Is London Safe and Secured?

Is London Safe
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Regardless of where are you from, London is indeed a must-visit famous tourist destination that everyone wants to travel to at least once in a lifetime. London is one of Europe’s most important major cities, with so many activities and landmarks to see. Also, while planning a trip to Europe, go through different Capital Cities in Europe as well. But, is London safe?

Everyone wants to live in a safe location, and the crime rate in a specified safe locality influences everything from rent pricing to individual decisions to reside in and move to a particular region. Furthermore, understanding which neighborhoods are safe is a critical factor for small business owners as well when determining where to begin and expand a company.

Crimes and a lack of safety in a neighborhood can have a substantial impact on customers’ and companies’ everyday lives. For the customer, this can mean lower housing values, higher insurance premiums, and more. Criminal offenses such as robbery, murder, arson, theft, and fraud cost people billions of euros every year.

London is a worldwide center for music, culture, institutions, fashion, trade, and finance, as well as the place to go if you want amazing adventures and a different perspective on Europe. But, is London safe?

Whilst London is a highly safe major city, it should be highlighted that it has many dangerous areas as well. It is densely populated with tourists, making it an ideal location for muggers and scam artists to operate. As a result, pickpocketing and petty thefts are major problems in London and its famous monuments.

London is magnificent. It is a diversified, vibrant, and cool city with an excellent food scene and fantastic nightlife. However, this will not be the case throughout the city. In fact, there are some areas of London that are downright unsafe.

So if you are wondering ‘Is London Safe‘, there is no definite answer, as wherever you go, in some of the most popular tourist destinations, there is also a risk of petty theft and scams, as well as terrorist attacks. In London, pickpocketing is the most evident type of street crime.

It is frequent to a degree, and there are even several known pickpocketing hotspots, primarily prominent tourist attractions. To save you from the dilemma as to how you can stay safe in London, this article can be your guide to staying safe in London and making the most out of your visit.

Looking For a Safe City to Reside in?

Houses in London
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Is London safe to reside in? Yes, London is generally regarded as a very safe city. London is as peaceful as other renowned European cities, yet some districts should be avoided. The danger is deemed low even for women. Although London has a greater rate of crime than the other popular European cities, this is to be expected in a renowned capital city.

In terms of crime, this popular capital city is on par with comparable European capitals, although knife crime and terrorist attack crimes are on the hike in the capital.

The majority of these attacks appear to be gang-connected or related to feuds, however, there has been a few random incidents recently. Even at dusk, London is a relatively secure city to navigate, however, it never costs anything to use rational thinking and have your wits about you at all times.

That is not to imply that you should wear cotton wool to be safe from harm when commuting, studying, or visiting the capital. London is a large city with many intriguing places to view and activities to participate in. With congested streets, lofty buildings, and bustling roads it can be intimidating at times.

To have a good time in London while remaining generally safe, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead to ensure your safety. Whether it’s planning ahead, touring with a partner, or being extra cautious, it’s critical to take precautions to be protected not just in this fantastic city, but wherever you go.

Is East London the Safest Neighborhood?

East London
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East London is a common and indisputably recognized area of London, the United Kingdom’s capital city. It is located towards the east of the old Capital of London and towards the north of the Thames River.

East London is being known for Jack the Ripper and Brick Lane and the region is a melting pot of cultures where you can contribute to a variety of activities ranging from viewing sports competitions at the Olympic Park to perusing independent studios in Hoxton. East London’s gorgeous beaches, caressed by comparatively mild waters owing to Indian Ocean currents, are one of the city’s biggest attributes.

Coming towards the if is London safe area to live in, East London is a comparatively safe neighborhood to live in or visit. Although,  there are numerous high-rise public housing communities where extreme vigilance is required.

To cure your dilemma of is London safe enough to get drunk and celebrate anything at night with friends, you should just be fine if you stay aware and adhere to busy, and well-lit routes. You should avoid shadowy lanes, do not accept drinks from strangers, and avoid walking and avoid wearing football shirts in front of evident crowds of rowdy kids as they can often get violent against the opposite football team supporters in the big city center.

