The Top Guide to Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Pembrokeshire coast path
Image by Jason Bishop from Pixabay

The sea awaits you with open arms with the beautiful trail on the Pembrokeshire coast path. The Pembrokeshire coast path is a long trail of 299 kilometers, and this hike is challenging but worth it if you enjoy a tedious but exciting long walk. Surrounded by sea and dreams of incredible views, the place offers an excellent adventure and escape for a nice vacation with friends and family.

The hike and the hype for this place are worth it, and the summer months are a great time to come and enjoy this entire route.

1. Pembrokeshire Coast Path

The trail displays amazing scenery; you must be dedicated and well-prepared before taking on this amazing Pembrokeshire coast path. The distance is about 299 kilometers, and there are stops where you can relax and have some camping for yourself and your friends.

To travel such distance by foot, you should be careful of your health and get yourself checked when you go on the Pembrokeshire coast path.

Wales coast path can also be one of the options for this venture in Pembrokeshire coast path if you feel inspired and have the strength and mental fortitude, which is around 1400 kilometers. It is a long path, this Wales coast path.

You will come across many destinations while you are traveling along the Pembrokeshire coast path, like St dogmas, St ann’s head, St Davids, dale peninsula, and many more. The journey would be adventurous.

Now you can follow different itineraries based on the atmosphere and physical conditions. Depending on the stops and how the journey progresses, evaluate everything before you set off for the Pembrokeshire coast path.

2. How to reach Pembrokeshire Coast Path?

Pembrokeshire coast path is part of Pembrokeshire coast national park and is situated in southwest Wales.

Cardiff and Swansea are the closest cities and provide you with transportation to the Pembrokeshire coast path. So you need to reach either of these places and then get a bus or train to the starting points, whether St Dogmaels or Amroth, depending on which direction you are planning to pursue.

3. Beautiful Wildlife of Pembrokeshire

There is plenty of wildlife to be seen while you are on the Pembrokeshire coast path. All five islands of Pembrokeshire can be visited, and flora and fauna can be experienced at their peak during spring.

Autumn allows you to watch seal pups which is a rare sight. You can get a nice view of them from the coastal paths and other beaches in the north.

If you are interested in watching bird life, Grassholm is the island. The 50 thousand approx. The birds on that island are just magical. Other than that, try the springtime to fill your holiday with joy and colors so you can try that too.

4.13-Day Itenary For Pembrokeshire Coast Path

So when we say you are traveling from south to north, that is Amroth to St Dogmaels, and there will be many stops between it around 16, but you can divide them based on your time and how everything progresses.

1. Amroth to Skrinkle or Penally

These 12 to 16 miles, the start of your Pembrokeshire coast path, has nice cafes and everything. You can get yourself food and water and a place to stay while you are on the path.

This part of the Pembrokeshire coast path is steep, and you might want to be careful while you travel along the Pembrokeshire coast.

Tenby is one of the towns along the way while you are traveling. The place is good for a nice rest for those tired legs if they are. There are also pubs along these coastal paths, so enjoy some of them. The beach is also quite nice, so check all these out.

2. Barafundle bay

The path is beautiful and adventurous. Now when you are along this path, there will be slight changes to the roads and everything.

The scenic views with magnificent rocks along your way will make you feel nice. The endpoint of this journey is Barafundle bay which is a heart-capturing beach, totally hypnotizing your heart.

This beach is a beautiful one out of many beaches in the UK, so make sure to enjoy it completely.

3. Freshwater West

The cliffs can be seen as you walk through these rough roads. The St Govan’s chapel, Green Bridge, and many other sites are waiting for you along the way.

There are these sites as well as the rock formations also, which are super beautiful and majestic. You will love them. Their sight will make you feel overwhelmed and make nice worth for your hike.

The time can vary depending on your path and the military base’s cause. The caves and all the views are amazing, so nice walking holiday and off to Freshwater West.

4. Monkton

The terrain is flat when we are on this Pembrokeshire coast path. So, it is easy on your legs, but because of the availability of replenishment and everything, this path becomes hard for new hikers. It is a little tough for mid-level hikers, but you can easily pull this off with proper backup and everything.

