Want to know About Belfast Pubs? Here are 11 Fantastic Pubs in Belfast!!

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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Belfast, The capital of Northern Ireland is teeming with fun activities. So, are you taking a holiday to Belfast? If your response was yes, you’re undoubtedly seeking Belfast pubs, thus we’ve compiled a list of 11 top-notch Belfast pubs.

In the late 1990s, the city center underwent a huge renovation after the Belfast Peace Agreement was signed. As a holiday destination with accomplished bars and restaurants, it has gained prominence. The city’s pubs and taverns are renowned for their old-world ambiance and performances of traditional Irish music.

Thus, learn about the amazing Belfast pubs and take advantage of your stay.

1. The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion, boasts a tremendous location in one of Central Belfast’s top pubs and one of Belfast’s oldest structures. A true Irish music bar, The Dirty Onion features live performances every day of the week.

One of the largest beer gardens in the city is said to be located within this establishment. The Barrel Man Monument outside the bar honors the old employees of this prior storehouse, The Dirty Onion, which traces all the way back to 1680.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion

The Dirty Onion offers a wide variety of food, beverages, and entertainment. They provide entertainment with a heavy emphasis on modern bands playing and acoustic artists, and they also provide free admittance night for certain events!

You can enjoy delicious food, cocktails, pints of beer, and outstanding hospitality at this club. Every Monday and Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, they have live music. The pub offers you the best nightlife in the city with a variety of local bands playing top hits and, of obviously, your personal favourites along with a cocktail lounge.

You can anticipate seeing Scotty Mac, James Downey, Juram Juram, Connor Maley, Mark Hamilton, and Nathan Oregan here, however musicians frequently change.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion

Pipe-leading Session with Live Music

You will appreciate the live music here, whether it is a terrific foot-tapping song or a real jig.

Three Live Acts

Every Friday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the beer garden, three live performances are available at The Dirty Onion. The Nine Inch Nails, Drum and Bates, or Jav & Dave are some of the performers.

Live Music

Every Saturday, some of the finest local bands will perform at Belfast pubs like the Onion. Here, you can listen to music that features outrageous vocals, incredibly great guitarists, and a distinctive and fun arrangement of modern tunes.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: The Dirty Onion

Chilled Vibes

Spending Sundays at one of the top pubs in Belfast will be the nicest days of your trip. Nathan Oregan, The Fables, and Michael Kerr will all be performing live here.


A fantastic rotisserie chicken restaurant named Yardbird is located over this bar. Despite having a tiny menu, they have a large variety of flavors. Local free-range chicken is given a 24-hour lemon, buttermilk, and paprika marinade.

It is then fried, blast-cooled to preserve its moisture, and lastly roasted on a spit. Customers can also order wings and ribs, as well as a variety of sides and homemade desserts.

2. The Duke of York

The Duke of York is located in the “Half-Bap,” a thriving and creative neighborhood. The Duke of York is a sizable, old-fashioned tavern with gorgeous, authentically traditional decor. One of the top bars in Belfast, it.

The Duke of York is concealed in a narrow, cobblestoned passageway. It’s worth stopping by this pub to see why it’s one of the most well-liked stopping points for travelers that come to Belfast to check out its fantastic pubs and bars.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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3. Kelly’s Cellars

Kelly’s Cellars is the oldest bar with a permit in the city. One of the top Belfast pubs to go to if you want to get a truly Irish pub experience is Kelly’s Cellars. It was established in 1720 and is one of the top Belfast pubs to go to if you want to experience an actual Irish pub.

In the late 1700s, participants in the United Irishmen organization used Kelly’s Cellars as a gathering spot. This pub will allow you to experience Belfast’s charm and Northern Ireland’s history. With the help of its renowned live traditional music performances and other old-world touches, Kelly’s Cellars has maintained its ambiance ever since it first opened.

4. Morning Star

Morning Star is tucked away from the view off Ann Street in Belfast. One of the nicest pubs in Belfast is called Morning Star; it is a Class II-listed historical establishment that first opened its doors in 1810 and is brimming with charm and character.