Hackney is the sixth most hazardous neighborhood place in London, according to Metropolitan Police figures. There were 4,140 crimes reported in the region in 2021. Violent crimes against civilians are the most common crimes recorded, with 1,000 occurrences reported in just a span of two months.

Despite the fact that this area is indeed a cheaper region to buy a home than many of the other London districts, modernization has caused house prices to rise in recent years. East London is renowned for being the most stylish part of the London city for young professionals, thanks to its bustling creative culture and eclectic social schedule. Popular hangouts, pop-up art exhibitions, and lively food markets are all within walking distance.

Though West London is regarded for being a bit posher, whilst East London is recognized for being a tad rougher and not on the list of tourist spots. West London is over five times richer than the rest of the UK, edging out the Brussels wealthy in European wealth rankings.

Most of West London is regarded as a very safe neighborhood. As per police statistics, Richmond has the lowest crime rate of any London borough. Furthermore, Westminster is frequently cited as having one of the highest overall violence crimes in London.

Is London Safe from Knife Crime?

Knife Crime
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Gun- and knife-related crimes account for around 2% of all crimes recorded in London. Lambeth and Southwark are the two London districts with the greatest rates of knife and gun violence. Hackney, Haringey, and Brent are among the other parts of London with alarming numbers of knife and gun crimes.

In 2019, the overall number of crimes in London reached 921,211. With 220,265 police files submitted in 2020, violence in London was the most common crime, followed by robbery and theft with 173,491 instances.

Apart from hate crimes and domestic abuse, all crime in London decreased in 2021. When comparing to the same period in 2019/20 (-20,465), total reportable offenses had declined by 17.2% (-20,465), and by 8.1 percent (17,148), when compared the same to 2020.

Despite the fact that London’s rate of crime is on the rise, it remains a pretty safe place. London is the fourteenth safest city around the world, as per the Economists Safe Cities Index. The rate of crime in London in 2019/20 was 101.48 offenses per 1,000 people.

Robberies by motorcycle gangs have been more common in recent years. snatch-and-grab robberies on weekends in the rush hour are perhaps the most common, but they haven’t been particularly aggressive.

Is London Safe for Students and Single Women?

Is London safe
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Whether you are a citizen, a traveler, or a scholar in this big city, London is surely a safe city to visit. To answer your questions on topics like is London safe for international students or is London safe for single women, this capital city has a lower rate of crimes than many other renowned European Boroughs, as per the European City Crime Index Ranks.

Also, London is a very safe destination to visit by worldwide standards. The capital is extremely multi-cultural and welcoming of different lifestyles.

Unfortunately, London is still a huge metropolis with its own set of dangers. With the low crime rate in the United Kingdom and the high quality of Universities in the UK, you may be assured that you have selected a unique academic location to live your student years safely. Also, the United Kingdom is relatively safe for women.

For lone female tourists pondering upon the thought ‘Is London Safe’, London is one of the safest places in the world. The capital city of England is known for being extremely accommodating of all types of people, so you are unlikely to encounter any problems.

The city’s hustle-bustle adds to the city’s safety. You will be OK if you stay vigilant and use common sense like never accept drinks from strangers and keep your mobile phone close with emergency contacts just a tap away.

There are many young ladies who live alone in the city and have never had any issues. Obviously, no place is fully safe, but if you act responsibly, you will most likely be and feel entirely secure.

Traveling alone can be challenging at times, and this is especially true for people who travel late in the evening. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t stroll alone.

What Places to Avoid in London?

1. Croydon

Croydon is a major town in England’s Southern London. It is amongst Greater London’s main business areas, featuring a large shopping street and a thriving nightlife.

Croydon has been the most violent area in London for quite some time with 1,617 recorded violent acts. Vehicle crimes were the second most prevalent crime in the region, with 682 incidences.

2. Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is a London district that encompasses much of the old East End. By three of the five summary criteria, Tower Hamlets is by far the most impoverished place in London.

