9 Incredible Activities To Do In The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden
By Donald Judge/ Flickr. Copyright 2022.

The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is a famous tourist attraction in Manchester, England. It has been named after Alderman Fletcher Moss who was the President of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. Late Alderman Fletcher Moss gifted this park to the city of Manchester in 1915.

Alderman Fletcher Moss was a philanthropist who died in the year 1919. He was known for promoting the welfare of people through his generous self. He lived in The Old Parsonage house by a Church in Stenner Woods lane.

Fletcher Moss Gardens are located South of Manchester in Didsbury. The garden is in a perfect location where people can access it without much difficulty.

This nature’s beauty is just a stone’s throw away from the lively neighborhood and is believed to be the most tranquil spot in the region. The historic Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden is an attraction for locals as well as tourists in the UK.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Jeff/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden.

Everything You Need to Know About The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Manchester city offer some of the most exquisite nature views in the whole of England. There are many things to experience at this place. Here, they have three different but interconnected areas.

  • Fletcher Moss Park and the Botanical Gardens
  • Parsonage Gardens
  • Astonishing Natural Reserve of Stenner Woods, Millgate Fields, and the River Mersey.

Fletcher Moss Gardens and Parsonage Gardens are open to the public for free all year from dawn till dusk. The scenic park has been running as a botanical garden with plenty of evergreen trees, the grouping of extravagant flowers, and walk-through passages that allow the people of Manchester to explore every part of the gardens.

This pleasant park carefully protects the marvelous Rock Garden from other elements. The main garden sits on a South-facing slope as a shelter. Apart from the Rock Garden, there are tons of other things to be explored.

There are numerous other beautiful things around to discover like mini waterfalls, cherry blossoms, huge palm trees, and a giant rhubarb floating in a pond. The Giant Rhubarb is also known as Gunnera Manicata at the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens.

Wander around the park freely and you shall be pleased to see a tremendous picturesque setting, with some backdrops making it look like an absolutely different world. Take a walk under an arch filled with drooping, yet beautiful purple flowers. Capture the cherry blossom trees and take a stroll through a framed path of giant looming trees by the River Mersey.

In addition to the eye-catching flowers and trees, Fletcher Moss Gardens are also home to wildlife and wildflowers. Birds and little mammals are seen in the park with a bird feeding area and a Bug Hotel.

As mentioned, there is no entry fee and the visitors are allowed to take a good walk around the park and Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. Bless your eyes and soul with the beauty of nature around the River Mersey too. It is a peaceful place with everything to behold and explore. With family and friends’ company, you are in for a fabulous experience at these gardens.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Andy Hay/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

Important Information About History

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) was founded in Fletcher Moss Park in 1889. Emily Williamson, who lived in The Croft was unhappy with the sheer killing of birds for the plumage. She organized a meeting and put forth her disagreement with the exploitation of birds. Hence, a Plumage League was formed.

This meeting was attended by a relative of Emily, Professor Melissa Bateman, and Jeff Smith, the local MP. The group achieved success and eventually merged with The Fur, Fin, and Feather Folk in Croydon which eventually led to the forming of the Royal Society for Protection of Birds in the UK.

Why You Should Consider Visiting The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

The Fletcher Moss Park is filled with heavenly flora. Alderman Fletcher Moss wanted to elate the people of Manchester, UK by gifting this place. And thus, this 21-acre park fascinates people with its botanical beauty, antiquated and unusual plants, and flowers.

Several original features have been retained at this park, like The Rock And Heather Gardens, and The Alpine House just next to Fletcher Moss. Both these features offer a stupendously excellent experience to the visitors.

There are 9 incredible activities you must explore while visiting the Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden.

1. Monday Health Walk

On Mondays, you will witness a health walk around Fletcher Moss Park which goes on for an hour and a half approximately. These walks are led by a park warden or any experienced health walk leader. In addition, there are longer walks every fortnight starting from different stations along the Mersey Valley.

This is a famous walk mainly due to the lively social atmosphere among the participants. Such walks are always supported by refreshments like tea, coffee, biscuits, and a good chat with others.

