored to her former glory, Glenlee is one of only five Clydebuilt steel floating vessels and the only ship in the UK.

Free to enter, Tall Ship Glenlee is an independent museum, dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the ship, as well as local maritime history, for the benefit of the local community and visitors to Glasgow. Be sure to visit a souvenir shop and take something memorable, and enjoy a delicious lunch at a cafe.

13. Stop-off at George Square

The famous George Square is the prominent public square in Glasgow. It is named after King George III. Built-in 1781, today Glasgow Square is home to the City Council of Glasgow and features an important collection of photographs and monuments, including those dedicated to famous Scots such as James Watt, Robert Burns, Sir Robert Peel and Sir Walter Scott.

From world events to observers, George Square has historically been the focus of the city for generations.

The beautiful buildings are lined up in the square, no more spectacular than the City Chambers. Take the highest value inside and find the perfect interior for Instagram, including marble floors.

The streets of the city centre are attractive in themselves because of the beauty of the buildings. Walk down the driveway from George Square to a beautiful street, each with its well-preserved UK Victorian architecture.

George Square
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14. Stroll in Merchant District

Glasgow Merchant City goes back to the 1750s when wealthy retailers built warehouses to accommodate their growing stocks of tobacco, sugar and tea. Merchant City Glasgow has a range of the best restaurants.

The city of Glasgow’s Merchant has seen its once dirty streets and dilapidated buildings, given the proper renovation and new life that followed.

Named for honouring the kings of tobacco successful retailers who once thrived in the area, this former economic and historical source of Glasgow has renamed the city’s cultural centre- one store for all your delicious needs.

Nowadays, the last cigarette holders have become stylist shops, pedestrian footpaths, lit bistros and amazing studios. If you have money to spend, make a command line for Agent Provocateur, Mulberry and Cruise on Argyle Street before lunch at Gandolfi Fish on Albion Street.

Spend an afternoon crying around the galleries of a cooler place before you indulge in a low-key beer in the Scottish Babbity Bowster cultural area down Blackfriars Street.

Merchant City is home to some of the city’s pubs, so you will find the city’s young professionals going there after a day’s work unlike the West End, which usually has students. You should spend the night in Merchant City.

15. Wander in Necropolis

Located on a hill near the Glasgow Cathedral on the east end of the city centre, Necropolis is a Victorian garden cemetery filled with ornate tombs, sculptures and stories. Described as one of Europe’s most important burial places, it was imitated by the Père-Lachaise in Paris.

It is estimated that about 50,000 are buried here, with nearly 3,500 graves – among them monuments dedicated to some of the great and beautiful Scottish.

Originally an early 19th-century arboretum and park in the Wester Crags area, Necropolis was founded by Merchants’ House of Glasgow in 1831 (a group of wealthy people based in Glasgow) who wanted the site to showcase the wealth and wisdom of Glasgow time.

Places to visit in Glasgow
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16. Notice The Light House

Lighthouse is a tourist centre and one of the most interesting places to visit in Glasgow. It has an exhibition space and event venue in central Glasgow. Lighthouse serves as a beacon for the arts industry in Scotland and promotes design and architecture through a creative program of exhibitions and events.

The Lighthouse is housed in the former Glasgow Herald building, the first public commission completed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and is the ideal place to start a Mackintosh tour in Glasgow. Mackintosh Translation Center also captures the life and work of Mackintosh and allows access to the Mack Tower, providing an unparalleled view of Glasgow.

In level one, the first gallery and review areas offer a flexible program of exhibitions and events focused on the impact of design and architecture on daily lives.

Level two hosts the Architecture and Design’s Sustainable Building Materials Library of Scotland, which offers visitors the opportunity to explore and analyze a variety of sustainable building materials.

The Lighthouse has four multi-storey spaces that can be rented for corporate events, evenings and weddings. The Doocot Cafe also offers hearty meals in an inviting atmosphere.

The exhibition program has brought internationally acclaimed events such as Paul Smith in Glasgow, while at the same time promoting and bringing major events showcasing the talent and quality of work of people and organizations based or trained in Glasgow.

Something to Take Away

This is the city which is called Scotland’s music capital, the essence of this vibrant and cultural Scottish city is still alive and the things you experience here is one of a kind that will stay with you.

By now you must have got your list of places to visit in Glasgow. Glasgow is the heart of Scotland. Known for its colourful character, industrial history and amazing art and music, Glasgow has always fascinated and entertained visitors for centuries.

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