The Best Guide to Your Travel to Poland!

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Poland is recognized for its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cheap beer, and great home food, but there is so much more to this nation. Poland is one of the EU’s most underappreciated tourist destinations.

It offers everything you’d expect to find in Western Europe, making travel to Poland a budget dream. You could easily spend weeks exploring everything from stunning parks to medieval towns to cheap beer to wild coasts. Here is a guide to your travel to Poland.

Best Time to Go

Travel to Poland
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You can travel to Poland at any time of year and have a great time. Due to the wonderful weather conditions, the best time to travel to Poland is March-May.

You may even discover that the cost of flights and accommodations is cheaper than if you travel to Poland during the high holiday seasons.

If you want to ski or participate in other winter activities, you must visit in winter for the best experience. Tourists throng here in June and July because the weather is all sunny, particularly on weekends and holidays.

With colder temperatures, the shoulder seasons are ideal for touring major cities while avoiding crowds.

Spring is also one of the greatest periods to travel to Poland since the weather warms up around late April and early May. Rain is also less common in spring than in summer, when temperatures are more pleasant.

LGBT Travellers

Travel to Poland
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Homosexuality is legal in Poland, although parts of it are still integrated. Poland does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil partnerships.

It can be disturbing if someone is sick, and your loot may be overlooked in theatres. The Embassy will gladly guide you in your search for a legal representative in the Czech Republic.

Personal Identification

In Poland, the police require a photo ID to prove identity to the authorities. If you are planning to travel to Poland, you will need to carry a new identification form and passport; It is open to all Irish citizens aged 18 or over who hold an Irish passport and stay for 6 months.

Because Poland is a member of the Schengen Zone, Australian, Canadian, and US citizens may visit for up to 90 days without a visa, while EU citizens can remain in Poland indefinitely.


When you travel to Poland, remember that drinking in pubs is forbidden, and it is possible that something could happen without a proper legal basis.

Drinking in public (i.e., in the streets, on public transport, etc.) is fatal and highly involved by the Polish authorities, who have the right to specify the details. The drinking limit to drive on Polish streets is 20 mg/ml.

Public Transport

Travel to Poland
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Tickets for public transport are available on tickets to bus or tram stops or from most newspapers and newsstands. Tickets must be valid before starting to travel on yellow buses or trams. If caught travelling without valid documents, the police might suspect you.

Download the Jakdojade app if you intend to use public transportation before travelling. It is well-liked by people in all major cities.

Trains offer Wi-Fi and dining carriages and can be booked quickly online. You may use the train between cities. Be cautious of taxi drivers who approach you at the airport or whose cars lack phone numbers and company names.

Hiring a Vehicle

Do not issue your passport for security purposes when you rent a car. When you authorize passport photos, keep them in your hands.

Check that you have adequate insurance and see the small print of the vehicle rental agreement that comes into effect when you purchase the vehicle.


Travel to Poland
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Polish Yen is Zloty. Is it available in the currency trading company in Poland? Keter. You can get a bank card in every major city. Tourists can pay with a credit or debit card in most shops, bars and restaurants.

When you travel to Poland, you will come to know that it is relatively economical and far less expensive than other European nations such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, France, and so on.

Reporting a Crime

If you have suffered a crime during your stay in Poland, inform the local police agency immediately. Don’t hesitate to contact the Embassy for further assistance in the processing.

Dual Nationals

Under Polish law, Polish cities that have dual citizenship are considered Polish when moving, despite having a Polish passport from another country. If you are a dual Irish and Polish citizen, the Polish police may request your passport if you enter or leave Poland if you do not already have one with your passport.

You are treated like a Pole if you are in Poland. In this context, your rights, as a majority of citizens, are based in Poland (including the right to legal aid)


Travel to Poland
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Winter in Poland may have a severe winter according to Irish conditions. The average temperatures in January range from -4 to 25 C. It is important to dress properly to travel to Poland during winter.

Summer in Poland is hot; in some places, the temperature reaches 35C. It is recommended that you have appropriate clothing such as headgear and that you wear sunscreen in summer.

Entry Requirements (Visa/Passport)

You must accompany your Polish visa to enter Belarus. Upon arrival in Poland, you will need a valid passport card. You must carry some photos or an image from scanned passports to Poland. Please keep a copy of your passport details for each day of travel.

Make sure to keep your travel documents ready for such events. For more information, you can always check the travel regulation for Poland Online.

Best Places to Visit in Poland

  1. Gdańsk

    Travel to Poland
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Gdansk, Gdynia, and Sopot are three cities you must see. Gdansk is situated on the Baltic Sea coast in northern Poland. It is a city with a more than 1000-year history.

The following finest places to visit are the Prison Tower and Torture Chamber. The Prison Tower and Torture Chamber were originally part of the city fortifications built in the 14th century.

When the new city walls were built in the 16th century, the structure was converted into a jail, court, and torture chamber. However, it is now a museum open to the public.

