Lofoten Islands Norway: An Awesome Guide!

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Lofoten Islands is one of the distantly located islands in Norway. It is a lovely remote place and is a classic location to see some of the most breathtaking scenes in the world. For photographers and adventurers, Lofoten islands Norway, is heaven on Earth.

With unique scenery, impressive mountains, lovely beaches, and natural settings, Lofoten Islands Norway, is an archipelago that simply cannot be missed. Rich wildlife and fishing colonies are other unique features of this stunning location.

You can experience spectacular seasonal changes here at the Lofoten archipelago too. The midnight sun in summer and the mysterious Northern Lights in Winter are two of the most distinguished encounters you would have in Lofoten Islands Norway.

Lofoten Islands Norway
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Where Are The Lofoten Islands?

Lofoten Islands is a beautiful place in the county of Nordland and is located west of northern Norway. It is the best place to visit in the whole of Scandinavia.

Lofoten Islands has two major towns, Svolvær and Leknes. The lovely Norwegian location is situated on the north of the arctic circle. They are made up of seven main islands, and you will find the fjords and narrow straits lie in between the islands.

The Lofoten archipelago has many mountainous islands and beautiful beaches. It is often called the Lofoten wall as, from one particular distance, it resembles a steep island. Most of the islands are beautifully interconnected with the help of bridges.

Lofoten Islands Norway
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How to Get To The Lofoten Islands?

Oh yes! The ferry crossing is the best way to get to some of the remote locations of Lofoten islands Norway. You can get to the islands by plane and car as well. But you must understand that since the site is quite remote, there are possibilities of travel delay.

Whatever mode you travel, you will find that it does take a long time to get to Lofoten Islands. Some of you may not agree, but the fact is that visiting Lofoten is sought of like a journey of a lifetime.

Travel To Lofoten Islands By An Aeroplane

Three main airports usually have daily flights to and from Oslo. In addition, some of the flights have a layover in Bodo.

  1. Harstad Airport – Direct flights from Oslo are available, but it will take three hours to reach the archipelago by car from Svolvaer

  2. Svolvær Airport – An accessible airport on the Lofoten Islands, but rental cars are expensive.

  3. Leknes Airport – Although the airport is located centrally on the island, there are no interesting places to visit from this location. All flights are similarly priced to that of Harstad and Svolvær.

Lofoten Islands Norway
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Ferry Travel To Lofoten Islands

All ferry schedule begins from Bodo. It remains the central place to depart to the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Driving may take much longer than a ferry. You can arrive at Moskenes port, less than 11 kilometers from Reine.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Tommy Andreassen from Pixabay

Types of Ferry Travel

  1. Car Ferry – Sails from Bodo to Moskenes.

  2. Passenger Ferry – Sails for more than three hours from Bodo to Svolvær.

  3. Hurtigruten – Two stops are available here. Stamsund and Svolvær. It is advised to book in advance.

Driving To Lofoten Islands

You can drive to Lofoten Islands on Road E10. Your road trip to mainland Norway has many interesting bridges and tunnels. They are a lot easier as well. Many prefer road travel to that to ferry travel.

Splendid Things To Do On The Lofoten Islands

There are many things to see and do in the Lofoten islands. Rugged coastlines, stunning scenery, and jagged mountains are awe-inspiring sights your eyes will behold when you visit Lofoten.

Many believe that although it is not a prominent place, you can spend many weeks exploring the length and breadth of the islands. On the other hand, if you are hard-pressed for time, you can drive thru the entire place within a few hours.

Tourists come to Lofoten Islands to enjoy a host of culinary specialties. Lofoten is famous for its cafes and restaurants that serve many signature and local cuisines.

And then, of course, is the visit to Svolvær. The capital of Lofoten Islands, Svolvær, is a great place to enjoy the Trollford Cruise, a fishing trip or watch sea eagles.

Lofoten Islands Norway
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Here are some of the splendid things to do in Lofoten Islands Norway.

