PO mini cruise : All You Need To Know For Your Mini Vacation

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It’s unavoidable; your other traveling companions have shown you their fantastic vacation photographs, and you’re now torn between outdoor cabins and a balcony.

It’s about time you get in on the cruise action, but it’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to choosing the ideal vacation. And, let’s admit it, if you’re a prolific cruiser, choosing who to go with next might be just as difficult!

You would like hassle-free booking (and departure), reasonable gratuities, and that ideal blend of comfort and elegance away from home. There is no need to look anymore; PO mini Cruise is indeed the way to go!

What is a “mini cruise”

PO Mini Cruise
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If you haven’t traveled before or want to test out a new cruise line for the first time, a small cruise or ‘taster cruise’ is a great introduction to sailing. Mini cruises can also offer wonderful mini getaways in between your larger vacations. A small cruise can be of any length less than seven nights, although the common length is two to four nights with only one or two ports of call on the schedule.

On board, you can expect to find the same live entertainment onboard, dining, and wellness opportunities as on a lengthier trip. Accommodation options are exactly the same as on a full trip, and you may choose your cabin or deck if you arrange it ahead of time.

5 reasons to embark on a mini cruise

P O Mini cruise
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1. Ideal Vacation

A short cruise seems to be the ideal way to utilize your limited yearly leave days. You will not have to spend time waiting at terminals or figuring out how to get from one place to another. Instead, squeeze a full-fledged vacation into only a few nights. Most PO mini Cruise short breaks feature at least one land-based stop, allowing you to experience some of our favorite places during your well-deserved vacation. And you’ll only have to unpack once!

2. No need for any planning

Let’s face it: gathering the guys and organizing a vacation may be time-consuming. There are several factors to consider, ranging from travel times and accommodations to coordinating everyone’s schedules. All you need to do for a short cruise is show up! It’s a wonderful sensation.

Short cruises are also suitable for group excursions such as family reunions, season finales, or off-site company meetings. Once you board, you won’t have to bother about cooking or finding exciting activities since they’ll take care of it for you. In fact, every morning, a Good Times newsletter is mailed to your room by P O mini cruises, which outlines the activities available that day.

3. Something for everyone

What makes a nice holiday in your opinion? A short cruise appeals to everyone, from cultural vultures to thrill seekers, whether it’s shopping, partaking in a luxury spa, relaxing by the pool, indulging your tastes on a tour across the world, or seeking adventure. It’s your vacation, so enjoy it!

Several of the same live entertainment and dining options as on longer voyages are available on short breaks, including a variety of restaurants and bars, shops, and child-free oases. PO mini Cruise Edge Adventure Parks may be found on the Pacific Dawn, Pacific Aria, and Pacific Explorer ships. You may participate in 19 activities and depart with tales of rock climbing and ziplining on a cruise ship’s upper deck.

And those are only the activities during the day. After dark, you have the option of listening to live bands with great DJs like Keith Fletcher, amazing music artists like Bruno Mars, comedic acts, dressing up for theme evenings, or dancing the night away.

Every night, while you cruise from Auckland to Brisbane, you’ll be certain to laugh as Australia’s top comedians hit the stage. After the concerts, you’ll be able to interact with the comedians, dress up for the Comedy Cruise Gala, & hone your talents at the Comedy Workshop. If you’re up for it, you can even perform on stage at the Comedy Gong Show!

4. Solid value for money

Any cruise aficionado will tell you that you will be spoiled for choice in terms of what is included in your price. Cruises are less expensive and present special offers than most land-based vacations when lodging, activities, and major meals are included.

Consider this: Where else will you experience spectacular sea vistas and round-the-clock family fun for a few hundred bucks each night? PO mini Cruise clarifies the prices upfront with all the details on their website, in order to avoid any nasty consequences in the end. You won’t even be required to tip for the great customer service.

5. Try before you buy

Short cruises are frequently referred to as “teaser” or “sample” cruises. If you’re new to traveling, two night or 4-day trip is a great place to start. You’ll have plenty of time to wander around the board, rest by the poolside, play trivia, dine at great restaurants every night, and be captivated by a performance. You’ll also experience what it’s like to halt at a port for a shore excursion without having to tote your baggage or passport around.

Short cruises, on the other hand, give you a good idea of the locations you might like to visit one day. You wouldn’t fly to Airlie Beach for a day, but our Whitsundays Cruise, which sails from Brisbane and docks for a day, could persuade you to spend a bit longer in tropical North Queensland the next time.

PO mini-cruise ship

PO mini Cruise, which is known for delivering British-style sailing onboard cruises designed for enjoyment and adventure, offers small cruises leaving Southampton. Typically sailing to Western European destinations, the combination of family-friendly plus adult-only cruises ensures that there is a vacation for everyone.

PO mini Cruise, aimed primarily at British tourists, offer mini-cruises and themed mini-cruises that are likely to please both raucous families and individuals who don’t want to spend even the slightest degree of time encircled by shouting children.

Short pauses on the Northern Europe Britannia voyage from Southampton to Amsterdam allow kids to learn more about Anne Frank prior to actually blowing off steam with a frantic schedule of onboard activities and enjoying their school holidays. PO’s adult-only cruises, Aurora and Arcadia, visit Guernsey and Bruges, respectively, where cobblestone squares, gothic architecture, and moody canals vie for guests’ attention.

