Want to know About Belfast Pubs? Here are 11 Fantastic Pubs in Belfast!!

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital, is brimming with exciting things to do. So are you visiting Belfast for your vacation? If you answered yes, you’re probably looking for Belfast pubs, so we’ve put together a list of 11 fantastic pubs in Belfast.

Since the signing of the Belfast Peace Agreement, the city centre has seen massive regeneration in the late 1990s. It has grown in popularity as a tourist destination with the best bars. The city’s pubs and bars are known for their traditional Irish music performances and old-world atmospheres.

So, know the fantastic Belfast pubs and enjoy your time here.

1. The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion boasts impressive space in one of Belfast’s oldest buildings and one of the best Belfast pubs in Central Belfast. The Dirty Onion is an authentic Irish music bar that hosts live entertainment throughout the week.

This bar also calls itself home to one of the city’s biggest beer gardens. This former warehouse, The Dirty Onion, dates all the way back to the year 1680, and it features a Barrel Man Statue outside the bar that is dedicated to the former workers.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion

Whether it’s food, drink or entertainment, they have it all at The Dirty Onion. They offer entertainment with a strong focus on contemporary live bands and acoustic acts, and that too, they offer free entry night!

This club offers you cocktails, pints, beers and great food with outstanding hospitality. They offer Live Music every Monday and Tuesday night from 7:30 pm To 10 pm. The bar gives you the best night experience in the city that offers a selection of local acts performing chart-toppers and, of course, your favourite hits with a cocktail bar.

Here musicians usually change regularly, but you can expect to see Scotty Mac, James Downey, Juram Juram, Connor Maley, Mark Hamilton, and Nathan Oregan.


Monday and Tuesday night from 7:30 PM To 10 PM.

Acoustic Sessions

They have the very best in live acoustic sessions from Belfast’s finest musicians in the beer garden every Wednesday evening!


You can enjoy the live music starts from 7:30 pm to 12 pm.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion

Live Music And Pipe Lead Session

Whether it’s a good proper jig or a great foot-tapping, you are going to enjoy the live music here.


The Live Music starts at 7:30 pm and ends at 1 am.

3 Live Acts

At The Dirty Onion, you can enjoy 3 live acts every Friday of the week that takes place between 5 pm and 10 pm in the beer garden. The acts include the Nine Inch Nialls, Drum and Bates or Jav & Dave.


You can enjoy the live band from 10 pm onwards.

Live Bands

You can enjoy your evenings at the Onion every Saturday with some of the best local bands at Belfast pubs. Here you can enjoy super talented guitarists, insane vocalists, and music that brings a unique and entertaining arrangement of contemporary songs.


The session starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 10 pm.

Chilled Vibes

Your Sundays will be the most fantastic days of your trip to one of the best Belfast pubs. Here you can expect live music from Michael Kerr, The Fables and Nathan Oregan.


The session starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 10 pm.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion


This bar also houses a clucking good rotisserie chicken restraint upstairs called Yardbird. Although their menu is small, their flavours are big. Their local free-to-roam chicken is marinated for 24 hours in lemon, buttermilk and paprika.

It is then dry-rubbed, cooked and blast-chilled to keep it juicy and then finally, it is roasted on the spit. Ribs and wings are also available to the customers, as are a choice of sides and homemade desserts.


Here you can enjoy great food and cocktails and drinks anytime as it is open 24 hours on an open roof.

2. The Duke of York

The Duke of York is situated in the vibrant and artistic neighbourhood known as the “Half-Bap”. The Duke of York is a large, old-world-style pub with stunning décor that couldn’t be more traditional! It is one of the best Belfast Pubs.

The Duke of York is tucked away in a small cobbled alleyway. This pub is one of the most popular stop-off places for tourists who visit to explore Belfast’s awesome pubs and bars, so it’s worth taking a visit to see what all the fuss is about in the city.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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3. Kelly’s Cellars

Kelly’s Cellars is the city’s oldest licenced pub establishment. Kelly’s Cellars is one of the best Belfast pubs to visit if you’re looking for a truly authentic Irish pub experience. It was founded in 1720 and is one of the best Belfast pubs to visit if you’re looking for a truly authentic Irish pub experience.

