Issuing License for a Gun: What All to Know Before?

license for a gun
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Sometimes, it is important to have a gun and to do that legally, a license for a gun. It is very important to know all the steps you need along with the kind of assessment taken by the authority so that you are granted a firearm or shotgun certificate, whichever you need. Everyone will need a certificate to get a firearm, even a firearms dealer who wants gun ownership. Firearms or shotguns need separate certificates, and a firearms certificate won’t work if you need a shotgun.

Great Britain has many policies and rules that provide better evaluation and choose better people who will not harm public safety with firearms or shotguns. The criteria are simple, and the fee is also not that much. The complete process is quite simple, and if you genuinely need a firearm, it will be a really easy job to get one.

1. License for a Gun

Now I use the firearm and shotgun separately because I get ownership of a gun. The ownership of a shotgun and a firearm are different. Certain conditions are required before applying for a firearm or a shotgun. To get a gun license, specific requirements should be met when applying for a form. A gun not categorized as a shotgun requires a firearms certificate; for a shotgun, you need a shotgun certificate.

A license for a gun is not tricky to get, but you need specific guidance along with rules and regulations. Along with age and everything, your mental health and the applicant’s GP also matter, as it may be later asked. Let us see the difference between firearm and shotgun certificates, later rules, and everything according to your requirements.

2. Can you Own a Firearm?

So there are regulations on who and at what age you can even have a gun license. So for England, Wales, and Scotland, the age limit is 14 and above; if you are above this age, you can own a firearm or a firearm certificate. The firearm which you can own should be a section 1 firearm.

For Northern Ireland, the age limit and rules differ a little. So the age limit to have a license for a gun is 18 years of age. If you have around you who has a valid firearm or shotgun certificate and your age is 16, then youse it.

People who have been sentenced to prison for a duration of more than or equal to 3 years are not allowed to possess any weapon or ammunition.

License for a Gun
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3. Firearm and shotgun Certificates

Based on your requirements, you can have either of them, but the process is a little different for both. We start with a shotgun certificate and then a firearms certificate which is also quite simple.

3.1 Shotgun certificate

So you need a shotgun certificate according to the firearms act of 1968 to own a shotgun. To get your license for a gun, in this case, a shotgun.

  • You can get the application form from the UK government website. The application process is very simple and costs you about 80 pounds.
  • Once the application process is done, you will have a visit from a police officer who will see your house and ask you certain questions regarding why you need a shotgun and more.
  • Keep a gub cabinet prepared beforehand because this is crucial. The officer will check whether or not you have a gun cabinet or not. The officer will also go through all the safety regulations you have accepted.
  • The police officer will look closely over everything regarding the house’s security. Make sure your house has security and everything; if not, please ensure the security is good.
  • The police officer can later ease your process of getting that shotgun certificate.
  • The inquiry regarding your application is given to the local firearms inquiry officer. All the process about background checks, checking your referee, and history is made here. This process is the same for firearm or shotgun certificates.
License for a Gun
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3.2 Firearms Certificate

The firearms certificate application form is also simple.

  • First of all, you will need photographs and that four passport sizes. After this, ensure you include what kind of ammunition and gun you need. This form will be available to you on the same site GOV.UK, and it needs to be precise with details.
  • Make sure there is a place to keep that firearm of yours. According to the legal regulations, you must have a cabinet or a safe keep to keep your gun.
  • Now comes the referee part. You must provide two referees in your application form; these must be British citizens. Make sure that these people are not your family members or, by any chance, are police officers or work under them.
  • Your GP score will be checked. The officer will ensure everything is in the best condition, along with your body and mental health.
  • The firearm certificate will be given to you only if the police officer is satisfied will everything from the gun cabinet to your GP score. Also, ensure the reason for possessing a certain weapon and ammunition; you have the right reason for it. The referees should have good character.

No criminal record on you. If all the conditions are met and the officer is satisfied, getting your firearm certificate will be a piece of cake.

3.3 Renew Your Gun Licence

You can apply to renew your license. Keep it safe if you already possess a valid license; the application process does not require your valid license. After all, you will still have firearms; if an officer asks, hold on to that license.

If your certificate is about to expire, you will be notified beforehand, about 16 weeks, and then you can be at ease and renew your license.

All the relevant information is on the government website if you ever feel stuck on a particular issue. The fees for renewing is around 62 and 49 pounds for firearms and shotgun.

3.4 Fee Structure

Now there must be some fee if you apply for firearms ownership. Every service which you might need will require some fee. Even if you have to change the type of gun, then also some fees will be there.

The Scottish government has a fee structure of around 88 to 80 pounds for the certificate, for firearms and shotgun certificates. Cheques are payable to the authority of Scotland. For a variation in your certificate for different kinds of firearms or ammunition, you will need to carry about 20 pounds of cash or whichever means they accept.

4. Principles for owning a license for a Gun

There are certain principles you should abide by if you own a firearms certificate, a shotgun certificate, or are planning to get one. These are important, and you should keep them in mind.