Tower Hamlets, one of London’s most unsafe boroughs, has recorded almost 4,500 offenses with 1,337 occurrences of common assault.

3. Ealing

Ealing is a district in West London, England. With 341,806 residents, it is the fourth most populated London district. Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Walpole Parkland, London Transport Exhibition Depot, and more well-known attractions are found here.

In the first quarter of 2021, there were 6,417 reported crime events in Ealing district, having a rate of crime of 18.31 per 1,000 people, which is slightly lower than the London average of 18.54.

4. Lambeth

The London Eye, the Imperial War Museum, and the Royal National Theatre are all located in Lambeth. It is a renowned tourism and residential attraction, including well-known hotels, taverns, and nightclubs.

Regretfully, Lambeth has been ranked as one of  London’s most hazardous districts, particularly for gang violence and robbery, with 4043 recorded offenses in the local police station.

5. Brent

Brent is a London district in the northwest of the capital. Gladstone Park, The SSE Arena,  Wembley Stadium, Round wood Park, and the Brent Gallery are just a few of the attractions. But, this place in London is a hotspot for drunk people hanging out and often causing trouble or engaging in non-urgent crimes.

With 3,971 cases documented in 2021, major crimes in Brent are assault, robbery, and sexual offenses. Hence, it is advisable for women to avoid walking in this area.

5 Safest Areas in London

It is very important to look at the safety aspect of any city you are traveling to or looking to relocate to. Is London safe city to live in? Yes, But Is London safe to take a stroll at night? No, London is a capital city center which thrives with many tourists at tourist attractions traveling via public transportation to crowded places and often leaving their bag unattended and forgetting to stay safe or taking travel insurance.

Listed below are the safest locations in the great city where you will be perfectly fine and safe:

1. Redbridge

Redbridge, an East London district, is home to some of the city’s most cheerful citizens. As per the recent data from the Office of National Statistics, the northeast London district of Wanstead and Woodford has the highest levels of wellbeing in the city.

One-fourth of Redbridge is surrounded by woodland and public green areas, making it the ultimate ‘leafy suburb.’ It is, nevertheless, not far from the excitement, as it is only a 20-minute drive from the capital’s center.

The borough’s safe image is maintained, thanks to improved schools and more business prospects. There is a 69.0 crime rate per 1000 people in Redbridge.

2. Richmond

Richmond is a wealthy residential neighborhood on the banks of Thames River. Richmond is indeed the safest location to live in London, with the lowest crime rate in the city. This is somewhat unsurprising, given that it resembles a peaceful, inviting village rather than a London municipality. The crime rate in Richmond is 56.68 per 1000 people.

3. Islington

Shakespeare depicted Islington as amongst the most despicable groupings of neighborhoods, outside of London’s walls of the city, although it is now a prestigious London district. In South London, the borough covers a large area that is part of downtown London. The number of crimes per 1,000 persons is 125.6.

4. Bexley

Bexley offers all the beauty of ‘country-city living,’ with gardens, cycle paths, and a gorgeous lake, as well as a well-deserved image for safety. Burglary is less unsafe than most parts of London, and the crime rate is significantly lower than the national average.

This lush south-eastern district is a popular option for families and elderly couples searching for a quiet place to reside. It is one of London’s safest and most affordable places.

As per Met police statistics, Bexley was amongst London’s safest districts in 2018. The crime rate in the city is 57.70 per 1,000 people.

5. Kensington

Kensington is amongst central London’s most wealthy, aristocratic, and smart neighborhoods. It is a wealthy suburb in the Royal District of Kensington and Chelsea, located in the western region of Central London. Kensington Main Street is the district’s business hub.

The grandeur of Hyde Park and Kensington Fields are all close by, so there is no lack of soothing green places in Kensington. The Royal Parklands are always well-kept and provide a variety of activities. The rate of crime in Kensington is 153.9 offenses per 1,000 persons.

How To Stay Safe in London?

