How To Style Sweatpants- 9 Cool Ways to Style Your Fit!

how to style sweatpants
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Trying to keep up your A-game in fashion can sometimes seem like a difficult task, especially when you want to know how to style sweatpants.

No matter how fashionable we dress up for events, nothing can beat the comfort of wearing sweatpants, which are basic and cozy.

With each passing year, fashion explores new routes and grows its versatility. However, sweatpants have been around the corner for many years and are making a massive comeback in fashion.

There used to be a time when sweatpants were considered a go-to fashion choice, and many celebrities wore them to add a chic and comfortable element to their outfits. Read more in the article about “How to Style Sweatpants.”

sweatpants in hangers
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How To Style Sweatpants – Styles You Need!

Sweatpants are comfortable and a versatile piece of clothing that can be used as a base canvas for great outfits. When styled correctly, sweatpants can become capable enough of replacing the regular pair of jeans or trousers in your wardrobe.

They are comfortable and practical and a necessity to have in your closet. Let’s look at ways to elevate your looks without giving up your favourite pair of cozy sweatpants.

This article would be a style guide to navigate you through the various ways you can style and accessorize your sweatpants.

1. Classic Co-ord Set

Let’s begin with the basics of what goes well with sweatpants and keep it classy. Of course, a matching sweatshirt or joggers.

Lately, co-ord sets are making a massive comeback in the fashion game, and it is no surprise to see people wearing baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts almost everywhere they go.

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It is a simple and quick fashion choice that can make you look simple yet cool. You can also choose sweatshirts with different colours or graphic prints if you want to add more quirks to your outfit.

Accessorize your look with stylish sneakers or classic Jordans to give it a sporty vibe. You can also add a beanie or cap in case you like hats.

It can be viewed as a minimalist take on an outfit, but it is right. It’s the best choice to go out for a walk, run errands, or simply rest on your couch in the comfort of your home.

2. All Black

Now, an all-black outfit may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a very easy choice to make for no-cost people. For a more chic and classy look, you can wear black sweatpants, which are a bit more slim fit than your regular ones.

The material can also be different from your regular ones, giving it a completely different feel. For example, you can go for faux leather sweatpants. Pairing it with a back t-shirt and jacket will give off a casual look.

However, for a more formal approach, you can ditch the T-shirt and switch to a black shirt with ankle boots to give it a polished finish. You can add simple accessories like a chain or rings to add a little bling.

3. Tank Top

girl in black sweatpants and black tank top
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When you need to style sweatpants, you can never go wrong with a simple and classic choice: a classic tank top or a sleeveless crop top.

Regardless of the print or colour, tank tops are great to pair with sweatpants when you feel lazy.

Although a very simple pick, it can make you look effortlessly cool. You can pair the outfit with a pair of shoes, crocs, or even sliders.

You can also add a tote bag with a neutral colour to compliment your outfit without drawing all the attention.

Put your hair in a ponytail, messy bun, or braids. The options are endless. You can accessorize with a pair of sunglasses or a baseball cap and some simple jewelry.

4. Blazer

It is now time to dress up your sweatpants for professional party attire. You can style your sweatpants with a classy blazer or coat to add an expensive vibe to your outfit. You can even opt for a classic leather jacket if blazers are not your cup of tea.

Make sure to choose sweatpants that are fitted and, if possible, made from a different material that is more sturdy than your regular sweatpants to replace your jeans or trousers.

Look smart with a neat and clean hairstyle, such as a slick ponytail or bun, paired with simple chic jewelry like stud earrings or small classy hoops.

Add a matching belt to accentuate your waist if your blazer or coat is not fitted. You can wear heels or any other classy pair of shoes you own along with your watch. Don’t forget a nice handbag to elevate your look even further.

5. Heels

Ditch your regular pair of sneakers or Crocs, and get your favourite heels. Fashion is meant to be experimented with, and that’s exactly what celebrities and icons do.

Over the years, the fashion industry has been bringing back old trends and constantly making new ones.

