Fast Food Restaurants in U.K.: 12 Places to Try.

fast food restaurants
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A part of the country’s food culture that has very much popularity is fast food restaurants. The UK has a diverse range of cuisines, which have both traditional and international dishes.

These drive-through stores have gained popularity and also loyal consumers.

From well-known burger chains to beloved fish and chips shops these fast-food establishments have undoubtedly made a lasting impression on British dining.

Famous Fast Food Restaurants in the UK

1. Gregg’s

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Gregg’s

Greggs serves both sweet and savoury baked food items and stuff. It was founded in the North East of England in 1939.

Their Hotdog is sold in tons each week and is a combination of sausage wrapped in buns. It is among one of the best-selling of Greggs.

In fact, Greggs also came with a Vegan sausage roll as a plant-based option and they have over 2,000 locations worldwide.

2. Five Guys

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Five Guys

Five Guys is a fast-food establishment that serves delicious yet affordable meals. The menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs and fresh and crispy French fries that can be very hard to resist.

Also, this brand’s popularity has resonated with customers worldwide who appreciate American-style cuisine. Furthermore, Five Guys restaurants can often be found in shopping malls and other urban areas in the UK.

3. Burger King

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Burger King

Burger King is also a large burger chain after Mcdonald’s. In the UK, Burger King produces grilled burgers along with cheeseburgers and cheese fries.

Apart from this, Burger King is actively seeking investors who have the means to open multiple units. Therefore these fast-food chains’ had an impact on British dining culture reflecting both local favourites and international flavours.

4. Starbucks Coffee

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee is a well-known organisation. It is a large coffee chain in the UK and has 1,025 stores all over. Starbucks opened their first store in the UK in 1998.

Moreover, Starbucks also built 150 more stores and served when it got the Torrefazione Italian and Seattle Best Coffee in April 2003.

Also, they took over some Diedrich Coffee Equipment Company stores in a few years. 

5. Domino’s

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Domino’s

Domino’s is the best-known pizza delivery brand in the UK. However, the company began with unique beginnings, initially quickly delivering hot, delicious, cheap, freshly made pizzas to homes.

Furthermore, Domino’s now has over 1,000 stores only in the UK and is expanding all over.

Along with sides enjoy nicely cooked pizza with options like fresh pan pizza, classic hand-tossed pizza, cheese burst, wheat thin crust, and so on as per the taste.

6. Nando’s

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Nando’s

Nandos originally came from South Africa. It was opened in the mid-’90s and the English changed the peri peri chicken. There must be around 350 Nando stores in the U.K. right now.

Importantly, the way of ordering at Nando’s is to choose the chicken marinade of your taste. As “Lemon and Herb” is light and refreshing, on the other hand, “Super Hot”, might blow your mouth off with spiciness.

7. Pizza Express

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a worldwide pizza network, having more than 470 stores across the UK and 100 abroad. It was founded in 1965 by Peter Boizot.

Not only PizzaExpress focuses only on making high-quality pizza but also makes it in the usual Italian style.

Moreover, the first pizza, Leggera with 500 calories, was introduced first by PizzaExpress.

8. Subway

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Subway

One more of the UK market’s top food establishments is undoubtedly Subway. It is a go-to sandwich store for office workers or health-conscious people who either don’t have time to feed themselves or want guilt-free options.

There are over 43,000 Subway locations in 110 nations. It has all kinds of sandwich and salad options including vegan too. Ordering in the subway can be confusing but worth it.

9. McDonald’s

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the most famous fast food chain on the earth presently. The McFlurrys, the mouthwatering cheeseburgers, and the Ronald McDonald clown serving as the restaurant’s mascot make eating it so popular.

The fries are the most popular items on their menu unquestionably. Also, the menu evolved gradually and they have added many more lip-smacking foods that you can’t resist ever.

In addition to this, they also started having vegan options in some stores too.

10. Papa John’s

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Papa John’s

Another leading UK pizza delivery chain is Papa John’s, which serves snacks, delicious desserts, thick and thin-crust pizzas, and beverages.

Apart from this, it has better and lots of ingredients and provides 100% fresh dough along with a vegan option to eat. Also, there are over 5,000 shops in 45 more countries currently.

11. Costa Coffee

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Costa

Costa is a fast-food chain in the United Kingdom that makes baked food items and coffee. It has teas, shakes, hot chocolates, and cold drinks available here and in stores.

They also provide lattes, cappuccinos, double-shot espresso and Americanos.

In addition, Costa also offers a variety of plant-based milk options for its drinks and has introduced many healthier options, such as salads and wraps now which gives a good reason to hungry Brits.

It is a great quick option to eat for people who need or like a caffeine boost. Moreover, it also has both hot and cold drinks, snacks, and sandwiches even though it is a bit overpriced.

12. Pizza Hut

fast food restaurants
Courtesy: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a famous American pizza café working in the UK since 1973. The company also offers pasta, salad, sides, and desserts in more than 260 locations across the UK.

Furthermore, Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza with melted cheese baked into the pizza’s crust is the most famous of all.

Moreover, they also have Vegan Margherita pizza, which has dairy-free cheese and is one of their new and advanced vegetarian and vegan options for lactose intolerants.


In summary, here in the UK, fast food chain services have become easy and affordable on a daily basis.

Therefore, they are now cultural icons that show the country’s diverse cuisine and category, traditions and changing tastes and preferences that exist.

Hence, if you ever happen to go on a tour or visit the United Kingdom, make sure to grab a bite of these famous dishes and fill your appetite, which is now a part of British cuisine and has equal importance.

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