1. Plan Your Route Ahead

When it comes to staying safe and reaching home safely every night, first and primarily, plan your journey far ahead of time before leaving any pub, nightclub, apartment, workplace, or any other location where your evening has come to a halt.

There’s nothing like pulling out Google Maps on the sidewalk and looking at your smartphone for too long to advertise your ‘lost’ condition.

Is London safe when it comes to traveling? When it comes to traveling, London is separated into ‘zones’ 1-6, having ‘Zone 1’ representing the city core and ‘Zone 6’ representing the city’s periphery. TfL (Transport for London) uses the technology to compute a customer’s trip distance and bill them appropriately. For convenient travel, it is recommended to install a City mapper.

2. Stick to the Well Lit Areas

Most people are unconcerned with strolling alone during the day, but wandering alone at nightfall in many cities and dangerous areas is another matter. While staying away from dark areas can help you feel better, don’t believe that well-lit places are absolutely safe and that nothing can befall you.

There is not a guarantee of security, and they are the initial line of defense when it comes to suggested vigilance techniques. Be on the lookout as you travel, scan the surroundings, and do not think twice about asking for help if you see any upcoming danger.

3. Take Out Your Headphones

Playing music whilst strolling alone may speed up your voyage, it also reduces your situational awareness and makes it more difficult to notice what is going on all around you. Switch off music apps and pay attention to your environment to ensure your safety.

Using headphones can draw your attention away from your vigilance, so if you are in central areas where your security is at risk, it is probably best to tone down the level so you can hear impending possible dangers.

4. Avoid Walking Alone and Take Night Buses

When asking yourself, Is London safe at night to take a stroll, think twice. Walking alone in London city late at night can be frightening, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. At night, public transport in London is a choice by many, although buses, trains, and tube stations may be much less busy.

To avoid waiting at a train, bus, or metro, stop by yourself for long lengths of time, verify the schedule of the buses, trains, or metros, and stay inside a crowded location till their next arrival to assure you will only be waiting for a short time.

If possible, choose a path with a direct route to your place to avoid the rush, uncertainty, and waiting that comes with boarding and always keep tabs on a nearby police station.

5. Use Only Registered Taxis

If you have ever felt unsafe in a cab or had a terrible experience with a cab driver, you are not the only one. If you are wondering about is London safe city being a top tourist destination, the violent crime rate here is low.

There have been several reports of passengers being handled unfairly or worse. However, as compared to other modes of transportation, especially during odd hours, the cab remains amongst the safest options. You may avoid any unfavorable situation on board with a little foresight.

Local unlicensed cabs may seem like a relief to you while flagging cabs and may even offer lower costs than licensed taxis. To be on the safe side, avoid taking chances and instead rely on licensed cabs or taxis.

Authorities frequently keep a close eye on registered taxis or cabs using advanced technology, making them considerably safer options.

6. Keep Your Belongings Close

This is sound advice anywhere at any hour of the day, but the Subway can get very crowded late in the evening, which is prime territory for thieves. Hold any items bundled up or in front of you, and keep valuable items out of loose pockets that are easily accessible.

7. Don’t Carry a Lot of Cash

Try splitting up your money and stashing some of it somewhere safe and secured. When you are with others, ask them to keep a little amount of your money with them for an emergency. You can hand over any amount of cash to others, but they ought to be similarly well-hidden to safeguard your collective safety and avoid theft.

It can be robbed, and there is no way to recover any of it. Keeping cash safely is a pain, so safety belts, wallets, bags, and so on can be used and dispersing it so that if you are attacked by a thief, he won’t steal it all at once.

 The Bottom Line

Conclusively, London is a safe place. When visiting any large city in the world, security and safety is crucial factor to consider when making plans. Check out Is London Safe for Travel in 2022 before making any plans.

It’s a good thing to take certain precautions when commuting to and from London, visiting a friend, or going to university so you can spend your time in the city while remaining secure.

The best suggestion for being safe in London is to simply be vigilant and utilize your common sense. Walk in the other direction if anything doesn’t feel quite right. Keep clear from vacant back alleys and be cautious of ploys.



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