1. Hiking

Lofoten Islands Norway, is an excellent place for hiking. The setting of trails is gorgeous, with grand views of the mountain spires and the seas. The courses are easy and challenging to suit any hiker. Easy hikes are along the beaches, and the challenging ones are found in the Lofoten backcountry. 


Points to Remember Before Hiking in Lofoten Islands:

  1. Download digital maps to check the route of the trail.

  2. Red dotted lines on the digital maps are a symbolic representation of a track.

  3. The Norwegian Trekking Association sells maps through DNT. You can buy them from the local shops.

  4. You can hire a local guide for hiking. More information on local guides is available with Reine Adventure.

  5. Please check weather conditions before hiking. Rainy weather can hamper some of your plans. However, it is better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard.

2. Scenic Drives

Driving on the roads designed to explore the beautiful routes on Lofoten island is quite breathtaking. They are exceptionally magnificent, with outstanding viewpoints, and taking a road trip around these places would be great.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Andrzej from Pixabay

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has created these routes. So, do take a bit of detour and enjoy the lovely landscapes of the Norwegian Scenic Routes.

With essential facilities such as car parking, outdoor furniture, and great paths, taking scenic drives in Lofoten is a great attraction for all island tourists.

3. Experience The Midnight Sun And The Northern Lights

A natural phenomenon wherein the sun never sets for a certain period is known as the midnight sun. It occurs in summer in specific places south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle. Lofoten islands are called the place where you will find the midnight sun.

Northern Norway in the summer months is perfect for seeing the Midnight sun. While some may not want to spend chilly summer nights in the north, most would like to take a midnight swim or try to pitch a tent in the wild.

Other activities under the midnight sun are midnight golfing, cycling, river paddling, or going on a kayak trip.

Another remarkable phenomenon to occur in the land of Norway is the mysterious Northern lights. Due to the proximity to the auroral oval, the Lofoten islands are the best place to view the northern lights.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Enrique from Pixabay

Encounter the beautiful Northern lights in winter while you fish, ski, go horseback riding, go sledding, or watch them from the traditional rorbu (traditional fisherman’s cabin) balcony. The starry sky will become a spectacular masterpiece that only the great master of the universe can reproduce.

Lofoten Islands Norway
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4. Adventure Out Into The Fishing Villages

Lofoten Islands, Norway, is famous for its colorful fishing villages. There are many tangible proofs to state that fishing has been practiced in Lofoten islands for thousands of years.

The Norwegian arctic cod is the main fish in Lofoten, and the fish product found here is the stockfish (made from Codfish). Some exciting features of the fishing villages in Lofoten islands are its “rorbu,” or the traditional fisherman’s cabins, and the wooden racks lined up with dried cold stockfish. Local fishermen used the houses whenever they ventured out for fishing.

The cabins have existed for nearly thousands of years in these small villages, and when you take a journey into the villages, you will still see them all around the islands. It would be an exhilarating experience to view the magnificent fjords and mountains surrounding the pretty villages.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Monika from Pixabay

A great way to explore the Lofoten islands would be to adventure out into the colorful fishing villages of Svolvær, Henningsvær, Nusfjord, Hamnøy, and Sakrisøy. You will soon realize that each town is unique and absolutely out of the world.

5. Enjoy The Seaside

Lofoten islands, Norway, is where one will see majestic mountains that rise above the sea to form deep fjords. There are many spectacular fjords all over Norway. Many are encouraged to visit Lofoten to experience some grand scenery that is rarely seen in many countries.

And within the tall mountains and lush green valleys, you will find the most beautiful beaches that you have ever seen in your entire life. The sand is white, and the arctic ocean waters are crystal clear. It is impressive and rewarding to view the beauty and splendor of the vast sea.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Verena Schiffers from Pixabay

Lofoten islands cannot be called tropical islands, but due to the gulf stream, you will realize that it is much warmer. Moreover, the temperatures are generally moderate, allowing tourists to surf throughout the year.

Seaside by the beaches of Lofoten islands is a great way to spend your ideal vacation. Honestly, tourists may be unable to decide on the best beach among the many beaches found on the islands. Nevertheless, each has a distinctive feature of its own.

