Guide To 14 Most Famous Restaurants In London For Dining Out

famous restaurants in London
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The capital of the United Kingdom, London, is also one of the most versatile cities in the world. Additionally, it serves as the centre of the nation’s economy, transportation, and culture. London is such a vibrant city that there’s never a shortage of choice when dining out. But selecting the best restaurants in London is another factor altogether.

Guide To 14 Famous Restaurants In London

London is home to many of the top chefs around the globe who have acquired training from different parts of the world. They have introduced new flavours and concepts to the city, promoting a vibrant and ever-changing culinary scene. With so many options available, it is never easy to figure out the perfect dining spot for any special occasion. The fourteen famous restaurants in London each provide something unique and make for some of the best dinings options

1. Circolo Popolare

The breathtakingly beautiful Italian restaurant is located in central London. It is one of the most talked about places on the London restaurant scene because of its exquisite decor, impeccable service, mouthwatering desserts, and food.

Making reservations requires planning much in advance, but it will be well worth it. The restaurant’s signature truffle mafaldine, Brooklyn pizza, lobster pasta, lemon pie, burrata, and oxtail ragu are worth trying. It’s a nice location for dining out with friends or family. It’s a terrific place to eat with friends or family and has great food, beverages, and music.

2. St John

London’s St. John Street is home to the opulent and traditional Restaurant St. John. It was opened on the  location which was previously a meat house. Henderson, the restaurant’s head chef, is known for his method of preparing meat, which is rarely served in London’s restaurants. 

This Michelin star restaurant boasts of traditional dishes made in the way consumed by our ancestors .This implies that you consume the tasty organs, fat, and unpopular body parts.This implies that meat is cooked by using and savouring every part of it, as opposed to simply the desirable parts. The restaurant focuses on providing consistently excellent dishes complemented by a great wine selection and cocktail menu.

3. Cord

The Cord is a fine dining establishment situated in the heart of St. Paul’s. It displays its 125 years of expertise through an integrated cafe, training facility, and restaurant. It’s where Julia Child, Yotam Ottolenghi, and Gaston Acuriot start.

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A la carte is between 18:00 and 22:00 hours and consists of compelling dishes such as Dorset crab with crunchy cucumber and radish, a light brown crab dressing, steamed cod, and duck foie gras. A separate vegan menu will be available for the dinner, which includes a sample four-course set menu and a sample seven-course tasting menu.

4. River Café

This restaurant, situated alongside the Thames in Hammersmith, is a celebrity spotting hotspot. It was opened in 1987 by (late) Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers and is known for its inventive cooking of Italian cuisines.

The cooks stay in perfect sync with the seasons. Delicacies like baked turbot or cheese pasta garnished with herbs. A bright pink wood-fired oven, a component of the open kitchen, is among the splashes of colour found in the contemporary, minimalist interiors. Although the costs are high, the experience, careful service, and excellent food make them all worthwhile

5. The Clove Club

This contemporary British restaurant, named after the supper club, has been offering perhaps the best tasting menu in Shoreditch Town Hall since 2013. The seasonal ingredients served are a perfect choice for Sunday lunch. The service is so good that The Clove Club deserves its two Michelin stars.

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The famous starters, excellent drinks list, house-made bread and charcuterie, and substantial yet sophisticated meals of heritage pork, lobster, or fish make this a terrific location with many appeals.

6. Brat

Since Brat opened in 2018, Chef Tomos Parry has enhanced its reputation as a premier dining establishment in East London. This Shoreditch restaurant has one Michelin star, and many dishes are made directly over the flames. In 2021, Brat was included in the World’s 50 Top Restaurants list.

Although the first-floor dining room is big and bustling, reservations are an option. Basque cooking techniques influence most of the menu. Must-try: Spider crab toast, John Dory and burnt cheesecake, grilled turbot, and smoked cod’s head.