Belfast’s Morning Star is renowned for its welcoming and cozy environment; this bar offers whatever you might want. In addition, this fantastic bar is renowned for its delectable cuisine, which is really worth visiting.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
Image Source: Harp Bar

 5. Harp Bar

Harp Bar, Belfast is home to a tavern that pays homage to the look and feel of Victorian Belfast. The crimson velvet atmosphere and old furnishings that give off a distinctive and lively charm belong to Harp Bar.

In reality, this storied tavern, which rose to the top of Ireland’s live punk music venues, played a crucial part in the development of punk rock.

Let us inform you that this establishment was bombed during the unrest and the move. Here, in one of Belfast’s top pubs, you will undoubtedly enjoy your vacation. People from Belfast and others who travel to visit this magnificent place continue to make this bar their favorite hangout spot.

6. The John Hewitt

The John Hewitt is located in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast. The Belfast Unemployed Resource Center was founded just before the famed local poet of Belfast passed away, and the bar bears his name.

The Belfast organization established this magnificent bar in 1999 as a method to support their work and it still does today.

This is the location to go to if you have time to tour Belfast’s pubs. Every week there is live music, and there is a fantastic range of whiskies, gins, brews, wines, and cocktails.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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7. Bittles Bar

Bittles Bar is one of Belfast City’s most unique establishments. With triangular flat-iron structure, Bittles Pub is distinctive pub in Belfast. It is found at the intersection of Victoria Street and Upper Church Lane. 

Even though this tavern was established in 1868, it nevertheless exudes an authentic and vintage ambiance. You can find a sizable collection of artifacts, historical artworks, and images from The Troubles inside the lounge facilities that you can access.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast

Image Source: Sunflower Public House

8. Sunflower Public House

You can locate this fantastic bar in Belfast when you are exploring the city and reach the intersection of Kent Street and Union Street. One of the most incredible pubs in Belfast is the Sunflower Public House, a small corner establishment.

In comparison to other Belfast pubs, Sunflower Public House is a comparatively recent establishment. This establishment boasts a beautiful wood-fired pizza oven and a great beer garden.

 9. The Garrick

One of Belfast’s oldest pubs, The Garrick, was established in the year 1870. Another popular drinking establishment in the Victorian era is The Garrick, which has a front and rear bar. You may enjoy live classical music performances by local musicians at the front bar on a regular basis.

Together with the Belfast Music Club and regular DJs, the back bar also serves up delicious meals for you and your loved ones to enjoy. William Thackeray, a British author, frequents The Garrick. The Garrick is one of the top Belfast pubs, so spend your vacation with tremendous enthusiasm at one of the oldest pubs in Belfast.

11 fantastic pubs in Belfast
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10. White’s Tavern & The Oyster Rooms

White’s Tavern is a top-tier bar and the city’s first establishment to be granted a tavern license. In 1868, White’s Tavern in Belfast had its formal debut. It is largely recognized as Belfast’s oldest pub of its kind.

It is both one of Belfast’s best and oldest pubs. White’s Tavern is hidden from the crowded city streets in a quiet neighborhood. It is accompanied by all of Belfast City Center’s largest and most popular tourist attractions.

It helps make the bar a fantastic place to pause while you are visiting the city center or the nearby Victoria Square Shopping Center. The Oyster Rooms, a restaurant on the grounds of White’s Tavern, is another amenity that the bar gives you.

11. Madden’s Bar

One of Belfast’s top bars, Madden’s Pub is also one of the city’s most underrated establishments. The finest place to enjoy cozy, open fires on a chilly winter day is in Belfast, particularly if you are there during the winter.

A great traditional Irish bar with a welcoming ambiance and first-rate service is Madden’s Pub. Almost twenty different beers, including Guinness, Heineken, and Becks, are available. A wall in Madden’s Tavern is covered in sporadic paintings, intriguing images, and memorabilia.

belfast pubs
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Thus, take advantage of your vacation time with friends and family in Belfast’s downtown. Visit one of Belfast’s top pubs and restaurants as well, and be sure to let us know which one you went to.

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