13 Best National Parks in the UK for a Picnic Getaway

National parks in UK
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In the search for the best national parks in the UK, you will experience the highest mountain in wales, a stunning coastline, a great cycling experience, picturesque villages, stunning mountain ranges, etc. Most beautiful national parks are located here in the United Kingdom.

Let’s have glimpses of the national parks in the UK. Several parks in the U.K are distributed among countries like England, Wales, and Scotland. We bring few best for you must visit these places for a new experience.

1. Dartmoor National Park

We should be thankful for the chance to see all the love and nature around us here. A lot of nature is created in wildlife far away from us. Today we are exploring the best national parks in the UK.

Dartmoor national park is a moorland and upland national park in Southern Devon, England. Dartmoor national park is mainly known for its wide-open spaces, the tour.

Dartmoor prison, ponies, sherlock homeless, ancient woodland, the world’s most enormous land slug, and the National park authorities addressed Dartmoor national park very well. That’s why we picked Dartmoor national as first on the list of national parks in the UK.

The area of Dartmoor is 954 km2 approx. Here people use 90% of their land for farming. Along with farming, they are doing animal husbandry too, with farmers keeping 50,000 (approx.) cows, sheep, ponies other animals too. Ponies of Dartmoor is no wild.

Dartmoor is very deserted because of earthquakes and volcanoes. But the water of Dartmoor is generally safe to drink, and this place is full of adventures.

When we talk about Dartmoor, we commonly think it’s because it contains a big part of the land is moor? Absolutely no! The moor word has taken from Dart river, which starts with East dart and West Dart and then becomes a single river at Dartmoor it leaves the moor at Buckfastleigh England with the help of tautness it’s opening in long ria.

That’s why to call Dartmoor “Dartmoor”, and it’s famous as one of the best national parks in the UK.

National parks in the UK
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2. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, we suggest the wonderful wildlife place to visit, which will give you a mind-blowing experience, and if you are sharp to catch the camera, then beautiful clicks too. It’s one of the best national parks in the UK for enjoying wildlife. Pembrokeshire is the only UK national park recognized primarily for its coastline.

Pembrokeshire coast national park is expansive in a 629 km2 area which will be the best part for walking and enjoying the scenery and not just only walking you can enjoy long drive here too because national park authorities make the roads fully well maintained and smooth to use, and these are virtually traffic roads. The most stunning coastline you can see here, in all of the best national parks in the UK.

Pembrokeshire coast national park is famous for its wild moors and craggy hill and also a mainly fascinating history. The Pembrokeshire coast path is famous for its twists, turns, and snick coastline.

Pembrokeshire coast national park is not owned by UK national government here 95% land is privately owned, and the Pembrokeshire coast national park is tried to increase by the national park family at the end of the decade 1951-1959 (approx.).
If you visit Pembrokeshire, you must visit crick Howell village. It’s famous for its food festival in the southeast.

Every year approx. Seven million people come to the Pembrokeshire coast. This place is fantastic for spending your holiday with an island, cliff, and sandy beaches. These all facilities are accessible. It’s an amazing place to play outdoor games too.

You can see here nature’s few best creations like- The basking shark, blue whale, blue shark, sunfish, jellyfish, turtles, and Risso’s dolphins.

National parks in the UK
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3. Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire dales national park is an upland park established in 1954. The Dales cover rivers from the “valley of York” westward to the hilltops of the Pennine watershed.

This UK national park is 2,178 km square wide commonly, Yorkshire Dales is the home of the three peaks, and this is one of the best national parks in the UK to explore. I suggest you go in your car because if you are going without a car that will be such a limited journey for you because the transportation of Dales is not much good to roam freely with comfort as It’s a ruler place.

Grassington is the largest village in Yorkshire dales national park. You can enjoy going to places like – brutal raw force, Ingleton waterfalls, Malham Cove, and haves, etc. These are also so good and stunning in Yorkshire dales national park.

National parks in the UK
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4. Lake District National Park

The Lake District national park is a regional park in Cumbria in northeast England. Lake District is England’s largest national park. The name “Lake district” comes from the lakes and Lakeland, and the poem is about the beauty of lakes. England’s northwest is one the richest and most cultural villages you must try. It’s also the home of England’s highest mountain and one of the best national parks in the UK.

