Lapland Sweden: 6 Amazing Things To See

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Swedish Lapland is a beautiful and interesting region within the Arctic Circle. Mountains, woods, marshes, wild rivers, and archipelagos can be found in the Midnight Sun and the Northern LightsLapland Sweden has plenty of options for recreational activities.

What to see in Lapland Sweden? There are so much to witness in Lapland sweden. It casts a scenic view with snow surrounding you. You can try icy fishing, visit frozen lakes and have a glimpse of Sami culture.

The main cities in Lapland Sweden are Kiruna, Lulea, Abisko, and Umea.

Things To See In Lapland Sweden

Lapland Sweden is a fantastic place to visit during winter. There are always several options available for the different activities you can enjoy in Swedish Lapland.

1. Northern Lights

During winter, Lapland Sweden is a fantastic and perfect place to visit.Several options are always available for the different activities you can enjoy in Swedish Lapland.

One of the most amazing thing to witness you can see in Lapland Sweden are the northern lights. You must take advantage of this beautiful phenomenon while in Swedish Lapland.

What Are Northern Lights

Lapland Sweden
Image by Janina Bienkowski from Pixabay

Electrically charged solar particles smash into the Earth’s atmosphere to produce the rare natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. The color difference relies on the type of different gas particles; nitrogen produces the blueish-purple color, the lowest layer of oxygen produces the most common green color and higher-altitude oxygen produces red.

When To See The Northern Lights

If you are visiting Swedish Lapland, plan it from September to April, as there will be more chances for you to witness this amazing phenomenon.

The months from September to April are the greatest times of the year to view the Northern Lights in Sweden.

To see these beautiful shades of light in the sky, the sky needs to be clear, or artificial lights must not exist. Witnessing the northern lights in the centre of artic will be a wholesome experience.

2. Enjoy The Sami Culture

While in Lapland Sweden, take a walk around the countryside and explore the Sami Culture. These people divide the year into eight seasons. This is an amazing opportunity for you to know the Sami people and discover their traditions and culture.

Image by Martin Kraut from Pixabay

The Sami people have a deep connection with animals and the natural world. You can take a break from the usual adventurous activities like hiking, ice fishing and spend a relaxing day knowing the amazing Sami people and their traditions.

You’ll eat traditional food prepared over an open fire, such as reindeer stew and chanterelle soup, and you’ll stay in a goathie hut or a wooden cottage with a grass roof that the Sami people created.

Sustainability is one of the greatest thing the Sami people can offer to the world. Little is wasted when it comes to their reindeer. While the horn is used for buttons and other objects, leather is hand-made into shoes and accessories.

These hand-made items, such as elegant bags with metal embroidery and felted wool panels, are for sale.

3. Explore Lapland Sweden By Helicopter

You can explore Lapland Sweden, using a helicopter. This will be an amazing experience as you will see the breathtaking views of frozen lakes, glaciers, and pristine landscapes.

The ride will be around 30 minutes. A helicopter comes to pick you up in the middle of the hike, but the pilot has already removed your luggage from the hotel. What a fantastic thing! The money spent is worth it as it will be a once in the lifetime of experience.

4. Visit Kiruna Kyrka

Photo by Marcus Gunnarsson on Unsplash

Kiruna Kyrka, or Kiruna Church, is a beautiful church in Kiruna, Sweden. The church is built of wood in a Gothic style. You will have a complete spiritual experience.

The church is stunning and popularly known as the shrine of the nomadic people. While exploring the church’s beauty, you will feel an amazingly positive vibe. It will be an escape from the adventurous activities where you can spend some peaceful time admiring the beauty of one of the most popular buildings in Sweden.

5. Various National Parks In Swedish Lapland

Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay

You can explore various national parks like Sarek national park and Abisko national park in Lapland.  The Sarek national park is a UNESCO world heritage site and offers splendid secenery and outdoor activities.

You can explore Abisko national park. The national park will leave you with a wonderful experience. The national park is famous for the Nordic wildlife, and you can get a chance to see mountain foxes, Moose, polar hares, and wolverines with the natural beauty surrounding you.