Again, the scenic views will get you, so make sure your eyes and heart are prepared. The whole terrain is nice, but try to push yourself in this part of the hike because this path is about 21 miles long and without resources other than the ones you are carrying, so hurry on for Monkton.

Pembrokeshire coast path
Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

5. Herbrandston

Moving from Monkton on our trail on the Pembrokeshire coast path, the Pembrokeshire docks are waiting for you. This will also allow you to refill your supplies before setting out again.

So once you have ventured out, you will pass through Vleddau bridge and come out of the Milford haven. The power stations and oil refineries will be your friend for this particular point, but later on, when you keep walking, again, the beautiful landscapes will come into your sight.

But after Milford haven, for a little while, bear the power stations. This particular path is about 17 miles.

6. Martin’s Haven

After a little industrial part and returning to the Pembrokeshire national park, we are following the right path. The trail continues with beautiful scenic views next stop is Martin’s haven. You will come across some amazing views around St Ann’s head.

Cross the sandy haven, and ensure it is not the high tide because you can’t pass if it is. This will give you a setback for about 4 miles. The trail for this one is about 18 miles, based on the timing. It can even be extended.

The island and everything in your sight is just really beautiful and amazing.

7. Little Haven

On our continued adventure on the Pembrokeshire coast path, we now come across St Brides bay. It is a beautiful coast path and just around 10 miles, so you need to relax your body a little bit. Enjoy the scenery, which you would be, and ease up a little.

8. Rest Day

So, this will be your rest day. Relax, ease your body up, and get that energy back by replenishing yourself with food. Have a nice rest, and you will be good to go the next day.

9. Caerfai Bay

After this, you continue on the Pembrokeshire coast path from Broad haven. You will feel more energized because of the nice rest and going a little easy on yourself. Newgale beach will be on your site when you travel from Broad haven. The town Solva is there for your musings for a nice lunch. The cafes are great at this place, and if you want to enjoy them, make a stop around it.

This trail on the Pembrokeshire coast path will be around 17 miles.

10. Abereiddy

Whitesands beach is waiting for you when you set your eyes on Abereiddy. The beach is spectacular and gives you a nice vibe on the Pembrokeshire coast path. St Davids should also be on your list of places later on if you have time the next day.

Heights and adventure await you as you move across this place; Blue lagoon is also an option if you want to enjoy some nice cliff jumping.

Pembrokeshire coast path
Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay

11. Tresinwen

This 19 miles part of the Pembrokeshire coast path makes you want to see more of nature. The whole terrain and everything are beautiful and amazing, with spectacular views. Walking on this trail leading to Strumble head lighthouse, everything around looks amazing.

Trefin will also be in your path, so get nice food and everything and ease your body with some hot coffee.

12. Newport

We are almost to the end of our journey with ups and downs. The current trail which you are on is rough and tough. The road has its rough edges, and your body will feel a bit of pressure because of the terrain, but you have come a long way, and Fishguard and the headland will surely not stop you.

Newport beach will also be there for you to enjoy your nice time and that tiresome walk on the Pembrokeshire coast path. The stretch is about 17 miles and a little bit rough.

13. St Dogmaels

These 14 miles are the last part of your Pembrokeshire coast path, and this one might seem harsh but hang on. You are close to your final point, which is St Dogmaels.

This trail will seem tougher because it is the endpoint, and your body will be completely exhausted, but the beautiful coastline and terrain around this all seemed so worth it.

You keep walking that tough road you have taken, and you make it in the end, and the feeling of completing this hike is truly amazing.

5. Safety Tips & Precautions for Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Some are basic hiking tips, and some are specific to the Pembrokeshire coast path.

  • First Aid Kit

    This one is a must. Even though it is very basic, you can need it, and for a long trail like the Pembrokeshire coast path and even Wales coast path, you must carry one. It is a must. Injuries are something that is not predictable, and while you go on this mildly tough hike, you might need it.

  • Proper Gear

    Now the timing of the atmospheric conditions can change anytime, with gutsy winds dancing along with nice drizzles while you stroll on the rocky path of the Pembrokeshire coast path might need more. Proper gear for rain and shoes is a must when you travel on the Pembrokeshire coast path.