England’s largest national park, Lake District, is known for being the largest and deepest lake and the highest peak in England.

Here are many lakes manufactured and the best national parks in the UK have many national parks. Still, only a few will give you a mind-blowing experience in every season. Lake District is one of them, but I suggest you come here in spring and summer to experience more good things.

National parks in the uk
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5. Brecon Beacons National Park

Brecon beacons national park is mainly known for its ample green open space, which offers you wonderful walking with yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Brecon beacons national park is free for roaming and complimentary for all the activities.
Brecon Beacons national park is reorganized as “Dark sky Reserve.”

If you are a nature lover, you can come here to give your eyes relaxation and mind peace. With rolling countryside in any valley, you can see wide open hillsides and unique forests, lakes, waterfalls, and caves. Here you can see otters, greek crested newts, marsh fritillary, bats, and reed warblers, along with this lots of mammals and birds, amphibians, fish, and insects.
it is the 10th national park in UK’s national parks,
UK’s government has continuing efforts to rebuild the nation after world war ii

Here are a few best places in Brecon Beach –

Forest fawn priory
– Llanthony priory
– Skirrid mountain inn & the tower castle and court
– Red kite feeding station.
– Henrhyd falls
– Waterfall country

National parks in the uk
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6. South Downs National Park

South downs national park is not only famous for its Chalk hill but also for greensands and clay. Rocks are also mainly known for chalk-altering Greenland and clay.

This is one of the most stunning national parks you can experience here, mysterious places which will also give you a lifelong experience.

If you are exploring South downs national park, you are not allowed to forget about the seven sisters. This is the most famous place, it’s above 200 meters from the sea, and your journey is not complete without seeing or taking clicks with the seven sisters’ white cliff.

South downs national park is not allowing you to do a wild camp like all the national parks in the UK. It can be harmful to you.
In the south down, you can spot many animals and birds like- Burnt orchid, round head rampion, otter, skylark, brown trout, and barn owl. Well, if you are lucky might be possible you can spot the barbastelle bat.

Not only mountain ranges and natural beauty is available in south downs national park there are many stunning restaurants, cinemas, museums, and other premises too for visitors’ comfort.

In south downs, you can play many outdoor and indoor games, making your journey perfect. There is no specific time to visit and experience all these things south downs national park welcomes you every month with the same happiness and adventure.

National parks in th uk
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7. Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms national park is 4,528 km2 long. It’s also the largest national park in Scotland, Cairngorms national park is the largest of the two national parks in Scotland, and it’s located in north Loch Lomond. You can enjoy watersports, snow sports, wildlife watching, cycling, and high-low walking here, and this activity is free for play, or this place is also accessible for roaming.

Cairngorms national park is full of different kinds of animals and birds. Golden eagle, mountain hare, wild cat, black grouse, ptarmigan, crested tit, Pin martin, water vole, red squirrel, and otter. Here you are free to go wild camping.

United kingdom national parks are famous for their different qualities like a lake, valleys, and mountains.

National parks in the uk
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8. Peak District National Park

As we have seen many national parks in the UK, we know many things about them. Yet, all the national parks have many speciality Peak district national parks come to us with their amazing caves and their outstanding natural beauty. The deepest cave in the peak district is 400 meters below the ground. It also became the first national park in the united kingdom.

Hope valley is the most famous point in peak district national park. Every place in the peak district is beautiful and gives a fantastic view of amazing nature creation. As we all know, the national parks in the UK are generally accessible for all activities.

Still, Peak District applied a paid fee on this exceptional case count counts its students only its students or any tour by the school. Rest all visitor needs to pay a minimum amount as a Peak District, and 90% of the peak district is owned privately.

Peak district national park is best for every season to visit, but if you want to see snowfall in Peak District, come in the winter season only. The best national parks in the UK aren’t filled with these parks.

National parks in the UK
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9. Northumberland National Park

Northumberland national park is one of the most famous national parks in the UK, famous for the cleanest river, cleanest air, and dark sky national landscape in the district centre.

It covers a 1,050 km2 area of Northumberland and doesn’t imagine Northumberland national park as a non-development area.

