Spa Day in Manchester: 9 Top-Notch Spas for Wellness

Spa day in Manchester
Image by Jürgen Rübig from Pixabay

Manchester’s vibrant atmosphere is infectious, and along with its warren-like streets, the city is thriving with arts and music scenes. And even with its wild sides, Manchester can offer much-needed solace.

A day in a spa can provide you with much-needed therapy for physical, mental, and spiritual healing, promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And guess what? This article comprises the 9 best spas for a relaxing spa day in Manchester, where you can sit back and just relax. 

Keep reading to know where to spend your spa day in Manchester, to revive and rejuvenate.

1. Pure Spa & Beauty Cheadle

PURE Spa & Beauty is an award-winning salon, where you can enjoy a relaxing spa day in Manchester. Here, they provide both, premium spa and beauty treatments.

Becky Woodhouse was the founder of the PURE Spa & Beauty. She was a chartered accountant with a great interest in the beauty industry and dreamed of running her own business. 

Courtesy: PURE Spa & Beauty

Becky noticed a yawning chasm between the market of professionals’ ability to look after health, and well-being, as well as beauty essentials. Thus she found this establishment to provide skilful treatments by their expert therapists. 

And as mentioned before, PURE Spa & Beauty won various awards. The awards included:

  • Scottish Spa of the Year Winner by 5 pm Health & Beauty

  • Boutique Spa of the Year in 2011

  • Day Spa of the Year by Professional Beauty in 2012

  • Most Inspiring Salon by Professional Beauty in 2013

  • Day Spa of the Year by Professional Beauty in 2013

  • Beauty Salon of the Year by Professional Beauty in 2015

  • Employer of the Year by Professional Beauty in 2015

  • Client Experience Award by Phorest Salon Software in 2020

  • Travelers’ Choice Award by Trip Advisor in 2020

Address: David Lloyd Club, Royal Crescent, Cheadle Royal, Cheadle, Manchester, SK8 3FL

2. Mere Golf Resort & Spa

The Mere Golf Resort & Spa is more than just a golf resort, it also has an on-site restaurant featuring British cuisine, 3 bars, a conference area to connect, and FREE wi-fi in your rooms.

And of course, you can have a moment to yourself with the premium spa and Health Club facilities.

Courtesy: Mere Golf Resort & Spa

Mere Golf Resort & Spa can serve as a perfect spa day in Manchester. You can pamper yourself to a perfect mental and physical escape with a relaxing Swedish massage, a deep body scrub, purifying skin rituals, facial massages, calming aromatherapy, and much more.

The Mere spa was awarded the Best Health Club Spa in 2018, The Reader’s Choice National Award, and 5 Bubbles by the Good Spa Guide.

Address: Chester Rd, Mere, Knutsford WA16 6LJ, UK

3. Cottons Hotel & Spa

Cottons Hotel & Spa is a 4-star establishment with luxury spa facilities, comfortable rooms, and a fine dining area where you can experience a luxurious spa day in Manchester.

The Cottons Spa area features a bubbling hot tub where you can soothe your sore muscles; a steam room to relax your mind and brighten the mood; and a swimming pool for a refreshing dip to relieve any stress. 

Courtesy: Cottons Hotel & Spa

You can also choose to pamper yourself into the perfect level of relaxation with a beauty treatment. So book yourself a facial, nails, and feel treatment with experts that holds a secret recipe for your tranquillity.

Address: Manchester Rd, Knutsford WA16 0SU, United Kingdom

4. The Park Royal Hotel & Spa

The Park Royal Hotel is another 4-star establishment that offers contemporary, first-class, and tranquil services. You can spend a relaxing spa day in Manchester here, with your friends.

Find yourselves an ideal treatment at the hands of experts, and indulge in rejuvenating hydrotherapy, therapeutic massages, and a wide range of body treatments such as relaxing body scrub treatments.

Courtesy: The Park Royal Hotel & Spa

One of the highlights of The Park Royal Spa is they offer special treatment and massages for people that have been a victim of cancer. You can discover more with their ‘Booking Flexibility’, with terms and conditions applied.

Address: The Park Royal, Stretton, Warrington WA4 4NS, United Kingdom

5. Manchester Piccadilly Hotel & Spa

Piccadilly Hotel is an oasis with its onsite top-notch spa and its six amazing treatment rooms.

It is another 4-star establishment where you can take a breather for a rejuvenating spa day in Manchester. Get pampered by the professional and expert hands at the stellar spa. 

Their spa features revitalizing body treatments, mani and pedi, de-stressing massages, body soothing, and a mind-relaxing sauna and steam room.

