The 1 Perfect Guide to Glamping Holidays UK

Glamping holidays uk
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If you love to get out, enjoy nature, and live outdoors, then you should read this. If you are someone who loves the idea of staying in nature but can’t be without a proper place to live, then you should also read this.

Suppose you don’t want to rough up while camping. You can always go glamping. While traditional campers do not usually support the idea of Luxury camping, it catches up with everyone like wildfire. All the things you do on a classic camping trip can be done while you are Glamping on holidays UK. This can be a perfect holiday for many.

1. What is Glamping Holidays UK?

Luxury camping doesn’t lessen or decrease the camping or nature’s feel. It is luxury accommodation with all the creature allotment and facilities available in your home. You get to sleep on a solid bed rather than a sleeping bag, eat proper food, and have a clean and functioning bathroom instead of the fields. Some even have a hot tub.

You can still relax in nature and unwind in natural peace from the chaos of today’s world when you are pampered with the luxury touch.

Glamping is very famous in the UK. There are many options in the region, and it is very impressive. Many companies help you with the booking of your perfect Glamping site. There are also various fantastic offers.

Glamping Holidays UK
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The sites can vary from the countryside to rolling hills to beaches. There is something for everyone. These sites offer you many things like stargazing in hot tubs, having great food, and having all of home’s comfort.

Glamping can be the perfect vacation for a family where you can bring your kids along. It can also be a perfect romantic escape for a couple, a great solo adventure, or a great trip for a group of friends. Read below to learn briefly about Glamping sites for your perfect glamping break.

2. Various Types of Glamping Holidays UK

When we think about glamping holidays UK, fancy tent or caravans comes to mind. But that is just not it. There is much more to know about glamping. There are glamping accommodation options in popular locations, with the industry flourishing over the years. Some are yurts, glamping pods, cottages, caravans, safari tents, shepherd’s huts, and many more.

  • Yurts look like round and large tents. These are often found in Countryside in the UK. Some places have a hot tub in their beautiful and great outdoors.
  • Glamping Pods are the recent attraction. It is cute, instagramable, and has an Eco-friendly side to it. Pods are small with outdoor furniture but luxurious with their proper use of space. It is also insulated, thus, keeping it warm throughout the year. It is a perfect romantic setup and helps to enjoy nature with all the comforts.
  • The old wagons of shepherds inspire Shepherd’s huts. These cute small huts have a great history connection. These might not be as big as a yurt, but it does have a cosy fact to them.
  • You can escape the chaos with a floating home for a magical and charming staycation. Houseboats are also a great option. This is a great option if you are a water baby and want to stay near water bodies.
  • Safari Tent is the royalty of the tent world. Don’t let the word tent fool you. It is great big and spacious with all the facilities. It is one such most selected option in Glamping holidays UK. These tents have fully functioning bathrooms, comfy beds, and heating. Family or friends usually use it as it can accommodate more people than the generic tents.
  • The cabin, cottage, or lodge can be the most used option in Glamping holidays UK as it comes in almost all shapes, sizes, and styles. You can find small rustic places with double beds to large ornate cabins with the sea beside them. Unlike other options like yurt or pods, these sites have great space and offer great comfort.
  • If you are a retro feels lover, then go for the airstream. An Airstream is an American aluminium trailer used for travelling. Modern Airstreams also have a clean and contemporary feel to them.
  • A tree house is everyone’s childhood dream. A tree house is a great option for adventurous people. Also, there are great and epic treehouses and luxury cabins in treetops across the UK. It is one such option for stargazing as you can lay on the deck of the Treehouse in style and luxury accompanied by nature.

3. Great Places for Glamping Camping in the UK

There are many great and popular locations for glamping breaks in the UK. Some of it is mentioned below as these are some tourist-favourite sites. Even though you are going for the Ultimate Glamping experience, be sure to take your camping gear.

3.1. Cornwall

This is one such stunning place for Glamping Holidays UK. It is also a fan-favourite site as it has much natural beauty. The beaches, scenery, and woods make it the haven for campers and adventurers. There are many small and scenic villages in Cornwall. The sea area of Cornwall is the hot spot for glamping in this region. There are many outdoor events and adventures to try.

3.2. Carmarthenshire

This place is known as the garden of Wales. It is a paradise of natural scenery. There is almost everything there, from the beaches of Carmarthen Bay to the rough lands of western Beacons to the Cambrian mountains. It is an adventurer’s and camper’s haven. You can visit market villages and beautiful old castles that hold so much history. There are many outdoorsy things to do, like cycling and hiking.

glamping holidays UK
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3.3. Isle of Wight

This is such a majestic place that it is preferred by many throughout the year. It is situated off just the southern coast of England. This site offers many places to visit, like castles, country parks, museums, and railways. Moreover, you get a wide range of exciting places to explore!

3.4. Dorset

It is another scenic place in the UK that is one of the fan-favourite destinations for glamping. It is a great place with iconic coast and green countryside. It is home to one of the UNESCO world heritage places, which gives the visitor a chance to explore the region and go fossil hunting.

3.5. Pembroke shire

It is such a beautiful place in Wales, and it will be incomplete without this place. Pembroke shire is situated east of Carmarthenshire in the southwest region of Wales. It is one such stunning place. Even though it is a famous glamping area, it is remote and feels remote helps to escape the chaos in today’s life. This place also offers hikes and water sports. You can stay in a cabin in fairy tale woods like snow-white or have a retreat by the stunning coast.

3.6. Devon

This is a literal version of a natural beauty paradise. This place has a perfect town and picturesque areas, and national parks.

Devon is also famous for the shepherd’s hut in the countryside, which is great for a romantic trip. You can also go to the big and comfortable yurts amid meadows and woods with your family. There is even a private cabin for solo travellers to select from. There are so many options that you’ll have difficulty choosing your glamping site.


Glamping Holidays UK
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Glamping accommodation lay across the country from Wales to Scotland to even northern islands. People love this new type of camping as this helps them feel closer to nature without leaving all the home comforts and leaving the chaos and problems behind. Glamping helps you detox, get fresh air, and get well physically and mentally with style and luxury.

Glamping holidays in the UK are for all seasons. You can even go glamping in the rain. Glamorous Camping in various seasons makes the experience different every time. The best thing about glamping holidays UK is you can enjoy the beauty of glamping without getting caught in the rain or snow.


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