Quirky Bars In London: 11 Places You Should Not Miss

quirky bars in London
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Some of the top-class bars in the world are located in London. It is because the bars in London have well-qualified and professional bartenders who use innovative ingredients to make their mocktails and cocktails. Their cocktail menu includes a lot of different items mixed with innovative ingredients.

London offers various bars, like a cocktail bar, wine bar, breweries that serve craft beers, and a few drinks that are their signature. These places also offer a huge range of food for you to choose from. You can enjoy your delicious drinks and some mouthwatering foods with your friends and loved ones.

Listed below are the best quirky bars in London. Do not forget to visit them on your next trip to London.

Quirky Bars In London

All the quirky London bar mentioned here in this list offers classic cocktails, mocktails various other drinks along with their innovative drinks. You will be able to find a lot of options in these places, along with something to munch on.

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The cocktails served here are delicious and will repeatedly bring you back to these places. Whether you prefer rum cocktails, gin cocktails, or cocktails made out of other drinks, these places have covered you.

People generally find their favourite bars in London and keep coming back with friends and family.

1. Red Room

Red Room is a wine bar located in the Cannaught Hotel in London. It serves authentic wine and inventive cocktails in red-themed artwork. The bar opened 10 years back and has received many awards like the “Best Bar In Europe” and the “World’s Best Bar 2021”.

The bar is designed to provide the feeling of sitting in a living room with a lot of artwork. The place has curved walls, plump sofas, a very neutral colour palette of pastel pink, and creamy nudes. It also has a hint o green that provides the perfect canvas for displaying the artwork.

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Appreciating this secret bar is not necessary to be a wine or art lover. You can sit, chill and enjoy this place’s cozy vibe.

Drinks And Food

As mentioned above, this is a wine bar, so the main focus is serving various wines. It has authentic wines served in decanted glasses that provide a royal feeling. In addition, the cocktail list of this bar is also very long.

They have six wine-themed cocktails designed by the director of Mixology, Agostino Perrone. Apart from this, they also have the signature and classic cocktails that are famous worldwide.

Not only in drinks, but this bar has also done a great job serving food. You will be able to find great bar snacks here that will make your drinking experience more pleasant.

2. La Goccia, Covent Garden

It is one of the cool bars in London and Covent Garden. As the place mentioned earlier, this quirky bar also has great interiors that will blow your mind away. The walls are lined with contemporary botanical paintings.

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It is a sleek bar that has dried flowers displayed on every surface and is made up of hundreds of hand-dipped bronze leaves. You will also be able to find leopard-printed bar stools, velvet sofas and distressed leather chairs.

Drinks And Food

The menu of this bar is also very classy. The menu is rolled and tied up with a string where the list contains a lot of cocktails, mocktails, craft beers and wines.

The cocktails that are served in this bargain have the most attention. The mixologists use plenty of different ingredients to make the cocktails. The use of fresh fruits, spices and many fresh edible flowers is mostly seen. One of the very famous drinks of this bar is the Apple Star, which contains Whitley Gin, lime, apple cordial and Amaretto.

There are other options in this list as well. Those with a sweet tooth can go for the Dark Chocolate Martini. It has a pudding with Vestal Vodka, dark chocolate, oats and hazelnuts. If you are not much into experimenting, you can also opt for the classic cocktail available at this bar.

For the food, you will be able to find a lot of Italian options on the menu. The signature fried chicken of this bar is also very popular. You can also order some bar snacks to go with your favourite drinks.

It is one of the most popular Central London bars that not only has a great menu on the table but also offers a cosy vibe to go with.

3. Le Magritte

Since the Spice Girls filmed Wannabe at the St Pancras Renaissance, the hotel scene in London became very exciting. After the lockdown, all the bars in London and the hotels started to regain their customers, so they started operating in full swing.

Le Magritte is one such bar in London with cherrywood panels and a very attractive leather-edged granite counter. The bartenders use this counter to polish the glasses. The bar also has a terrace that overlooks the Brown Hart Gardens.

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The interiors also have a painting which dates back to the 1950s. Overall it is a fun bar in London that has a great ambience.

Drinks And Food

Some of the finest cocktails are served here with amazing taste and flavour. You will not be able to find any black umbrellas over the glass of cocktails served here.

Along with the fantastic drinks, you will also be able to find some great food on the menu. This bar serves famous dishes: oysters on the half shell, french toast and bacon, kale crisps, and corndogs with stout mustard. The place also has options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition, various types of cigars are also available at this fun London bar.

