Morocco Travel Advice: 7 New Things I wish I Knew before!

Morocco travel advice
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With some Dunes and ruins, welcome to the complete guide: Morocco travel advice. A place carved from dusty ink to please those hearts with oasis, sands and great views. Morocco is a great place to have an excellent time, but only if you know what you are exactly looking for in this place.

Travel advice for this place is crucial because of the environment and everything in Morocco. The deserts are beautiful, and the marketplaces, vivid colours and attractive commodities make you want to travel to this place.

So, let’s get started!

Table of Content

  1. Morocco Travel Advice

  2. Entry requirements

  3. Local Laws and Customs

  4. Safety and Security

  5. Cost of Accommodation

  6. Interesting foods and facts about Morocco

  7. Places you might want to visit in Morocco

  8. FAQs

  9. Conclusion

1. Morocco Travel Advice

There are laws and restrictions along with different cultures and streets which you haven’t visited; therefore, some of this advice you need to follow to have a safe and fulfilling journey when you visit morocco.

The place is filled with culture and excitement as long as you follow certain rules and be cautious. We will discuss some places you can visit later, but first let us see what points you should keep in mind while travelling abroad, in particular this place.

1.1 Local Guides

If you are going to Morocco, you will need local guides to have good assistance while you hustle around the market and see different things. The local guides are important, and you can generally get them, but at the same time, they might try to take advantage of you when you buy different stuff.

They might have their share from the shop where they lead you to make you buy stuff at higher prices. These local guides may take you to only those stores they have tied up to or something like that.

So it would be best if you were wary of the local guide you hire because they might try to extract money from you in different ways possible.

1.2 The Friday

Friday is a holiday. As it’s a Muslim country, this is a holy day, and you will find very few shops open. People mostly go to mosques to pray. If, by any chance, you plan to go around Ramadan, then it will be somewhat difficult for you. You will find shops closed and moving around the place difficult.

1.3 Photos May Cost You

If you plan to take photos in public places, you might be charged for it. For example, if you see a great shop with cultural wear and want to buy something from that place and take photos, then the shopkeeper might ask for money from you for the pictures you take.

This happens almost to every tourist who unknowingly takes random aesthetic photos of vendors and then finds themselves charged for it.

morocco travel advice
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1.4 Mosques

You are not allowed to enter the mosque if you are not a Muslim. Only Islamic people are allowed to; if you are from Europe or any other country and you are not Islamic, there is no hope for you to get there.

Did you Know? Hassan II Mosque is the only Mosque that allows non-Muslims to enter the place!

1.5 The Art of Haggle

Now you will have a good time shopping, but there is a huge chance of being asked to pay more than twice or even thrice the actual price. Whatever the price range you are offered, no matter how much you hate it, bring those numbers down.

It is important because everyone wants more than the actual price, so haggle your way into that market to get the desired price.

1.6 Drugs and Alcohol are Illegal

You might find alcohol in designated areas or restaurants where they are authorized to sell them, but consuming them in public places is not allowed.

You might get into legal trouble if caught with it, which will not be so nice for your good trip. Morocco travel advice is to avoid drugs and alcohol as much as possible.

1.7 Insurance

Get that travel insurance and medical insurance. If you plan to travel to Morocco or anywhere in the world, these two things must be there. For countries like the USA, you will need travel insurance to apply for a visa for Morocco.

Having insurance ready for medical care abroad is advisable if you have any underlying medical conditions.

Overseas medical costs can be a bit load on you, so the medical care and the expenses that can come with these insurances will give you a lot of relief. Morocco travel advice for anyone visiting is to get your insurance updated.

1.8 Avoid demonstrations

Well, clear as a day, the heading explains it all. Avoid them. They may happen frequently or not at all, but you keep an eye on that news, enjoy the trip and avoid them. When you travel to morocco, major cities might see some demonstrations, so personal safety should be kept in mind.

Peaceful demonstrations are common, but it is better to avoid them as much as possible.

1.9 Vaccines

When you enter morocco, get those vaccines no matter the vaccination requirements. There will be some other vaccines also depending on specific diseases but when international travel is concerned, get that medical attention and some extra thought to avoid any unwanted risk to your health.

2. Entry requirements

  • Get your visas Ready.

    If you are a Britisher and are thinking of staying more than 3 months, a visa is required. Other than that, if not, then you need no visa unless your duration exceeds that of 3 months.

