New York Cafe Budapest Since 1894: Engrossing History and More!

New york cafe, Budapest
Image by unserekleinemaus from Pixabay

Budapest! The city of deep roots and culture, caves, and extraordinary planning and construction; is the capital of Hungary.

The best time to visit Budapest is during spring and fall: March to May and September through November.

It is the Spa Capital of The World and one of the most beautiful cities on our planet. But the one thing that is irreplaceable since the year 1894 is the New York Café Budapest!

New York Café Budapest looks like a palace, which was constructed in the style of the Italian Renaissance.

The whole name of the place is New York Café “A Világ Legszebb Kávéháza,” which translates in English as “The Most Beautiful Coffee House in The World.”

It was built in 1894 by a life insurance company. The company initially constructed the place as its European headquarters in Budapest. Eventually, they decided to open a coffee house.

The coffee house eventually grabbed all the attention towards itself.

Hall of New york cafe Budapest
Photo by Yoav Aziz on Unsplash

Today, this New York Café opens its door to 2000 customers on the busiest days of the year.

People generally just visit the New York Cafe Budapest to click pictures as it can become a major element of a charming and aesthetic picture, and then they go back.

1. Route to New York Cafe Budapest

In Erzsébetvaros, the most beautiful cafe, York Cafe, is located.

From Blaha Lujza Metro Station, you can take a short walk to reach the cafe. You can visit the place from distant and main stations like Ter, Astoria, and Keleti.

2. History of The Most Beautiful Coffee House

In the 16th century, Turks brought coffee with them to Hungary, and that is when Hungary was introduced to coffee.

But when Astro-Hungarian Empire was established, the culture of cafés became a trend in Vienna.

Gradually, Budapest also participated in the cafe culture a lot. In the midst of all these fashionable cultures of the opening cafe, around 500 cafes were built.

It is also said that the New York Cafe in Budapest was a place for all the artists and poets to find work rather than for the riches to come and relax. A lot of famous writers and reporters started their careers here.

In the present time, the cafe has those famous personalities’ pictures hung on the second floor of this beautiful cafe. That section is known as Nyugat Bar.

A movement called “nyugat” related to literature started. Nyugat means “west.”

Nyugat was also a newspaper publishing company, a former glory of the time, that used to publish works of the writers and poets that used to visit the New York Café.

The gates of the New York Café used to close at their usual time, but they were always open for the writers.

The New York Life Insurance Company had its head office on the second floor of the building. Gradually, it turned into Nyugat Bar, but with the turn of events and with a lot being seen by the place, especially after World War I and II, the place had to shut down eventually.

After that, a time came when the New York Café Budapest was turned into a store to sell sports goods during the 1950s. But in 1954, it was revived again, and it was given the name Hungária Café.

3. Boscolo Hotels Rennovations

World War II had the worst impact on the New York Café building. The cafe was damaged after that time.

After changes in the place and its name, it came back to its original name, the New York Café, in 1989, when the communist era came to an end.

In 2001, the place was sold by the Government of Hungary to Boscolo Hotels for 8 million dollars.

In 2006, the building was fully rebuilt and inaugurated. The place was renamed by Boscolo Luxury Hotels.

This place has 107 luxe rooms, including the New York Cafe Budapest and a comfortable lounge.

This renovated and reinvented place, The New York Palace Hotel, also went through name-changing processes and finally got its final name in November 2021.

During the night, The New York Palace Hotel starts glowing with lights, and everyone should experience this once in their life.

There are a lot of other things to do as well in Budapest. So, if you are planning to visit Budapest, Don’t Miss out On This Guide!

4. Unhidden Aim of Insurance Company

Ceiling of Cafe new york
Photo by Tofan Teodor on Unsplash

It was already all planned that the New York Café Budapest be established on the ground floor of the insurance company.

It was all evidence that the company aimed to make the place so fascinating that it could represent the insurance company aptly and blow anyone’s mind away when they enter the building.

The New York Cafe is ornamented in a super exaggerated way, smoothly polished with huge sparkling chandeliers. The hall is divided into big marble columns and had crystal items with decorative golds as well.

The Café has attracted all the attention towards it; it is considered an opulent building in the capital of Budapest.

This beautiful café invites all kinds of visitors even after being an expensive building. People visit here to conduct business meetings, and some visit to have luxe type of brunch.

It’s a great place for eating, having a fun time with friends, and an escape when you want a break from the hustle-bustle of the city.

5. Reservations

The New York Cafe Budapest had no closing time for writers, poets, or artists in the past, but as much as it sounds fascinating, it’s not so manageable in today’s world.

