A Guide to All of the Michelin Starred Restaurants UK

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Are you looking for some very famous, delicious, and high-quality food from Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK? Then you are quite close to your destination.

michelin starred restaurants UK
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22 Best Michelin Starred Restaurants UK

You can find below the list of Michelin-starred restaurants UK that is going to serve you the best on your table and make every little effort in providing you with the best of all! As that’s what Michelin star restaurants are for.

Before diving into the Michelin-starred restaurants in, the UK, first, you need to know what a Michelin star is, how to win Michelin stars and why everyone is so keen to award that star.

The first Michelin star was given to head chef Albert and Michel Roux Jr first Restaurant Le Gavroche, in London. It went on to become one of the first restaurants to win a second Michelin star in 1977 and the first to win a third, in 1982.

What Is The Michelin Star?

A Michelin Star is granted for extraordinary cooking. They consider the nature of the fixings, the amicability of flavors, the authority of strategies, the character of the gourmet specialist as communicated in their cooking, and, similarly as critically, consistency both over the long haul and across the whole menu.

Michelin stars are a rating framework utilized by the red Michelin manual for grading cafés on their quality. The aide was initially evolved in 1900 to show French drivers where neighborhood conveniences, for example, cafés and mechanics were, the rating framework was first presented in 1926 as a solitary star, with the second and third stars presented in 1933.

As indicated by the Guide, one star implies “an excellent café”, two stars are “brilliant cooking that merits a diversion”, and three stars imply “outstanding food that merits an extraordinary journey.The posting of featured eateries is refreshed one time each year.

Difficult to get, the stars are granted to cafés that Michelin thinks about the absolute best in a given city, and beneficiaries gain colossal eminence and openness alongside the honor, with many seeing an expansion in business after accepting their stars (while some who lost stars have encountered the inverse).

What Is Michelin Green Star?

The Green Michelin Star is a yearly honor that features eateries at the bleeding edge of the business with regards to their supportable practices. They consider themselves responsible for both their moral and natural norms and work with maintainable makers and providers to keep away from squandering and lessen or try and eliminate plastic and other non-recyclable materials from their production network.

A Guide To All Of The Michelin-Starred Restaurants In The UK

There is a total of 8- three Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK, 22- two Michelin stars restaurants, and 164- one Michelin stars restaurants. Out of which many of them received the star this year only on Feb 16.

Three Michelin Starred Restaurants UK

It is not easy to earn a Michelin star, especially earning three Michelin stars is not a simple task to do. Here are some of the three Michelin Star Restaurants UK.

1. Three Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: L’Enclume

L’Enclume is a café opened in 2002 in Cartmel, Cumbria, England, run by head culinary expert Simon Rogan and his accomplice Penny Tapsell. L’Enclume got a rating of 10 out of 10 five times in the Good Food Guide and was named their top café for the fourth continuous year in the 2017 aide, and set second in the 2018 aide. It has gotten three Michelin stars and five AA Rosettes.

Popular dishes include: After Eight Mints, Eel, Frozen Turnworth Cheese with Verbena, Chocolate Bomb, and many more.

michelin starred restaurant UK
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2. Three Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester

Opened up on November 27, this three Michelin star café is situated in The Dorchester, a lodging in park path, London. The eatery serves contemporary French food utilizing occasional French and British fixings.

michelin starred restaurants UK
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Popular dishes include: “Sauté gourmand” of lobster, truffled chicken quenelles, and hand crafted pasta; Dorset crab, celeriac, and caviar; Halibut, clam and kelp and Dry-matured hamburger, artichoke, and bone marrow; and the Baba like in Monte Carlo.

3. Three Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: The Fat Duck

Edward Cooke being the gourmet specialist benefactor at one of these three Michelin star eateries in the UK is known for his Multi tactile cooking abilities. It is situated in Bray on the high road. The café has fourteen tables and can situate 42 coffee shops. It has an exceptionally high extent of gourmet experts working at the café, 42, likening one culinary specialist for every coffee shop.