You can enjoy hiking here, but if you want to enjoy it better, visit Swedish Lapland in June, July, and September.

As the national parks are situated far away from the cities, there is no scope for light pollution. And if the sky is clear, this mountain wilderness is the perfect place to witness the amazing Aurora borealis.

6. Adventurous  Activities To Do In Lapland Sweden

You can enjoy several outdoor activities and fun things in the mountain wilderness. Most of them are winter activities like dining in frozen lakes and husky sledding, but other options also include hiking.

1. White Water Rafting

Lapland Sweden has four beautiful national rivers. These rivers open a home to enjoy river rafting in Swedish Lapland.

Image by 198570 from Pixabay

As much as it is an adventure that gives you a chance to get close to nature and local culture, river rafting, it is also a test for your body and mind. The white water rafting on the Arctic circle will be a wild experience.

2. Fly Fishing

The are various guided tours by Eva Gunnare, a food creator; through these guided tours, you can explore the beautiful town of Jokkmokk. You get to enjoy nature as there are forests and mountains.

This region offers a wide range of options for fly fishing. There are many lakes and a coastline. The four national rivers also make Lapland a perfect spot for fishing.

3. Dog Sledding

Image by Mandy Fontana from Pixabay

If you visit Swedish Lapland in the winter, you must try dog sledding or husky sledding, one of the most wild activity you can experience.

Nothing brings you closer to nature than dog sledding through the pristine wildness of the Swedish Mountains. Imagine being pulled by huskies through snow-covered forests, across frozen lakes, and mountains in the north of the Arctic. Trained instructors lead various sledding trips.

4. Try Ice Sculpting And Spend Time In The Ice Hotel

Another exciting thing to see in Lapland Sweden is Ice sculpting. A famous Ice Hotel in Kiruna is reborn each winter as the river freezes.

Photo by Jon Garrison on Unsplash

Many artists from various nations and artistic fields congregate in Jukkasjärvi beginning in November to bring their avant-garde creations to reality. Six weeks later, the transformation from water to ice to artwork is finished.

By chiselling, scraping, and moulding the ice into pieces of art that reflect their remarkable artistic visions, more than 500 artists have already contributed to the different iterations of Ice hotel.

You can have the breathtaking experience of staying in cold rooms. You get plenty of options for activities like try ice sculpting, dog sledding, or having a snowmobile tour.

5. Aurora Safari Camp

Image by Anja from Pixabay

Hot air balloon rides are available day or night at Sweden’s winter glamping destination, Aurora Safari Camp. You can admire the scenic beauty of Lapland Sweden, from the air.

Other arctic pursuits at Aurora Safari Camp include dogsledding, Nordic skiing, and snowmobile safaris. They have five rooms: 2 Lapland Cone rooms, 2 Classic heated Lavvu tent rooms, and 1 Deluxe heated Lavvu tent room in the arctic circle, and all are perfect for seeing the northern lights.

The stay at the camp will be once in a lifetime experience, and you can try your hands at it while in Lapland Sweden.

Famous Hotels In Lapland Sweden

There are many Swedish Lapland hotels that will do their best to provide you with a luxurious stay.

1. Peace And Quiet Hotel

Peace & Quiet Hotel is located 4.4 miles from Vaikijaur and offers ski-to-door access along with a private beach area. In addition, there is also availability of free parking zone.

2. Tree Hotel

There are many hotels in Swedish Lapland that try to fit the concept of a tree hotel. You can stay at a bird’s nest or UFO and have an amazing experience of both the amazing design of the rooms with the stunning scenery of Lapland Sweden.

Photo by Steffen Lemmerzahl on Unsplash

The rooms are based on the tree house concept, but the whole process is eco-friendly.
You can discover the surrounding with mind-blowing scenery.

In winter, you can explore the Sami culture, try snowmobile tours, make igloos on the Lule river or enjoy kayaking in the Lulea archipelago. You can enjoy horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking around the nearby mountains during the summer.