The perfect opportunity to find your cruising style

The mood on cruise ships varies greatly, and when evening arrives, the dress code has a significant impact! PO mini Cruise is not like Cunard, which is famed for its formal splendor, or Royal Caribbean, which is popular with those who want to dress casually in jeans.

With its blend of flashy gala nights and more casual evenings, PO mini Cruise is indeed the ideal choice for enjoying the greatest of both worlds.

If you know that part of the pleasure for you will be going shopping for formal finery, choose Arcadia, Aurora, or Oriana, which offer three dress standards: evening casual, smart, and black tie.

Financial protection

PO mini Cruise combination of travel services is a kit within the meaning of the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018. As a result, you will be entitled to all EU rights applying to packages.

PO mini Cruise shall be solely liable for the overall performance of the package, making you financially protected. Furthermore, as stipulated by law, PO mini Cruise has safeguards in place to reimburse your funds, and transportation is included within the package to secure your repatriation if the company goes bankrupt.

ATOL Protected

The ATOL system protects the financial security of the fly-cruises on their website. 6294 is their ATOL number. When you pay, you will be given an ATOL Certificate.

Request it and double-check that everything that you booked (flights, hotels, and other services) is included.

The ATOL scheme may not apply to all of the vacation and travel services on their website. ABTA protects all non-flying voyages sold in the United Kingdom. Please contact them to verify what coverage may be applicable to your reservation.

The reservation cannot be ATOL secured if you do not acquire an ATOL certificate. If you acquire an ATOL certificate but don’t identify all of the portions of your trip on it, those sections won’t be ATOL secured. For further details, please check their booking restrictions, or click here for more details about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate.

Can you get seasick?

It’s worth mentioning that almost all PO mini Cruises are over 850 feet in length and more than 100 feet wide, so even if the wind is howling outdoors with high seas, the ship will remain steady in the sea.

Remember that aboard, seasickness is uncommon, so you’re unlikely to be concerned about your gills; instead, concentrate on total relaxation and the amazing sights of the world.

What are the different mini cruises that PO offers?

Several PO mini cruises have just begun to set the game straight with their amazing themed mini cruise!

Take a look at them below!


Welcome aboard PO mini Cruise’ unique Northern Soul and Motown-themed Mini Cruise to Amsterdam.

It’s soul season again, as the Northern Soul and Motown Mini Cruise return. From £59 per person, you can experience two nights of spectacular performances, return coach transfers for a day excursion to Amsterdam, and two nights of lodging in one of the standard en suite cabins. Everything is included in the purchase of your ticket!

It’s not to be missed, with a slew of renowned DJs, including BBC Radio’s John Kane and Keith Fletcher.

PO mini Cruise will keep the fun running all night at the show bar, with a variety of entertainment planned for you. Tim Rabjohn (Costa Del Soul), Jools Metcalf (Venue 73 Brighouse), Danny Clegg (The Jersey Soul), and Babs Alton (Soul in the Dales) are among the many amazing DJs on the bill.


If you have faith in angels, Mama Mia has a fun-filled short cruise in store for you! Join PO mini Cruise onboard on Friday, March 18, 2022, for an Abba-filled evening to remember!

They’ll have on board the UK’s premier Abba tribute show, as well as a superb live tribute band and DJ. The Swedish superstars have returned!

Spend two nights of amazing entertainment, bus transfers for an Amsterdam day excursion, and two nights in one of the luxury en suite accommodations. Everything is included in the purchase of your ticket!

An award-winning West End director, producer, and choreographer created the Abba Reunion tribute show. The original ‘Frida’ from the London West End cast returns! But that’s not all; Maggie – 70’s & 80’s Disco Diva, will be performing live, and DJ Alex will be spinning the best classics of the ’70s & ’80s to keep you partying all night!


PO mini Cruise recently announced the launch of its Tribute to Bruno Mars & Friends Mini Cruise to Amsterdam! starting at £99 per person on Friday, February 11th, 2022. It’s advised to book your reservations now, to avoid facing any mishaps.

PO mini Cruise pays homage to the modern-day king of funk-fueled music is back, and he’s brought some new buddies with him. This amazing artist will be accompanied on stage by a homage to two of pop’s top ladies, “Do it like Dua” and “Taylor Swift by Katy Ellis.’ A fun-filled lineup that assures a ‘TREASURE’ night!

The Tribute to Bruno Mars & Friends Mini Cruise includes two nights’ lodging in an en-suite cabin, your return ticket (sailing from across the North Sea from Hull to Rotterdam, and back), and two music-filled nights of entertainment and enjoyment on board for just £99 per person! Not only that, but when you return sailing to Rotterdam, you’ll receive roundtrip coach transfers to Amsterdam for your day excursion.


Setting sail with amazing skies to reach your desired destination makes the perfect holiday for any solo traveler or family out there! Nothing sounds better than relaxing with your loved ones, exploring Europe and its cobbled streets, with full entertainment on deck and hundreds of fun activities to do.

There is no need to worry as long as you’re ATOL protected, have the perfect price deals, and all the time in the world!

PO mini Cruise is reintroducing their ever-popular themed mini cruises, taking the celebration to sea. Explore Europe on a short trip with a view of its canal side, and travel in luxury with two nights on one of its new ships, which is jam-packed with thrilling entertainment.

PO mini Cruise will amuse you on your outbound voyage with wonderful meals and drinks, great customer service, shopping, and a variety of entertainment options, including movies, musical concerts, and a late-night nightclub to waltz the night away, along with a perfect opportunity for kids to spend their school holidays.

Check out their website for more information.

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