You can choose the horseshoe-shaped Haukland beach or the pleasantly surprising Unstad beach, known for surfing. Although selecting the beach you cherish the most is pretty challenging, one must concede that the beauty of Lofoten Beaches is nothing short of spectacular.

6. Feast On the Local Cuisine

Lofoten islands have thrived on fishing for many generations. Many old wives’ tales confirm that fishermen traveled on open rowing boats for months to fish on these waters.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Peter Bösken from Pixabay

A prominent fish caught in Lofoten is the Codfish. Stockfish is a delicacy that is produced from cod. A thriving business venture whereby it is sold to many European countries.

Almost all fish caught on the Norwegian and Barents seas have used the waters surrounding the Lofoten islands. Therefore. no doubt, fish dishes are found in all restaurants on the Lofoten islands.

Food lovers would love to spend the day feasting on the local cuisine found on the Lofoten Islands. Furthermore, they would not be disappointed at all due to the wide variety available to them.

7. Climb The Svolværgeita Or The Goat

A grand mountain close to Svolvær is world-famous, and many wish to reach its pinnacle. Since the first set of mountaineers conquered it in 1910, climbers have sought to reach the summit by any of the routes on the Goat.

Although there are many ways to reach the peak, climbing with a tour guide is immensely safe, a great way to spend a classic summer with your family, and getting to the top of the mountain would be exhilarating.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay

8. Visit The Charming Museums At Lofoten Islands

As of today, many villages in Lofoten Islands have transformed into historical centers. Visitors are given a feel of what Norway once was and how people lived in the grand old days.

One such village in the Lofoten islands is the highly recommended Nusfjord. However, not a traditional museum but is the most picturesque of all the villages in Lofoten islands Norway and has a special place in the Unesco Heritage Site.

Visitors can explore the historical significance of the Lofoten islands in Nusfjord as much of it is left untouched and remain as it was many years ago.

Another interesting aspect of the Lofoten Islands is the Viking Museum. It is known as the Lofotr Viking Museum. It is by far the most visited place in the Lofoten islands.

The story behind the museum is that it was one of the most significant archeological finds unearthed in the late 1970s. It was soon understood that it was the largest Viking-age house ever found in the 20th century.

The museum brings back the fantastic years of the Vikings by giving its visitors a practical experience as never before.

The Lofotr Viking Museum is a grand place to experience the Viking age, enjoy traditional food eaten by Vikings, and sail on the actual ship used by Vikings.

9. Wildlife On The Lofoten Islands Norway

Lofoten islands have extensive wildlife; watching them wander on the land is spectacular and magnificent. While land animals, such as the tall elks or a cunning fox, are sighted quite often, sea creatures, such as whales, are rare. To see the sea eagles soar high above would be a glorious adventure.

10. Animals On Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten archipelago is home to many delightful animals. Many species thrive on the islands. You would love to see unique wild foxes moving up and about here.

Another exciting animal is the Elk or the Moose. The elks are unique creatures that often resemble deer. They are tall and quite bulky. They move around quite freely on the islands.

Reindeers are found in abundance, too, on the Lofoten islands. However, there are more often sighted in the northern part of Norway, which also happens to be the official residence of Santa Claus!

Seals can be seen on the waters of the North Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, whales and Orcas sightings are not quite common. Although many do venture out on Whale-Watching trips, it is not a guarantee to see the magnificent sea creature.

Birdwatching is another beautiful activity to pursue on the islands. With so many birds on the Lofoten islands, Norway, it has become a favorite hobby for many.

Puffins are quite often seen on the islands. Other sea birds include razorbills and the kittiwake. The cormorants and the guillemots are some of the other rare bird species that can be found on the islands.

Safaris are the best way to view the wildlife and nature on all the islands. Going on a safari with the help of a nature guide is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Lofoten islands. Photographers would love to shoot as many clicks of the gorgeous landscapes, glorious birds, and spectacular animals found in Lofoten Islands Norway.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Peter Bösken from Pixabay

The main islands also feature a vast number of the white-tailed eagles. They can be seen in almost all parts of the Lofoten islands. With wingspan as wide as a meter in length, you must realize that these eagles can be quite imposing to view from afar.

