Skiing in Norway

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When seeking the best ski resorts in Europe, the French, Swiss, and even Italian names are often cited. Norway is a bit less, yet Scandinavia has a lot to offer. Norwegians are notorious for their expensive tourism.

Because Norway’s slope is significantly milder than its continental cousin, it provides relative values. Skiing in Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The wide, nearly limitless panorama of steep fjords towering above the Arctic Sea, stunning glaciers, and jagged snowy peaks is the ideal setting for an adventure in nature.

Skiing in Norway is every bit as fantastic as you anticipate! Because of its environment of meandering fjords and islands, some excursions combine sailing and skiing to make access to the finest slopes simpler.

Even though Norway’s top ski touring locations are well-connected, the distances are sometimes rather considerable, necessitating careful planning if you want to make the most of your stay in the nation.

Discover all the top resorts for skiing in Norway below!

1. Trysil Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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Trysil is the biggest ski resort in Norway, with two main villages: Hyfjellssenter and Turissent. Large open tracks with trees on both sides and floodlights allow for night skiing in Norway. The business has designed an outdoor map for kids with a snowpark section.

With so many green and blue slopes, it’s great for getting the whole family started on skis. For good reason, Trysil is one of the country’s most popular resorts. In 1855, it hosted the world’s first official ski competition. One of the most fascinating sites to visit in Trysil is the Trysil-knut ski museum.

This little interactive museum explains the history of skiing as well as the local Winter Olympics ski heroes. Trysil boasts several well-known resort hotels and huge, contemporary mountain chalets and flats.

Although Norway is regarded as being an expensive nation, Trysil provides greater value than many other resorts, making it an excellent choice for people on a tight budget.

Every night, the slopes are very well-groomed, and the snow is of exceptional quality. The mountain’s form is ideal for individuals who like sculpting. Certainly, it is one of the best places for skiing in Norway.

2. Gausta Ski Resort

Gaustad Ski Center contains 13 lift facilities with 35 slopes, 3 playgrounds and two terrain parks within the vicinity. However, many visitors visit this site to escape the groom. Ski off-piste without any guides and enjoy challenging free riding without commotion or hassle.

Gaustad Skisenter, located near Gaustatoppen, is a family-friendly and snow-sure ski resort. 13 lifts, 35 slopes, children’s zones, a snow park, a ski school, and off-piste skiing are available. Gaustad has a sports store as well as a ski rental. In the service structure. You may purchase lift tickets and rent ski equipment.

Gaustad has seen several outstanding skiers do their first plough turns. There is a ski school with professional instructors and groups for all ages. Gaustad frequently receives the first snowfall of the season, which lasts until May. Gaustatoppen is no ordinary mountain summit at 1883 metres above sea level.

The novice trails are ideal for the first time, but experienced hikers may improve their abilities while taking in panoramic views of the Alps. Which makes it one of the best places for skiing in Norway.

3. Beitostolen Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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The FIS Cross-Country and Biathlon International Games are held in Beitosten. This mountain village is located in an appealing tourist location in the northwestern part of Valdre, near Jotunheimen National Park. The lifts begin in the centre and are a short walk from the Radisson Blue Mountain Resort.

Beitostolen ski resort in Norway’s Valdres region has two ski areas: one with family-focused amenities on moderate slopes near to the resort centre, and the other a short bus ride away with several more demanding lines as well as an enormous cross-country ski area. Beitostlen Ski Center is ideal for novices, families, and carving lovers.

Beitostolen’s ambience, as well as the closeness of the ski lifts, slopes, and hotels, make it a popular ski resort for families. There is a ski rental, a heated hut, and a children’s section with a children’s lift and a ski play area at the ski centre. It is one of the greatest places offering superb skiing in Norway for both experts and beginners

Beitostolen is billed as a ‘Winter Park’ rather than a ski resort, with the surrounding area offering terrain for a broad variety of outdoor activities including the entire spectrum of snowsports as well as lots of fun and relaxing activities.

More advanced skiers and snowboarders may also choose from a second, more difficult ski area. All of these combined, make Beitostolen, one of the best places for skiing in Norway.

4. Hafjell Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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Children here at Hafjell can enjoy three family zones, and Terrin Park is considered to be an excellent place for fun and recreation. Artificial Snow provides lots of powder for carver lovers. It is even possible to leave the groomed trail

Up north of Oslo, along the E6, lies Hafjell, a ski resort that caters to everyone from the most inexperienced skier to the most daring ski or park fan. Hafjell’s two children’s sections, located at the resort’s base and the top of the Gondola – Mosetertoppen – are ideal for children of all abilities and novices of all ages.

