An Amazing 7 Steps Guide to Kyoto Garden Holland Park

Kyoto Garden Holland Park
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A beautiful city with perfect landscapes, London has numerous gardens and greeneries to find your solitude away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. If you also need to rejuvenate your mind and energy amidst the green space, do plan to visit Kyoto Garden and Holland Park.

This plot of land in London offers a great variety of fabulous gardens and green spaces in England and London. A mere two-minute walk in the fresh air can freshen up your mood quickly.

Kyoto garden Holland park
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Kyoto Garden Holland Park

This is a Japanese garden inspired by the Japanese style and is suitable for quiet reflection and tranquillity. Sitting in London, this Japanese Garden gives you a feel of Japanese culture.

This place is a beautiful gift from Kyoto city Japan to London for the British people. This place opened in 1991 to immortalize the long friendship between Japan and England. The garden designer is a Japanese architect group.


The park’s beautiful landscape has a sizeable mesmerizing pond filled with lovely koi carp and a rock tiered waterfall. The exotic exuberant plants, Japanese maple trees, stone lanterns, and colourful blossom trees surround this pond and the park.

Highlights of the Place

A small bridge arches over the pond, where you can see beautiful large koi fish and some appealing koi carp. Next, you will set your eyes on charming peacocks and chirping birds playing along with squirrels.

The whole park is very well signposted so that it would be easy for visitors to search for the garden and other locations.

A Brief History of Holland Park London and Kyoto Gardens

Holland park area is 22.5 hectares of land space of gardens in west London, located around the remains of the Holland House and surrounded by deer parks. Initially, this Jacobean house was called Cope Castle, which at times was the cradle of diplomats and significant families in history.

Sir Walter Cope built Kensington’s Holland Park House in 1605. With time in the late 1900s, the private house gardens started expanding and became more extensive than that of Buckingham Palace.

The Garden became a well-known meeting for then political parties. Sadly, during World war ii, Holland park was targeted, and it was turned into ruins in the 1940s. After that, the grounds were purchased by the London county council in 1952. Later on, it was handled to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Many grounds of Holland parks were made open to the public, which now offers ample space for the park, which has many gardens, a café, a variety of sports facilities, and an open-air theatre to enjoy some art amid nature.

Things to know about Kyoto Garden Holland Park

The renowned lawn is not the only Japanese Garden famous in Holland Park. The Fukushima memorial garden was also built in honour of the support that the people of London gave to Japanese people in the natural disasters that took place in March 2011.

This other plot of land was constructed as a remembrance of the destructive Fukushima nuclear disaster and devastating Tsunami in 2011. The Garden officially opened to the general public in 2012.

Location of Holland park

Holland Park London is situated in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The nearest Tube Station to this park is on the central line. Close to this, some nearby stations are High street Kensington and Notting Hill Gate on the circle district and central lines.

Parking Facilities

If you visit the park, it is difficult to search for parking. It has limited space for car parking. If you are staying near the London Hyde Park hotel, you can visit on foot. If you want to go by cycle, then you should opt for the London cycle hire docking station, which will also lead you to the park entrance.

So just grab a drink of your choice along with some snacks and head straight to this place to enjoy mother nature’s serenity and give rest to your soul and mind away from the busy city life!

Kyoto Garden Holland Park
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Accommodations near Holland park

Few accommodations are close to the park, making it convenient for you to commute. Park Grand Kensington hotel in West London is a perfect place for you to stay with luxurious looks and essential amenities.

It is no more than a mile, giving you an excellent opportunity to walk to Kyoto Garden through the beautiful surroundings. Also, you can opt for Earl’s Court station, which is only a two-minute walk from the hotel, and reach your destination in a few minutes.

Other Nearby Attractions

After enjoying the beauty and tranquillity in Holland Park, you can explore its close-by locations of it. Here’s a list of some places where you can spend your time.

Kensington Palace

A very well know historic palace, Kensington Palace is the birthplace of Queen Victoria and has been a royal dwelling since the late 17th Century. Currently, the vast court is the home to the Duke and Duchesses of Cambridge. It also has the Royal foundation and offices of the Royal people of London.

Locals and visitors can visit some areas of the palace. Presently, Kate Middleton and Prince William live in this beautiful mansion.

Kyoto garden Holland Park
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Kensington Gardens

At times, it was the private Garden of Kensington Palace, and it is among London’s eight Royal Parks that have been expanded to an area of 265 acres to the west side of Hyde Park. It is an elegant, costly garden with other highlights: Diana Memorial Playground, Round Pond, and Italian Gardens.

The place opens daily from 6 in the morning till late dusk—irrespective of Diana Memorial Playground, which has different timings throughout the year.

The Royal Albert Hall

This royal hall is constructed specially for the performance of renowned musical artists from all over the world. Ranging from traditional classical music to that pop and rock shows. It also provides grounds for prom concerts every summer. It was built in 1871, and Queen Victoria opened it.

Kyoto Garden Holland Park
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Some General Questions:

Is Holland park Free of cost?

Absolutely yes! Holland Park is free for all. If you feel like enjoying some musical melodies, you must take tickets for Opera Holland park that cost merely from £17 to £70.

What sights you can enjoy on the pathway?

There are several eye-catching sights that one can enjoy along the park’s way. The avenue commences from the north gate of Holland park that ends at this plot of land. Meanwhile, you will encounter the Formal Garden, The Orangery, The Lord Holland Memorial, The Belvedere, a Sculpture by Andrew Burton named “Annunciation”, and Kyoto Garden, which has a beautiful pond with koi carp fishes.

Are Pets allowed in the park?

Yes! You can take your lovely hearts to the park. But Kyoto garden in Holland does not allow you to take your pets inside the Garden.

Is it open throughout the year?

Yes, it is. It is a London Underground station maintained by the Central line, situated between Shepherd’s Bush and Notting hill stations. You can travel to these gardens anytime. Even the stations near the Garden remain open.

The best time to travel with them is during the spring when the plants and trees bloom and in autumn when they shed off their leaves in autumn.


After learning a great introduction about the Kyoto garden Holland park, you can now plan your adventurous trip solo, a romantic walk date with your beloved, or a perfect family outdoor picnic with your family. Get a good knowledge about the location and surroundings and pre-book your stay near the Garden. Learn more about the place’s history, beauty, culture, art, and architecture and expand your knowledge domain.

So, this time spare some time from your busy lives and give time to yourself and add this magnificent, A- Must visit Kyoto garden Holland park in London to your Bucket List!

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