  • Passport

    When you enter Morocco, ensure the passport is valid for at least 3 months from the date you join. Also, make sure your passport is not damaged in any way which might cause trouble in coming back from Morocco.

    When you enter morocco, you must get your passports stamped which is a mandatory requirement for everyone visiting.

  • Travel Documents in case of Emergency

    If you lose your passport, immediately report it to the nearest police station and make sure to get the report. You might have to travel on emergency documents to return to your home country if it’s an emergency.

    A good morocco travel advice is keeping a copy of the documents, which is extremely important so that everything is there when you file a report, including the date of issue and the expiration date.

3. Local laws & Customs

There are many local laws, but these are prominent ones you should keep in mind, an important Morocco travel advice.

  • Be extra cautious during Ramadan, and make sure not to do any activity that might cause discomfort to anyone around you.
  • Avoid touchy greetings in public areas to not get any unwanted attention.
  • Coitus, when not married, is an offence so have some proof to make the hotels or anyone not to be suspicious of you and your partner when planning to stay together.
  • If you have a friend there, seek advice and avoid any drinking or consumption of drugs.
  • Do not take photographs of places which might attract unwanted attention, like military sights.
  • Do not carry any pornographic content cause that is illegal.
  • Homosexuality is an offence in Morocco, so better not to show it in public, which might lead to an arrest.

4. Safety and Security

  • Peaceful demonstrations can occur anytime in urban areas. It is wise that you watch out for anything like this happening around you. A good Morocco travel advice is to watch out for the news and be attentive to your surroundings.
  • Crimes do occur in Morocco, taking it pickpocketing or snatching. You attract attention when you visit streets as tourists, so it’s common but can be avoided.
  • Driving accidents are really common. If you are going, keep your international driving permit(valid for one year) and all necessary documents with your clothes.
  • Be cautious of the guides when asking for directions for ATMs or Banks.
  • Respect speed limits, morocco travel advice for this and be extra careful after dark, especially for solo travellers.
morocco travel advice
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5. Cost of Accommodation

Now a crucial part of your journey, besides exploring, is your budget. It all depends on what kind of accommodation you are looking for. Morocco can be expensive and cheap depending on your expectations and the time of visit. Your range can be 7-10 dollars a night to even more than 90 dollars.

  • It can be moderately cheap if you look for dorms in the middle of the city where they are easily available.
  • The other option is to find hotels with at least basic facilities, which can be expensive but within your budget if you can haggle your way around. For the most part, Morocco’s travel advice is to negotiate your way in.
  • Marrakesh has lots of hotels which are affordable and can be a good run for you if you look for some good prices for the hotels.
  • And if you want an expensive one, you have several options in the suburbs.
  • Riads are also available, unique to Morocco, expensive and can be a great experience.

6. Interesting Foods and Facts about Morocco

  • The oldest educational institution Al Quaraouiyine is in Morocco, Fez.
  • Even though the sands are famous in Morocco, the highest ski resort in all of North Africa is actually in Morocco.
  • Morocco has a National costume, Djellaba, worn on holidays.
  • Visit Fez, the world’s largest car-free urban area.
  • Also, Fez is the oldest active medieval city, founded in the 9th century.
  • Chefchaouen has a completely blue-washed city, and it is just too beautiful.
  • Couscous is Morocco’s national dish and one of the country’s most popular dishes.
  • No alcohol allowed, Mint tea serves as the best and the most popular drink of Moroccan people, and it just soothes your soul.
  • Moroccan Food is delicious and worth your time exploring the delicacies. Besarah is the breakfast soup and is quite a popular Moroccan dish, especially in the north and east. The street food is amazing. The place is filled with history and culture, which you shouldn’t miss.

7. Places You Must visit in Morocco

Now there are some places in Morocco which make this a trip worth your time. The warmth, the desserts and a completely different culture and architecture make you want to visit this place more often. Let’s see some places you can visit when you visit Morocco.

7.1 The Sahara Desert

If you are looking for sand and nice dunes, this place will be something. The desert is not something we see every day, and you should enjoy this one to the fullest. Go for that camel safari and enjoy those fun camel rides on the nice warm sands of the Sahara.

Among many tourist services and attractions North Africa offers, the Sahara desert is something to look forward to. The Draa valley is nice; some great photos can be clicked here. Everything is amazing and completely makes you indulge in a movie-like place. With sunsets which take your heart away, do not miss them.

7.2 High Atlas Mountains

The tallest Mountain range is a paradise for anyone who enjoys the hype and the hike of amazing mountains. Trekking in these hilly areas is a dream come true for anyone who likes to trek. The place offers you amazing expeditions and does not disappoint you in any way possible.