7. Ivy

The fact that the royal family has approved one of London’s most famous restaurants shouldn’t be surprising. Ivy was started in the neighbourhood of Covent Garden in 1917. The restaurant gave rise to the London Theater dining scene, which today serves both familiar favourites and food with Asian influences. In the private suites upstairs, you might run into celebrities.

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The enduring success of this typically British restaurant is secured by its gleaming central dining bar, iconic Harlequin stained-glass windows, oak panelling, and spectacular art gallery. Shepherd’s pie, iced berries with steaming white chocolate sauce, and cheese soufflé are the delicacies you must taste. The a la carte and table d’hôte menus are available at The Ivy’s central dining bar, which accepts walk-ins.

8. Oxo Tower Restaurant

The renowned OXO Tower structure on the South Bank houses this restaurant. You might enjoy soaking in the splendour of St. Paul’s, London Bridge, and other well-known locations while eating seasonal British cuisine, afternoon tea, or cocktails.

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There are delicacies like a free-range chicken with carrot crumble and a Marinda tomato tart to munch into on the menu, incorporating British seasonal vegetables. Wine lovers will enjoy the impressive wine list that has hundreds of choices.

9. Rules

It is London’s oldest restaurant, founded by Thomas Rule in Covent Garden in 1798. This restaurant was frequented by Charles Dickens, Laurence Olivier, and Charlie Chaplin. The entire wall of the restaurant is adorned with drawings, paintings, and sketches that enliven and depict its past.

The velvety red chairs, hunting frieze, and effortless flair create the ideal setting for enjoying drinks before dining in the restaurant below. You can enjoy a filling supper consisting of game dishes, oysters, pies, and pudding. Additionally, it’s a great place to catch up with friends over a drink.

10. Rochelle Canteen

Rochelle attracts art and fashion enthusiasts. The Canteen is set inside an East London art gallery and a restored Colonial school. The modest white decor and wooden tables and chairs make the atmosphere casual and the cost reasonable.

Lunch is available the entire week from 12:45 to 3:00 pm, but dinner is only available from Wednesday to Saturday from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. The seasonal, daily-changing menu at Rochelle Canteen combines traditional British and contemporary European cuisine. The menu is concise and equipped with small sharing plates to satisfy all appetites.

11. Hoppers

The Hoppers are famous for introducing Sri Lankan street food. There are currently three sites, in Soho, Marylebone, and King’s Cross, all of which have equally enticing decor and lines of customers waiting for tables.

Hoppers are one of the first restaurants to offer the city flavourful green peppercorn chicken wings, intricate curries, and classic hoppers and dosas. The restaurant’s signature hoppers, tiny, crispy, bowl-shaped pancakes made with rice flour, are a must-have. You can top them with an egg or chilli cheese.

12. 40 Maltby Street

This restaurant and bar are in Gergovie’s warehouse, amidst the street food stalls and breweries. Trains rumble above, and all of the decorations are homemade, consisting of a tiny kitchen, homemade tables, and wine festival posters on the walls. The menu is scribbled every day on blackboards by the bar.

Since everything is relatively basic, you have to order at the bar and choose your spot to sit. The staff offer assistance as you choose from their selection of natural wines. Baked ham, lacy leek tempura, pudding, and pies are worth trying.

13. The Ledbury

This chic restaurant in Notting Hill is among the best in the world. It offers contemporary European cuisine as well as exotic English dishes. The flame-grilled mackerel with steamed eel and the brown sugar pie with stemmed ginger ice cream are must-try dishes

14. Sabor

In this two-story building off Regent Street, this restaurant has two distinct sections; both the counter and bar on the first floor and El Asador on the second floor, providing a distinctive taste of Spanish cuisine and culture.

You can choose to have tapas and desserts at the counter. The speciality includes Camarones Fritos (fried shrimp) and a fried egg with paprika. You can also head upstairs for communal tables and a more detailed menu.


While selecting the above restaurants’ factors such as good food, the environment, service, wine list, and customer experience were considered. Mentioned above is a list of the famous restaurants in London you must visit, whether you’re searching for fine dining, a quick lunch, a tasting menu, or sharing platters.


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