Northumberland national park is wide till the Scottish border. Many animals and birds are roaming here like- the Waders group, bumblebees, fish, and ree deer.

National parks in UK
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10. North York Moors National Park

North York national park is located north pictures Yorkshire. North York moors national park is commonly known for its most protected area. It’s in European, and it’s also one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK. And also for its bird species, those building their nest on the ground you can find much amazing nature creation here like – roe and follow deer, badger, fox, stoat, weasel, wood mouse, and shrew.

National parks in the uk
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11. Scottish National Parks

There are only two national parks in Scotland, and these two are the best to visit. These places welcome you with lots of adventure and are full of nature lovers.

1. Loch Lomond – These are two Scottish national parks. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs national park is the first national park in Scotland, and it’s also famous for getting an award in 2002.

You can enjoy deep water swimming. Inversnaid is the deepest part of Loch Lomond lake, which is deep approx. 190 meters. Loch Lomond has also famous for open water swimming, but make sure while swimming you should need to follow all the instructions given by the national park authority. Most commonly, Loch Lomond is best for your summer vacation here.

If you wish to do fishing here, then fishing is chargeable here, but not all the activities are in national parks in the UK. This national park is full of waterside scenery. It also welcomes you for wealthy activities and to see stunning natural beauty. To take glimpses of these beautiful national parks in Loch Lomond, you must come without a car or another type of vehicle. You can only come here by swinging or on foot. This Scottish national park is also free.

This national park welcomes you for a specific period to do Wild camp from October to February is open for wild camp you don’t need to take any approval to do wild camp.

There are two sandy beaches in Loch Lomond North beach and South beach. Here you can see multiple animals and birds like- Winged mammals, ospreys, Golden eagles, beavers, deer, red squirrels, reptiles, powan fish, and rainbow trout.

Scotland is the only place where wild camp remains legal.

Trossachs national park – Trossachs is commonly known for its romantic view, sparking lochs crumpled hills, sleepy forest, and a fully wooded area wide as 165 km square. It’s a deep narrow valley.

There is a famous road named A82 this road is long as approx. 268.0 km approx. While riding or driving on this road, you can see seaplanes, woven sound, youth hostel, frikin point, luss village, and duck bay.

If you love to ride, then this Trossachs national park suggests that A82 road is fabulous for you here. You can also do a wild camp with the permission of this national park authority.

National parks in the UK
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12. Exmoor National Park

Exmoor national park is one of the UK’s most beautiful and famous national parks.
Exmoor is loosely known for hills and open moorland in the west and north devon in the southwest. There are so many animal types in Exmoor national park. Here are a few we find for you: Ponies, Unspoiled coastline, and dreamy night skies. Here are northwest man northwest places for horse riding.

Exmoor national park is justly regarded as one of the finest areas for walking in the UK, with an area of 692 km2. If you want to see the beautiful view and take a long walk, Exmoor national Park welcomes you. Here you can see the tallest tree in England,

If you are looking for the perfect coastline for spending your day well and relaxing, choose Exmoor national park. The name Exmoor comes from the “River Exe”, the source of which is situated in the centre of the area, two north forest west in Simon bath

National parks in the uk
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13. Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia national park is part of northwest Wales northwest places. Snowdonia national park is famous for its mountain, commonly built largely of volcanic rock. The 9 mountain ranges cover 52% land of Snowdonia national park. Snowdonia is blessed with beautiful valleys too.

Commonly you will spot mountain goats, ravens, otters, and polecats. Snowdonia national park is famous for its zic-zac way too walking is difficult in its hard and strenuous way.
Snowdonia national parkland is approx. 2,132 km2 meter large.
You can climb here wales’ highest mountain, which is approx. 1,085 meters high

Snowdonia national park has come in the most beautiful park in Europe. It’s a stunning national park. As we look into the best national parks in the UK, Snowdonia is best for adventure trips and walks.


We have visited all the best national parks in the Uk, and these are given us the experience of the best road trips, stunning mountain ranges, mysterious caves, and many more. There are many best national parks in the UK, and every national park has its speciality. We talk about approx.
These 13 best national parks in the UK are live examples of natural beauty. We can’t give the crown of best national parks in the UK to only these national parks. There are more national parks which we haven’t covered in this.


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