As a traveller, be cautious of acute mountain sickness when you travel. High-altitude areas carry a high risk of this life-threatening condition.

The Toubkal national park offers you a nice opportunity for hiking. Something which should not be missed by any chance. The place is amazing, easily reachable, and shouldn’t be missed.

7.3 Chefchaouen

The place is heaven for your eyes and your mind. The blue city surely takes all the blue from your mind away. The people here are polite and friendly. The site has a lot to offer, from wild swimming to Kasbah.

Go to this place. The place has a Spanish mosque, and the city’s architecture is just mind-blowing. Best for a solo traveller and anyone hoping to have a genuinely nice time in Morocco.

morocco travel advice
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7.4 Skoura

Want to experience the age-old oasis life, then this place is just for you. The experience is unique and offers an unforgettable escape into a world completely unknown.

The underground irrigation system and mud-brick kasbahs make this place a paradise for the hearts searching for salvation through their eyes. Beautiful location, unique and completely breathtaking, must visit.

7.5 Casablanca

A spectacle for the eyes and the mind. The place is a marvel of architecture, designs, and everything that can hypnotize your eyes to the point where you see nothing but its utmost beauty.

The place has a mosque, and taking a tour of this place is not at all going to disappoint you. Amazing architecture embedded with culture and history, something to look forward to.

morocco travel advice
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7.6 Marrakech or Marrakesh

Brimming with life, culture, shops and architecture, Marrakech is not just a spectacle but a place where there is a lot to do if you have the right amount of time which there never is.

You can have a great time shopping in this place, and there is no way you are going to be disappointed in this place. The location is buzzing with vendors, and the bazaar is just there to grasp your hands. The site takes over you, and if you visit it again and again, you will soon be possessed by it. This a good piece of Morocco travel advice. Haggle as much as you can.

While following travel advice, checking everything from vendors to local guides, and haggling your way in, the place will take over your soul.

The food stalls are just one after another serving various tasty dishes which will bring water to your mouth. The place has so much life that you might not want to leave.

An amazing colourful place to have a great time, safe and enjoyable.

morocco travel advice
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7.7 Rabat

This marvel capital city of Morocco will surely be worth your time. The place is beautiful and has cafes, and the beaches make your heart thump.

The place has a completely different vibe of its own, and no matter how you look at it, it will be there staring, ready to stay in your heart.

morocco travel advice
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7.8 Agadir

The resort town of Morocco will surely make you have a good time. It’s one of the best spots for couples looking for a nice honeymoon. The streets are amazing.

The food is great, and so is the city with its beauty. No matter how you see it, beautiful and elegant in every way. Showing signs from the past of when earthquakes struck this place, the city is worth a visit.

7.9 Fez

From the Tombs of Merinids to the Nejjarine museum, this beautiful city has more to offer than you can imagine. The place is a puzzle where you can be lost and find art and culture even on the walls. Medina of Fez is noticed even by UNESCO and holds much value.

You can even find the world music festival if you are right on time around May. Amazing food, streets filled with colours and life, a must-visit place.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Morocco safe?

Yes, Morocco is safe, even though unwanted attention is directed towards female travellers, but with proper precautions, it can be easily avoided.

Q2. What are the people like in Morocco?

They are kind and have warm gestures toward all tourists. You can expect no rude behaviour from them; they are generally very approachable and easy to talk to.

Q3. Can you go around Morocco without a guide?

Yes, you can, but eventually, you will come across some streets and areas where you need a guide. If you are planning to explore the desert and such, you might want to prefer a guide for such places.

Q4. How much should you tip?

The Standard is 10 to 15 percent. It is not necessary but customary for you to tip. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. Always have some change in your pockets in such cases.

Q5. Is Morocco expensive?

No, it is not. If you are looking for expensive, Morocco can be a good place, and if you are trying to spend minimally, it goes the same. You can expect 45 Dollars a day at least and even 100 Dollars if you want to go a little higher.

9. Conclusion

The place has amazing cities to visit and culture and tasty food. Enjoying and being safe, following the travel advice along with this Morroco travel advice depending on if you belong to transit countries and what entry requirements you need.

The visa is easily available with the right documentation, even though not much is needed. Entry requirements are simple, and the tour is on, Have that policy covers, follow the laws, get those vaccines and experience this whole different world of culture and art with Morocco travel advice.









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