Lake Garda: Top 10 Best Places to Visit

Lake Garda
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

Lake Garda is the largest lake and serves as a great holiday spot.

The name itself has changed from the Roman times from Benacus to Lake Garda and holds a special place for the people of Italy. It is quite a superior Italian lake if all the other lakes are ranked.

Lago di Garda in Italian is a piece of art by god and if you are having a chance to visit this amazing place then make sure to enjoy the place at its fullest.

Lake Garda lies in the centre of Milan and Venice and in the northern part of the country.

There are World Heritage sites to be explored and many places to visit once you come here, a complete blast of excitement.

1. Lake Garda- Italy’s Largest Lake

A beautiful lake, Lake Garda Italy is a popular destination for tourism and holds a special place in the heart of anyone who visits it once.

The largest lake with some really great holiday spots and islands to explore to soothe your mind.

The lake lies in Northern Italy and there are beautiful towns and villages around it which are a treat for our eyes.

Lake Garda has a beautiful climate, in summer you will find it completely balanced which is great for a holiday destination.

The wine and the place completely brim with passion and enthusiasm, a complete package for your holiday destination. There are many places which are famous and have quite a history.

Many nearby places which you visit alongside visiting Lake Garda have excellent transport service and connect all the nearby towns and famous places are easily accessible by cable car.

2. 10 Best Places to Visit in Lake Garda

Some of the best places which you shouldn’t miss when you are coming to this picturesque place.

2.1 Sirmione Peninsula

The place is one of the most popular spots of Lake Garda Italy and is gonna take your breath away when you visit it.

The place is on the southern shore of Lake Garda and has a beautiful flickering colourful vibe about it. The Sirmione Peninsula should be given at least a day for it to be explored by you.

There are many places you can visit and enjoy the vine alongside this amazing destination.

The Castello Scaligero inside there which was built by the Scalegiri is surrounded by water and looks like a castle from a web series waiting to be conquered by you.

The place has a lot to offer and you can enjoy the view of the town and Lake Garda by going to a height here. The cafés and the food awaits you at this amazing site alongside beautiful churches, the heartbeat of Lake Garda.

Lake Garda
Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

2.2 Grotte Di Catullo

The Ruins await you here on the southern shore of Lake Garda. This place is an amazing place for you to travel with lakeside views along with a nice short walk.

The museum is also available for you to enjoy before you enter the ruins. The ruins were a part of the villa which belonged to Catullus, the poet who lived in this poetry, this amazing place.

The place is a short walk from Sirmione and is a great tourist spot for you to enjoy.

2.3 Malcesine

The place has amazing views and is with spectacular scenery you can easily say that this is a jewel of Lake Garda Italy. This one also has a Castello Scaligero which stands proud on top of the Malcesine.

Monte Baldo sure has this beautiful town which has lanes and makes your leg and heart work with its amazing sceneries.

There are many artworks and artists which you can enjoy there and visit. The cable car is also available to take you higher and help you enjoy the ridge of Monte Baldo even more.

The museum is available for you to enjoy at its fullest along with the castle. The place brings colours to life, a must-visit for you when you tour Lake Garda.

Lake Garda
Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

2.4 Riva Del Garda

Northern Italy also doesn’t shy away from amazing sceneries and beautiful towns. The Riva Del Garda offers you options for a hike during the summer months.

The mountains surround you, Lake Garda is there for you, the whole place offering you options of food and shopping just makes you wanna stay in this town.

The lakeside view is also there alongside the mountains staring at you having fun in this beautiful place.

Windsurfing is also here, Rocco Del Riva is also one of the tourist spots which is available for you to explore. Museo Civico is also one of the places which are present here that you should definitely visit if you have the time.

Riva Del Garda is an amazing place and deserves at least more than a day trip. If you do not have time a day should be sufficient to enjoy the monuments and all the other places. Sports activities need another day trip.

Lake Garda
Image by Erwin from Pixabay

2.5 Desenzano Del Garda

If you are here at Desenzano Del Garda then make sure to visit the Roman Villa which is at the central location of this small town.