The bottom section is the ski school’s gathering location and the finest spot for novices to practise their skiing. Hafjell has slopes for all skill levels, from the smallest children’s slopes to the most sophisticated black slopes, so you may enjoy Hafjell whatever your ability.

From mid-November to mid-April, the whole ski resort faces the sun and offers excellent snow conditions.

Lillehammer, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994, is a terrific place to visit as an add-on to your ski vacation. Hafjell boasts one of the greatest ski schools in Norway, which is a high honour given Norway’s reputation for world-class instruction. It is one of the greatest ski resorts in Norway!

5. Myrkdalen Ski Resort

Myrkdalen opened in 2003 in response to the average 5-meter snowfall in its snow-covered areas. Myrkdalen is Western Norway’s biggest ski resort and one of the most snow-sure destinations in Europe, with an average snowfall of five metres and a lengthy ski season that runs from mid-November to the beginning of May.

Myrkdalen mountain resort in Western Norway is ideal for active vacations all year. Myrkdalen offers everything from family-friendly ski areas to slopes of varying difficulty, terrain parks, ski cross slopes, and excellent off-piste terrain. The resort is ideal for children of all ages due to its peaceful, broad pistes and designated family-friendly ski zones.

During the summer, Myrkdalen provides some of the most stunning mountain and fjord scenery, designed for fun and adventure. There are family-friendly green slopes, lengthy blue slopes for novices, and more difficult slopes and terrain for expert skiers.

The ski resort is in Voss, Western Norway, and it is approximately two hours from Bergen International Airport. Myrkdalen is wonderfully empty, With gentle slopes for novices. Today, Myrkdalen is among the finest places for skiing in Norway.

6. Kvitfjell Ski Resort

Kvitfjell is the skier’s first option, with routes ranging from children’s regions to Olympic standards. Kvitfjell Ski Resort, 45 minutes north of Lillehammer, has good snow conditions. This is a skier’s dream come true. Kvitfjell boasts almost 600 kilometres of cross-country routes, all of which begin in the resort centre.

It is appropriate for everyone since it has three mountainsides and a diverse range of hotels, cabins, apartments, restaurants, and alpine slopes. The snow falls in October and lasts until late April, and we have skiing and snowboarding for everyone.

Slopes of all kinds and for all ability levels. Kvitfjell has 15 distinct pistes ranging from beginner to expert. The resort also offers an excellent snowpark with a half pipe and other attractions. All of these combined, make Kvitfjell, one of the best places for skiing in Norway.

7. Norefjell Ski Resort

Norefjell is the nearest mountain range to Oslo and boasts the largest vertical drop of any ski resort in northern Europe, at 1010 metres. In the winter, the region transforms into a skier’s paradise. The resort isn’t huge, but it has a wide diversity of terrain. This experience of uniqueness makes it one of the greatest places for skiing in Norway.

Alpine or telemark skiing, snowboarding or off-piste – whatever your preference, you’ll find it here. With a position directly on the ski slopes, you can enjoy one of the greatest views on the mountain. Norefjell Ski & Spa debuted in the spring of 2009 and has since received several honours. Entering the spa area is like entering another universe.

Enjoy the several hot and cold baths, outdoor jacuzzis, and saunas with mountain views. During each season, Norefjell has a variety of activities to select from. The Norefjell resort is ideal for a family holiday, a vacation with a group of friends, or professional skiing.

8. Geilo Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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Geilo, like other Scandinavian ski resorts, has a lengthy snow-free season due to its northern position. Geilo’s ski season lasts from late November to early May. Geilo has all of the typical ski resort activities available, such as sledging, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Geilo, one of Norway’s oldest ski resorts, embodies what skiing in Norway is all about and will appeal especially to families, novices, and those searching for an all-around winter vacation experience. Its landscape is breathtaking, as though drenched in the distinctively Scandinavian winter light.

Geilo features two ski areas, Slaatta and Geilolia, on each side of the vast valley floor, linked by a ski bus, and its 39 runs are carved into the forests below the plateau. In comparison to the Alps, skiing vacations in Geilo are delightfully peaceful.

This means you won’t have to fight for a spot in the lift lines, and the slopes are ideal for novices and families. Geilo is a renowned cross-country ski resort in the nation. It is a lovely and rustic family-friendly ski resort. Because of its beauty and lively vibe, It is one of the best places for skiing in Norway.