Long Street, the central avenue of Gdansk Old Town, and World War II are ideal for a day excursion in this city. The city had an important part in twentieth-century European history.

This is where World War II began, and it is also where the Solidarity movement was founded. Every street corner has a tale to tell.

The Motlawa River embankment, particularly between the Green Gate and the Amber Sky ferries wheel, gives excellent social media opportunities, as well as The Town Hall, which is no exception. A must-visit place if you travel to Poland.

The city is generally vacant and less congested, and you may enjoy wandering around the view’s many colourful buildings.

Climb to the top of the Town Hall Bell Tower for panoramic views of the Old Town. The structure originates from the 14th century and now houses the Gdansk History Museum.

  1. Zakopane

    Travel to Poland
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Zakopane, a renowned vacation destination in east-central Poland, is ideal for hikers and skiing enthusiasts.

Set in the Tatra Mountains, it is a hiking and skiing hotspot, and the warm feelings may have you staying longer than you think in Poland’s hidden jewel.

Zakopane is a winter paradise with year-round activities. It is famous not only because it is a tiny attractive, mild mountain town in the south of Poland, with the Tatra Mountains blanketed with snow on the summits all year round.

Zakopane is a winter paradise with plenty of things to do all year. The most pleasing thing to do in Zakopane is go trekking.

The Tatra Mountains serve as a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. Whatever hiking track you choose in Zakopane, you will be amply rewarded.

Morskie Oko, often known as the “Eye of the Sea” in English, is the fourth-largest lake in the Tatra Mountains. Morskie Oko’s true beauty resides in its crystal-clear lake water and natural surroundings.

You may also climb Mount Rysy, Poland’s highest peak at 2,500 metres. Zakopane is endowed with many streams, valleys, and breathtaking mountains because it is near the border with Slovakia and shares the Tatra Mountains. Truly, one of the best places to visit when you travel to Poland.

Zakopane is best visited in early June or late August. There are fewer visitors at this time of year, so you may appreciate the lovely countryside without being surrounded by a swarm of locals. The average yearly temperature of Zakopane is 2 degrees Celsius, with summer temperatures reaching about 25 degrees Celsius.

  1. Gdynia

    Travel to Poland
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Gdynia began as a modest fishing hamlet in the 1920s and has since grown into a sparkling urban vacation resort. It’s a one-of-a-kind blend of contemporary concrete and steel, devoid of historical charm and home to Poland’s beautiful coastal beauty.

The seas are clean, and there are many gorgeous sites to see from here. Gdynia Beach is a great family-friendly resort due to its proximity to the sea. The Gdynia Naval Museum, which focuses on the history of the Polish Navy, is a terrific place to spend an afternoon if you’re interested.

Gdynia is Poland’s boating capital, so be sure to do some boating while you’re here. There are several boat rental businesses around from which to choose. The majority of Gdynia’s main attractions are located along the beachfront. The port is rich in history, and there are several museums.

Motor Museum is a must-see for everyone interested in automobiles and other modes of transportation. There is much to choose from and examine here, from the Ford T to the Buick Deluxe.

But delve under the city’s modernism, and you’ll find some of the most significant events in Polish, and perhaps global, history. The Gdynia Aquarium is tiny, but it is well worth seeing.

It is home to over 1,000 different species of fish, amphibians, and reptiles from all over the globe. Several species on exhibit are both intriguing to look at and learn about. A must-visit place when you travel to Poland.

  1. Sopot

    Travel to Poland
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This location is ideal for people who like discovering new areas and learning about other cultures. Sopot, Poland, is a lovely Baltic Sea Coast beach village. It is part of the so-called Tri-City, which includes Gdansk and Gdynia. Sopot, Poland, is a beautiful Baltic Sea Coast beach village.

The wooden Pier, which spans over 511 metres, is undoubtedly the major attraction of Sopot. It is part of the so-called Tri-City, which includes Gdansk and Gdynia.

It was also known as the “Polish Riviera,” a popular summer vacation for many of the affluent and famous.

Bohaterow Monte Cassino in Sopot is one of Poland’s most renowned pedestrian walkways. It is named after the heroes of World War II combat in Italy against Germans and Poles.

It stretches from St George’s Church to the Pier and is dotted with taverns, restaurants, and shops. Walking along the Pier is one of the must-do activities in Sopot.

The lighthouse is a Sopot landmark that can be viewed from various city sections. It was built in 1904 as part of a spa complex and served as a chimney before being converted into a lighthouse. The Sopot Lighthouse is available to tourists all year; climb to the top for stunning 360-degree views of Sopot.

On hot summer days, the beaches of Sopot become pretty busy. This city occupies more than 500 metres of the Baltic Sea shoreline. The beaches at Sopot are ideal for sunbathing.


Travel to Poland
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Polish folks are among the friendliest and most welcoming individuals you will ever meet when you travel to Poland. You will not be disappointed if you visit Poland.

This travel to Poland guide will help you to plan your vacation, save money, and maximize your time in this budget-travel paradise!


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