This destination is small and can be quite an exciting venture for you. You might arrive first at this site, therefore your first look at Lake Garda Italy will start from here.

The destination of this place is west of the Sirmione Peninsula and is quite a nice town for your visit. There are ample numbers of restaurants and places to visit for your appetite for food and adventure.

You can even say that for truly enjoying Lake Garda this can be a very good start for your journey.

2.6 Torri Del Benaco

Lake Garda has many pretty places to offer mesmerizing views and one of them is Torri del Benaco which is a heart-clutching town.

The castle which remains here is an amazing place for you to explore. The galleries wait for you to be seen with rock engravings and history to be explored by your eyes.

The rooms even have an olive press, lemon groves are also there in the castle.

The western shore with Maderno and the eastern shore Torri Del Benaco, the town is something which you should definitely visit.

The ruins of Castello Scalligero really show the history of the place and tell you a lot about the region which you are visiting.

A piece of history and a beautiful town, not to be missed.

Lake Garda
Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

2.7 Limone Sul Garda

The place which is famous for its lemon groves, Limone Sul Garda town is a really famous place for you to visit and gives you a complete experience of Italy’s Lake Garda.

The light is at its peak in this town and surely gives you a perfect climate for you to enjoy the town at its fullest.

This town on the western shore sure has lots of lemon groves which are quite noticeable. These can be seen on the terrace of the harbour and these were planted around the 15th century.

La Limonaia del Castel is the place which you must visit if you are here at Limone Sul Garda.

Winter Garden is something which you must see here, this museum which breathes life itself has varieties of fruit trees. The walk to this place is spectacular with sunlight on your face and mountains in your sight and Lake Garda in its spectacular form.

You can even get a view of Malcesine with a nice boat ride, you can reach this place Malcesine itself on a boat and the journey itself is amazing.

2.8 Gardone Riviera

With lush vegetation and mesmerising views, we have Gardone Riviera which is really scenic town with views of Lake Garda and the mountains.

The luxury of climate in this region really makes this town one of a kind with Hruska Botanic Garden and Gardone di Sopra which are having exceptional varieties of trees and clusters of lush greenery making this a perfect holiday stop.

The waterfalls and lakeside promenades and views of hotels make this place a must-stay hotel. The hotels and villas which are available here have a unique style of their own, a place sure to make the guests feel like living in an artistic place.

The parish church is also a must visiting spot for many tourists which has quite a history and also is quite a beauty of its own.

The contrast with lush green vegetation alongside the lake views of the amazing Lake Garda Italy with waterfalls and terraces surely makes this place one of a kind.

2.9 Bicycle Ride Alongside Lake Garda

You can enjoy Lake Garda on the bike and this is something of a project which was started in 2018.

The project aims at connecting or making a route for a bicycle rider where the two endpoints are Capo Reamol and Limone Sul Garda.

The stretch is beautiful work and for anyone who is cycling and enjoying the lake view is truly an amazing experience.

If you want to go for a walk around the nighttime or enjoy a nice breeze alongside Lake Garda when the sun goes down, the path is lit with lights which makes it easier for you to enjoy it completely.

This path covers Lake Garda nicely and more and more improvements are being done every day to make it even better. If you are planning on cycling do make sure to have a nice ride alongside Lake Garda.

2.10 Peschiera del Garda

Now if you are visiting Lake Garda it is not necessary that you will only visit towns and villas which are exclusive to Lake Garda only.

There are many towns and places which are worth the visit and are connected by Lake Garda which is equally worth visiting and no less beautiful than Lake Garda itself.

One such town is Peschiera Del Garda which belongs to Verona, a province of Italy.

The town also has Venetian defensive systems which are actually a world heritage site. The place is something which you must visit if you have time.

Madonna del Frassino is a sanctuary which is the main attraction of the place. Venice is also accessible along the route of Peschiera del Garda and again if you are having some time then you should focus on both sides, Lake Garda as well as provinces near it. They all are amazing and scenic sites worth your visit.

