The 7 Best Dominican Restaurants—You Must Try

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Dominican restaurants have found their way into our hearts and pallets owing to their exceptionally diverse roots traced back to indigenous Taino, African, Middle Eastern influences, and Spanish.

While you’re at it, make sure you have a look at this other amazing list of restaurants curated for you over here.

Mainly influenced by the former Spainiad lifestyle, which is a middle and southern eastern influence, most if not all of the dishes incorporate meat or seafood coupled with grains like rice and corn and wheat with beans and other legumes perfectly complementing the flavors.

There is a pretty heavy consumption of meats and starch with almost no dairy products and non-starchy veggies.


This article lists some of the best Dominican restaurants across London and New York to help you find the perfect match for your pallet, for this vacation.

1. Casa Mofongo 

Enyer De Los Santos, the brilliant mind behind this exceptionally great representation of food in the Dominican Republic, had his fair share of toil while raising money to find the venue at Brixton to create the Casa Mofongo.

Today, they stand and serve with pride with every review being positive for their lip-smacking Caribbean Food.

The restaurant was named after something Los Santos adored devouring in his childhood, the Mofongo dishes that his mother cooked.

Visit here to have a bite, though I might have to warn you about their jam-packed reservations and would recommend getting reservations beforehand, along with their unique variations of the classic Mofongo with roast chicken or beef or fried belly pork.

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Address: 152 Loughborough Rd, London SW9 7LL, United Kingdom

2. Malecon

The 30-year-old restaurant is one of the best places in NYC to grab the best Dominican cuisine in the city. Their menu is full of the best Dominican food you could find around.

Their Cuatro Gulpos is one of the best Dominican breakfast options for first-timers that is a tasty dish with Spanish sausages and fried cheese and mashed plantains. Their ginormous portion sizes would be worth your while.

Their bright orange decor is always bustling with crowds, with them having to manage a gorgeous and spacious interior setting with a quite classy outdoor seating as well.

Do make sure you grab a portion of their Mofongo de Chicharron de Cerdo, it’s just as aromatic as it tastes.

Photo by Cloris Ying on Unsplash | Copyright 2022

Address: 4141 Broadway, New York City, NY 10033, United States

3. Esmeraldo Bakery

Just a few blocks down Malecon is one of the more classic eatery in New York, that could soothe all the sweet tooth cravings you have had. They have captured the best of the Dominican essence in their tasty food for you to eat and enjoy.

Do try their Jamon y queso Relleno and Habichuelas Con Dulce, creamy sweet delights with the touch of original Spanish flavors. They have got a fair amount of vegetarian options for all the vegan folks out there.

My personal favorite is the Bizcocho Dominicano, a Dominican cake with amazing pineapple jam at the center, garnished with a meringue frosting called suspiro. It is both delicious and perfect for the pockets.

Photo by Nadja Oertlin on Unsplash | Copyright 2022

Address: 538 W 181st St, New York, NY 10033, United States

4. Bizcocho de Colores

Bizcocho de Colores is a fine dining Dominican restaurant in the heart of New York that helps you perfectly complement the amazing Spanish flavors with tasty Tres Leches.

Tres leches is an amazing dish that has a sponge cake with a perfect combination of kinds of milk along with Rum and vanilla and whipped cream, it’s the subtle texture is worth every calorie it packs.

They even make special themed cakes for special occasions with a touch of Dominican and Caribbean vibe to make your birthdays and anniversaries extra special.

Photo by Arantxa Aniorte on Unsplash | Copyright 2022

Address: 241 Sherman Ave, New York, NY 10034, United States

5. Bocachica London

The Dominican restaurant of generous boxes and authentic seasonings, Bocachica London has a very similar vibe to the authentic Dominican food that too in London.

This hidden gem of a restaurant as per every review never fails to entice customers with its diverse menu that takes your pallet on the best journey of Dominican food in the UK.

Their Pica Polla is exquisite and has got authentic Dominican food flavors, something I’d personally recommend.

Dominican Restaurant
Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash | Copyright 2022

Address: 4a Station Way, London SE15 4RX, United Kingdom

6. Leche Y Miel Restaurant

This hidden gem in the Bronx is a Small and sweet restaurant that has been serving amazing Dominican food since 2014 by a gorgeous couple with Dominican roots. The chef Rideiby Pena has a particularly amazing homecooked food style with a classic modern Latin  American fusion. Her slow-cooked fried chicken and green plantains are topped with parmesan and shrimps.

Their BBQ Pulled Pork and Shrimp Mofonguitos are incredibly scrumptious and their bread pudding is the perfect sweet to conclude the fine dining. Their chicken Waldorf salad is one of the best Dominican cuisines in the town.

Make sure you get the reservations for your pallet is going for quite a ride.

Photo by Roger Cziwerny on Pexels | Copyright 2022

Address: 5761 Broadway, The Bronx, NY 10463, United States

7. El Lina

The Washington Heights is abode to the incredible El Lina, a local favorite that has been emulating authentic Dominican Food for over 30 years now.

Make sure you grab their amazing seafood, especially the Camarones al Horno which is a hot buttery shrimp that is well seasoned and spiced. They also have several other types of meat and fried chicken options with amazing rice and bean sides and specially spiced fried plantain.

If you’re about to pick from the best restaurants for the first time, make sure you have to pay a visit to their amazing selections.

Especially their mofongo with chicken and plantain along with tomatoes on the top pairing it with an incredibly savory and delicious beef sauce on the side.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels | Copyright 2022

Address: 500 W 207th St, New York, NY 10034, United States


The Dominican Restaurants have got a certain degree of appeal when it comes to fine decent weekend dining, make sure you grab your perfect Dominican Restaurant from my list and enjoy your weekend with the perfect blend of authentic Spanish flavors. 


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