All The New Forest Beaches And Things To Do There

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n a two-hour, signposted walk, The Lepe Loop

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the New Forest Beaches is probably not what beach lovers usually think, like, spending a day at the beach, taking a stroll by the sea, or enjoying water sports. Visitors will notice the region’s great natural beauty on the southern boundary of the New Forest National Park.

The nicest beaches along the New Forest shoreline can be found in New Forest National Park. Visitors can find various lovely seaside locations, from nature shops to quiet, pebbly sea coasts, within a short drive of New Forest beach huts.

Discover all this coastline stretch has to offer by visiting these New Forest beaches and shorelines.

Value Of Sea Beach

Drifting, fishing, swimming, strolling, beachcombing, boat-watching, bird watching, playing, water sports and sunbathing are among the normal exercises beachgoers appreciate on the sandy beach.

Beaches Are Relaxing

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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With their warm sand and delicate waves, sea shores have a relieving feeling that nothing can beat. There’s essentially no finer spot to relinquish day-to-day pressure only a short walk around the ocean fills visitors with positive energy.

Visitors can pause for a minute and absorb the sun, watch the waves come in, or even sleep on a lounger hung between two palm trees at new forest beaches. There is a children’s play area on the sandy beach where kids can enjoy it too.

What Is Good About New Forest Beaches?

The smooth and crashing rushes of radiant blue. The hearty and salty fragrances of the ocean breeze. The serene hints of the sea and gulls.

Getting openness to the sun and sea air is perfect for emotional wellness. “Surf treatment” is displayed to help the overall mood. Getting in the water and moving around increments care and permits overall well-being.

New Forest Beaches

There are so many stunning beaches to visit in the New forest beaches range.

Highcliffe Castle Beach

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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The beautiful shingle beach and sand beach underneath Highcliffe Castle is upheld by trees and gotten to by means of steps or a crisscross way down the low clay cliffs they develop on. It’s a wonderful spot with the Solent sees that this piece of the south coast is renowned for.

Visitors can consolidate a visit here with a check out of the precipice top palace which has a fascinating history told through displays inside it. It likewise has lovely nurseries and a coffee bar.

This Highcliffe Castle Beach in the rundown of New Forest beaches is a long, shingle spit that loosens up into Southampton water.

Only south of the westernmost tip of the New Forest National Park, this is an extraordinary ocean side on the off chance that visitors are searching for a calmer forest area shoreline and incline toward untainted view as there are no offices put something aside for those at the palace, and it neighbors the Steamer Point Nature Reserve.

  • The parking: the car park is next to Highcliffe Castle beach in New Forest Beaches.

  • Restrooms are available all day long.

  • Dogs are not permitted between 1 May to 30 September each year.

  • Colorful beach huts are available on hire.

Friar’s Cliff Beach

A new woodland beach called Friar’s Cliff can be located slightly east of Avon Beach. With a sandy beach and somewhat stony ocean side, Friars Cliff Beach is less well-known than its neighbor.

The promenade along the ocean side’s back is lined with beach cottages, and views out to sea extend to the Isle of Wight. A spectacular trek across the Steamer Point Nature Reserve begins on the western side.


Milford-on-shingle Sea’s ocean side is surrounded by lovely, colourful beach bungalows and steep cliffs. Families will find it to be a wonderful location because there are several workplaces nearby, as well as restrooms, restaurants, and a frozen yoghurt stand close to the water, as well as shops and additional restaurants in the town centre.

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Milford on the Sea is one of the most beautiful new woodland beaches. As a result, visitors may spend a whole day on the beach, diving in the beautiful seas or simply soaking in the scenery as cruising boats pass by on their way to Christchurch port or the Isle of Wight, both of which are seen from all over the ocean.

Milford-on-  At low tide, this beach is just enchanting.  A sand bar is visible at the shore, where the tourists stroll along the beach’s eastern side. Sea beach is a typical ocean side.

The lengthy shingle beach is lined with brightly colored beach huts and offers views of the Purbeck Hills, Hengistbury Head, and Christchurch Harbour, in addition to the Solent. You can find Keyhaven and Hurst Spit on the new woodland beaches.

The place offers additional facilities like three car parking sites, dogs are allowed throughout the year, washrooms are on-site, Kiosks selling deserts like ice-creams, and beach huts are available for hire.

Lepe Country Park

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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A few miles to the east of Calshot Beach is Lepe Country Park, which offers a mile of rock seashore shaded by pine trees close to the mouth of the River Beaulieu.

If visitors become tired of the ocean vistas, Lepe Beach, one of many gorgeous new wooded beaches, is a great location to swim and unwind.

Lepe offers breathtaking views of the eastern side of the Isle of Wight. There is another item to think about on the beaches inside the national park.

Additionally, it has a natural hold, floral glades, and ancient woods, all of which are supervised by the large office of Hampshire County Council.

All of it may be seen in The Lepe Loop, a two-hour walk with clear signs. There is entertainment for everyone, including a play area, a café, and a bird hide.