Michelin starred restaurants UK
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Well known dishes incorporate nitro-fried egg and bacon frozen yogurt, an Alice in Wonderland-enlivened mock turtle soup including a bouillon bundle made up to seem to be a dandy watch broke up in tea, and a dish called Sound of the Ocean which incorporates a sound component.

4. Three Michelin starred restaurants UK: Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Also known as Gordon Ramsay, is a signature restaurant that opened in 1998 and was Ramsay’s first solo restaurant. In 2001, it made Ramsay the first Scottish chef to win three Michelin stars at the Royal hospital road, London.

However, The Good Food Guide lists Restaurant Gordon Ramsay as the second-best in the country, behind The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, and was described as “the nearest thing to a world-class restaurant experience currently on offer in the capital”.

5. Three Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: The Waterside Inn

The Waterside inn has three Michelin stars, and in 2010 it turned into the primary eatery outside France to hold each of the three stars for a quarter-century. As well as being an eatery, it has been gradually extending the number of rooms accessible for short-term visits beginning around 1992. The insides were planned exclusively in a French style by Michel Roux’s better half, Robyn.

Popular dishes include cake, Golden Plum Souffle, Lobster, Lobster prawns, Duck Breast, and many more.

6. Three Michelin starred restaurants UK: Sketch( Lecture Room and Library)

There are not many more happily vivid and extravagantly enlivened eateries than The Lecture Room and Library. As you’re sped past the plaited rope and up the steps to the principal floor of Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire’s 18C place of good times you’ll feel your assumptions ascend with each step – and when situated in your famously agreeable rocker, those expectations will be met by an unfailingly mindful group.

The exceptionally coordinated kitchen makes a remarkable showing in executing unique dishes bearing all the Pierre Gagnaire trademarks: the principal ‘plate’ comes encompassed by various correlative dishes and after a short time, your table is covered with a grouping of vessels, with every component succeeding regarding structure, piece, tastefulness and, most importantly, flavor. Finishing the experience is an effervescent sommelier, who has remarkable information and is a representative for wine locales old and new.

michelin starred restaurants
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Two Michelin-starred restaurants UK

1. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Restaurant Sat Bains

They source the best products on the planet with the absolute best providers they can get and endeavor to give you the most delectable adjusted tasting menu of more than 10 courses. Their primary accentuation is on –  irregularity/balance/surface/extravagance/procedure/temperature/taste/development/and profound roots in current works of art with a curve. They have a group of 42 characters spread across the Kitchen/rooms/bar/wine/pot-wash/servers/grounds-keepers, fundamentally the most unimaginably capable group they might conceivably accumulate to take care of the splendid clients.

Popular dishes include Veal Sweetbread, Egg, Chorizo Eggs, Scallop, Full English Breakfast, Mochi, and many more.

2. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: The Clove Club

Fresh produce from all across the UK is reimagined in concoctions that bring forward natural flavors and playfully blend with tradition, making The Clove Club’s take on modern British exciting and full of surprises.

The dining room is overseen by Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith, with Scottish chef Isaac McHale at the forefront. Before founding The Clove Club in 2013, the three friends ran an experimental dinner club near Shoreditch town hall, East London.

Among the most Instagrammed dishes are the imprint unpolished Orkney scallop (from the same Scottish archipelago) with Périgord truffle, hazelnut, and mandarin, as well as the “parten breed Scottish bug crab hot pot, pushed by a standard Scottish soup. Dessert-wise, you might taste buttermilk mousse and crushed clementine stones.


3. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Moor Hall

This eatery holds two Michelin Stars, a Michelin Green Star, and five AA Rosettes and was cast a ballot ‘Best Restaurant in England’ at the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards 2022. Set inside Moor Hall’s five-section of land the scene yet inside simple reach of Liverpool and Manchester, the glass-fronted eatery appreciates perspectives on the lake.

Capable Chef Patron Mark Birchall makes fragile, produce-driven menus propelled by our uncommon environmental elements.

4. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Hand & Flowers

The Hand & Flowers is the only pub in the United Kingdom with two Michelin stars, located in the beautiful Georgian town of Marlow, where they serve delicious, grant-winning food in inviting and agreeable environmental factors.

