Famous Zoo in Newquay: 8 Necessary Points to Know

Famous zoo in Newquay
Photo by Daiga Ellaby from Unsplash Copyright 2017

Newquay is one of the most beautiful towns on the North Coast of Cornwall. This well-known town is one of the top tourist destinations, and it is also known as “Surf City” by some. Travellers who are coming here can not only enjoy having a good time on beaches but also get an option to explore a variety of unusual species at the zoo in Newquay.

Newquay is quite famous for its attractions. If you love watching different animal species but are confused about which zoo you should go to first.

Therefore, we have got you covered with one of the biggest ever zoos, you can find in the North Eastern town of Cornwall.

Not only animals but as a traveller, you will also be able to set yourself up for a fantastic fun-filled adventure with your friends and family within the tropical house.

So, if you’re planning on visiting the city, especially if you want to check out the Newquay Zoo, what you need to know is listed in this article.

Best Zoo in Newquay – Newquay Zoo

Photo by StormmillaGirl from Pixabay. Copyright 2017.

Let’s start with the biggest ever, not only the zoo in Newquay but also Cornwall, and it’s none other than the Newquay Zoo. The zoo is located in the heart of Cornwall, spread across a massive 13 acres of land where you will get a chance to discover nature in depth.

The preservation of unique and endangered animals was another primary goal in the construction of this zoo.

In addition, you also get a chance to sightsee unique reptiles and amphibians living under the lush tropical gardens within the zoo. You can also witness some unique snakes, frogs, lizards, and various birds.

In addition, you will be finding many animals, let it be from endangered species to a few rarely found yet common animals like squirrels and monkey babies.

But the zoo also has various other exciting visitor attractions including a village farm where as a traveller you will be able to meet and greet goats and rabbits.

1. Is Newquay Zoo a Great Choice for Children?

If you are looking for a new visit place with your family, the new Newquay Zoo makes a great fit. The zoo comes with a dedicated area for children. They can explore the Tarzan Trailer and the giant slide.

In the zoo, you also get a chance to meet and greet other animals and visitors, especially from the urban areas, will get a unique experience.

To have healthy food, the zoo also has its Cafe, where you can food varieties made from locally raw goods. Therefore, you can book your tickets to visit Newquay Zoo by visiting the website’s link.

Mother with children feeding birds
Photo by Los Muertos Crew From Pexels. Copyright – 2021

2. Where Is Newquay Zoo Located?

Reaching Newquay Zoo is quite easy. You’ll get various options including bus, coach, plane, or even train. Cornwall has been spread with a great transportation link, which not only makes Newquay Zoo easily accessible, but you can easily visit any place within Cornwall without any issue.

Talking about the distance furthermore, the Newquay can be reached from the town centre just with a 10-minute long brisk walk. So, you can just stay somewhere in the town and just by taking a few steps you will be able to reach the zoo.

Furthermore, if you use sustainable transport like trains, bikes or buses to reach the zoo, will get a discount as well.

3. Newquay Zoo Map

The zoo in Newquay offers many different species of animals placed in different places. Also, you get a play area, Baby changing facilities, Restaurants, Picnic Areas and a lot of other places located in this massive location.

In addition, as new tourists, we might get confused about which places we can visit first. Therefore, you should plan accordingly, and won’t it be a great option to have a map?

Here, we have embedded the Map of Newquay Zoo below:

Newquay Zoo Map
Screenshot from the Newquay Zoo‘s official website.

4.. Newquay Zoo Pricing

Not only the place and transportation but visiting Newquay Zoo is also quite cheaper for tourists to visit the place. You also get an option to purchase tickets online.

5. Rules for Visiting Newquay Zoo

There are certain rules which apply to all the visitors who are visiting the zoo, which include:

  • 16-year-old Children will not be allowed to visit the zoo without an adult over 18 years. Children under age should be always accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  •  Students are required to showcase a valid Student ID card showing the expiry date.

6. Nearest Tourist Places from Newquay Zoo

If you are a tourist who loves exploring every place in a city or a town, visiting other tourist places in Newquay can be a great option for you. Remember we mentioned that.


Beach in Newquay.
Photo by InspiredImages from Pixabay. Copyright 2016.

Newquay has many beaches, but the nearest beaches to the zoo are Great Western Beach, Towan Beach, Crantock Beat, and Tolcarne Beach. In addition, you can visit other places like National Trust Trerice and Pirate’s Quest Adventure Golf.

7. Restaurants and Timings Newquay Zoo

You also get three different restaurants, one seating and two takeaway places.

7.1. Cafe Lemus 

Cafe Lemus offers a variety of food options including sandwiches, pizza, burgers, salads, children’s picnic boxes, hot beverages, and refreshing cold drinks.

7.2. Lazy Lion Grill 

This cafe offers a range of sandwiches, wraps, pastries and sweet treats. In addition, you can choose to purchase hot and cold refreshments here.

Foo and drinks at Newquay Zoo
Screenshot from the official site of the Newquay Zoo.

7.3. Meerkat Munchies 

Meerkat Munchies is the one-stop destination, where you can grab some delicious Cornish ice cream or a refreshing ice lolly.

FAQs –

1. Does Zoo in Newquay Provide Any Provision for Tourists with Disabilities?

Talking about the pricing, Newquay Zoo offers the same price for all guests. However, a guest with a disability can provide a form of ID such as a blue badge, PIP, DLA letter, or an Access Card on the day of the visit.

With this process, the tourist with a disability can bring one carer free of charge, but the disabled guest must pay in full.

2. How Long Do People Spend at Newquay Zoo?

On average the tourist in Newquay Zoo spends around 2-3 hours. However, you can spend more time if you want to explore every ride, as well as places in the zoo.

3How Big Is Newquay Zoo?

The Newquay Zoo was developed as part of the fund conservation projects by the government to attract visitors. They aimed to provide an amazing and atmospheric exhibit in Newquay. The zoo is home to different species of endangered animals and birds, and the land area has been spread across 13 acres of land.

Are There Penguins at Newquay Zoo?

Newquay Zoo is among the selected zoo that has penguins. In the zoo, you get to see Humboldt Penguins. Therefore, consider visiting this zoo in Newquay to meet with those cuties. You can also witness a few unique wildlife, so you should not miss the opportunity to visit this place.


In conclusion, we can say that visiting the Zoo in Newquay is a great choice for travellers who are coming and exploring the places in Cornwall. In addition, you also get a chance to visit other famous tourist places including the Beaches.

Also, with the fantastic transportation system in Cornwall, you will not face any issues. Both the Zoo, as well as other famous tourist places are pretty near to the Newquay town centre.


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