3. What is the Best Time to Visit?

From June to September, the average temperature around Lake Garda is about 15 degrees celsius so you can expect an overall balanced out climate.

The vegetation along with the trees, the amazing experience of windsurfing and the pool can be completely enjoyed in these months when the temperature is in your favour a little bit more and everything around you is just a little more lively.

Also along with mountain biking, you can enjoy a nice hike and a nice camp with a climate completely in your favour.

4. Where to Stay?

Now such a popular place is surely gonna have many places which you stay. There are many particular places and towns in which you can choose to stay and enjoy the culture.

  • Gardone Riviera is one such town in which you can choose to stay. The hotels are nice offering you a nice view of the lake and amazing food.
  • Torbole has some great hotels with balcony views and some really nice food. The place generally offered is warm and comforting and will totally comfort you after a stressful day.
  • Malcesine has some budget-friendly hotels like Hotel Castello and many others which surely are gonna go easy on your pocket and your budget.
  • Limone also is one of the places which offer budget-friendly hotels for families and considering all the other options.

5. Budget For Lago Di Garda

Considering only one person the budget can be in all the ranges. If you are planning a pocket-friendly trip then around 141 Dollars per day. This much should be taken into account for visiting along with food and everything.

Of course, if you want to go up in your budget, it offers you that option also but this much amount should at least be with you.

The accommodation is something which will take the most of your budget so make sure to find a little bit less expensive place to stay.

6. How to Reach?

There are different modes of travel, so we’ll take the ones available and see how you can reach this amazing Garda town.

6.1 By Air

The fastest way to reach Garda Town is by air.

The airports which are available are Verona International Airport, Brescia International Airport which is about 40 kilometres distance and Bergamo Airport which is at a distance of 80 kilometres.

These airports are the ones which are there and the closest one is the Verona one so depending on which region you coming from, you know the ones which are closest to your destination.

6.2 By car

So there is the A22 Motorway Brennero which will lead you to the Northern part of your destination. The exit which you will take will be Rovereto.

If you are planning to go to the southern shore then you should take the Affi exit.

For someone who is travelling on A4 Motorway Serenissima Milan then the Brescia exit is one of the better options along with many options like Sirmione or Desenzano del garda.

6.3 By Train

RFI high-speed trains are available for you. If you are having access to this particular train then choose this one because this one really shortens your time for your day trips.

Other than the one mentioned above the normal trains are also very efficient and will save a lot of your time.

The stations which are available are Brescia, Verona, Desenzano and Sirmione. This mode of transportation is quite nice

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What Is the Best Time to Visit Lake Garda?

June to September is the best time, the vegetation and the picturesque views of this amazing lake along with swimming in water which is at the precisely perfect temperature.

Q.2 What Is the Average Budget for One Person when Visiting Garda Town?

It costs about 141 Dollars a day for an average person but it can change a little bit depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

Q.3 Which Is a Better Place for Staying Riva or Garda Town?

Garda is a better option to go for because of its closeness with Verona and also it matches everything with Riva along with the better beach options, vibe of both places is overall nice.

Q.4 how Far Is Lake Garda from Venice?

The distance is around 131 kilometres but if you are travelling by road then around 188 kilometres. Travelling time is usually around 4 hours between the 2 points.

Q.5 Is Lake Garda Worth the Visit?

Yes, the place has everything to offer for a peaceful holiday destination along with amazing scenic views of mountains and lakes, a complete overturn from the hectic city life.

The place has amazing food, you can shop and enjoy the beaches and explore history and culture. The whole place will make you fall in love with it.

8. Conclusion

This holiday destination spot soothes your mind and body completely. The history alongside the lakes and the immense vegetation and the mountains just make you wanna stay and live here only.

The historic centre, the Italian lakes, and the old town from the southern end to the eastern side everyday trip will make you want to explore this lake even more. There is Venice also which you can visit when you are done here.

It is easily reachable and this region is gonna make you come here again and again.


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