Not only this, the walks are assisted by the Manchester City Council and the Health Promotion Group (NHS), as walking is surely one of the most unchallenging and friendliest ways to stay healthy.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Mike Kniec/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Fletcher Moss Park

2. Tennis Court

Tennis courts have been brought back into the gardens and if you wish to play tennis, then you are welcome to do so. The authorities will be extremely helpful in assuring a fun experience for you. Sessions are held regularly at tennis courts with coaching (if you want).

For people aged above 50, coaching sessions are conducted on Thursdays from 2 to 4 PM and for all others, on Saturdays (at the same time). The motive is to make everyone play and enjoy their hearts out.

3. Fun Walking 

There is a spacious network of paths at The Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. Around the park, through Stenner Woods, round Millgate Fields, and along the River Mersey. A better part of the area is a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and there is a wide variety of wildlife to explore.

It might get a little confusing at first in finding your way around but eventually, you will get on the right path, and trust me, it is fun!

Also, there is a map that can assist you. Here is the map of Fletcher Moss Park and Millgate Fields.

4. Nature Trail 

There are Nature Trails through Stenner Woods, along Stenner Lane, and just a stone’s throw away from the Health Walk area, which circles the great Hay Meadow between the woods and fields. More information can be found in the Visitor Centre (where free WiFi is available) in The Croft (off Millgate Lane).

Anyhow, the beauty of nature can be seen everywhere in Fletcher Moss Park. Different species of birds are seen in summer and winter at this park. There are multiple wonderful plants, wildflowers, and trees. Also, bats are seen flying along the river at dusk. In summers, there are other insects such as dragonflies and butterflies.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Donald Judge/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Fletcher Moss Park

The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden has a rich variety of ornamental trees and shrubs. Also, Chusan Palms, Tulip Trees, Mulberry, Dawn Redwood, and other conifers are seen within the gardens.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Donald Judge/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Cute Little Bird

5. Access For Disabled

The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden has a small car park on Millgate Lane which provides two bays to disabled ones. Upon entering the park, it can be easily reached across the gate next to the car park.

Here, there are smooth paths where wheelchairs and pushchairs are accessible and suitable for use. There are also some slight inclines. A steeper incline at the park guides you to the cafe and leads up to Wilmslow Road.

You can access the Wilmslow Road entrance even by parking at the car park of The Didsbury pub. A minimal fee of £2 is charged for parking which is redeemable if you eat or drink at the pub.

However, The Rock Garden is not suitable for wheelchairs as there are steps and inconvenient slopes that a wheelchair might face.

Parsonage Gardens might be smaller comparatively but they are more suitable for wheelchairs. You can enter either through the Eagle Gate near Ye Olde Cock Inn by parking at The Didsbury pub or from the Stenner Lane entrance. The Old Parsonage also has fine-quality toilets for disabled ones.

6. Wellbeeing Garden 

The extra ‘e’ in this word is put on purpose. For several years, the old grass tennis courts have been a debating subject. It was eventually decided to make use of this place and turn it into a Wellbeeing Garden.

The reason behind an extra ‘e’ is because the authorities would not only prepare this for the wellbeing of people but also the wellbeing of bees and other insects.

Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens have been allotted a grant of £15,500 from the Government’s ‘Pocket Parks’ initiative to convert a part of the old tennis courts into a wellbeeing garden. It is focused on being salubrious and welcoming to everyone.

This is specifically meant for people who are suffering from physical and mental issues. According to the authorities, these individuals would gain confidence through close interaction with nature and peace.

7. The Alpine Tea Room

This is a cafe at The Croft Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens, Manchester, UK. Located in an amazing area, surrounded by gardens, this cafe is a lovely place to spend time with some heavenly views of the garden.

After a walk along the River Mersey and gardens, if you are looking for some refreshments, this place will provide everything you might need. From tea, coffee to vegan salad, snacks, cakes, ice creams, and alcoholic drinks, you will find everything here. Other than that, the menu includes Giant Hot Dogs, Wraps, Pork, and Steak.

You can settle inside or outside, at your convenience. I suggest you spend time here with your family or friends after taking a good walk in the park. Also, wheelchair access is easy at this spot.

