Shard In London: 6 Amazing Facts About The Shard

Shard In London
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The Shard in London, England, is one of the most acknowledged buildings in the world. It symbolizes the city, featuring stunning views of London and Tower Bridge. It is one of the best places to see the city’s skyline. It was designed by the well-known Italian architect Renzo Piano in Southwark London, and he considered the spire-like form of the tower for the best view from the Shard.

The architecture and design of the Shard quarter were inspired by the elegant spires of the London Churches. This skyscraper is tall, with the highest habitants 72nd floor. It is 309.6 meters (1016 ft) in height. Shard is western Europe’s tallest building, the 7th tallest in Europe, and the 96th tallest building in the world. It offers an unparallel view of up to 40 miles of the vertical city.

Shard In London

To revitalize the neglected part of the city, the Mayor of London backed the project of the Shard in London. The purpose of the Shard is for multiple uses, a vertical city where people can work, live and relax. It is recognised as a world-class office space, with business sectors occupied by companies. The English Heritage opposed the location and claimed the building would be out of place.

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There are various other restaurants with the 5-star Shangri La hotel for fine dining. It also has residential apartments and was recently redesigned as London Bridge Quarter as the UK’s tallest viewing gallery. The apartments are at the top of the Shard in London. It is a part of an extensive restoration project for the bridge of London.

The Shard was officially opened in July 2012. On behalf of LBQ Ltd., the Shard was progressed by the Seller Property Group. 5% together owned by Seller Property Group and 95% directed by Real Estate Management (UK) Ltd.

1. What Is Famous About The Shard In London

The most prominent building that offers stunning views in England, The Shard in London, was formerly called the Shard London Bridge Tower, and at present, it is also referred to as The Shard of Glass or the London Tower. The Shard is made up of exactly 11,000 glass panels, and the whole area of the glass facade adds up to 602,779 square ft (56,000 square meters)

The other places of the Shard in London are River Animal Centre, Borough market, Clink Museum, and southward Cathedral. The Shard Quarter is on the south side of the river Thames. These were high-rise buildings. In April 2008, it was knocked down to make way for the Shard, and by October, the Southwark Towers had reduced in height and were no longer seen in the skyline. Demolition was finished in 2009.

2. Facilities In The Shard

With the high description of a stylish coworking office space, it offers fully furnished quality furniture, fast and secure wi-fi and internet configuration, and a fully stocked pantry, table seating, phone booths, casual lounge chair, and desk seating with a privacy panel. It also provides a courier and mail facility along with home forwarding options. It is operated by the observation deck, the view from the Shard in London.

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3. Restaurants In The Shard

Shard in London in western Europe and the vertical city offers the city’s best fine dining restaurants and a viewing gallery. There are three floors 31,32, and 33 award-winning, three restaurants, and a 5-star hotel. 

3.01 Aqua Shard

It is a stunning British restaurant and bar and the best viewing platform in the city. The restaurant serves innovative contemporary British cuisine. It is a universal place known for its scenic and showy views.

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3.02. Oblix

This enlightened modern restaurant in Shard offers two contrasting views covering central from East to West. The Oblix east offers award-winning tea, cocktails, and a wide-ranging mix of creative dishes. And the west Oblix offers a town with fine dining spaces where people can enjoy various food and relax. Oblix also hosts regular events such as DJs and live music concerts.

3.03. Hutong At Shard

You can enjoy your best time with your special, in a cosy and romantic atmosphere at Hutong. They mainly serve Asian cuisines. You will get great food and drinks with good value for money and incredible views.

3.04. Shangri La Hotel

This is the 5-star and luxurious hotel in Shard in London. Each guest room is uniquely designed with floor-to-ceiling windows from which you can see spectacular city views.

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The room is featured with the body-contouring-technology Shangri La Bedalong with the room, coffee machine, TV, wi-fi, and a set of binoculars. The bathroom includes underfloor heating, bathtubs, and a shower. They also provide Acqua Di Parma toiletries, and all the rooms are featured climate control. The building is integrated with sun shielding.

4. Who Finance The Shard

Qatar’s Sovereign Wealth Fund administrates it. The Qatari investors undertake the charge and guarantee the funds’ requirements for the Shard’s top project in London, Uk.

5. Tickets To The London Eye

It is also known as the Millenium wheel. It is Europe’s tallest cantilevered watching wheel, situated near the river Thames in London. It is one of the most attractive and popular tourist places in the United Kingdom, with over 3 million visitors yearly.

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The structure is 135 meters (443 ft) tall, and the diameter of the wheel is 120 meters (394 ft). In 2000, when it opened to the public, it was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. The board is fully enclosed, and during the ride, you will notice the city’s iconic landmarks such as; big-ben, Westminister Abbey, The Tower of London, Buckingham palace, and more in the city of Shard in London.

6. Who Was Romeo

A fox nicknamed Romeo, given by the staff of the Shard, was thought to have entered the Shard. The fox became famous among the workers and lived there by eating scraps of the food left by the construction workers there. Then the fox was taken to the Riverside Animal Centre in Wallington, UK. There it was fed and given a check-up and good care.


On your trip to England, add Shard in London to your itinerary. You will be amazed by watching the vertical city structure and enjoy the various restaurants, from contemporary Northern and Chinese to British cuisine. It is worth visiting the London attractions’ highest point touching the sky. Visit this skyscraper from the highest public viewing gallery.



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