The cafe has an opening time of 8’o clock in the morning, and it closes as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

The opening and closing times of the cafe stay the same throughout the week. If you visit the place around Christmas, make sure to check the seating way before your visit, as Christmas or the day after is the busiest day for the cafe.

You can either call or book the New York Restaurant table in advance. You can only make table reservations for up to six people.

With The New York Cafe’s interior being so extraordinary and the beauty of its high ceilings, there is still one element which is one big pillar of the famous coffee houses: food!

6. Let’s Talk About Food

Coffee in the new york cafe
Photo by Solod_Sha on pexels

Much special place this cafe is, the more special and tasty its food is!

The opening time of the restaurant or the building is 8 am, so you can expect breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even evening snacks, with afternoon tea as a plus point.

There are various drinks also available, be it juices or cocktails.

The frequently visited New York Cafe Budapest has a lavish menu. It has everything for everyone at any time of the day.

The New York Cafe menu has this famous New York Afternoon Tea for two which also includes finger sandwiches, macarons, mini cakes, tea or coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice!

Since the coffee house is famous for its coffee, we get different choices in coffee, amongst which 24-Carat Gold New York Latte Macchiato is a must-try.

The menu doesn’t only have coffee, breakfast, or tea; it also has snacks, desserts, hot chocolate, and pasta.

Poached Eggs with Avocado and Hollandaise Sauce are what other reviews to be the best one out of all other breakfast choices. The variety of courses is what makes it a fun location to visit any time of the day.

The coffee house also offers you its best-served Italian Breakfast, which includes fruit salad as well.

This beautiful cafe also has Hungarian sausages, fresh orange juice, hot chocolate, and raspberry cake to serve.

The New York Cafe Budapest has sights to see, delicious food to offer on its table, the best beverages to drink, free wifi, live music, and everything.

It is the most beautiful cafe in Budapest, with all those fancy chandeliers and gold polish, so it’s quite evident that this beautiful cafe won’t be the most friendly cafe with your money.

There is no little detail that is cheap to be seen or anything cheap to experience, so we can’t expect it to be pocket friendly.

When you step into this beautiful cafe, at least 25 to 35 euros per person will be expected to spend if you’re planning to have a meal. The lowest price in the cafe is from 10 to 16 euros.

When you visit this most beautiful cafe, make sure not to miss their pricey yet one hell of an experience like cake.

The place has so much variety in its cakes. Valrhona Chocolate Cake stays on the top, though.

7. Dress for It

Since clothes represent what your mood is, who you are, or where you at, you should really dress up fine for the New York Cafe. The place is grand and extraordinary, so you should really put effort into matching the vibe.

Even though there is a tourist who visits the place looking like they are there to have their morning coffee, it is not necessary to put on your best suit or your pretty little black dress, but something chic or something smart and classy would be fine.

Dress up, click pictures, and post these amazing views of the chandeliers and yourself. This place is definitely Instagram-worthy. The pictures can look really great on your socials as well.

Whether or not you’ll gain followers, visiting this place will give you an environment you can’t get anywhere else on the planet.

Sitting here can make you feel a part of Bridgeton’s Netflix Web Series. If not for Instagram, do it for yourself.

The Bottom Line

If you live in the city or anywhere around the world, visit the cafe, or make a trip to the New York Cafe, to experience the beautiful view, pay respect to the Nyugat Bar, eat all the delish food, and have the time of your life.

The New York Cafe and The New York Palace are located very near to each other.

Whenever you find yourself in the lands of Budapest, you can stay at the hotel and take a short walk to the cafe anytime you want. You will have access to eat all the amazing dishes anytime, too.

If you live in the city itself and are fond of writing, reading, or poetry, you should once pay a visit in honour of all the famous writers who used to write in the cafe back in the time.

Budapest people, take a day off or take a walk to the cafe on Sunday, write something while sitting there, have a coffee, embrace the cafe for its absolute beauty, and take pictures of it.

To maximize the experience, there are musicians working there to play different genres of music with different instruments. Make sure to leave a tip for them for the job they do to contribute to your experience.

Instrumentalists generally keep a tip box near their instruments, leave a tip and appreciate art in every form.

This cafe was always in existence to appreciate the work of artists so why not contribute the same and continue the legacy of the place?

It’s not called the most beautiful cafe only because of the view it gives, but also because of the contribution it made to provide the world with super talented artists.

This place also went through a lot of tough times, and after many renovations and changes, it still stands still and is beautiful. The place is a work of art and also a supplier of artists.



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