4. Painter’s Room

The Painter’s Room is among the list of cool and quirky bars in London. It has amazing interiors, along with great drinks and delicious food. The place is a personal favourite spot for many people who visit London.

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The bar has light grey animal prints doodled on the white walls and glass windows wrapped in bright paper. It also has a chandelier that adds up to the look to a great extent.

Drinks And Food

The bar has affordable drink options that are served with delicious food on the side. They also have French electro-pop music in the background, providing a complete vibe.

The menu of this bar is slightly different from that of the other bars in London. Their menu is divided into four categories: Clean, Complex, Interpretations and Light, based on alcohol content. The Clean section generally has no alcohol.

Some of the drinks that are served here have chamomile, grapefruit and various other ingredients. They mix and match the ingredients to form creative and pre-existing signature cocktails.

You can drink cocktails along with the mouthwatering food served in this bar. You will find a lot to choose from in the menu. When you are at this place, do not forget to try some of its special dishes.

Painter’s Room is the perfect secret London bar in Mayfair.

5. Bar Crispin

It is a famous place in Central London which is much more than just a bar. It used to serve coffee and pastries in the morning and natural wine and other drinks in the evening before the lockdown.

But after the lockdown, they started emphasising wine more and selling natural and authentic wine. The bar owners also collaborated with some interior designers to provide this place with a retro look. It has an amazing vibe, along with great options on the menu.

Drinks And Food

The major attention is provided to the wines in this place. They have a variety of wine options to choose from. Most drinks are vintage, and the list is generally written on the board. Here you will find a blend of classic and modern cocktails with many food options.

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The best part about this bar is that you will get the best options in seasonal foods. They have created innovative and tasty foods according to the seasons. All the dishes served here go perfectly with the drinks on the list.

One of their signature dishes is black-garlic ice cream. Do not forget to try this whenever you plan to visit this place.

Overall, this is a perfect place to hang out with your friends and make the time memorable.

6. Atrium Bar

One of the famous cocktail bars in London has a lot on the menu. It has amazing interiors that will make you stunned. The walls are well contrasted with the furniture and sofas that give this place a classy and elegant look.

It is located in Bow Street and is one of the most visited bars in London. This place covers you whether you want a fun or joyful evening with friends.

Drinks And Food

The cocktails that are served here are the personal favourite of many people. Some famous names are NoMad cocktail, Walter Gibson, and Hot Lips. All the drinks are made with innovative ingredients that make them more delightful.

Another famous drink served in this bar is the Dirty Martini. It has a hint of saltiness which many people may not prefer, but the ones who find it tasty come back repeatedly to order this drink.

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The bar has something for the coffee fans as well. Espresso Martini is one of the top sellers. It is made by adding whey and aquavit to cold brewed coffee. Those who are great fans of fruits can try the tall Delloite. It is a refreshing cocktail that is made up of fresh summer fruits. You can also order craft beer cocktails.

The cocktail bar does not end the menu list here; it has a lot to offer in the food section. When you are at this place, do not forget to try the crispy-skinned fried chicken. It is a dish cooked with adequate oil and spices that go extremely well with the cocktails.

You can also have the NoMad hotdog. It can be the perfect side dish with your favourite tipple.

7. Scarfes Bar

Scarfes Bar is a famous spot located in Covent Garden. It is a small and seductive place that provides a cosy environment for drinking. One of those quirky bars in London has the perfect ambience concerning the cocktails served.

The designs carved on this bar’s walls are worth praising. The interiors are designed with dark wood, dim amber light, deep velvet chairs and antique hardbacks.

Drinking a glass of Martini with amazing jazz music playing in the background is what you can expect from this place.

Drinks And Food

The drinks that are served here as a very different approach of serving. The cocktails are served according to the result of the personality test that the guest will have to take. The 18 different drinks that are served here are made in contrast with the two personalities of every individual. It is designed to decrease confusion and consciousness while choosing your order. The bar serves cocktails of rum, whisky, gin, beer and vodka.

Those not comfortable with this personality test can choose their favourite wine from the available traditional wine list.

To complement the drink, you can order a spicy fried chicken, tace bites or anything else from the menu. You can even ask for suggestions from the staff for the best side dish to complement your drink. Come with your friends on a Friday or Sunday evening to have a great weekend.

Overall, this is one of the coolest bars in London.