  • Be on the Trail

    Now there would be signs and everything for you to help while you venture around the beautiful beaches and scenic views. It would be best if you kept yourself updated about the direction you are going in.

  • The Coast Path Safety Code

    There are some coast path safety codes while on the Pembrokeshire coast path. These are also simple, but you must be attentive to these causes. Even though they are simple and significant, when you travel to a place, check if they have specific rules or codes that might help you along the way.

  • Get your Refill

    You will be walking for a long distance, and of course, you will be hungry, so you must get the refill according to the stoppage and everything cause you will walk and be without food and bars and refill your supply for about five days worth of food.

  • Watch out for the Tides

    Now this one matters because depending on the tides, the amount of time will vary a lot you spend trying to cover up a certain number of miles. Be attentive to your surroundings, whether it is high or low tide. Sandy haven will be there, which is impossible to cross if you are not attentive to the tide and the timing.

6. Wild Camping

Well, wild camping is something you are not allowed to do on the Pembrokeshire coast path. Wild camping is prohibited because it comes under private ownership and will be like trespassing in the eyes of the law.

If you plan to do wild camping, then make sure you do it away from the trail, choose a nice isolated area, and have everything for that camp, and yeah, you are good to go.

And while you are on your Pembrokeshire coast path, try to see more sections of Pembrokeshire coast national park and different cafes and beaches, which are amazing and worth the hype.

7. Parking Facility

Pembrokeshire county council car parks, National park authority car parks, and National Trust car parks are the name of the available parking facilities. You can get your car parked in any of the available ones. The price range varies differently for every facility. The duration ad everything is based upon the individual policies of these places. The theft policy also differs depending on the facility you are going for.

8. North To South

You can also go north to south, from St Dogmaels to Amroth. The route is nice, and the roads will challenge you, but they are in good condition. Other than that, the starting point will have no replenishment, so you must be prepared and mark the spots where you will refill your items, food, and everything.

Wonderful experience with sheltered coves all year round is available for you at Pembrokeshire coastal path. The entire Pembrokeshire coast path is around 299 kilometers; it is a marvel and offers stunning scenery with secluded coves, maritime landscapes, and many more.

Be various Castlemartin range owned by the military, and the rules for crossing this requires you to have trained individuals. Because the hike is tough and if you are new, try to book the accommodations before you visit wales or the Pembrokeshire coast path.

9. FAQs

Q.1 How many days does walking on the Pembrokeshire coast path take?

So basically, it takes around 12 days, but depending on the intensity, weather, and everything, you will need rest between your walk. So 13 days should be taken to complete the Pembrokeshire coast path.

Q.2 How to follow the Pembrokeshire coast path trail?

So the acorn symbol is something to watch; these indicate you and help you navigate the Pembrokeshire coast path. Along with the acorn symbol, there will be multiple signposts that will make your coastal paths easy.

Q.3 Is wild camping not allowed in the Pembrokeshire coast path?

No, it is not. You are not allowed to do it; if you do, it will be considered trespassing as this comes under private property.

Q.4 What is the best time of the year to walk on the Pembrokeshire coast path?

Well, the Pembrokeshire coast path is open almost year-round, but because of the unpredictable weather conditions, the best time would be around April to June or around October. The weather will still be unpredictable, but the conditions won’t be extreme.

Q.5 Which is the best direction to walk in on the Pembrokeshire coast path?

The answer is both are great. Whether you start at St Dogmaels or end there, it won’t matter. The important point is to remember your supplies and stops where you can get a refill, and yeah, just enjoy your self-guided walking holiday; the scenery is going to be great from all directions

10. Conclusion

The Pembrokeshire coastal path is an amazing trail that is a paradise for anyone who loves hiking or wants to try it. The seaside towns, steep limestone cliffs, amazing bird life, and many more can be experienced while you are on this coastal path. Even though it is a little tough for new hikers, this trail from Pembrokeshire coast national park is something you should experience once in a lifetime.

There are many beaches along the way which you can enjoy along with the scenic beauty of the sea and the seaside towns. Enjoy this amazing hike and walking holiday from St Dogmaels to all places with spectacular scenery.





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