  • The Privilege

    So it is a privilege that you own a firearm, but the government holds strict policies regarding the misuse of firearms and, in any case, is willing to protect its citizens.

  • Purpose

    There should be a very good reason for you to own a firearm. The licensing authority should be satisfied with your reason. The firearms certificate is not easily acquired because sometimes people do not have a good enough reason to hold firearms. A license for a gun requires a better purpose and is something you should have.

  • GMC Registered Doctor

    Now you will provide much information about your medical history and everything. So make sure that whatever the police officer requires, medical conditions or records must be from a GMC-registered doctor. The officer can ask for the GP score and everything to ensure that you are in your right mind and that you may never cause any harm to public safety.

  • Police have the right to contact the Doctor.

    So, suppose the police officer has doubts about your health or any medical conditions. In that case, they have the right to contact the Doctor to get all the necessary medical records to confirm that everything regarding your health, which is mind and body, is perfectly fine.

  • It is Your Responsibility

To provide all of this to get your firearm license lies on your shoulder, and you are responsible for providing all the medical data. Medical conditions and records are not publicly accessible, but only in case of doubt or emergency may they be revealed to the police officer. Therefore, make sure you provide every detail.

  • Mental Health

    To get a gun or weapon license by the law, you must know all the rules and statutory guidance should be considered. Mental health is one of the crucial aspects of this; it states that if you have ever been hospitalized due to mental illness or, according to the mental health act 1983, possessing a firearm is impossible.

    The police force will consider all sides of the person and then decide whether or not the person is fit to possess a firearm and cannot harm public safety. It will be considered while evaluating your application if you have ever been detained under some unforeseen circumstances because of mental health.

  • Revoking a firearm certificate

    Yes, your firearm certificate can be revoked by the chief officer of police if the person finds you unfit or not someone who can hold on to the firearm and may cause harm to public safety.

    This may be done under circumstances where you show illegal or extreme behavior. The person in command will have all the rights to revoke it and see that you are not eligible to possess a license for a gun.

License for a Gun
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5. Safety Considerations

So, in your best interest, you should consider all the risks of owning a firearm ad that a firearms certificate is not something to take advantage of. The doctors can advise you to give up on your license or firearms certificate if they see any problem with your medical condition. Therefore, you might have to give up on your firearm certificate.

If you do not abide by the rules and regulations and do not consider the Doctor’s opinion, then the Doctor will have the BMA and police authority know of your actions, and there will be repercussions. issuing

6. Travel Regulations

If you are planning to travel and want to have your firearms with you, you will need a separate pass. European firearms pass, this one is made separately and if you are planning on traveling, try to apply it along with your firearms license.

People planning to go to Northern Ireland and citizens of Great Britain do not need certificates other than the original ones they have. Your shotguns and firearm certificates will work perfectly fine there.

Suppose you are not a Great Britain citizen and are planning to visit Northern Ireland. In that case, you will need a visitor’s firearm permit, which will be submitted to the designated authority by a citizen of Northern Ireland. You must send an application and a copy of your firearm certificate. There will be a fee, and try to get the application around six weeks before your visit. For a citizen of Northern Ireland, your Northern Ireland firearm certificate works perfectly fine here too.

The airport or any designated authority will keep your firearms if you plan to go by air or other means. You can get further information about firearms and ammunition on the official website.

License for a Gun
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7. Legal Firearms

You are not allowed to own weapons and firearms; the government bans. Many firearms are not allowed to the individual, like the air gun or even a handgun. Due to some mass shootings in Britain, a handgun was banned from being passed by an individual.

License for a gun is easy, but the conditions upon which you get one are pretty strict. There is detailed guidance about how to get a gun license and how to keep it, so make sure to understand everything before getting one. There are some shotguns and other firearms too, which you are not allowed to possess, so make sure you know what firearm you are trying to get and whether or not it is legal to have it.

8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the duration of a firearm certificate?

For a firearm certificate, the duration is about five years. If you have a certificate that is going to be experienced, make sure to renew it on time.

Q.2 Can I get an additional firearm for myself?

Yes, you can get an additional firearm for yourself. You need to apply for a variation on the same website along with whatever reason you have for getting a new firearm.

Q.3 Can you change your address without notifying the authority if you have a firearm?

No, you cannot. It would be best to let the designated authority know that you are changing your address because the firearm needs a safe place to keep around. You are changing the address during this transition; a firearms dealer can temporarily have your firearm.

Q.4 Can you possess completely prohibited weapons?

No, you cannot unless there is some very special case and permission need to be given by the home secretary. So if you need one, you need to get that permission.

Q.5 What if your certificate is lost?

If your certificate is lost, you have to pay some fees to get a new certificate, which is about 4 pounds, and yes, you can get your certificate back with an application form and a fee.

9. Conclusion

Well, keeping in mind all the rules and regulations, you will easily get your license for a gun. Keep the advice and all the key points about the GP score, and the police have all the rights if they find any anomalies in your behavior and health. Acquiring the firearm and shotgun certificates might seem a bit troublesome because of all the processes and inspections. Still, it is necessary; if you are well prepared, it will end well.


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