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5. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Restaurant Story

Situated close to London bridge. Tom Sellers recounts his story and the account of British food through an always developing tasting menu of occasional dishes. The café acquired its most memorable Michelin star within five months of opening in 2013 and its second Michelin star in 2021.

Popular dishes: Scallops, custard, Bread and Dripping, Foie Gras, lemon Sorbet, Chocolate, and many more.

6. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: La dame de pic

Granted two Michelin stars in the 2020 Michelin Guide, La Dame de Pic London offers particular French cooking from Anne-Sophie Pic. Set inside the shocking previous Port of London Authority centra l command – presently home to Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square – La Dame de Pic London has become quite possibly of the best French café in the City of London.

michellin starred restaurants UK
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The great yet loosening-up lounge area offers a contemporary eating experience while staying consistent with its environmental elements. Notwithstanding the fundamental lounge area, the café has a cozy confidential lounge area where up to 12 visitors can partake in a private lunch or supper.

7. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Da Terra Restaurant

Da Terra sits inside a great Victorian inn and, rather than the magnificence of the outside, has a seriously downplayed, current look near the Bethnal Green, London. Start the night off with a mixed drink in the bar while you anticipate the essential, multi-course shock menu to come to serve the modern European cuisine.

Popular dishes include Scallop, Pistachio, Sourdough, Cold Soup Starter, Pork Belly, and many more.

8. Two Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table is a feasting experience, where the full connection with the gourmet experts grandstands beforehand concealed kitchen theater with excellent cooking. Visitors, situated at a horseshoe-molded counter, see gourmet expert James Knappett and his group plan, serve, and talk cafes through that night’s tasting menu. A wine list organized by a grant-winning sommelier (and James’ better half) Sandia Chang finishes the experience.

Chef James Knappett has worked at some of the world’s most highly regarded restaurants.

Popular dishes include Scallop, White Truffle, Mackerel, Panna Cotta, Foie Gras, Tarte Tatin, oyster, and many more.

One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK

1. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: The OAK Room

The Oak Room is a top-of-the-line eating foundation with a loosened-up class and an emphasis on great produce. Visitors are taken on a visit to find and test the world’s best meat. It is one of Ireland’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

Popular dishes include Pan-Fried Halibut Champagne and Mussel Veloute, Lamb, Cod, Chicken Dinner Wine, Duck Breast, Espresso Martini, and many more.

2. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Odette Restaurant

Odette’s in Primrose Hill, run and moved by Chef Patron Bryn Williams, at first from Denbigh, North Wales, has been seen as an eminent neighborhood bistro, attracting celebrated allies from the universes of craftsmanship and theater for over thirty years. This bistro serves the best current French cuisine.

michelin starred restaurant
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It is one of London’s one-of-a-kind parlor regions, having opened in 1978. It has 60 covers, a kitchen table seating 6, and, a secret parlor region for 10. In the outdoors summer nursery and outside terraced seating district for the sunnier times. Reservations recommended.

3. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Trivet Restaurant

The two proprietors of Trivet – the two graduated class of The Fat Duck – have pooled their broad experience to make a café that appears to simply get everything right.

Jonny Lake and his group in the open kitchen center around delivering complaint-free dishes utilizing prime fixings masterfully ready. The mixes of fixings are impeccably adjusted, flavors are guaranteed and the execution is flawless. It’s a joy eating food of such lucidity and certainty.


4. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Upstairs By Tom Shepherd

The eponymous gourmet specialist’s fantasy has forever been to open his café, and this warm, loosening up space over his dad’s gem dealer addresses its acknowledgment. Local people know something to be thankful for when they see it since appointments are rare; the individuals who truly do figure out how to get a table to pick either a set out a plan planned tasting menu of current British dishes.

Like the gourmet expert himself, the cooking is sure yet controlled. Tom’s experience radiates through in the point-by-point yet unfussy dishes, which are perfectly introduced and accompanied by carefully conceived flavor blends. There’s an incredible worth midweek lunch menu, as well as wine flights and a lot of good quality wines by the glass. Impeccably pitched help from a happy youthful group finishes this charming eating experience.

5. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Dog And Gun Inn

The Dog and Gun is a legitimate town bar that does what bars excel at, by giving warmth, genuineness, and food that puts a grin all over. It sits inside a drowsy Cumbrian town and has been a beautiful source of both blessing and pain for culinary expert proprietor Ben Queen-Fryer, who has put his entire being into the spot. Uncovered radiates, an open fire, and blend and match decorations set everything up, and there’s an extraordinary buzz in the air, due to some degree to the sensible serving group.

michelin starred restaurant
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Popular dishes include puddings, soufflés, and probably the best triple-cooked chips around – not failing to remember an incredible nearby 16 ounces – and all at costs that won’t burn through every last cent.

6. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Wild Honey St. James’s Restaurant

This one of the one Michelin starred restaurants UK, was sent off in spring 2019 by gourmet specialist Anthony Demetre, whose unique Wild Honey delighted in 12 effective years in Mayfair. The great corner site sees Anthony’s particular present-day European menus exhibited in a striking lounge area planned by inside expert Jim Hamilton. The café was granted a MICHELIN Star in the 2022 MICHELIN Guide to Great Britain and Ireland.

Anthony Demetre’s menus join exemplary French strategies with the best occasional produce Britain brings to the table. The café is open the entire day from Tuesday to Saturday, from lunch through supper. Notwithstanding the individual menu, Wild Honey St James offers a set lunch menu and an early dinner menu. As well as a 16-seat private lounge area, the eatery has its counter bar and borders the lodging’s, St James Bar.

7. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Frog By Adam Handling

Located near Covent Garden in London serves British cuisine. One of the Michelin starred restaurants UK, Frog by Adam Handling is a spot to lower yourself in a dramatic show. You’re confronting the kitchen, the culinary specialists come to your table and you can truly connect with each individual from the entire team. Frog is extravagance in a climate where you feel open to being whoever you are and where all components in the eatery are associated with offer a genuinely essential encounter.

michelin starred restaurant
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The dishes are extremely personal and they generally mean something to Adam. All of the dishes have a story behind them, whether a memory from Adam’s experience growing up or something that has roused him or the group.

8. One Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Evelyn’s Table

Evelyn’s Table was awarded 1 MICHELIN star in the 2022 MICHELIN Guide UK and Ireland.

Evelyn is a fictitious person and Evelyn’s Table feels like a made-up place. Secret under the sort of bar you’d wish was your nearby, far below the swarming Soho swarms above, lies this kitchen table-style café. Evelyn Mulwray, the eponymous person from Roman Polanski’s 1974 film Chinatown, was known for finding pockets of the city inside which she found a sense of contentment and could be completely herself. It is one of the best Michelin starred restaurants UK.

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This latest adaptation of the eatery, under the steerage of cook Luke Selby and his siblings Nat and Theo, is so genuinely ideal for the district. Unpretentious yet energetically great. Unpretentious yet certain in its capacities. You realize you’re feasting in some place exceptional, yet you feel similarly as welcome as you would in the eatery at the highest point of the street.

What Is Michelin House?

Michelin House at 81 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, was built as the principal extremely durable UK central command and tire stop for the Michelin Tire Company Ltd. The structure got started on 20 January 1911. In 1987 the structure was switched over completely to blended-use, with a store, eatery, bar, and office space.

Michelin Starred Restaurants UK: Conclusion

The Michelin guide lists all the Michelin starred restaurants UK and highlights the main achievements of all those restaurants that why they have been awarded Michelin stars. Every restaurant offers one of the best cuisine of their type and a comfortable atmosphere to be in. All the head chefs of the particular restaurants make sure of the best quality and quantity of the food.

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Not precisely a star, yet without a doubt not a coincidental honor, the Face cloth Gourmand – named after Bibendum, the very much arranged Michelin Man and the power association mascot for the Michelin Gathering – is a comparatively as-respected rating that sees cheerful establishments that serve incredible food at moderate expenses.

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