9. Tryvann Ski Resort

Tryvann winter park ski resort is situated in Greater Oslo Region, Norway, and was formerly known as Oslo Winter Park. It presently has 11 lift stations and 18 slopes, making it Norway’s most major ski town. It has a peak height of 531 metres and a vertical drop of 381 metres for skiers and snowboarders.

The Oslo Winter Park in Tryvann is an Oslo, Norway ski resort. It is Norway’s most popular ski resort. The ski slope Tryvannskleiva was built in the 1930s, and the first race was conducted in 1933. The Tryvann Vinterpark ski resort is situated in the Greater Oslo Region of Norway.

Skiers and snowboarders may reach a peak elevation of 531 metres and a vertical drop of 381 metres. The Tryvannskleiva ski slope was created in the 1930s, and the first race was held in 1933. The ski slope was later expanded. One of the best places for skiing in Norway.

10. Oppdal Ski Resort

Oppdal Ski Centre is Central Norway’s biggest alpine skiing region, with four mountains accessible through a single lift ticket. All regions are linked. Hovden is the most difficult terrain of the four, although Vangslia and Stlen are somewhat larger.

Skiers may alternate between high-altitude skiing and low-altitude cruising farther down the mountain hamlet since the slopes are connected. This is the ski resort for you, whether you are an expert skier or a novice. The trail system follows the natural terrain and spans four summits. It’s also popular with cross-country skiers.

The ski area is linked by bridges and lifts, allowing you to mix high-mountain skiing with trail cruising, acrobatics in the terrain park, and enjoyable powder play in the forests. Oppdal, Norway’s largest ski resort, is located at an elevation of 550 metres above sea level.

11. Narvikfjellet Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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Skiing in Norway, that too in Narvikfjellet is a one-of-a-kind summer and winter facility surrounded by stunning mountains and deep fjords. Narvik city is located at the foot of the mountain, transforming Narvikfjellet into Norway’s most urban plant. Sneff Park near Skistua is ideal for families with children and newcomers.

Narvikfjellet provides all of the necessary amenities for a perfect skiing experience. The ski rental company offers top-of-the-line current equipment for rent. Narvikfjellet features one of the highest vertical drops in Scandinavia and excellent off-piste skiing opportunities.

There is skiing for everyone here, but only the most skilled skiers will be able to ski around the mountain. Narviksfjellet has extensive off-piste skiing terrain and six lifts, one of which is a big gondola lift.

Narviksfjellet is one of Norway’s largest ski resorts located in the tallest mountains, rising 882 metres above sea level. From mid-March until the end of April is the finest time to visit.

12. Hemsedal Ski Resort

Skiing in Norway
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Hemsedal is Norway’s second biggest ski resort and has been ranked as one of the best places for skiing in Norway, with various parks and arenas and a wide range of slopes that will appeal to both ambitious skiers and families on ski vacations. From the top to the bottom of the ski resort, you get 6 kilometres of unbroken skiing.

Hemsedal features slopes of varying complexity as well as conveniently accessible free skiing in the forest and on the mountainsides. Hemsedal includes a Fun Ride with jumps, balls, and a roundabout that is suitable for all ages, from little children to adults.

Hemsedal is renowned in the Scandinavian alps and provides skiing in Norway from both group and individual training.

Valle’s ski school, in collaboration with qualified ski instructors, teaches children aged 3 to 9 how to ski safely. The family-friendly Hemsedal ski resort is Norway’s most alpine-like resort, with some of Scandinavia’s highest skiing and greatest snow conditions.

Fast lifts service the majority of the slopes in the main ski area, although a few slower drags remain. During the week, there are no lines, and the slopes are almost vacant. Truly, skiing in Norway cannot be more fun!


Skiing in Norway
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The best time for skiing in Norway is early in Europe in December or January. While Norway is notorious for being somewhat pricey, it is unquestionably an interesting destination to visit.

A ski vacation to Norway is an excellent option for winter sports enthusiasts, with breathtaking natural beauty, tough mountainous terrain, easy slopes for families, and assured snow at multiple resorts. Norwegian resorts are known for their miles of cross-country routes and snow playgrounds.

While not as commercial as some of Europe’s most well-known destinations, Norway ski resorts provide world-class slopes, lodging, and a varied selection of alternative activities. While not as commercial as some of Europe’s most well-known destinations, Norway’s ski resorts provide world-class slopes, lodging, and a varied selection of alternative activities.

All of these mentioned Norwegian ski resorts are worth your time!


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