Many safari trips are arranged to see the magnificent wild creatures flying so high up in the sky. Visitors to the Lofoten archipelago usually view them while riding on a boat on the islands.

Lofoten Islands Attractions

There are many awesome and interesting attractions on the Lofoten archipelago for everyone to enjoy. Your trip to the beautiful islands can never be complete without enjoying the following attractions.

1. Fishing on the Traditional Boat

One of the most traditional ways to experience the Lofoten islands would be to go on a fishing trip on a Norwegian boat called the MS Symra.

Each day the traditional boat leaves the harbor at Svolvaer to go on a fishing expedition. It is a four-hour trip, and tourists are provided with all the essentials.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Gustav Melin from Pixabay

Furthermore, you will be guided by a tour operator who will help you understand the best ways to catch fish in these waters.

2. Enjoy A Kayaking Adventure

Lofoten islands Norway, has the best coastline in all of Europe. And kayaking is by far regarded as a terrific way to experience it.

Many tour operators offer kayaking tours in the Lofoten islands Norway. They usually last for two hours and are accompanied by a tour guide who explains the islands’ culture by quoting some interesting anecdotes.

All equipment required for the trip is provided, and you do not need any experience in kayaking, as you will be trained before the tour.

3. Mountain Ski On the Best Mountains

Winter is beautiful in Lofoten islands Norway, and skiing on the magnificent mountains is lovely.

Although the mountains are dangerous, if an experienced guide accompanies you, you will enjoy skiing on the islands.

Lofoten Islands,Norway
Image by srongkrod kuakoon from Pixabay

4. Visit The Aquarium At Lofoten Islands Norway

The aquarium at Lofoten islands has many exciting sea animals. The best of them all are the seals.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Martin Kraut from Pixabay

You will find them living beside the pool, and the feeding ritual is quite a sight for your kids.

5. Check Out The Glassblowers In Action

Glassblowing is a fantastic art that many families have carried on over many centuries. At Vikten in Lofoten islands Norway, you will find the oldest glassblowers location. It was set up nearly 20 years ago and has existed ever since.

You must visit it to watch the glassblowers incredibly create some of the most impressive pieces of art.

6. Enjoy Tasty Cheese Platter On the Farm

Visiting a farm in Lofoten Islands Norway is a great way to experience the island life. On the way to a small island Unstad, you will find a delightful farm where you can shop and try a wide variety of cheese. All are locally produced and will taste divine.

Greatest Reasons to Visit Lofoten Islands Norway

As the world’s most extraordinary places to visit, the Lofoten islands Norway are the perfect example of “Natural Beauty” found on the face of the Earth.

Photo by Andrey Armyagov from Shutterstock

While there are plenty, here are some of the greatest reasons to visit the lovely location.

  1. Breathtaking Landscape.

  2. Convenient Location.

  3. Land of the sunrise and sunset at the same time.

  4. Mystical Northern Lights.

  5. Fishing Villages that are unique and colorful.

  6. Majestic Fjords that rise as high as 3000 feet high.

  7. To Enjoy the finest hikes in the country.

  8. Its beautiful beaches.

  9. To Surf on the best waves.

  10. Affectionate and Cordial Norwegian people.

Lofoten Islands Norway
Image by Verena Schiffers from Pixabay

Takeaway – Lofoten Islands Norway

Lofoten Islands Norway has a terrific history, and many visits the islands from all over the world. Most visitors would find the trip fascinating due to the fabulous scenery that the breathtaking islands have to offer.

The islands have transformed themselves from the humble beginnings of fishing villages and the land of the Vikings to the most beautiful picturesque location in the world.

Photo by Prestigious PHotos from Shutterstock

The beautiful Lofoten Islands Norway is stunning in every aspect. With the Norwegian sea surrounding the archipelago and the majestic mountains making up most of the island, you should expect the best sights on all of Earth.

This article has been written to guide you effectively before embarking on the trip of a lifetime to the Lofoten Islands Norway. Your trip will be eventful but also significant and memorable in every aspect.


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