8. The Friends Group 

“The Friends of Fletcher Moss Park and Parsonage Gardens Group” was formed in 2006 to protect the garden area from developers, easy cuts to funding, and damage due to carelessness. Another objective is to create some sense of ownership by local people and tourists who valued their time spent at the Fletcher Moss Park.

Since the formation of this group, these people have worked closely with the Manchester City Council and the Mersey Valley Warden Service. Their main motto is to set priorities for maintaining and uplifting the park’s values. They provide volunteers for work as and when required.

Apart from these, they also raise funds for several projects by applications to grant-awarding bodies. This is a group that believes in making a difference. They ensure that Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens have a fine present and magnificent future.

To become one of the members of this group, you have to pay a small amount of £5.00 per annum. You are expected to take a membership form from any of these places, The Café at Fletcher Moss Gardens, The Visitors Centre at Fletcher Moss Gardens, The Old Parsonage, or The Alpine House in Parsonage Gardens.

The building which had the orchids is now The Alpine House. Specifically, because there always used to be alpines in the gardens.

9. Restaurants Nearby

If you are looking for proper meals, these are some of the best restaurants to satisfy your cravings around the Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, Wilmslow Road.

Jajoo Indian street food

This is an authentic Indian cuisine near the botanical gardens. They offer supreme quality Indian food like Daal, Prawn Curry, Tacos, Lamb Chops, Curries, Indian Wine, and other chicken stuff.

This restaurant serves delicately spiced food including the choicest flavors cooked with perfection. Visit the place for the beautiful Indian cuisine experience.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By David Woo/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Indian Food

Baity Palestinian kitchen

This is a Middle-Eastern restaurant with traditional and modern Palestinian dishes in Manchester, UK. They don’t serve alcohol but the variety in Arabic food will blow you away.

Traditional dishes include Kibbeh, Hummus, Lamb, Bakhlava Sweets, Falafel, Salad, Lentil Soup, Kunafa, and other Palestinian food.

This Arabic Palestinian restaurant will not disappoint you for sure. Enjoy the food of your choice with incredible staff service.

Fletcher Moss Botanical
By Stu_Spivack/ Flickr. Copyright 2022. Hummus

Expo lounge

This is a nice little getaway kind of place around the botanical gardens. They have a beautiful terrace with big windows that provide a fine view of the botanical gardens and the Wilmslow road.

This was once a furniture shop, later turned into a lounge. They offer a great range of food and drinks in a very relaxed and comfy atmosphere.

The menu includes Veggie breakfast, Burgers, Sandwiches, Salad, Puddings, Cakes, and other mains. All in all, you will have a fine dining experience with a lovely atmosphere.


The Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens are more beautiful than one can imagine. The activities carried out in the park just increase the beauty of these botanical gardens. You can visit the park during any time of the year, and yet the tranquility remains the same throughout all seasons.

Located in the heart of this country, the residents of the UK are very closely attached to this park in Manchester. These gardens are said to be the favorite local spot on a holiday. As we know, it is important to have parks around as they improve the quality of air, provide habitat to the wildlife, provide a space for children and families to sit around and connect.

This place is not only known for its natural beauty and environmental benefits, but it also offers ample space for enthusiasts to work out, jog around, or just sit and feel the calmness of this place.

This is a must-visit place if you are in the UK right now or planning to visit the country soon. Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens are up amongst the top Manchester attractions and you should not miss out on taking a look around the park.

Take a break from the daily hustles and bustles of life and visit the botanical gardens with your loved ones. Spend the day appreciating nature’s beauty, participate in activities that you like and fulfill your mid-day or evening cravings at the cafe or any restaurant of your choice.

Now that you know everything about The Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden, also have a look at 9 Irresistible Fun Outdoor Activities In London—You Must Go For

If you are aware of the park and have got any concerns to raise over the issues in gardens or its management, please contact Manchester City Council at parks@manchester.gov.uk

The Manchester City Council will be glad to hear from you and provide assistance with the same.

Wishing you a safe and sound trip to the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens!


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