Best Supermarket in Weymouth- Our Top 7 Picks!

supermarket in Weymouth
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Hey there, fellow shoppers! Is it your first time in Weymouth, the magical coastal town in Dorset, and you are unsure where to buy all your necessities from a supermarket in Weymouth? Or if you just want to grab something for a quick bite but are unsure where to hop in? Well, worry not. I’ve got you!

Whether you are in Weymouth to settle down or just visiting for a few weeks, explore the best supermarkets in Weymouth with me, so you can get rid of that lingering doubt about where to go for all your needs!

Unveiling the Best Supermarket of Weymouth!

1. Marks and Spencer (One of the Best Supermarkets in Weymouth!)

First, on this list, you’ll be able to find Marks and Spencer in Weymouth at 6 St Mary St, Weymouth DT4 8PF, United Kingdom.

Often referred to as M&S, by combining convenience and luxury, these leading British grocery retailers offer a wide variety of high-quality clothes, food items, or anything else you might need for your stay in Weymouth.

It had evolved into what it is today because of its quality, variety, and reliability, with a rich history dating back to 1884 when it was established.   

The most important feature of this store is its large collection of good quality food products. It includes ready-to-eat meals, baked goods, and a variety of international cuisine, which makes it one of a kind. 

supermarket in Weymouth
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It’s located at a great spot that’s easy to find. Easy to navigate around the two floors, customers often praises it for its small coffee shop that provides a good selection at reasonable prices.

Marks and Spencer are bound to shape your shopping experience in Weymouth!

2. Lidl 

Located at 148 Dorchester Rd, Weymouth DT3 5EF, United Kingdom, this German multinational supermarket chain is a go-to place for all your needs.

Launched in 1973 in Germany, it has developed into one of the biggest supermarket businesses worldwide.

As they say, they’re big on everything except the prices. That’s where they are ‘Lidl’. And guess what? They mix their brand with popular names and have a bit of everything. 

supermarket in Weymouth
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If you want the best quality products at an affordable price, look no further. Lidl is your place. It provides a large variety of fresh produce, groceries, and many more. Loved equally by the natives of Weymouth and tourists, you’ll be able to find everything you need here. 

Lidl offers special deals to grab your favourites at a better price every week. They promote the use of reusable bags so you are not just shopping but also contributing your part to make the environment a place.

Go on and find out for yourself what all this buzz about Lidl is! 

3. Tesco

Situated at multiple different locations throughout Weymouth, Tesco is your friendly neighbourhood superstore stocked with everything you need, from fresh produce to household essentials and even a few surprises!

They have an app that you can use to find the items you need. So you do not have to tire yourself out to grab your favourites. 

It offers both branded and own-brand products, giving you various choices. Whether you are picking up things for your house or just looking around, Tesco is always there to make your shopping delightful.

You’ll leave Tesco not only with a bag full of goods but also with a heart full of smiles!

4. Sainsbury’s 

Located at Mercery Rd, Weymouth DT3 5HJ, United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s is like coming home to your favourite shop.

Among the biggest supermarket businesses in the UK, you can find everything from groceries and clothing to homewares, electricals, and much more at Sainsbury’s.

Safety is their highest priority, and they have different measures in place to ensure the customer’s and the staff’s safety. 

Got kids with you? Well, don’t worry. You’ll find mini trolleys made just for them!

Customers prefer it due to its nice and clean atmosphere. I’m sure your visit to Sainsbury’s will make your day brighter!


Part of ASDA Groups, one of the leading grocery retailers in Britain, ASDA Weymouth Superstore offers good quality products at a great price to help customers save and live a better life!

Customers appreciate the store’s spacious design as it eases navigation and helps people find what they need.

You can get your groceries delivered anywhere in the UK from ASDA at your convenience.

6. Morrisons 

Located at Dorchester Rd, Weymouth DT3 5JA, United Kingdom, Morrisons has everything you need for your household. Providing clothes to electricals, using their store locator, you can find a store near you.

You can also buy your groceries online and deliver them right to your front door. You can find amazing deals weekly at Morrisons.

supermarket in Weymouth


Named in 1962, short for Albrecht-Diskont, which translates to Albrecht Discount in English, it has never failed to prove that it’s the right name.

Fresh products that are locally sourced and stocked daily are to thank for this supermarket chain’s recent success and fame in Weymouth. 

supermarket in Weymouth
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They have got their own unique brands that are just as good as the well-known ones. They never forget to attract their customers with their limited-time offers.

If you have trouble finding something you want, then ALDI’s friendly staffs are there to guide you.

Located across Weymouth in different locations, it’s your go-to store for any of your needs. Loved by millions across the globe, there is no doubt why ALDI has taken its place in this list.

Conclusion- The Best Supermarket in Weymouth

These are only some of the supermarket gems in Weymouth. Whether you are searching for quality, special deals, or a friendly atmosphere to shop from, the supermarkets in Weymouth are ready for you.

If you roam around the streets of Weymouth, you’ll be able to find more, but I assure you that these are the best of the bests.

Take out your shopping bag and run on to get lost in the vast aisles of these supermarkets! 

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