On the off chance that you like this piece of the New Forest coast, visitors could like Lepe Beach Campsite, a customary campground that neighbors the recreation area and is only 150 meters from the ocean side.e, a traditional campsite that neighbors the park and is just 150 meters from the beach. Charge-free cark-parking and restrooms are available.

Barton On Sea

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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Beachfront erosion has always been a problem at Barton on Sea beach. In the past, the bluffs have disappeared at a rate of up to 1 meter each year, and a few buildings have been destroyed.

The lush promenade at the top of the bluffs was once 100 meters wide; today, it is only 20 meters wide at its widest points.

Barton-on-Sea Beach, which lies directly over the line, is likely one of Hampshire’s best beaches and provides a couple of lovely waterfront strolls across the clifftops. For longer walks, it’s not far from where the Solent Way pathway begins.

This stony and sandy oceanside is well known for its fossil beds, but it’s also a fantastic place for swimming. Visitors can go fossil searching on this breathtaking Barton on Sea beach in New Forest Beaches.

The place offers three different parking facilities. Beach huts are available for rent and lease if you are interested.

Hengistbury Head

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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In our list of the top new woodland beaches, Hengistbury Head continues to be one of the westernmost seashores.

A small portion of a natural preserve that is home to 300 different bird species is enclosed by a number of habitations, making the headland itself notable from both an archaeological and global standpoint.

Visitors can learn about the variety of experiences at the Hengistbury Head Visitor Center, which is stocked with information. Salt marsh, heathland, and forest are all included in Hengistbury Head, which is a few miles west of the New Fores and extends from the center between Bournemouth and Christchurch.

Clay cliffs support a spotless shingle beach on the headland’s southern side, and Mudeford Sandbank stretches across Christchurch Harbour’s mouth to the east.

This sandy spit contains a café and charming oceanfront cabins, which are undoubtedly among the most expensive on the planet. There are just gravel trails here; there are no streets. Visitors can spare their legs by riding the land train that connects the spit to the spit and harbor entrance.

Facilities like car parking, disabled access, restrooms and washrooms, food, and drinks are available to visitors.

Boscombe Beach

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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If you’re a visitor who is planning a camping vacation in the New Forest and want a day at the beach with all the normal amenities, try Boscombe beach. Visitors can find parking, cafes, restaurants, stores, and beach huts to rent.

It is one of the neighborhood beaches, a mile from Bournemouth’s busier sea beach, and offers a calmer atmosphere while still having a wharf, a lot of offices, and lovingly crackling sands.

Visitors can purchase spades or buckets, indulge in frozen yogurt, and play mini golf with their loved ones. Boscombe beach is a family vacay location for shoreline fun because lifeguards watch over it in the busier late spring months.

Keyhaven And Hurst Spit

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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A tranquil coastal community called Keyhaven serves as the Lymington to Keyhaven Nature Reserve entrance. The Solent Way runs through the preserve, which is made of 500 acres of swampland, making it simple to explore on foot. If you are an avid bird lover, you will find this place interesting.

The headland’s Hurst Spit, a mile-long bank of shingle, is where the spectacular Hurst Castle, a fortification for cannons built in the sixteenth century.

The natural reserve site of New Forest Beaches is ideal for a family day out because it has a children’s play area, wildflower meadows, and family-friendly beaches. Visitors can rent woodland horses for children to ride and explore the area.

Car parking is available; Dogs can be taken along, access for disabled people is provided, and visitors can explore the nearby shops and eateries.

Southbourne Beach

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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Grant-winning Southbourne Beach is perhaps of Bournemouth’s most well-known ocean side, cherished by local people and guests for its perfect, sandy, and shingle sea shores found east of Boscombe Pier and the town center.

Southbourne Beach is among the stunning local beaches of the new forest beaches a simple 14-minute drive from Bournemouth Beach.

On the off chance that visitors are searching for a family ocean side somewhat less swarmed than Bournemouth, ocean side gets in the mid-year then Southbourne Beach may be a decent option.

The coast here gives a wonderful long swim, and visitors can utilize the crotches to plan the distance. Swim into the flowing low tide current prior to swimming back to where visitors began, finishing the day at the brilliant Baffi pizza shop, a short stroll from the beach.

Calshot Beach

All the new forest beaches and things to do there
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Calshot is a building that makes up the Southampton Water mouth and is situated along a spit at the literal boundary of the New Forest on the ocean. This mile-long sand bank is a well-known starting point for water activities, including windsurfing, kitesurfing, and cruising, and it is a fantastic place to watch ships pass by.

Towards the end of the spit, Calshot Castle, one of Henry VIII’s several ordnance posts, can also be explored. The best beach among the new woodland beaches is Calshot Beach.

Long-term parking spaces for cars, allowed to bring dogs along, cafes and stores nearby, restrooms are around – these are some of the facilities available for the tourists.

Final Words

New Forest Beaches have so much to offer to every ocean and beach lover. Do visit them and have fun!



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