8. Spiritland

It is one of London’s cool and quirky bars and has an amazing playlist. During the day, this place is a cool cafe and workspace that can also be used as a recording studio. You will find plenty of mocktails, food and amazing appetisers.

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But at night, this place becomes a bar and restaurant serving amazing food and drinks. The bar organises a musical program every night where a DJ plays the best soundtracks. The guests are relaxing in the retro green chairs with a glass of their favourite drink in hand, enjoying the music. Another thing to thank for the table service policy is no rush inside the bar. It means adequate tables for everyone to sit, chill and enjoy.

Remember that this bar has no dance floor, as it is themed and designed that way. Everything about this place is just perfect. The place has a vibe that is to die for.

Drinks And Food

During the day, many refreshing mocktails are available at this cafe. To complement the mocktails, you will be able to find a lot of snacks and other dishes. Some dishes include healthy chicken salads, Italian meats served with flatbreads, chocolate brownies, strawberry cakes, and many other items.

The bar offers a huge number of options to choose from. During the night, you will be able to find a lot of cocktails, some classics and some of their invention. You can order the dishes on the menu along with the drinks. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will have lots of options to choose from.

9. Pamela

Pamela is a London bar designed by taking inspiration from the Nineties star icon Pamela Anderson. It has amazing interiors, along with great food and drinks. The bar’s walls are painted, contrasting with the bar’s furniture and seating arrangement.

It also has happy and soulful music playing in the background, providing a soothing environment for guests to enjoy their drinks.

It has recently opened a soul-food kitchen section that serves mouthwatering food to the guests.

Drinks And Food

The bar has a lot to offer when it comes to drinks. It offers cocktails made from gin, vodka, rum, beer, and whisky. Some of their signature drinks are Mitch Buchannon and Des Barres.

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These drinks are made with hand-picked ingredients. Some of the drinks also use innovative ingredients that almost everyone likes.

You can try their charred okra, chicken wings, and other dishes to complement the drinks. One dish that you should not risk missing is their Oysters. People from many parts of London and also outside London come to this place to try their signature Oysters.

10. Crossroads

It is one of the coolest bars in London that is a zero-waster bar. During the lockdown, most of the bars were closed as people were restricted from stepping out. Soon after the lockdown was lifted, the owners of this bar started to venture to create a drinking den that produces zero waste.

The bar uses innovative ways to produce zero waste and reuse the available items. They also do not compromise on the quality of food and drinks that they serve. Their menu is simple yet classy as they like to stick to the closed-loop philosophy.

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They focus mainly on mixed herbs and garden-grown fruits and vegetables for their food. They are also planning to open a gardening section in their bar with the presence of UV lights. They will also adopt an irrigation system to sprinkle water on the plants through the broken Victorian tiles.

One brilliant example of reusing is done here is the cucumber skin used for decorating cocktails is reused in the making of in house-pickles.

Drinks And Food

The food served here is generally made from natural ingredients. All their ingredients are fresh and mostly hand-picked. They have a short, classy list of food options in the food section. You can opt for snacks or the main course.

The olives and almonds used traditionally in most cocktails are used here in more creative dishes.

Along with the food, the drinks served here are also very refreshing. They use natural ingredients to make the cocktails mostly.

11. Moto

Moto is a Japanese bar located in the Covent Garden area of London. It is the place for all fans of Japanese foods and drinks who can’t find a proper outlet in London. Everything is served here at a very reasonable price, from authentic drinks to authentic food from Japan.

They offer some signature fermented alcoholic drinks that will blow your mind away. To complement the drinks, Moto offers authentic Japanese side dishes.

You can choose a dish according to your taste bud from their huge menu.

Drinks And Food

As mentioned above, you can find most of the classic Japanese cocktails, drinks and food items here.

Some popular drinks on their cocktail menu include Whisky Highball, Mugi Shochu, Umeshu, and many Japanese drinks. You can also ask the bartender to customise your drink according to your preference.

Some items on the food menu include Tofu, Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and many such Jauthentic Japanese food items. If you are not into heavy foods, you can also order some snacks that go perfectly well with the cocktails.

Overall, it is a place that provides a calming environment for you to chill with your friends and loved ones.


These are the names of some of the best quirky bars in London. All these bars have amazing drinks on their cocktail menu as well as their food menu. Some of the cocktail bars also serve drinks that are customisable according to the customer’s preference.

Make sure to visit these places on your next trip to London.


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