Styling your sweatpants with a pair of heels is one of those things. While many people prefer sticking to the good old classic choices with a pair of sneakers, why not be a bit different?

If comfort is not your priority, you can always wear something bold and different with a pair of high heels or stilettos you saved for your next girl’s night.

Wear a simple T-shirt matching the colour of your sweatpants. Preferably go for a neutral or monochrome color palette to draw more attention to your entire look instead of just a few clothing articles.

To style your hair, keep a clean and slicked-back hairstyle for a long and just straighten if short hair. Use minimal accessories like a few rings or maybe a watch.

6. Baby Tee

Let’s fast forward a bit and look into the era of Gen-Z fashion. If you aren’t already aware of the little top big pants or big top little pants trend, you are surely missing out on the basics of gen-z fashion, which can be simple, funky, cool, cute, you name it.

But for most parts, it’s just about making sure you balance the volume of your clothes. For example, you can wear a mini skirt with a baggy top. However, let’s get back on track and style your sweatpants.

girl in blue sweatpants and baby tee
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Try finding a baby tee. They are just like crop tops but more fitted comfortable, and trendy too. You can match your tee’s colour to go with your sweatpants. Make sure to pick baggy sweatpants to balance out the fitted top.

You can wear tees with typography or simple graphic designs to keep the outfit trendy and casual. Accessorize your outfit with trendy sunglasses, preferably chic Y2K glasses, and a tiny shoulder bag.

For hair, wear your hair in a slick, clean bun and complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers.

7. Shirt

A funky shirt and hairstyle could be a game-changer and add a graphic edge to your plain black sweatpants.

With accessories like Y2K glasses and funky braiding styles, you can stand out without having to trade your comfort and style.


On the other hand, wanting to look appropriately dressed for an event without stepping out of our comfort zone can be a bit troublesome at times if we don’t know how to style different clothing options together.

Sweatpants can be a great option to wear at work or any formal event when styled correctly. Make sure to select sweatpants with a matte material and no fussy texture. Pair it with a smart button-down shirt, preferably one with a vertical striped pattern.

Try to stick to a pastel and neutral colour palette, and avoid tucking in your shirt. Compliment your outfit with a pair of loafers or any other formal shoes. You can also wear black heels to add height if you are unsatisfied with loafers.

Add some gold earrings and rings to give an expensive vibe to your outfit, and add a sling bag. Don’t forget a classy watch when you leave your house. This style is work-ready on the top and comfortable at the bottom.

If you want the look to be more casual and chic, you can wear a tank top underneath the shirt and leave the shirt unbuttoned.

8. Sporty

how to style sweatpants
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Sweatpants, though not always considered a fashion-forward choice, are very versatile. Finding the right pair of tapered leg style sweatpants can be worn for a good day at the gym.

You can even wear black joggers and style them with a sports bra, which is perfect for a workout day.

You can either wear a smart all-black monochrome look or add a hint of colour to the outfit. What’s better than feeling confident as a woman in the gym?? Looking good and confident. Why not look great and stylish while doing so?

Complete the look with a pair of your favourite running shoes and a classic ponytail. You also can put on a jacket or windshield jacket for extra style and warmth.

9. Sweater

To look cozy yet fashion-forward on a windy day or cold weather. Wearing sweatpants seems like the best option from any of the other pants in your closet.

Right styling can help you not only feel comfy but also look cute.

Grab your sweatpants and style them with a simple crew neck sweater or pullover with a classic denim jacket.

If you are not a huge fan of denim jackets, you can wear a white T-shirt or any other top layered with a cute cardigan on top.

You can add a scarf to instantly elevate your simple pair of sweatpants into a cute winter or fall outfit.

Wear your Ugg boots or casual combat boots to maintain a neutral autumn colour palette. A casual, messy hairstyle seems fitting for the feel of this look.


These were easy ways to style your favourite pair of sweatpants to keep up with the trends. Although this style guide was meant for you, remember that, in the end, you should always go for the style that appeals to you the most.

Fashion trends keep changing and evolving with each passing day, so it is better to wear something you feel confident in rather than struggle to fit in.

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