3. Brandon Lodge

This beautiful lodge is located in the Lulea archipelago. The place is cozy and well furnished, with good bathrooms and a porch area. The lodge has two-bedroom cabins that face the Lule river. The place is good for fishing.

4. Loggers Lodge

This place is perfect for your escape, a beautiful traditional cabin surrounded by snow and palm trees. The cabins have good facilities, and you can enjoy quality time maintaining privacy.

Many things can only add fun to your stay, like relaxing in the sauna. Here in the lodge, you will taste traditional Lappish meals made with organic ingredients.

5. Arctic Retreat

Image by lutz from Pixabay

The Arctic retreat is located in the village Gunnarsbyn in Lapland Sweden. The Rave River surrounds the area, and it has a very calm ambience. The cabins are made of logs, and the interior is very traditional. The cabins are well equipped with log burners, hot bathtubs, and windows (floor to ceiling).

At night you get to enjoy the dinner made by Chef Liza in one of the cabins. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities around the place, like husky sledding, hiking, skiing, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting to plan your holiday, you might have a lot of questions in your mind.

When Should I Go To Lapland Sweden

Image by lutz from Pixabay

You will get a very short day to enjoy various outdoor activities in January, February, and December. So, if you want to visit Swedish Lapland during these months, you should spend some more time exploring the place.

You can enjoy snowfall from October to May, which makes it peak time for tourists. June to September would be ideal if you want an adventurous trip to Lapland Sweden. June and mid-July are the perfect months to witness the midnight sun, Kiruna being the northernmost town of Lapland Sweden is the perfect place for the experience.

The same town is perfect for witnessing Aurora borealis or northern lights in the winter months, as there is virtually no light pollution. You can always choose the months according to your requirements; there are options for your tailor-made holiday almost all year round.

You will get more day hours to enjoy outdoor activities in March, April, and May. The surroundings are almost covered with snow with the sun in the skies, and you will get longer days to enjoy the wildness. Ice thinning is an issue these days, so be careful.

Where To See The Aurora Borealis In Lapland Sweden

Image by Martin Str from Pixabay

There are many places in Sweden where you can witness the northern lights, Abisko national park is one of them.

Abisko National Park in Sweden offers the best opportunities for observing the northern aurora borealis. Because of the region’s unique environment, the sky is typically constantly clear, and light pollution is seldom evident. This area is also home to the Aurora Sky Station.

You have to go to the top of Njullá mountain to see the magnificent glow of the northern lights. Aurora sky station is perfect for seeing the glow of northern lights.

Abisko is located in the centre of the aurora oval and has clear skies as the rain it receives is less than in other parts of Sweden. All these conditions make Abisko the perfect place for northern lights.

What Do You Wear In Swedish Lapland

Image by Pawel Kozera from Pixabay

It would help if you were well dressed according to the month while visiting Swedish Lapland. There are fewer daylight hours and extreme cold throughout the winter.

Keeping yourself warm is the target in the north of the Arctic. You should wear warm jackets, insulated trousers, winter hats, woollen gloves, mittens, and winter boots. Layer yourself with good woollen clothes with thermals as the base layer.

For the summer months, you need fewer layers as the temperature rises, so choose your clothes accordingly.

Is Lapland In Sweden Or Finland

The province of Lapland is located in northern Sweden and is surrounded by Jamtland, Angermanland, Vesterbotten, Norrbotten, Norway, and Finland.

It originally belonged to Sweden, but after the Grand Duchy of Finland was created by Russian Empire, Lapland got divided between Sweden and Finland.


While planning your next holiday, Sweden must be on the list. This beautiful place with amazing opportunities likes to discover the lives of the Sámi people, enjoy the snow, and see the northern lights. In no time, Lapland Sweden will become one of your favourite destinations.

While planning your trip, you should consult travel specialists who can guide you with the latest travel advice. These travel specialists can give you first-hand knowledge greatly influenced by their visits to the destinations all year round. These specialists have travelled extensively to all the regions; they will help you plan your holiday to Lapland Sweden, with budget-friendly deals.




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