Everything About Malbork Castle

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The best destination for a day trip is Malbork Castle in Poland because it has a variety of towers, chambers, and gardens that you can spend the entire day exploring. Here we are learning everything about Malbork castle.

Everything about Malbork Castle
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Everyone will find something appealing about the various historical tales that will be revealed during the castle visit.

malbork castle
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From the city of Gdansk, you can get here by taking a quick train ride. Malbork Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the biggest castle in the world in terms of land area.

The castle’s surface area is around 143,591 square meters, so there will be a lot of walking involved.

malbork castle
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The castle, which was the biggest brick castle in the world when it was finished in 1406, is a classic example of a medieval fortress. In December 1997, UNESCO declared the Malbork Castle Museum and “Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork” to be World Heritage Sites.

Together with the “Medieval Town of Toru,” which was established in 1231, it is one of two World Heritage Sites in the area of north-central Poland(Europe).

According to a designation made on September 16, 1994, Malbork Castle is also a part of Poland’s recognized national historic monuments. The Polish National Heritage Board maintains its listing.

Everything About Malbork Castle will captivate you and is open all year long, so you can go there whenever you choose. However, some inner locations and outdoor areas are only accessible to guests on Mondays and major holidays.

Winter is a great time to visit the castle because tickets are less expensive. The castle is really enjoyable in the summer or during the festival season. You’ll spend more time strolling outside or about the castle when it’s sunny or clear out.

Malbork Castle History

We will learn everything about Malbork castle history facts from past Europe. The largest castle, Malbork, was built by Teutonic Knights. After capturing Old Prussia, the Teutonic Order erected the castle.

After the Order put down the Great Prussian Uprising of the Baltic tribes in 1274, its primary goal was to increase its own dominance over the region.

The knights were transported from Germany to Poland in order to convert local pagan tribes to Christianity. They began with a small amount of land that was both productive and profitable.

Later, they added more productive land, and they ultimately established their state, the Teutonic Order. They built numerous castles in the Pomerania region after that.

malbork castle
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Malbork Castle is one of the handfuls that are still standing at this time. For decades, this middle castle has been renowned for having the greatest surface area in the entire world.

This castle’s building was finished in 1406. The goal of building this castle was to increase the Teutonic Knights’ dominance over the region.

Furthermore, the castle’s advantageous location on the banks of the River Nogat made it simple to reach both the Baltic Sea and the Vistula river.

Meet the knowledgeable tour guides here if you want to learn more about the castle’s history in-depth. The tour operators are excellent, insightful, and engaging, and they provide guests with excellent information.

You may also reserve audio tours and headphones in advance. You can navigate the entire complex with the help of the audio tour. It’s a “smart” device that recognizes your location beforehand directing you to what to view and how to proceed. Every room has a story, and sometimes it feels like there is no end to them.

6 Places To See In And Around The Malbork Castle

Everything about Malbork Castle is the reflection of time of dominance and triumph. Here are 6 excellent places that you can see in the Malbork castle.

1. Palace Of Grand Master

A visit to the Grand Master’s palace is like taking a walk through history because each era has left its mark on the castle. The Malbork Castle was captured by Polish royalty and Prussian at various points after the Teutonic Knights left.

2. Chapel

One of the most beautiful areas of the Malbork Castle grounds is St. Mary’s Church. It can be reached via the Golden Gate, a doorway surrounded by colorful, golden figures.

malbork castle
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The walls of the room are decorated with antiquated artwork. The main attraction at the site is undoubtedly the striking altar of St. Mary with Jesus.

You’ll enjoy the gorgeous spherical gothic chandeliers in the space. Wearing these dark capes, you can picture monks wandering the streets and gothic choirs singing Latin religious melodies.

This church sustained substantial damage at the end of World War II, but work has proceeded in subsequent years to restore Everything About Malbork Castle to its former beauty, and it reopened in 2016.

 3. Armory

The expansive Armoury at Malbork Castle is the most fascinating site for people who are interested in military history. The rooms of the armory are crammed with historical artifacts and audio tours.

malbork castle
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4. Museums

Various objects, including furniture, religious art, amber, paintings, and pottery, are on show at the Malbork castle museum. Along with all the places mentioned above, the castle also has a little, hidden garden covered with roses that is down a tiny path (rose garden).

Here, you can unwind Everything About Malbork Castle on reclining chairs while soaking up the sunshine. Additionally, you’ll come across restaurants, tiny gift shops, and actors who are totally clothed in medieval attire.

5. Malbork Castle View From Nogat River

Barges and commerce ships arriving from the Vistula and the Baltic Sea could easily access the fortress thanks to its advantageous location on the Nogat. From passing ships, the Teutonic Knights collected river tolls.

The amber room is one of the rooms worth highlighting and worth employing in your audio guide because they had a monopoly on the trading of amber.

The Nogat River is one of the best places to see the size of Malbork Castle. The river, which is a wonderful location, is on the castle’s backside. You can take a leisurely stroll over this River to photograph the brick building from a distance and the stunning scenery.

The size of the castle will be revealed by the river vista! Along the banks, there is a river cruise as well as outdoor cafés on the other bank of the river. Everything About Malbork Castle is not only about the past it has its fun side too. After visiting the castle, you will find that there are many things to do in the area.

6. Medieval Toilet And Tower

Everything About Malbork Castle has its uniqueness .The medieval bathroom is another space that amuses guests or anyone. The restroom has outdated toilet seats and toilet paper.

A crate has also been placed on top of the hole they dug in the floor. The high castle features a viewing tower from which you may get a panoramic view of the entire city.

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How To Reach The Castle?

A magnificent town called Malbork, which is about an hour’s drive from the equally lovely city of Gdansk, is home to the castle known as Malbork. Trains travel between Malbork and Gdansk. Additionally, it takes only 10 to 15 minutes to walk from Malbork to the castle.

You may go cheaply to Malbork Castle by train. However, there are still two options available to you when traveling by train: either you can travel quickly or slowly.


Malbork Castle, one of Poland’s best-preserved castles, is an impressive example of old European architecture. The inside of Malbork Castle features a variety of styles from various periods.

Poland is a good place to travel to as a result of the castle’s inclusion on the most prestigious list of UNESCO cultural treasures. And it successfully creates the curiosity to experience Everything About Malbork Castle.

After witnessing or visiting this magnificent and gorgeous Malbork castle, which is the greatest site to experience, you will feel a link to the distant past. Make preparations to go to Europe and see the magnificent Poland Malbork Castle.


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