But that’s not all, when at Piccadilly Hotel & Spa, you can always take a tour of the Piccadilly Garden to soak up some of its tranquillity. 

Address: London Rd, Manchester M1 2PG, United Kingdom

6. MacDonald Kilhey Court Hotel & Spa

MacDonald Kilhey Court is a 4-star establishment that comprises award-winning services at its hotel and rejuvenating spa treatments for a relaxing spa day in Manchester.

MacDonald Kilhey Court is set in a beautiful Victorian country house within 11 acres of landscape that offers breathtaking overviews, authentic Victorian abodes, and exceptional facilities. 

Courtesy: MacDonald Kilhey Court Hotel & Spa

MacDonald Kilhey Court isn’t left-out, it offers stress-relieving treatments which involve deep facial tissue massages and other treatments best suitable for your skin by expert therapists.

You can indulge yourself in their amazing bath spa and sauna, and try the Health and Wellbeing Club with an indoor swimming pool and gym.

Address: Chorley Rd, Standish, Wigan WN1 2XN, United Kingdom

7. Ruskin Boutique Spa

The Ruskin Boutique Spa is a good choice for having an adult-only spa day in Manchester. It is an ideal spot for a relaxing spa day in Manchester, to steal some time away from your busy schedule. 

Courtesy: Ruskin Boutique Spa

The Ruskin Boutique Spa is established on 30 acres of landscape, that prioritizes overseeing the well-being and tranquillity of its customers.

The spa features a team of experienced therapists and many interesting and thoughtfully designed treatment packages for providing a wonderfully calming experience to its guests. 

So, leave your worries at the doorstep and sign in to the Ruskin Boutique Spa tranquillity. Other popular facilities of the Ruskin Boutique Spa include a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, fitness option with gymnasium, and more; just come and explore!

Address: Ruskin Sports Village, Ruskin Dr, Saint Helens WA10 6RP, United Kingdom

8. Chill Out Spa

Want to experience an unrivalled spa day in Manchester? Say no more! Chill Out Spa is the epitome of relaxation and calmness your body has been craving for.

The spa is situated on the Knowsley Estate, outskirts of Liverpool which offers thoughtfully created and innovative packages for your ultimate spa experience.

Courtesy: Chill Out Spa

The package includes ‘Thalgo Polynesian Body Ritual’, a muscle-relaxing vanilla-scented scrub treatment inspired by an exotic island scrub.

The spa also provides services like hot stone massages, deep tissue massages, Swedish body massages, exfoliation treatment, and more. 

One of the famous packages of Chill Out spa is the Dream Treatment which includes deep and rejuvenating massages, exfoliation, and more, for about 1 hour 25 minutes long; undoubtedly a great place for a perfect spa day in Manchester.

Address: Stanley Grange, Ormskirk Rd, Knowsley, Prescot L34 8HB, United Kingdom

9. Bannatyne Crewe

Bannatyne Spa Crewe is an oasis for mind relaxation, soothing the soul, and lifting your spirits. The excellent spa services offer the perfect antidote to your modern life, away from being cluttered with noise and stress, and offer a soothing spa day in Manchester.

Bannatyne Crewe is the utopia that everyone deserves and should be on everyone’s must-visit list. So come and explore their facilities.

Courtesy: Bannatyne Crewe

The spa facilities include thoughtfully designed spa packages that intend to provide you with the relaxation your mind and body crave. Some of the sumptuous range of spa packages are, 

  • Ritual scrub spa day (for one or two)

  • Pamper yourself on spa day (for one or two)

  • Relaxing spa day (for one or two)

  • Mini pamper spa day

  • Deluxe pamper day

  • Elite spa day (for one or two)

  • Mother and daughter pamper day

Besides the aforementioned packages, Bannatyne Crewe Spa offers limited deals for different occasions. For instance, they can offer around 50% off for a special mothers day deal. Visit their site to explore their limited and regular offers alike, and choose your pick.

Address: Flour Mill Way, Crewe CW1 5NW, United Kingdom

Final Thoughts

In this modern day and life having a moment to yourself is never a bad choice, especially if you are visiting a city that is thriving with an infectious atmosphere, activities, arts and music scenes such as Manchester. 

And as mentioned in the article, along with its wildness and excitement, Manchester also offers some much-needed solace that your mind and body crave. 

So what’s more fitting than spending some quality time and having a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day in Manchester to give your body and mind a much-needed break?

Explore the aforementioned spa for a relaxing spa day in Manchester and if you got any gems up your sleeves then do share them in the comments.


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