Kelly’s Cellars is a former warehouse and meeting place for members of the United Irishmen movement in the late 1700s; this pub will give you the experience of the history of Northern Ireland and the charm of Belfast. Since Kelly’s Cellars opened, it has retained its old-world atmosphere, especially through the world-famous live traditional music sessions that it offers here.

4. Morning Star

Morning Star is hidden from view down an alleyway off Ann Street in Belfast. Morning Star is one of the best Belfast pubs; that is a Grade II-listed historic pub that dates back to 1810 and is fully packed with character and its traditional charm.

Morning Star is known for its warm and cosy atmosphere in Belfast; this pub has everything you could possibly ask for. Not only that, but this amazing bar is also well-known for its food which is definitely worth checking out.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: Harp Bar

 5. Harp Bar

Harp Bar of Belfast is that Belfast pub that is a nod to the style and atmosphere of Victorian Belfast. Harp Bar owns the red velvet interior along with its historic décor that gives off a unique and vibrant charm.

In fact, this legendary bar played a pivotal role in the history of punk rock, becoming Ireland’s top live punk music venue.

Let us tell you that during the troubles and moving premises this bar was bombed. You will surely enjoy your vacation here in one of the best Belfast pubs. This bar continues to be a favourite place with the people of Belfast and those who travel to come and drink at this amazing place.

6. The John Hewitt

The John Hewitt is situated in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. The bar is named after the famous local poet of Belfast, who established the Belfast Unemployment Resource Centre just before his death.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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In 1999, the Belfast organisation opened this amazing pub in honour of this local poet as a way to fund their work, and it still does today!

If you have enough time to visit Belfast pubs, this is the place to go. There are live music performances every week, as well as an amazing selection of whiskeys, gins, beer, wine, and spirits.

7. Bittles Bar

Bittles Bar is one of the more unusual establishments in Belfast city. Bittles Bar is a unique Belfast pub of Belfast that is housed in a triangular flat-iron building. It is situated on the corner of Upper Church Ln and Victoria Street.

This bar was built in the year 1868, and it still boasts an authentic and old-world atmosphere. The lounge facility that you get here is also home to a vast collection of relics, historical paintings, and pictures from The Troubles.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: Sunflower Public House

8. Sunflower Public House

While exploring Belfast, when you come across the corner of Kent Street & Union Street, you will find this amazing pub in Belfast. Sunflower Public House is the quaint corner pub in Belfast and one of the amazing Belfast pubs.

Sunflower Public House is a relatively new establishment compared to other Belfast pubs. This bar has a great beer garden with a fantastic wood fire pizza oven.

 9. The Garrick

The Garrick is founded in the year 1870 that is one of the oldest pubs in the city of Belfast. The Garrick is another Victorian-style drinking hotspot that is split into a front and back bar. The front bar here regularly hosts live traditional music performances from local artists that you will enjoy here in Belfast.

And the back bar hosts regular DJs and the Belfast Music Club with great food with your friends and family. The Garrick is regularly visited by British author William Thackeray. The Garrick is one of the best Belfast pubs, so enjoy your vacation with great excitement at one of the traditional pubs of Belfast.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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10. White’s Tavern & The Oyster Rooms

White’s Tavern is one of the best pubs and is the first establishment that received a tavern license in the city. White’s Tavern Belfast officially opened in 1868. It is widely known as the oldest tavern of its kind anywhere in Belfast.

It is one of the best and oldest pubs in Belfast. The location of White’s Tavern is tucked away from the busy city streets. It is surrounded by all the biggest and most well-known tourist spots in Belfast City Centre.

It makes the bar a brilliant place to stop while you are exploring the city centre or if you are exploring the nearby Victoria Square Shopping Centre of the city. The bar also offers you with restaurant facility with really good food at The Oyster Rooms within the premises of White’s Tavern.

11. Madden’s Bar

Madden’s Bar is one of the best Belfast pubs and also one of the most overlooked bars in Belfast. Especially if you are visiting Belfast in winter, then it is the best location to enjoy warm, open fires on a cold winter’s day.

Madden’s Bar is a fine, traditional Irish pub with a friendly atmosphere and top-notch service. You can get a variety of over twenty different beers that include Guinness, Heineken, and Becks. Madden’s Bar has a wall with dotted murals and interesting pictures and artefacts.

belfast pubs
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So, enjoy your vacation with your friends and family in Belfast city centre. Also, visit one of the best Belfast Pubs and restaurants and do let us know which pub you visited.

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